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Last Week in Pictures

Photo Gallery Last Week in Pictures

Pictures of funeral for Mama Betty Kaunda sent by LT Blogger


Mourners surround the casket for Mama Betty Kaunda during the requiem mass at the Cathedral of the Holy Cross in Lusaka


Dr Kaunda with family members and friends during the funeral of Mama Betty Kaunda


Dr Kaunda overcome with emotion during the funeral of Mama Betty Kaunda


First Zambian president Kenneth Kaunda and former president Rupiah Banda arrive at the burial site.


Former Vice President during Kaunda’s reign Grey Zulu arrives at the burial site with his wife


Mama Betty Kaunda being laid to rest


Pole bearers lower the coffin into the grave


President Kaunda lays a wreath on his late wife Betty Kaunda’s grave


Family members kneel at grave site


Former President Rupiah Banda lays a wreath at the grave


Acting President Alexander Chikwanda and his wife  lay a wreath at the grave


Dignitaries lay wreathes at Mama Betty Kaundas grave


Mama Betty Kaunda’s grave site covered in flowers


Defence forces give  a gun salute in honour of Mama Betty Kaunda


A female rower cools during the 2012 Reggata held
under the theme,”Rowing Against Gender-based violence


A male Rower being n attended to after fainting during the 2012 Reggatta knock out stages


WOMEN POWER: Female team battle it out for a place during the 2012 Reggatta which attracted about 32 teams (both male and female) from different parts of the country.


The womens team battle it out during the 2012 Reggatta which attracted about 32 teams (both male and female) from different parts of the country.


Minister of Tourism and Arts Sylvia T. Masebo when she paid a courtesy call on the UNWTO Secretary General Mr. Taleb Rifai,during a four day working visit to the World Tourism Organisation (UNWTO) Secretariat in Madrid, Spain.


Minister of Tourism and Arts Sylvia T. Masebo led a delegation to Spain, accompanied by Deputy Secretary to the Cabinet Amb. Peter Kasanda and senior officials from the Zambian Mission in Paris and the Ministry of Tourism and Arts.


A little boy stands besides the rumble of what was once his home.Over 100 homes were demolished in Lusaka’s Chinika industrial area following a court order that declared the houses to have been illegally built on land belonging to Mushe Milling Company


Scores of people look in disbelief at their demolished houses in Lusaka’s Chinika Industrial area


A man stands by his demolished house following a court ruling that the houses were illegal


  1. I feel sad looking at that boy is picture 21.I can see hardships and other challenges brought on by poverty accompanying him for years to come.Cry my beloved country.

    • i was offered a house there for K25 million by a civil servant from Livingstone, she said the reason she wanted to sell the 4 bedroomed house was because she wanted to send her son to college.. Anso!! I didn’t take the risk.

  2. Mrs Zulu was a real catch in her youth. She still looks fabulous at her age. I don’t recall having Vice presidents in Kaunda’s days

  3. Nice ones there, but LT, do more research each time you publish articles, Grey Zulu was never a vice president under Dr. Kaunda but Secretary General of the party (UNIP), and this post was administratively part of the government hierarchy.

  4. Be blessed Mama Kaunda…
    Successive govts in Zambia have been very selfish with land allocations, their members dish out land that doesnt belong to the council or govt, areas like kabwata site and service where organised in such a way that there would be play grounds/parks here and there but the reality is that even such marked areas have houses standing on them…ignorance has made my people suffer…like the child above…
    PF shouldnt make the same mistakes, its about time we become more responsible as a people…Mushe has every right though poor people had made investments that where had to by…just maybe an alternative land for the company would have been sort…otherwise all those comboins around lsk stand to lose out…Cry my beloved Zed…

  5. LT, Very good funeral pictures. For some time now every picture I have seen of former president KK he always has a white hankie in his hand, what does this signify or is it just a habit?

  6. There is plentty of land where a milling can be located. People starve to save for houses. If any of those houses belonged to Kabimba, they could still be standing. What a terrible Zambia.

    • Possibly the land was allocated to them through corruption, if so then it was right to demolish them( even poor people do corruption). When people know that when you build out of corruption you will loose your money then the less number of people will build on illegal land.

  7. Thank you for Mama Kaunda’s funeral pictures.

    Please let those rowers eat well and train before the competition before lives are lost!

    Demolishing people’s homes without giving them alternatives is a violation of human rights.

  8. Over 50% of children in Zambia have stunted growth both developmentally and physically because of beginnings like that boy in the picture standing in the rubble of his home.

  9. Would have liked to see more of mama Betty’s funeral pics but we still thank you LT for what you’ve shown us. R.I.P mama.

    Now, pic#16, ninjala? How do you go rowing on an empty stomach? Vintu vinangu ni kusiila bene bake, stick to playing kampombwa mu komboni. Pic#19,20, good job ba Masebo, atleast now you’re “working”. We are watching you and the whole crew. Pics#21,22,23. So sad what those MMD cadres did now, these poor people have nowhere to go. The sad truth is that, you buy and build you kama house on land that is legally not yours, this is bound to happen. Hope we won’t see this nonsense ever happen again. People must learn to go through proper channels of aquiring land to buid their house. Am not entirely sorry for them, just for the kids maybe. We drink to that!

  10. #Pics 21-23 makes a sad reading. These houses look good and the people who built them might have certainly bought the plots through the corrupt Lusaka council. It was not their fault that the area belonged to someone else. Why were they not warned when they laid the foundation that they were building on someone else’s land? These houses are better than those in chibolya or misisi and should not have been demolished without compensating the people concerned. Govt should have arrested those who sold the plots to them and recover money from them. Then they should have allocated these people some other land and given them money to build else where. Where was this Mwenye when the people were starting to build? We need human rights lawyers to stand up and fight for these people in the courts.

    • where was this mwenye? they knew the plots had no papers. how do you begin to build on the land that you have no papers for?

  11. Giorgio #22, are you able to do that where you are (I believe you are in the diaspora)… do people illegally settle so that they can be compensated? What logic is that – then that would render both national as well as municipality laws irrelevant. Lets start somewhere to bring sanity to our country even if it means in the interim situations like this prevail. Politics has, for too long, been superior the very laws that elected politicians themselves are supposed to uphold. Sanity MUST start somewhere…

  12. Rubbish pictures. Why show a casket of someone as if we are celebrating, dont u know that everytime u look at the same pictures feel like crying? LT stop posting such pics. Masebo looks convincing to investors not pipo like great bags of maize, they scare investors.

  13. This is inhuman they could have allocated another piece of land to this company how can you do this to poor people. Where was the owner when squatters built to this level. Please Zambian authorities how can you call this putting more money in poor peoples pockets they voted for you and this is what you do to them. One block is K3,000 and do you what that adds up to when building a house for someone who gets K1m per month. I bleed for these people. Someone built on my plot because he got a fake title from Lands I did not request the authorities to pull down the house but it is now five years am still following up with Lands to be allocated a piece of land, I would never dod what this company has done to these families.

  14. 1. Farewell mama Betty Kaunda – You played a pivotal role to this great country RIP.

    2. Housing Demolitions – This is what happens when professionals through away their ethics. Town Planners should never take instructions from politicians NEVER. I hope a planner has seen pic#21 of the little boy whose futue home is shattered, doesnt even know where they will spend the night, rains are coming. People should not be encouraged to break the law but, give them guidance as professional. These are uneducated citizens who have been duped by their political parties.Whichever industry we work, lets do the best to serve the society with diginity and pride of our professions. We have let the people down and its very shameful.

  15. People have built mansions in Lusaka yet they dont have title deeds 5 years down the line, what bureaucracy is this? To those living abroad and want to buy land in Zambia, using 3rd parties, be very worried!!! There will be no title deeds from the ministry of lands without inchekeleko. Even a simple survey diagram takes years to develop. I believe now that education is zambia has done more harm to society than good. Every iddiot i met in the govt offices Zambia was looking for bribes. How can it be like this?

  16. So good to see these Indigenous Boys and Girls taking part in the Regatta, one of the sports that have always been regarded as ‘Muzungu’ sports

  17. Show us full Kaunda family picture at funeral with names. It would be interesting to see Kambarange, just for the hell of it- the cold blood murderer of Elizabeth Mwanza.

  18. Mwe Bantu, kanshi what has happened to Zambian women? Where is their natural hair, all I see now are fake mishishi and their thinning hair lines. Results of continious hair weaving. Its what they don’t tell you on those packages they say its Brazillian weave. I am out of context here but, since we are commenting on pics, I felt I should make this observation. Bushe Kanshi is it you men who encourage such hair fashion? I think not, women, we have stopped dressing up for men, we now dress for fellow women ukucinfyanya! So we have ourselves to blame.

  19. Well done ba Lusaka times once more for the Pictures of Mama Betty Kaunda’s Funeral,long awaited though next time be  more proactive PLS. Pic # 5 is Hon Grey Zulu his wife and someone you are all not recognising, next to Grey Zulu is Gen. Malimba Masheke arriving at funeral and still walking strong keep it up our heroes.

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