Government asks for help on how to restock depleted fish stock in Luapula Province

Government launched a K2.7 Billion water vessel on Lake Bangweulu in Samfya District of Luapula Province, the above boat is to be used for patrols during the fish ban period and fish restocking programme
Government launched a K2.7 Billion water vessel on Lake Bangweulu in Samfya District of Luapula Province, the above boat is to be used for patrols during the fish ban period and fish restocking programme

Government has called on the fisheries department in the Ministry of Agriculture and Livestock to come up with well researched information on how Luapula province could restock its depleted fish stocks in the water bodies of the province.

Agriculture and Livestock Deputy Minister Rodgers Mwewa made the call when he launched a research water vessel named lukunka on Lake Bangweulu in Samfya district of Luapula province on Monday this week.

He said fish stocks were depleted in all the water bodies of the province and there was an urgent need to come up with well researched information that Government could use to restock the fish stocks in the water bodies.

He said the water research vessel was a demonstration of the Government’s determination to promote efforts of fish restocking in the province and urging the technocrats to use the equipment properly in order to find solutions to the challenges of restocking fish in the province.

Mr Mwewa said Government was also exploring various means to restore the fish stocks through the introduction of fish stock management programmes such as restocking and cage culture in places where fish stocks have been depleted.

He said there was need to generate accurate information on fisheries resources which could assist in developing management strategies and plans which should include fish stock assessment, fish disease surveillance, fish gear technology, fish processing and fish biodiversity studies.

He said development of aquaculture was critical to the development of the fisheries sector in the country.

And Luapula province Permanent secretary, Mbololwa Muyaba called for effective management and monitoring of fishing activities by the fisheries department.

She said the fisheries department should play a major role in generating credible information for informed decision making and ensuring appropriate technology development and transfer for sustainable, efficient and effective exploitation of fisheries resources in the province.

She said the low staffing levels in the fisheries department should be addressed as a matter of urgency in order for government to realise the full benefits of the investment and services of the department.

The launch was attended by Ngumbo Chiefs; Senior chief Mwewa, Chief Mwansakombe, Chief Kasomalunga, Chief Nsamba, Chief Chitembo and Chieftainess Mulongwe.

Ministry of Agricuture and Livestock Permanent Secretary David Shamulenge led a team of his senior officials from his ministry who were also in attendance.



  1. Fish restocking is the way to go for Luapula especially for Ngumbo people. The new concept of clustering here should be around fishing and fish processing. There are lot of lagoons that can easily be used for breeding and coupled with community engagement and sensitizations, this initiative could yield results.

  2. The easiest way to replenish your fish stock is to tell people to stop behaving like children. When they are told there is a fish ban they MUST obey and not always complaining like spoilt children. THe depletion is clearly due to over-depletion. When people in other provinces were being prosecuted and jailed and fined for violating the fish-ban Luapulans were being let to go on fishing. Now see the results of that silly behaviour. Now a lot of Luapulans and Northerners have flooded Barotseland, especially Mongu, for fishing. It won’t be long before we hear fish is finished in the Zambezi. People shoult stop being stupid and behave like adults. LASTLY, top idiot Sata abolished fish-bans across the country when he came into office. I hope now he can see the stupidity of his own decree!

    • idiot dont insult SATA anyhow. Fished finished before PF came into power . That is the problem with you Zambia with a lot of mucus in your head you are easly forgetful . what ever is wrong you blem sata who just came in a day ago. Why cant you blem MMD ?

  3. Lunkunka alemoneka kwati takosa mwe, obviosly ni made in china. Elo abena zed nama overloading awe sure i see Lunkunka alebunda na bantu 300 mukati

    • It is a RESEARCH VESSEL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Problem with villagers, you seem to think this is now your local transport!!!!!!!!

  4. why restocking? where were you before the fish got to the point of depletion? poor management just like the president. if you cant be trusted with fish which is your livelihood what about TAX PAYERS money. these monkeys are all the same i hope you don’t come to western province for your restocking go to state house.

  5. How much is that patrol boat worth? This should have been included in the article…purchase more of them….these vessels can be also be purchased cheaply second hand abroad and use them for more patrols during non fishing or fish breeding seasons.
     Furthermore if the locals are not educated on the benefits of abiding to fish ban…. overfishing will always be the norm as the fish populations are not given time to replenish. If managed properly this region has the capability to feed the whole of Southern Africa. 


  7. The depletion of the fish stock did not happen during Sata watch. It happened way before then. Let us criticise the current govt when necessary, other wise our criticism becomes value less. Sata has been in power for just over a year and is any body with enough senses telling me that the depletion of fish stocks only occurred during that time. If I remember correctly the banning of fishing during the rain season was introduced during Kaunda’s time. If govts which came in power after Kaunda had strictly enforced the ban, we would not be sitting with the problem, we have today. Under the mmd govt chani fisheries carried on fishing even during the rain season because the owner was well connected. The problem of the depletion of fishing stock is as a result of corruption by the mmd.

  8. Get a breeding place say in Samfya, Mansa, Kashikishi and Lubwe. When you have enough restock the mighty waterways of Zambia just like they did to the Kariba were Kapenta was poured in! Make the breeding places permanent and continue to enforce the fishing ban yearly at appropriate times. I am prepared to be a consultant or offer advice!

  9. Whatever they do they should not involve the chinese bamambala. They were/are selling embalmed fish at soweto market. Imagine how many cancer cases we now have in zed.

    • What do you mean “Embalmed” fish??? Becoz all the dried fish you have been having, is a method of “embalming” & preserving fish; so what do you exactly mean???

  10. Research vessel yakwisa naimwe. That Lunkuka is for partying and transporting Shake Shake to the islands. Who said, Lukunka akabunda, he is more than right, but I am more concerned of those hippos, that Lunkunka alemoneka paper-weight.

  11. In view of this government effort to restock fish in the Bangweulu, it would have been better not to declare Lunga as a district but a FISH BREEDING SITE AND GAME RESERVE, where only LICENCED and well REGULATED tourism camping sites and biodiversity study centres! All those people at Kasoma Lunga, Chibulu, Chisale, Mbo, Nsamba, Bwalya Mponda, Matongo, Kalima nkonde, Itala and many other places should have been moved out and “their chiefdoms moved”!

  12. Late President Julius Kambarage Nyerere of Tanzania imoposed a three years fish ban when fish stocks were danderously depleted in his country. We can also do trhe same otherwise isabi lya lapwa.

  13. f mosquito netas should carry a verystiff punioshment for anyone who is caught. A mosquioto net carries even the small fish which are not yet grown. So bana behesu let us guard our fish jealously.

  14. I do not wish to comment on the subject of fish restocking but, I cannot help myself when I look at a picture and I see a lot of people idling – watching a boat! As Zambians, do we lack a sense of urgency or purpose? What are they watching, can they not be working in their fields or doing something productive? I extend the same sentiment to people going to the airport to ‘see off’ or to welcome our politicians. Can we please end these unproductive practices?

  15. Fishing is the livelihood alternative for poor rural communities there need for providing an alternative during the fish burn period

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