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Henry Banda’s Lawyer Robert Amsterdam should fight a clean fight: Sata is not Zambia and Zambia is not Sata.


Robert Amsterdam
Robert Amsterdam

By Pezzy Kudakwashe

Efforts aimed at “sabotaging” Zambia’s economy by Robert Amsterdam, Henry Banda’s lawyer, should be condemned by every Zambian regardless of political affiliation.

Canadian citizen and self proclaimed international lawyer, Robert Amsterdam representing former president Rupiah Banda’s son , tweeted very negative sentiments while Michael Sata was in Japan.

The comments were aimed at blocking” would be” Japanese investors from investing in Zambia. He tweeted both in Japanese and English saying ” President Michael Sata of Zambia is asking Japan to invest. Maybe they should ask him why he is making the state’s property his own”.

Mr Amsterdam seemed to have lost the focus of his so called “fight for justice” for his client, Henry Banda.

Instead of fighting for the freedom of his client, he now has resulted to acts of desperation with intentions to jeopardize the lives of 11 million Zambians while trying to protect Henry.

It is obvious that there is a growing enemity between Sata and Amsterdam, however, that does not give him the green light to sabotage Zambia’s economy. A learned man of his caliber should know fully well that Sata is not Zambia and Zambia is not Sata.

What kind of lawyer abandons court justice procedures in favor of cheap slogans which in this day and age are used by hooligans sponsored by desperate political parties.

Amsterdam is over-blowing the case of government of Zambia vs Henry to a point where he does not care who gets hurt in the process.

Supposedly a” professional lawyer”, operating from Ottawa, Washington DC and London, his actions are lower than a third world party cadre or vigilante

He has gone out beyond his borders in the name of “fighting for justice” and now his fight is on the verge of bringing injustice to the entire Zambian population.

Amsterdam should fight a clean fight. His fight is against Sata and his lawyers. His fight is not and should not be against the Zambian people where Henry belongs.

His focus is to represent Henry Banda and not to create enemies for Zambia. He cannot and should not hold us hostage over his ill feelings for Sata.

His target is the Sata regime and his actions to hurt our people and economy in the process of representing our fellow Zambian, should be condemned by all those who love Zambia.

Zambia is the safest place to invest in our region despite what Amsterdam thinks.

Every Zambian should rise up and speak against Amsterdam and condemn his primitive ways of seeking justice.

We Zambians do not advocate for street justice, we believe in settling our matters in peace and dignity. We may be a poor third world country but that does not mean anybody can walk all over us in the pretext of providing justice for one of us.

Amsterdam has failed to represent his client and he is now using his careless tweets to cover up his failures.

This is a typical case of lawyer turned economic saboteur in desperation to win a case for a shoddy client. Amsterdam is trying to let the world hear a positive story from the dubious Henry Banda case.

In Amsterdam’s eyes, Henry is innocent and the Zambian government and its citizens are wrong, thereby, deserving to pay dearly for the sins of trying to find answers to the corruption allegations.

Or even if Henry has a case to answer, Amsterdam wants to win the case to justify why his client paid the big check.

However, the route he has chosen to win the case cannot be condoned. His action are not just meant to bring down the Sata regime but the entire Zambian economy.

Amsterdam’s grudge against Sata does not justify his comments aimed at hurting many poor Zambians who could be affected by his careless campaign against Zambia.

Any good lawyer always guards oneself from actions that would put innocent people in hams way while on a path to seeking justice.

This serves as a great lesson for us Zambian’s who always think justice can only be found in the west. This is a typical failed case where a Zambian prefers to hire a foreign lawyer over our own, only to get half backed justice.

Amsterdam is using ordinary Zambians as his human shield. He is looking for ways to hurt our economy. When he achieves that, he hopes the people will rise against the government and his client’s enemies.

What an evil way to seeking “justice” by using routes that only satisfy one’s selfish ego.

Amsterdam’s job should be to represent Henry Banda, and not fight Zambians.

This issue is very unfortunate and Amsterdam deserves to be reprimanded and condemned for his bad actions.

Lesson learnt, we need to stop hiring foreign people that will hurt us when they fail to do their work. Should we reexamine judge Chikopa’s appointed too? His appointment undermines our justice system.

Let’s build Zambia by Zambians and foreigners who love Zambia. Peace.


  1. Amsterdam has done a good job for Henry. The Zambian government has fumbled the issue and Amsterdam has shown the vindictive nature of the Sata administration. Why does the writer not reproduce the tweets he says are unprofessional for us to judge for ourselves if Amsterdam is telling lies?

    • i wonder if you are truly a zambian you are a very bitter person full of envy! i curse even the day you were born, zambians should not suffer becoz of one stupid thief who has no heart for others! if henry is clean why is he running up and down? chikandile iweee! mwalipelela mulishilya shine mwaibile! we NGOMBE WEEEE!

    • Amsterdam has a right to an opinion. Governments do not relate based on comments by lawyers. This article is misleading. All important governments have ambassadors and high commissioners who report to their countries. That is how international relations work. As for Banda’s son, well, if the guy was guilty government must have charged him and asked SA to extradite to Zambia. So we can safely assume government was only rattling over issues they didn’t understand even themselves.

  2. This artical is not balanced. The layers has raised many issues but the author decided igore some of the things the layer has raised eg other freedoms that the goverment has removed from the citicens. right to freedom of assembly,right to freedom of expression coverage on state own media etc. These are issues the layers is talking about. While I agree on the issue the author is trying say at the same time the author should have advised Mr Sata on his short comings which has led to this out bust.

  3. How clean is the Zambian governments fight against Henry when they continue to refuse to give any meaningful details of his alleged wrongs? Even the wikileaks founder has been given details of his alleged sex crimes, where and when they occured and who the accusser is. In the case of Henry the state refuses to give any details.

  4. Regardless of the real author, it is good food for thought. The author tries to win our passion and focus our energies against Amsterdam but he does not play fair eith just as he accuses Amsterdam who seems to have only taken a page from Sata n Kabimba’s books.
    Why aren’t there official charges yet, especially when police where ready to issue an Interpol red alert?
    It’s like the case with beating and searching former leaders last September

  5. if Amsterdam was nt telling the truth then real investors will nt hold back unless otherwise.i hope sata is nt personalizing the country he should ask kaunda how the west sarbotaged him for personalizing the nation

  6. The foreign lawyer is suppose to focus on winning his case in court not to aim at discouraging investors from investing in Zambia.

  7. In all honesty, this lawyer is out of bounds! And we trust that the intelligent people of Japan will question who this rogue is and why he is on destructive path of a poor African nation in that manner. Only stupid *****s and bitter CORRUPT fools can support this loose canon of a lawyer.

  8. this guy is a big fool he was ashamed in SINGAPORE he wanted to show how clever he is bu he was shown how big stupid he by by good government of Singapore 

  9. Pezzy

    This lawyer has highlighted alot of issues which your so called president has done which violet the constitution These issues do not only affect Henry only but Zambia as a country. De facto he now represents the millions of Zambia’s who have been taken for a ride by you and your so called president.

    The learned lawyer should continue to talk for the voice less and our people whose basic rights we have enjoyed from 1991 are now being urinated upon by a gang of thieves and scammers 

    • Are you sure of what you are saying? Really no wonder you are called africans coz you can’t think uprightly. A thief layer is tarnishing the name of your country and you support him? A thing he has not done about USA or Canada? Shaaa. 

  10. The problem has been the Zanufication of the PF government. We are back to the sixties! We are sleeping and being trampled all over, like someone said Zambians can’t eat peace. Before we realize nothing will belong to Zambians it will be all theirs.


  12. The article is poorly written, full of opinionated conclusions. I think the person who wrote this does not have very good education: HE IS MOST PROBABLY A FORM 5 FAILURE (27 POINTS AND ABOVE).

  13. if we continue like this in Zambia,every body wil be confused coz of runing in circles.this tendancy of baseless accusations wil lead us to eternal hell as a christian nation.We are like a goat in sheep skin.Most of our leaders have grown white hair but they are not even 10,000 km close to be called wise,as Zambians become wise when we die,shame

  14. One sided article. Sata has his short comings which he seems to be working on now. He has somehow realised that the president’ office is no longer as powerful as it seemed to be sometime ago.

  15. Bafikala MMD stripped poor Zambians of our resources. How many times will this continue?I can conclude that Zambians have a bad memory and enjoys suffering.

  16. Biased article but I must say, Amsterdam thought that we were one of those old style African countries that would shudder at the voice of a foreigner. If you are right come mwana. There are true lawyers fighting battles on the ground in Pakistan, India, Iran who are not making noise from afar. Nanga iwe?:-?:-?

  17. Imperialist and racist lawyer who has no respect for the sovereignty of Zambia. Who doubts that Zambia under Rupiah became a property of the first family? He thinks Zambians are fools. If the person he is protecting is not corrupt, why can’t he advise him to face our judiciary? if Amsterdam is a smart lawyer, smarter than all Zambians, why can’t he come here and show us how smart he is? 

    • how can he fface the judiciary without being charged…what case has the zambian government found on henry banda…..why mukonda kusabaila kansi bamambala

    • and why can’t he come here so that he could he charged? why is he running away if he has done nothing? if he committed the crime here in Zambia, he needs to be charged by Zambian laws. Zambian laws apply in Zambia and the money the Banda family is using to pay this imperialist lawyer can be used wisely to bring this fugitive back home. so its not kusabaila. Henry Banda stole from Zambia

  18. The article is a very poorly done piece of journalistic writing. It is scanty on facts and background information but long on biased opinions, speculation and conjecture.

  19. Desperate times call for desperate actions; and who doesn’t know how our friends behave? He has a “god” given right to abuse Africans and they call him an International layer. Things have changed, as some educated fools try to discredit the government they are inadvertently promoting a good name for ourselves. Who would invest in a country where the first family are the key negotiators for any deal?

  20. I conquer with you Zambezi @18,this nonsense is only tolerated by Zambians because we are poor,this chap cannot make such stupid statements about western leaders/governments and get away with it,he must come to Lusaka and show us how clever he is,those Banda’s looted the country supplying fuel and cutting deals with Chinese investors and making a cut from everything down in RSA,if Banda is so innocent why doesn’t he head to Lusaka and sort this out once and for all instead of hiding behind Amsterdam who doesn’t probably understand the issues of Zambia or the Banda looters,SATA isn’t the issue here, Tweeting about how bad Zambia is as an investment destination should be Shunned at all levels…

  21. It is sad some people can support this lawyer.I think most of those who are supporting this coward lawyer belong to the group of people who wish Zambia to collapse under the pf rule.Anyway his mission and those of his supporters will not be achieved.Zambia is a stable country and if anyone sees instability then it is a creation of his mind.Just observe the law.

  22. ladies and gents the problem is we forget easily,this politician ll ut us in problem,when levy brought his crook from uk we welcomed him because we wanted our money back from chiluba and nobody complained that this guy is a foreigner he cannot practice law in zambia. now that this guy want to defend his corrupt client,winter and his fellows crooks are saying he can’t practice law in zambia.whats the problem gents? which constitution are u using which we don’t know. no wonder this guy armsterdam is behaving the way he is behaving. bring out the charges so that henry  knows and he ll be able to defend himself. i can assure u henry ll not return to zambia as long as u wont bring out the charges and don’t fool urself that u ll be there forever. PF is SATA and SATA is PF.

  23. What would you choose between a tirabalistic, nepotistic and undemocratic demagogue and the truths that have been highlighted? There is merit in what the lawyer is saying and i have experienced life under Sata and not coming from the “chosen tribe”, i bear the brunt of tribalistic governance. RDA moving to state house, Ilunda Chalo, etc, etc. are all scams to plunder state monies!

  24. Pezzy, the question must be answered as to why sata is making state property his own. Japan watch out this government will nationalize as soon as you invest your hard earned yens.

    Impeach sata for he has violated the constitution and reneged on the social contract handed to him last year 2011 sept elections. That contract stipulated the Barotse agreement and a people driven constitution in 90 days.  

  25. I disagree.
    When a dictator is awash with State money, they become worse and it becomes nigh impossible to dislodge them. It may be that if no investors come to Zambia, the Zambian economy will suffer and so will the Zambians, but this will be short lived. Come 2016, they will boot out the dictator and his minions and elect a progressive government that will have long term interests of ALL Zambians at heart.

  26. FDI is the in-thing now. I see a lot of countries advertising on CNN trying to woo investors. Malaysia, Indonesia, Macedonia, Georgia, Kazakhstan etc. It is about time we did the same. Sata has now also become a tourist like RB, the difference being that the former ensures that Zambians at home see him through the media that he is actually wooing investors to come to Zambia while the latter could have been watching reed dances in Swaziland for all we know. RB and his clan are therefore worried that Sata may succeed in bringing FDI which may result in a more prosperous Zambia. How can a patriotic Zambian paint a bad picture to prevent FDI from coming in? Tell me!

  27. Don’t deceive people this article is missing the whole story. the lawyer was talking how the pf cadres have stopped opposition parties from holding meetings and how MMD was almost deregistered e.t.c. He has nothing against zambia but speak for the many voiceless zambians.

    • man MMD for 20 years was not paying fees, so the law says such an organization should be de-registered . So whose fault was it?



  30. And who says you cannot have benevolent dictators? There was more money in people’s pockets in Germany in Hitler’s time until he overstretched himself by attacking Russia in winter like Napoleon before him which favoured the Russian soldiers. Dictators per se are not bad for a country so long as the dictatorship is not used for self enrichment. I prefer to call it strong leadership if it used for the well being of the citizenry.

  31. I conquer with the writer, the problem with most us Zambians is unpatriotic behaviour. Can u imagine if this so called lawyer was fighting an American citizen and then he comments negatively about America as a whole what would be the out come? Its high time Zambians became Zambians irrespective of what we do, where we stay and our statuses in society. Zambia is for us all and should therefore be protected to the full. I read these tweets too and was shock to see how shameful and undermining to the country as whole they were. Lets not just comment lets try to analyse issues as Zambians with relatives, friends or perhaps even parents back home thou we live outside. We only have one country to which we truly belong despite our acquired nationalities and that is Zambia. I condemn this croock 2

  32. Only those who are co-opted in the looting of treasury are incensed by armsterdam. and stop reducing petty imperial rhetoric.

  33. democratic talk should have limits,govt should complain to that lawyers country over his tweeting,Zambians learn to safeguard what is yours and desist from encouraging careless talk by outsiders, the bottom line is that the country is better than in the previous regime and Govt should be encouraged to make corrections where they error for it is human.

  34. come back home an see if zambia is better. my friend things are worse than mmd led government. transport to town from chelston will set you back on a full loaf of bread. thanks to these trouble shooters called pf running GRZ on adhoc basis

  35. Amsterdam has a right to an opinion. Governments do not relate based on comments by lawyers. This article is misleading. All important governments have ambassadors and high commissioners who report to their countries. That is how international relations work

  36. How many people say awful thing about Obama or America, does it change a thing? Recently the lawyer to Wikileaks founder, Asange issued a lot of statement against both UK and USA. Did they have an impact on their economies? Nothing. stop worrying about non issues.

  37. Amsterdam is a well known lager lout kind of lawyer. He believes in shouting in the street about injustices, rather than fighting on law in courts. His history and the clients that he attracts shows the low level at which he operates. It is a pity that Henry cannot see the longterm damage all this will do to him. He has to accept that he has abused his father’s position and engaged in corruption. It is a fact. You cannot then try to engage in throwing mud to mislead. The problem he has is that Mr. Amsterdam is all about money. The money he’s unable to pay, all hell will break loose. Henry will become his target. He’s dealing with a psychopath with no insight.

  38. I am starting to doubt this Government. They sound very desperate and defensive on every small issue. It is a shame that we can have such leadership. What has gone wrong Mr. President? Please fire all your useless ministers as we cannot afford to have MMD back in Power. Shameful indeed.

  39. Thats why we had the process of justice put in place no-matter how guilty someone is. Le the process takes its place without undue pressure to prosecute and making declarations of someone guilyt before the law has taken its course. Our Govt fumbled, the let their emotions take reigns instead of respecting natural justice to take its course, which if they did they wouldnt be a one Robert Amsterdam in the picture. If you do things rightly you wont fear of investors fearing to invest. Lets take true perspective fellow bloggers

  40. This street layer is useless. How can you go in streets shouting instead of defending your client in court? Very dull useless Armstadam. His action is so childish and no investor can listen to his rants. I just wonder how a normal Zambian can support such a bigoted layer…shaaa.

    Peace and Prosperity to Mother Zambia.

  41. Canada is the most racist nation on the face of the earth. Perhaps Amsterdam should start fighting this war at home before ridiculing other nations. Bakolwe baiseka ifipato!

  42. For a blood sucking scumbag chap like Amsterdam to go to such selfish extremes ; one wonders how the Banda’s can even afford to pay him the legal fees; these chaps don’t come cheap. There is more to this story…

  43. :-? Let us not pay attention to that Amsterdam thug of a liar(lawyer). His purpose is supposed to fight the legal battle of Henry Banda and not the nonsense he is wasting his time on. He has failed to bring HB to Zambia so he can defend him in the courts and now he desperately resorts to assassinate our economy, but anyway, I wonder these chaps have to go to such extents. As far as we are concerned, Amsterdam is just s crazy prick who has completely lost it and desperate!

    • Defend HB against what charge exactly? If my memory serves me well, wasn’t Amsterdam prepared to come to Zambia to discuss HB’s case but was not issued with a visa? PF have been in govt for over a year now and yet we still do not know exactly what crime HB is meant to have committed. If HB had been charged with a crime, then the South African authorities would have extradited him by now. Why should Henry come to Zambia to face charges that are only known by pf who I might add are busy throwing corruption tainted mud at each other.

  44. Amsterdam is a great lawyer. He is doing exactly what is needed to help the poor Zambians. His action will in the end protect the poor da*mn masses in Zambia from the Dictator in Chief… AKA UKWA or Sata. Why has PF and its police continued to refuse to allow opposition parties to hold rallies. That is what the idio*t who wrote this article should be mad at not a good man like Amsterdam.

  45. If you want to know more about who Robert Amsterdam is, google:

    opposition petition donors maravi


    land destroyer blog cartalucci

  46. Kudakwashe as a Zimbwean really should think of sorting out Mugabe mess before demonising lawyers who represent persecuted Zambians. Since when did Henry Banda become ‘dubious’ ?just because you want favours from Sata?

    When Sata insulted Amsterdam, where was Kudakwashe? driving her Zezulu 504?

  47. This lawyer is behaving like an grasshopper amongst elephants. No matter what he says,it will no impact on our sovereign country called Zambia. Which investor can decide not to invest in mining, telecom etc becoz of what this lawyer has said? He is too small for our country.Zambia is a country respected by many nations, who is Amsterdam to us? You think Americans, Chinese, Japanese or even Canadians can waste time reading this trash from this Rat? please,please let us spend our time on important issues. South Korea will depend on the Japanese for advise on economic and political performance of Zambia not from a lawyer.

  48. A very thoughtful and well written article. You research your story well, a word of advice on Henry Banda, he should waste the little funds he has on such lawyers who lose the focue for the case and the principles behind his clients case. Henry keep you money, one day you will be free and return to your native zambia we love you.

  49. @Rhoda, but what is the case against Henry? No one has ever stated what when and where about the case Henry is supposed to be facing. Why should Henry come to a sham investigation. The state has made all kinds of wild allegations against the Banda clan but failed to prosecute even one case successfully. What happened to the Goldscam? Lexus scam? Pepsi Scam? Hotels in Kenya and Tanzania scam? Oil in Nigeria scam? Mphundu Flats Scam? All of these were worthless witchunts! And you want Henry to come and star in some circus with Ukwa as ringmaster? Get real!

  50. This so called “Pezzy Kudakwashe” sounds like a hired mercenary to protect the evils of the PF’s Govt. Has “Pezzy”
    pondered over the background that has has led to the harassments of the former President Rupiah Banda’s family. If Pezzy Kudakwashe
    prays for civilisation in Africa, why did he not prevail on Sata’s torture of RB, Mrs. Thandiwe Banda, two of RB’s sons Andrew and Henry, even extending to the extent of disrupting investments for welfare of the RB’s child-twins? Pezzy Kudakwashe
    must know that the development of Zambia needs decency where the current PF govt must built on the foundations which were laid down by former Presidents Kenneth Kaunda, FTJ Chiluba, Levy Mwanawasa and Rupiah Banda. Hence the article by Pezzy Kudakwashe
    is a trash full of deception.

  51. but BANDA’s name means zambian CORRUPTION and Zambian CORRUPTION means BANDA rupiah, Henry, Jimbo (James)…

    Thus, on top of that, this foolish lawyer is paid with OUR money…

  52. Well Done Mr Amsterdam !!! I am behind you 100% !!! These poverty striken Zambians only want hand outs from abroad and are too duff to accept investments from their own Zambian professionals abroad coz of their jealousy !!!!!


    • Mulenga you embarass me, none of the entities you mention here belong to SATA. So you want the president to have no control over anything just because you hate him. You chap did you even vote, for you to condem the peoples choice, in favour of a selfish individual like Amstardam whose sole interest in Zambia is only Banda’s son whom we all know stole from poor Zambians…you make me vomit. You belong to the sewerage

  54. Foolish lawyer. He knows full well that actions like that are “contempt of court” as his comments are directly material to the cases he is chasing in court. Our President is leagues above this foolish man – simply can’t compare!

  55. You spoilt your argument by condemning Henry and finding him guilty. Please do not mix the two issues, those who are open to debate should have known that if Henry was guilty he would have behaved like his young brother James but Sata does not see this and makes the poor guy miserable just to get at the father who I think is enjoying his retirement while Henry’s wife and children are suffering.

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