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Kabimba and GBM welcome ACC probe into their affairs

Headlines Kabimba and GBM welcome ACC probe into their affairs

Justice Minister Wynter Kabimba and Defence Minister Geoffrey Mwamba
Justice Minister Wynter Kabimba and Defence Minister Geoffrey Mwamba

The two Patriotic Front (PF) Ministers, Justice Minister, Wynter Kabimba and his Defence Minster Geoffrey Mwamba have both welcomed the probe instituted by the Anti-Corruption Commission (ACC).

In separate interviews both Ministers said that they had nothing to fear or hide.

Mr Kabimba said he had confidence in the ACC and that it would get to the bottom of the matter and the truth would surface.

“I welcome the investigations. I have confidence in the ACC and I am sure the truth will come out,” Mr Kabimba said.

His counterpart, Mr Mwamba said the investigations would help to establish the truth and that he looked forward to the outcome of the probe.

“I have welcomed the investigations and I am looking forward to the probe and there is no problem, let them do the investigations.

ACC has launched preliminary inquiries into corruption allegations against Justice Minister, Wynter Kabimba and his Defence counterpart, Geoffrey Mwamba.

ACC spokesperson, Timothy Moono said at a press briefing in Lusaka yesterday that the launch of the inquiries followed complaints received on the alleged conduct of the two Cabinet Ministers.

“Yes we are on that case, our officers have received official complains of alleged corruption involving the two Ministers and the nation will be kept informed of the outcome of the investigations,” Mr Moono said.

Mr Kabimba, who is Patriotic Front (PF) Secretary-General, is alleged to have influenced the procurement tender process so that Trafigura would be awarded the tender to supply Zambia with petrol and diesel for one year.

Trafigura was awarded the supply deal at a cost of US$500 million for the one year period.

On the other hand, Mr Mwamba is accused of influencing ZESCO to award his company and others where he had interests, a one-year contact for the supply and delivery of wooden poles.

ZESCO intends to award a tender for the supply and delivery of nine, 10 and 12 metre-wooden poles on a year-running-contract basis to several bidders, among them Arizona Marketing and Distribution, which belongs to Mr Mwamba and two of his family members.

Arizona Marketing and Distribution’s bid price on the ZESCO poles contract was about K36.7 billion.

The company, according to the Patents and Companies Registration Agency (PACRA), was owned by Mr Mwamba, of Plot 10 Roan Road in Lusaka’s Kabulonga area.

Preliminary notification of the contract award for the tender, whose bids were closed and opened on June 8, 2012, indicated that the preliminary award had been issued pursuant to Part VI, Section 53 (1) and (2) of the Zambia Public Procurement Act No. 12 of 2008.


  1. It’s time we woke up from our sleep Zambia. The truth is that the calibre of leaders you have will indicate which direction we are going and ultimately where you end up. With this type of leaders like Winter Kabimba and GB Mwamba where honestly do you think Zambia is headed. If you think these guy are leaders and they are leading into success I say dream on. These guys are in for the money. 

    • sorry John your observation are indeed spot on, but to expect Zambians to start putting right people in these public offices now is rather too early though it is the right time. majority of people still vote based on relations, poverty, lack of education and ethnicity. maybe just maybe John after 10 yrs from now.

    • Wait for the investigation to be concluded. Please also suggest to us who should be our leaders coz if HH, he also has some air to clear over what really transpired during the privatization program. Fact is wherever we turn every one who wants to lead us has skeletons in their closets.

    • For sure John , show us the good Leaders to save Zambia from collapse. I think you would say HH, yes , but he should also explain how he facilitated the sharing of our money and companies during the Chiluba regime. So you see , it will take us some years to find a genuine leader may you John when you come back to Zambia. Come back so we Vote for you.

    • Truth hates,
      John has spoken well, I like it when he points out leaders that are chosen on ethnicity, eg HH will indeed take us nowhere and then just like some have alluded to selfishness of one HH during Privatization in the Chiluba regime. Maybe we have a leadership vacuum like Inonge pointed out some other day.

      Surely John will not float HH for presidency.

  2. I’ like this, no one shouldn’t be probed not where, that guy chaired ZPA, raped the country and left unprobed. Well done ACC

  3. You two should be suspended till investigations are over, but i know the investigations will be politically influenced and the two will be found with no cases to answer

    • Better, to show they will be investigated than to trash it all like in the RB regime, obviously your memories are still fresh about smart Dora

  4. This is a good move by ACC. Unfortunately, I think ACC lack the cohesion to prosecute leaders in Govt. This may just create chaos, the govt itself will not allow them to be prosecuted pantu makalalanda ati ba pf nibakabolala.

  5. zambia is a joke. we hav seen this joke before. can you be innovative and give us new material please. more popcorns pls!!

  6. It’s a whitewash!  Sata must go – where have you ever seen this kind nonsense!  Do these guys think Zambians are so dwanzi to believe this ka ACC investigation will be independent and proper – when these guys are sat there as ministers!  No wonder RDA has been shifted to statehouse – it’s like moving the whole kitchen to the bedroom because you’re afraid the food is disappearing too fast from kitchen/pantry. 

    • But you asked the ACC to probe them, why again objecting to the probe?? UPND cadres are just a bitter and frustrated people.

    • Get a life man! Sata must go where????? He is an elected republican President until 2016. If you can’t live with it hibernate until 2016.

  7. Impossible for Sata to fight corruption with his PF govt ministers. Mr Sata is in a precarious position with regard to these two people. Winter Kabimba is his nephew that’s the reason he postures with pomposity knowing nothing can happen to him. Trasfigura a company he influenced to be awarded the oil deal is a director check with PACRA. He travelled to Lebanon to collect his commission for the award of the oil deal and records are there to prove. GBM is the in law to Mr Sata and its public knowledge that GBM is actively and openly corrupting the system and govt depts. His obscene Bemba statements that no one should stand in his way to recoup his money as its not Zambians mother’s money. What a shame, Sata can only watch in disgrace and shame with his relatives cheekness.

  8. They should either resign or be suspended to pave way for investigation…How else will witnesses come out without intimidation?

  9. But I remember that when Dora Siliya was under probe, she stepped down as transport and communications minister. She was reappointed as Education minister when the courts cleared her. The two gentlemen should do the same. Please step down GMB and Kawimba, you will be re-appointed if the ACC clears you.

    • After being forced and when she was found wanting it took many months for RB to study the matter, maybe up to this time RB is still studying the matter. When she was cleared it took less than 24hrs to be re-appointed to ministerial post. Those issues ate the RB regime, I hope PF will do something different this time around.

    • You should look at who brought up the issue????????

      I do not trust anything that comes from Lifwekelo and who’s the other one oh Chifire, apparently all are advisers to HH.

  10. Rotten developing story indeed, albeit Sata legitimises these ACC investigations as they want the masses to reflect this investigation team as a credible instrument, in reality they are buying time and by so doing, the mere fact that a pronouncement has been said in this respect,it therefore diminishes people anger towards the PF regime. Zambians should collectively engage the PF regime at lengthy not just behaving as witnesses of manipulated hard facts. Facts are being raped right underneath their noses and culprits enjoy impunity against prosecution on the grounds that they are related or they harber damaging information against the top hierarchy. Viva HH and UNPD. Viva HHHHHHHHHHHHHH. Peace to all Zambians.

    • If only your HH was smart and not ethnic it would put this Government on its toes, but unfortunately he is off touch with reality and can’t help Zambia in any way.

  11. Dear John#1, you are absolutely correct in your observation. What is more alarming is the fact that the bulk of young voters who put PF in power on the false promises of jobs etc .. do not have access to this type of information. The bulk of the youth in Zambia do not have access to balanced news, cannot access the net, certainly cannot blog. Bulk of our youth have no formal education to talk about. They have come up the hard way. Hence they are very vulnerable to anyone who comes along and promises heaven on earth. The unfortunate reality is that majority of Zambians are in this category. Rational thinking is very rare, and as long as the majority of Zambian voters remain this way, we will keep on getting heartless con-men for leaders with blind supporters.      

    • It is wrong ba Brabus to call most of us “rational thinking rare” These people you lebel con-men had a message for the youths, which was acceptable and tried. What message do you have for you to be considered????????? tribe????? No ways.

      If you failed to convince the masses to vote for you, who has a “rare rational thinking”????????? Is it you, or the youth, or the so called con-men??????????

  12. What happened when Panji Kaunda sounded alarm bells at Ministry of Defence? He was removed. Interesting times; will be watching this space to see how MCS will deal with this one withought having his own fingures burnt. Good for the Country that time for ulula has come sooner, unbelievable that in such short period this much damage has been done.

  13. Zambians should abandon their traditional positions of being mere reactionaries or of being passivists. In the wake of these reveallations they should demand workable attempts which are not prone to any influence/iron laws jof oligarchy, therefore, it is the responsibility of Sata to be seen as an entity which has no stake in anything deemed as a corrupt act. Failure to demostrate this sort of leadership trait, it becomes almost impossible/impossible to retain the same support which the PF enjoyed prior to elections. Granted the manner in which this above story is positioning itself, it pushes Sata to the peripherals of proper support from the same masses ( Zambians). Sata regime faces the inevitable loss of its support and international loss of confidence in its state of affairs.Viva HH

  14. Both are big time criminals. satana knows and its common sense in lusaka just go to one of the bottle stores in garden compound to get the full story.

  15. It does not necessarily matter at this stage to blame Zambians for not having skills in critical reasoning or creating health dialogues so as to avoid the pitfalls of unilaterals views. However limited unique knowledge they may possess in the realms of rational approach or be it a coherent argument, it is the onus of every equally concerned Zambian touched by corrupt acts of self serving elements like the above two crooks, to personally talk to every Zambian so as to be critical meaning to question every aspect after internalising it. This can be archieved by talking to all Zambians and I urge all bloggers to engage all Zambians both inside the country and abroad at great lengths so as to develop Zambia without fear or favour. Viva HH, UNPD

  16. Reminds me of a recent probe here in the UK. An underling took the fall for his boss. In these cases there is no underling to pass the buck. In the case of GBM there needs to be a review of the negative impact caused by  conflict of interest, abuse of office and giving oneself an unfair advantage. In the case of WK, kickbacks if taken are easily sorted with instant dismissal and criminal charges. No point in GBM saying he made his money before he gained his position as it appears to suit him to use his position to influence increasing his external earnings at the expense of tax payers. Probe away. We’ll wait.

    • A Phiri ana bwe mate your comments are thought provoking and very true. ” In the case of GBM there needs to be a review of the negative impact caused by conflict of interest, abuse of office and giving oneself an unfair advantage.”

  17. The clowns must stand down to allow for unimpeded investigations or Sata should suspend them until the investigations are completed.

  18. The ACC are directed by the president MCS to do that so that people will think PF is working but at the end of the day these two will have no case to answer. We know these politics, who can they fool?

  19. The ACC should do their work professionally and impartial in their approach to these two suspects of corruption and public theft. The incharge of ACC should never think their loyalty is not only to their appointing authority but to Zambians as well. When all is done, Sata will no longer be president their take on these cases will re visit them at the instigation of Zambians. Sata will not come to protect them at that time. This is a warning to all public office holders.


  21. ACC are very capable of laundering these 2 thieves, it wont even take them more than 2 weeks to declare them corruption free.

    What really matters is , you as Zambians now know how deeply seated corruption is in PF.

  22. Encouraging positive remarks from the two ministers; let the relevant investigative wings do their work, then we will make our own conclusions. You chaps requesting for the ministers to voluntarily step down must be living in a dream world, even in developed countries sitting cabinet ministers rarely fall on their own swords.
    ACC please carry on! 

    • Is he being investigated on issues bordering on his office??? I do not think so therefore he is free to execute his duties.

  23. Lennox Luzipo
    If you didn’t sign off your posts with those under5 salutations, bloggers would at least take some time to read your posts and take you seriously. The more you submit you feeble posts, the more you come across as a rusty cast iron gong at a railway crossing clanging ever so loudly and vainly as the trains go by. 

  24. Such matters deserve soberness on all involved especially, MCS. The ACC is in a predicament clearly. These two are high ranking officials who can not be objectively investigated while they hold office. The best the two could have done is step down, voluntarily. If anyone glosses over this issue, they should not be surprised when the blowout is beyond what can be managed. Our democracy is at stake. It is my honest hope that those in power should properly handle these “small” inputs into our sociopolitical system. I am taking about chaos theory here.
    The decadence that our politicians are promoting will not take us anywhere. We are tired of systems that do not work. Its times we started handling issues head on. This is a challenge to the president…Remember the Arab spring?

    • Intergrity!!! No need for Arab Spring we are already a Democracy and are far much ahead of Arabs in terms of Governance, Haven’t you noticed?????????

  25. @Maxwell#28
    Dear stranger/African brother I see it more than plausible and mature for you to take time off to always depart from rules of sanity before resorting to mere exicitements and insanity at its highest level. Refine your arguments before you type them on the key board or ask an independent assessor to moderate what you presume makes sense yet, on the other hand it brings out which what you do not want the outer world to share with you. It is exactly your attitude which serves as a blanket and it obscures any rational argument, hence penetration of sense does not unfold. The very same PF philosophical attempt to turn the argument of Zambians updown on its head is exactly what makes you to fall short of attaining reality and full understanding of people’s sufferings. Viva HHHHHH

  26. Good move from the two. Let ACC investigate and come to the conclusion. What we want in Zambia is corrupt free leaders. Some people like John would say HH. Yes HH can be but before Zambians can trust him, he must explain how He and the MMD of Chiluba shared our money and companies. HH must also tell us how much he went with and how much he is willing to give back to us Zambian. This will make him a corrupt free aspiring president.

    • Which money did he share and where did he go with it? You have just farted in the general direction of Zambia. Please learn not to use your behind for reasoning…

  27. @Lennox Luzipo
    I always take time to read through your posts as they are intellectually superior than most of the posts that most bloggers put forward. When I look at most of the thoughtless posts that people post I wonder how on earth we even expect our country to develop. I believe the level of development of a group of people is a function of their cognitive development. Please continue with your great posts.

    Endorse Ideas.Not People.

  28. @Maxwell#27
    What is it that constitutes positivism in what your mentors allege as impartial move by whoever ordered a ‘kangroo court’ inquiry? Your above two mentors, if you like, cannot/should not be used as yardsticks in measuring the the masses ‘s reflection of PF or PF ‘s recognition of misdeamners, missappropriation of public funds, abuse of office as crmes which are punishable under any criminal procedure act. All elements which constitute criminal prosecutions are there and yet, elements such as yourself are bent on influencing everyone else to see everything about the above crooks or everything about PF throught your lenses. Such happenings are stinking.Red is red not any other colour. Viva HHHHH, viva UNPD.

  29. @The Prism#32 I feel more than honoured to notice that recognition of what I write does exist. It is a crime for all of us not to free ourselves from shackles of a combination of self-neglect in terms of accepting blanket prescriptions of poverty and the idea that we cannot bring back life on account that our rulers plant seeds of divisions and supposedly feelings of supremecy. Further, the majority of us can attest to my statement that our empty shells in terms of not having the sense to realise that we have whole heartedly accepted to be reduced to passivism and self-destructiveness because we mistakenly believe that power lies in politicians yet it is a possession of ordinary masses and it is theirs. Viva HH, UNPD.

    • HH comes last on many peoples lists except Southern which makes him unsuitable for Zambia. If Milupi detached himself from HH will do better.

  30. Hon Kabimba, we you that you are clean, enemies of PF want to destroy our party through fabrications that you and GBM are involved in corrupt activities. Be strong. we are behind you. PF is our party and this is our government

  31. In civilized societies, the two should have resigned to whenit was made clear that they would be investigated. If they don’t, the president must revoke their appointments as Ministers.

  32. There one thing that most of us are forgetting. These guys have just been accused, They are not yet guilty until proven likewise. Glad to see that they have both welcomed the probe into the allegations. Dear people of Zambia. Please restrain from being used by politician knowing that you are quick to react – even on rumor. ACC please do your job as quick as possible so that every mystery is unraveled. We wait for the truth!!!

  33. The two guilty. we wont allow a doctored verdict. UPND and MMD prepare for a JOINT rally to denounce these verdict if it has Political overtones.

    • MMD will be wasting its time to think they will get anything in that pact or agreement whatever it is. They will rather handle it the way they feel it must be instead of playing second fiddle to UPND.

    • Is it necessary????? Are the investigation bordering on their office such that they will temper with the information??????????

      It is like you pick up a fight at the bar with the Man U fan, then the following day people asks you to step down at your place of work. It does not sound normal.

  34. Aba bilima bezi, banakutwibila zimbongo zyetu zamuno mulifuti bakatuseza mubuhutu bwakama mu 2016.

  35. These blame games between GBM and Kabimba are being stage-managed with the understanding that one of them has total control and influence on the psychological mind-state of the President and key officers of the ACC and its sister institution the DEC who will manipulate facts in favour of the members of a known family tree.

    The ACC and DEC have so far not come out professionally clean on matters that relate to:

    (1) the Development Bank of Zambia’s K14 billion squandered by Mutembo Nchito and Fred Mmembe;

    (2) Renovation of State House by Alexander Chikwanda’s company.

    Tax payers would be tempted to speculate and believe that President Sata and close members of his family are direct or hidden beneficiaries to this train of official corruption under the PF system.

  36. The ACC is too compromised to be expected to fairly do their investigations. They will simply what M’membe through Sata thinks is the right decision.

  37. The problem is deeper than what is being seen with ordinary eyes. The problem here is that PF has a lot of ministers with doubtful backgrounds. Some of them have corruption as part of their fiber hence it is difficult to run a clean govt with most of these people. It is sad that our president made it public that he is allergic to corruption which is not the case with most of his top ministers. The sad part is that the revelations are just starting, more is coming hopefully PF has more than Chella to help them rebuild their standing in rightful thinking Zambians 

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