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Chief Kanyesha denies evicting 134 families after selling land to investors

Rural News Chief Kanyesha denies evicting 134 families after selling land to investors

CHIEF Kanyesha of the Lala people of Mkushi
CHIEF Kanyesha of the Lala people of Mkushi

CHIEF Kanyesha of the Lala people of Mkushi has denied allegations levelled against him that he has evicted 134 families from their land and sold it to an investor.

The traditional ruler says only four families who encroached on Capital Fisheries Limited land are affected and not 134 families as reported in the media recently.

“It’s not true, the people who are there are only four (families) who are inside Capital Fisheries land and I don’t know how they got this land. They are illegal settlers, they are not in my books because as chiefs, we have a registration book where we register every subject,” he said.

Chief Kanyesha said in an interview over the weekend that the 1,900 hectares land located near Mkushi River belongs to Capital Fisheries Limited and the company got the land in 1992 before he ascended to the throne.

Chief Kanyesha said Capital Fisheries wants to use the land to invest in fish farming.

He said in 2005, some of his subjects approached him seeking assistance on how they could find alternative sources of living apart from growing tobacco, the reason why he has been pushing Capital Fisheries to start the fish farming project so that his subjects can benefit.

The traditional ruler said Capital Fisheries Limited plans to construct fish ponds on the land and train his subjects in fish farming who will later start selling the fish to the same company.

Chief Kanyesha has since threatened to take legal action against the newspaper and is claiming K10 billion for putting his name in disrepute.

He also said at no time has he victimised any of his subjects over land but he instead ensures that they all have land.

The chief challenged people and organisations alleging that he is evicting his subjects from their pieces of land which he is giving to investors to visit his chiefdom and get facts on the ground.

He wondered why he could be evicting his subjects when he is honouring them with land and that there is a lot of reserved land where there are no people.

Chief Kanyesha appealed to companies that have obtained land for investment in his chiefdom to continue operating normally as they are creating jobs for his subjects.

[Zambia Daily Mail]


  1. Chiefs should not be allowed to prevail over land matters even if it is in their chiefdom. Ministry of lands must do it in consultation with the chief if it is felt land is required by an investor. Whenever a chief or headman is left to things alone they will do it purely for personal gain. Villagers have been treated unfairly in a number of instances. Stripped off their livelihood.

  2. i dont know why but i find it difficult to trust this chief, as of the names not being in his book, that is simple he can remove them and then claim they were not registered. i think chiefs should stop presiding over land. they can give land to local people for agriculture and settling but not saling to the so called investors. i think all investors should go through GRZ so they can be properly evaluated! this issue of chiefs saling land is a pain in the neck.

  3. You just can`t trust anyone when it comes to land in Zambia.Even if you leave the allocation to the ministry of lands the chaps there are even more corrupt than the Kanyesha`s of this world.

  4. Most of the people living in rural areas first of all they belong in the headman’s territory a village were they are registered and the headman is registered in the book of the chief. The chief should find out well from which village and headman. Check the details on Zambia ID (NRC).

  5. Chief Kanyesha is corrupt chief who loves money so much.Am not surprised of the accusation levelled against him .I know him and has done business with him(mining)in his Chiefdom.His subjects hate him b’coz of his ruff behavior.He is like a twin brother to my bro (my blood relative) Inkhosi Mpezeni Though Mpezeni is more friendly.I hope the government will come to the rescue of these innocent and poor people.This is the man who has stopped development in mkushi b’cos of his greed and selfishness.This is the man who stopped the grading of roads to be completed,at one time he wanted celtel(now airtel) to put thier towers at his palace not where it has been put near old Mkushi boma.Anyone who starts mining in Mkushi,the chief becomes a shareholder.

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