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Faz Plans Charter Flight For Zambia to Kampala


Plans are underway for Chipolopolo to fly into Uganda on a chartered plane for the 13 October decisive final round Africa Cup qualifier return leg.

Faz is collaborating with the Ministry of Sports and Konkola Copper Mines on the matter.
Earlier this month, coach Herve Renard asked Sports Minister Chishimba Kambwili to ensure that Zambia fly into Kampala on a charter flight.
“Going into the return leg of the final round qualification for next year’s Africa Cup of Nations finals,FAZ, KCM and the Ministry of Sports are working on a charter plane into Uganda,” read the statement released by Faz on Wednesday.

“We expect to finalise arrangements for the same by close of business this week. A chartered plane will ensure that the team travels well and in comfort. This is important as it is also part of the programme and plan of coach Herve Renard.

Zambia will regroup on 6 October in South Africa prior to the qualifier whose first leg ended 1-nil in favour of the African Champions.



  1. I don’t know why this should even be a subject of discussion as you would think such decisions should be routine and guided by internal FAZ procedures and not arranged on a adhoc basis. Such is what led to the Garbon air disaster. E.g  Where commercial direct flights are available fly commercial and where no direct flights are not available (like to kampala/entebbe) then you charter a plane. Also FAZ should have utilised the massive good will that the Chipolopolo boys were enjoying soon after winning the African cup to clinch deals with a regional airline (unfortunately we have no international airline to talk of) to negotiate discounted rates and even a standing arrangement for a charter plane.

  2. Just avoid a lot of complaints. Uganda did not talk about weather conditions here. There are storms of rain being experienced in Uganda now. Check with weather men as you prepare. We don’t want the Sudan eperience. We will play under same conditions, the pitch included. Lets go to thump Uganda at home. Feature Sakuhawa early enough with Mayuka. All the best.

    • Chancez are that 9/10 people won’t notice such a mstake in a well wrtten tekst, so no need 2b sori. Now this FAZ must know that it iz the psycological, physiological and tactical preparedness of the playerz that matter even if they werer to travell by TAZARA, TAQUA, Power Tools, Nsumi, Juldan or indeed British Airways. And I can’t agree more with #2.

  3. But why go to camp in Joburg?The weather conditions between Kapala and Joburg are completely different.Why no go to Tanzania or Kenya?You go to SA and sleep in luxourious hotels and train on first class pitches and yet you will battle in hazadours conditions!!Common sense..hello!I have a really gut feeling about this game mwandini.Anyway,lest I am accused of not being patriotic,good luck!

  4. Dont even plan or think about it ba faz naimwe. Just charter it right away. You know the benefits of this. Cant you learn from the Sudan saga? Even the coach asked you about this two weeks ago. Learn from past mistakes. Alaaa!

  5. I was watching final of Zambia vs Ivory Coast, guys Chris Katongo is not a good player at all, but a bull-dozer. I still warn him not to attend this Uganda match.

  6. The big chunk of our players are NOT in RSA now. so why camp in RSA when the weather pattern will be different from Uganda. HR knows kampala made him lose his JOB with the Angola national Team. balimutimba ba Uganda ku Kampala.3 – 0.

  7. I agree with monk dee why camp in Jo’burg, the wheather conditions are very different with Kampala…am not a pessimist but i see a disaster much bigger than the Sudan issue which has died a natural death. We’ve played in worse conditions before but this will be the worst & we are not doing ourselves any good with these sort of preps. I know who i will blame when we fail to qualify for South Africa 2013. My starting lineup is Mweene, Nkausu, Mbola, Sunzu, Kampamba, N.Sinkala, Chansa, Kalaba, Sakuwaha, J.Mulenga, C.Mulenga. Sub. C.KatongMulenga, Mayuka,

  8. It was luck that Chipolopolo won in Ndola otherwise the truth is that your coach Mr.HR does not have chance against the Cranes in Nambole.Remember he was axed by Angolla Football Association after he was thumped by the same team that is why he is asking for much in order to to give excuses to FAZ in case he loses the game in Kampala.

  9. dear my lusaka brothers,its really sad to say but the fact is,chipolopolo has no chance inthe slaughter house of the mighty team has beaten us inthe past 8years and the last beating was actually a dubious penalty that was awarded when the match ended 1-0 in favour of south africa.ask nigeria,ghana,senegal,angola…etc name them,|Nelson mandela national stadium is the downfall of the accidental champions of africa……we are waiting for you with the double edged swords to slice chipolopolo out of the final………………LET THEM COME AND FALL..

  10. Zambia will conquer uganda even in bad weather, let us stop politicing and give full support to the Chipolopolo. GO-Zambia GO

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