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President Sata demands for Africa’s permanent seats on UN Security Council

Headlines President Sata demands for Africa’s permanent seats on UN Security Council

President Micheal Sata addressing UN General Assembly  sixty seventh session
President Micheal Sata addressing UN General Assembly sixty seventh session

President Michael Sata, yesterday demanded that Africa must have permanent seats on the UN Security Council.

Addressing the High-Level meeting on the Rule of Law in the United Nations General Assembly Hall in New York, President Sata urged Africans to “stand up and be counted”.

“Since the League of Nations up to today, Africa is more of a spectator than a participant. We have no permanent members in the Security Council and yet we represent 54 members in this House,” said President Sata. “We cannot talk of rule of law when we are not respecting each other. Therefore, all Africans must stand up and be counted. We must become permanent members of the Security Council.”

The League of Nations was the forerunner of the United Nations.

President Sata’s statement is in line with the Committee of 10, commonly known as C10, which is an African Union (AU)-formation advocating for Africa to have two permanent seats on the UN Security Council with veto powers and extra two non-permanent seats to address the historical injustices that Africa suffered and to adhere to the geo-political realities of the modern times.

Zambia and Namibia are two countries that represent the Southern African Development Community (SADC) region on the C10.
Out of the 193 members of the UN, Africa has 54 states, making it the continent with the highest number of UN member states.

Currently the UN Security Council is composed of five permanent members — China, France, Russia, the United Kingdom and the United States of America — and 10 non-permanent members of which only South Africa, Morocco and Togo are from Africa. The non-permanent seats are on a two-year regional rotation basis.

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  1. We told you that a degree is useless when it comes to wisdom, you see now how sensible our president is. Bravo mr President, keep it up and tell them we are no longer spectators. 

  2. The speech was good, at first i didnt know what to expect from HEMCS as i was watching, but i was amazed. great observation about Africa lacking permanent seat on UN security council, its long over due, why leaving Africa behind? Thumbs up Mr president.

  3. Nobody gives a damn about the UN, its a talkshop . Those security seats mean nothing when USA wants to invade you if you have oil. Here is a bit of reality: At any point should livelihoods for the millions of people in rich western countries be threatened eg, geological disaster then they will simply move onto the militarily weaker south ( Latin america, africa, parts of asia, middle east) and exterminate their populations to create space for their own people. THAT IS A FACT. Dont just sit like a b a s t a r d there in lusaka thinking you are safe, the land your on is THEIR strategic land and plans are in place to take you out if need be. Think about that for a moment.

  4. i am proud that our president mr. sata made such a statement in the UN. if you followed gadaffi and recently mugabes call,they are all of the same nature. I mean,the UN should have us have atleast these permanent seats. true sons of africa are advocating this. the cost of advocating this can be dire,but how else can you get freedom without sacrifice. another alternative is to put all our efforts into the african union organisation. if we can stand by each other as africans and trade amongst ourselves,i tell you not even what you dream of as america can touch us,not europe not china. we will be by far so much better,ecenomically and socially,but the problem is ourselves. we dont believe in us so much. other people can be bought for a few nickels to denounce and impose sanctions on their own

  5. Africa does not have money!
    Money is power,without money you as well as I know that you can not do anything!
    Get rich and then let the money talk for you!

  6. Sata’s talk is like the the hawling of a rabid wolf in the family Iturian jungle. Even if we represent 54 of the UN’s nearly 200 member, so what? Do we pay at least a quarter of the UN’s annual contribitions, never! Imagine Zambia being in the seat and Sata as president cozying with Mugabe, blocking HH from exercising his civil rights and leading such a tribal kangaroo govt, would any one respect us, never!

    • imagine the USA as permanent members,starting wars on the basis of lies because they are veto powered nation aswell as NATO members,imagine the USA as permanent members fueling and supporting terrorists,imagine the USA as permanent members dictating to you how you practice your freedom? the list goes on, we are not poor as africans,but we also need to have a say. being without monet does not mean that you have no right to express your view on critical issues especially issues which lead to you as a people perpetuating in your poverty. infact,president sata should have addressed the UN august house in Bemba,Nyanja, Lozi or any other zambian language. freedom starts with the way you express yourself. it starts with the language. i ask you readers of this blog,in which language do you think?


  7. @Philosopher – you are spot on. Many do not realise that the UN was formed for more henious aims rather than world peace. And formed as a vehicle to one world govt by the illuminanti godfathers and financiers. The world leaders of the time, 1945, were mere spectators. Ask ourseslves the question: Which govt could have had the financial muscle to to organise the Malta conference. Simple answer: NONE.

  8. good speach by da president.his voice was a true represtantion of africa.i cant understand y we misplace our comments so much,da topic is about da un speach en y cant we stick 2 that as we blog.if u ve nothing 2say,say nothing

  9. You make us proud bashikulu. We waited for so long to have a leader who was going to represent us and Africa, not just to b a puppet of the muzungu. U r a true son of Africa

  10. This is not news and barely affects us. Anyone can talk and read a speech, even 1 he doesnt agree with.
    Sata is talk bt no walk.
    We’ve all heard fake promises and lies. So 2win the majority back, he’s got2 start WALKING THE TALK.

  11. There is nothing wrong for Africa to consolidate on its contributions on world issues. Its time we had a permanent seat so that our voice could be heard. Its a good proposal Mr President.

  12. wow! wow ! coup de chapeau ! this is a very very challenging move taken by our president, first in the history of the UN.Let hope they will not disturb our president UN security council ? it wont be easy.Any way king cobra knows his stand.We are behind you dear president .\:d/:)>-

  13. We are behind you! We will meantime try to reduce on our donor dependency and selling of strategic assets to wannabes who come in with briefcases and use our own money to run our assets with our labor! We will also try very hard to stop pretending that we are God fearing by making sure tenancy is reserved for indigenous people and fees collected for specific things (road maintenance, welfare, etc.) is applied exactly where it is meant. Soon, and surely very soon, we will be worthy of that seat and more!!

  14. No 2 Kafupi…

    Naiveness and dunderheadedness…not qualities we are looking for on Lusaka Times!
    Look at this bluberring fool,make no mistake,without education you will continue to be poor.Pray that you are not deported so that you don’t come looking for help at the embassy in Ottawa,remember
    we have a new team now with degrees.Watch your back…watch your front too,we will catch you when you visit the embassy,silly cow!
    Moreover,don’t you know that the speech was written by technocrat by the name of Dr.John Phiri with three degrees!

  15. People like president Mbeki tried for many year to secure a security seat for Africa and failed. The reality is that any of the five super power can vito the motion anytime. The have no intention of giving such vito power to people who can not even feed themselves in Africa. The are more important issues in Africa which need attention that a seat on the Security council. So Mr Ukwa you are flogging a dead horse.
    Its like what you said last time asking the USA to give you technology… People have a liking of empty tins which make alot of noise…  look at Rwanda and Kenya, busy developing without making useless noise about the West exploiting them. Thats how the east developed

    • Failure of one can not be attributed to others..if your first born child drops out of school it doesnt mean that the rest will follow suite.there has been change of leadership at the UN and what Sata is advocating for maybe granted.please…dont relate to history and give it power for failures experienced in the past..we all try more than once to succeed…post objectively bro!!!!!

    • @ Engineer, so it was good for President Mbeki to Implore the UN to have an African country represented and not Sata? Just because Mbeki failed doesn’t mean Sata should not try. Mind sets change, people come and go, even the UN has evolved from then to now! Who thought USA would put a Black president in power? My worry is the way we like giving credit to other people rather than our own mwe. Mbeki failed lamentably on Zimbabwe and HIV Policy in his own country, I for one, have less respect of his negotiation skills, yet his countrymen still respect him. But pa Zedi, we constantly insult kulunkugu tunyela…stunning…

  16. Do you know how much money the USA gives the UN every month for those UN systems to work?More than what the Zambian Gvt.can budget in 50 years!
    What Sata is sugesting is like you are in a pub buying shake-shake to your broke friends and then in a blink of an eye a beautiful woman (Beyonce type)shows up and
    those broke friends of yours want her.Hell no!That beautiful girl is for the guy with money… he pays the piper so he calls the tune,that is just the way it is.Organize your continent first,African countries just don’t have what it takes to be in the Security Council.How do you expect an African country to mantain world peace when she has war in her own territory?
    To maintain peace… world peace at that is not a frisky business!

  17. Look at what noise making landed your friend Mugabe into….  now in Bulawayo you have to flash toilets at the same time…
    Ghana is the only Africa country which will meet the UN MG. Do you hear them making noise? Like one blogger has said, talk is cheap. What Zambians need is development in Zambia. Zambia has spent decades talking about world politics…  supporting liberations movements across Africa. What have we got from it nothing.. in fact it made us even poorer. We want to hear issues that will benefit Zambia.

  18. Do you know how much money the USA gives the UN every month for those UN systems to work?More than what the Zambian Gvt.can budget in 50 years!
    What Sata is sugesting is like you are in a pub buying shake-shake to your broke friends and then in a blink of an eye a beautiful woman (Beyonce type)shows up and those broke friends of yours want her.Hell no!That beautiful girl is for the guy with money… he pays the piper so he calls the tune,that is just the way it is.Organize your continent first,African countries just don’t have what it takes to be in the Security Council.How do you expect an African country to mantain world peace when she has war in her own territory?
    To maintain peace… world peace at that is not for broke African countries!!!!

  19. If you can’t even keep power from Zesco on or keep the filthy streets of Lusaka clean how are you gonna take on much advanced nations with overarching powers on complex international issues Mr Sata? Learn to crawl & feed yourself before demanding to sit with grown men bwana.

  20. Look at what noise making landed your friend Mugabe into….  now in Bulawayo you have to flash toilets at the same time…
    Ghana is developing…Do you hear them making noise? Like one blogger has said, talk is cheap. What Zambians need is development in Zambia. Zambia has spent decades talking about world politics…  supporting liberations movements across Africa. What have we got from it nothing.. in fact it made us even poorer. We want to hear issues that will benefit Zambia.

  21. I think it is unreasonable for us to be demanding seats in the security council when we have undemocratic states in Africa. How do you expect them to take us seriously in the security council when we run countries (like Zambia) where some citizens are excluded from national activities. Lets be reasonable and develop our democracies in Africa first

  22. Credit where it is due. This was powerful. Well done Mr President.
    If you keep improving like this, I will return to Zambia.

  23. 3 take away 9? is the answer negative six (-6) or It can’t?
    3 divided by 9? is the answer 0.3333333333333333333333…. or It cant?
    It may look impossible but HEMCS demand from the UN has still got an answer to it. Which one is the correct answer? How do we benefit from this?

  24. F.O.OLS Even with a good deed you will find something to condemn. Very evil Zambians. You can’t be proud of your own President? That’s were African problem starts from?? Let negative Bloggers die in their evil minds. Well done Mr. President and Thanks to All bloggers who are proud of our Leader and every Zambian who does well in society. Keep the Zambian flag Flying High like our eagle.

    • @SHEIKH, spot on, its the atitude of africans that eats us all. No wonder we are retarded in development! There is no coming together for a common cause, unless bamona umusungu no upyanga mu musembo kumwabo ninish waufwa at YES YES BWANA!!! We are capable of choosing kapyanga umusungu than a well established Zambian. Retardedness is what? is this!

  25. The Engineer (Australia). Thank God you are busy kissing your masters butt there in Australia. It is that kind of thinking that has kept Africa poor all these years. Just because Mbeki tried and failed does not mean we can not achieve what we want. Keep stayiong there and never come back to ZED if at all you are a Zambian

    • You can not enjoy a party you have not paid for… How much does Africa contribute to the UN security council to have a seat?

      Money buys the whisky and talk is cheap

  26. The problem with bitterness and hate is it over shadows you from seeing good. The person who get hurt is the one with a bitter heart. It is painful to be bitter. Read this same story on the dog watch and you will see how bitter people are. We are the mojority and we will vote again.

  27. What a speech your Excellency! You have made us proud. We are solidly behind you. Keep on lifting the Zambian Flag High. The world should continue watching this space……Here comes Zambia!

  28. am amazed with level of thinking PF supporters exhibit on this site. someone just reading a speech which is not of his own making but merely presenting the speech prepared for him by other people. his supporters raise their tails to cerebrate as if it is his own thinking. or making. awe sure

    • So what if he didn’t write the speech it just goes to show that there are real brains behind the Scenes which is encouraging for Zambia! A President is a voice, who told you that every president at the UN writes their own speeches anyway? Clearly you have nothing important to say and should maybe consider Not blogging your ignorance on such a platform!

    • Man you will die with bitterness. Obama , Putin , Cameroon etc all read speeches written by their own technocrats, How come its wrong for Sata to read a speech prepared by his technocrats?? Kekeke !!! baba you are so bitter and frustrated hater…shaaa.

  29. It’s amazing how some of the well exposed, educated and assumingly youthful bloggers are so brain washed with draconian theories popularized 60 years ago!

  30. @12 terminal mutima, you sound exactly your terminal heart which ll not take you to 40 yrs. People are talking the good speech the president gave, you bring in petty issues about your baby under 5 president who ll not ever be president and looks more and more confused with himself.
    You HH puppies just what you seen in that scumbag with an inflated opinion about himself.

  31. why does this over glorified artisan call himself, The engineer (australia)? So what if he is in australia? this primitive stone aged lumpen who cant be proud of his homeland.

  32. PF cadres, nothing new here. Have a look:
    African Leaders Unhappy With Rejection of Veto Power On Security Council – Mwanawasa.
    Article from: Africa News Service | August 8, 2005. Try to Google the title. Rest my case

  33. Firstly Big up to “Philosopher” we need more progressive thinking like yours in this continent Great Speech Ba President!! Brainless,spineless characters like that “The Engineer (Australia)” chap should stay where they are or go and settle on the MOON,there are real challenges that Africa will always face unless we start think/talking progressively,every platform should be utilized to air the injustices that continue to occur,So what if he didn’t write the speech it just goes to show that there are real brains behind the Scenes which is encouraging!

    • you are just attacking everyone opposed to your brainless president with a forged rather a fake degree. grow up and stop exhibiting dullness.its like you have an empty skull.

    • @GP GP, you are the same chaps who rush to condemn western ideas but at the same time rush to stay and enjoy life in the western world. Africa will only develop when we start being honest with our selves: stop corruption, start working hard, give our citizens the freedom will enjoy, get an education, clean our cities, encourage transparent and responsible leadership, independent judiciary, etc 



  35. For Mk at WD

    Your comment is awaiting moderation.

    I wont give you details of Chiluba/RB/Judges league,but will challange your favourite WD to produce follow up court proceedings over the same issue.Maybe i say a little bit you might remember.The BOZ refused to transfer property to Simenza but wanted ” the owners ” to come and get the property on there owner.One or two BOZ employees were in court over the same issue and the right owners,Tedworth Properties Inc (a UK company) are yet to claim the said property.ALL CORRUCT BIG PEOPLE HERE IN ZAMBIA DONT WANT NCHITO,EVEN MEEMBE “HE TALKS TO MUCH”.Its not unusual for corrupt people wanting to paint those “persecuting” them as being corrupt. Such stories wont do.

    • are you part of these corrupt elements led mutembo and mumembe?. you seem to have benefited from the proceeds of this crime no wonder you cry the loudest. time will catch up with you

  36. Talk is cheap, like the other bloggers have said. Sata is like Malema here in RSA – on the one hand, he says he speaks for and on behalf of the poor but at the same time he steals from the same people he claims to be speaking for, through corruptly acquiring tenders. In the end the poor end up becoming much poorer. Ironically, Malema’s biggest support base is with the poor!! 

  37. i can assure u that when Sata was talking, most of the people there had switched their brains to something else. What they saw was just another African chap talking about stuff that can never happen in a million years. to make matters worse, other leaders who called for this nonsense was Gaddafi and Mugabe so what category do u think they have placed Sata? Hard-headed stubborn chap still talking about colonial issues and imperialism nonsense. Bet Sata himself doesnt even care whether we have a seat on the security council or not. The praises being showered over this speech reflects an alarming level of naivete.

  38. What will change if Africa has a permanent seat on the Security Council? Mere representation for the sake oft it? Will you even have the balls to veto the decisions of the superpowers? With countries such as Zimbabwe, DRC, Mali, Madagascar, etc in a mess and the toothless AU is just a mere spectator nobody can take Africa seriously. A good attempt by Sata with his C+ speech.

  39. For sure congrats sir MCS. That was a great speak in the history of Zambia. Let those born haters, bitter and frustrated continue being negative while Zambians and the world are saying MR. President Sir, you are really a great speaker.. Zonda Uzalema …kekek..kikikiki.

  40. Good afternoon

    I am always surprised at the high levels of pessimism and low self esteem exposed by some people on this forum.

    Our president delivers a great speech on the international scene calling for respect for Africans and reminding them of who they are supposed to be (participators and not spectators) and all you can do is trash his words.

    If you don’t stand up and be counted, who will do it for you? 

  41. #28 Australian Engineer – Spare us some stup1dity please. Just because one failed before does not mean all will fail in the future. Sata in his capacity has a Sadcc representative has shown some balls and wisdom to speak on behalf of African Plight. You speak from an inferiority standpoint and its mind blowing that you are actuyally in the US. Anyway I should know that the president can never be right in your eyes.

  42. The speech was “short and sweet!” He had a message and he has delivered a punch; a good one for that! It is indeed time for structural changes to be seriously considered within the UNSC. Remember how it was with the World Cup in football? Africa had only 1 slot for many years. This changed to 3 before we got the 5 places we have today. I know it may be misleading to draw parallels between football and politics but where there is a will and intense lobbying, I think the goal can be achieved. Bravo Mr President! For the record, I don’t support PF but I give credit where it is due. Let the analysts dismantle his speech and tell us its effect.

  43. Nine Chale @ # 63, the president HEMCS made a great case for Africa in his speech to the UN assembly. Some haters get very upset that he did not mess up and he came out strong and logic about Africa needing to be a permanent member of the UNSC. Instead of deriving inspiration from the great speech they curl up in bitterness, hatred and negativity. # 8 philosopher is a pessimist psycho who believs that if the whole of the USA & UK were to be inhabitable then all Africans will be exterminated, so that they occupy Africa! What kind of nonsense is this? Are you suffering from schizophrenic delusions? Even in your delusion, you should see that being permanent members of the UNSC as Africa would help us not to be easily exterminated as China and India would stand with us! BRAVO HEMCS BRAVO!

  44. Toutes mes felicitations son excellence M. Sata pour ce geste louable que vous venez de poser pour l’inclusion du continent Africain au Conseil de securite des nations unies. L’afrique doit se lever et prendre ses responsabilites.
    (For French speaking people)

  45. Please Zambians your President delivered a speech at the UN General Assembly. The over 150 heads of state and government are all going to do the same. It is therefore surprising that there is this huge excitement that your President was able to read a speech. This has never happened before in Zambia that a President is been praised for reading a speech. What this confirms is that Sata’s own sycophants and supporters have a very low opinion of the man. Honestly, there’s no need to praise a President for reading a speech at an international gathering. Besides what he was talking about had already been covered by the African presidents who spoke before him.

  46. That’s a courageous call by the president BUT my question is what is Africa going to bring to the table? Since today’s wars are more about military hardware and assets which equates to $$$$ on the table. 

  47. There is nothing new/unique/special about comrade Sata ‘s procedural departure in relation to the already proposed attempt. The well-informed comrade simply reproduced or pligialised a proposal which is still a thorn to a pack of wolves (ruminants of capitalism). Comrade Sata should have raised the economic issue of African resources which are being plundered by investors who only extract and short change the Tax authorities on the continent for example in Zambia, the copper gurus (Grinnachger, in Mufurila). He should have talked about this myth whereby Africa is treated as a junior partner in economic cycles, yet it is not. The American dream is over, the Chinese are the bosses now. Africa has the resources and it should reject hand outs,they are degrading.US, Europe are broke

  48. Comrade, please have pride in yourselves Zambians or any other Africans .We do not need any hand outs from our European/American brothers or anyone. You talk about Americans/Europeans as if we are in the 1970s/1980s/1990s.For crying out loudly we are not moving in a reverse direction. USA of today is not USA of yesterday or of several decades ago. These people condition your mindset into believing that development is possible for Africans only when it is based on their terms, that is a myth. Hence it is trap you by binding you to loans which in actual facts arrests development.Tell me where is the value which you see in them? That which what they paint for you is exactly what insults your psychological status. Viva COMRADE HH.

  49. Did he eventually talk about the ‘rule of law’ as expected or was that it?

    I must say in diplomacy, its ‘give and take’.

    Dont expect quick results if you take the rude option.

    ‘ Iyo because you dont ‘respect us’, nafwita, i wont talk about the rule of law.

    Where did the good old wisdom of ‘ukupoka ichisenda ku nkoko kunakilila’?

    Dont be rude Mr President, negotiate you ways as a mature person and dont create unnecessary enemies, that would be my advice.

  50. English is my second language. I would READ an important speech just like he did. Bravo Mr President. We are proud you you. see you friday.

  51. Haha let us wait for Hakuna Hapana to contradict the President and say “no seats for Africans, only my controllers”

  52. You can’t talk about a permanent seat in the security council when you don’t have the rule of law where you come from. You are running a police state, meaning your government is not different from any of those gangster governments in Africa and elsewhere. Allow a free press and freedom of speech. Let the media function independently.

  53. Just go home and unite the country instead of wasting taxpayer’s money. What security council seat are you talking about when you are making depserate efforts to destroy that shaky democracy back home. You’re such a hypocrite sir.

  54. A hollow speech. Nothing new about that issue sir, it is not even news if you have been following what has been happening at the UN for some time.

  55. Mr. President! as my cousins from the Northern province would say… you have just hit the neil on the confin! For the world to progress, Africa ought to have a permenant seat there!!

  56. He has failed to run a small Zambia but he wants a permanent seat on UN security council. Come back and realign more districk because this is what you are good at.



  59. Please!!!! Sata is not an academic elite, he is a kaponya elite! He was just regurgitating what somebody wrote for him. Am sure he does not even know the current security council president and how frequent the presidency changes. Am glad he did not talk for a long time. We need smart, intelligent, elonquent leaders for africa to develop and Zambia is not immuned to that reality

  60. #87.
    You are just bitter and frustrated. You are the same people who advised him to stick to the written speech. Sata did that and again you are not happy !!!. What then do you want Sata to do you haters, bitter and frustrated UPND and HH..Shaaaa.

  61. Intresting to note bloggers dont realise the importance of your area MP being choosen minister,All the conflicts in africa have some outside influence OR backing for easy wealth extraction,open your eyes..in a state of war you cant negotiate meaningfully .

  62. African Permanent Seat On the UN. surely when is this International Drama Artist called the Zambian President Micheal Chilufya Sata going to realize that his a laughing stock at these important meetings. His so used to addressing Kaponyas that he cant seem to differentiate when his addressing learned people. Please fire the one who writes comedy scripts for you instead of speeches because their embarrassing you and everyone else back Home as they assume for you to be our representative we all must be comedians like you. Stop following the full steps of Mugabe an aspiring small dictator.

  63. The president’s speeches are terribly written. Hire a better speechwriter sir, someone who knows the language and understands issues.

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