The Immorality of Convicting Iris Kaingu

Iris Kaingu being escorted to Lusaka Central Prison.

By Theresa Lungu

The picture of Iris Kaingu entering Lusaka Central Prison, her head bowed in shame, her young face marred with worry is a testimony of Zambia’s twisted and incompetent justice system. Thankfully her bright yellow blouse throws an aura of hope around her. In a short space of time she has gone from a carefree college student to a convicted criminal. Her crime? She and her boyfriend took videos of themselves having consensual sex in the privacy of their room.

Iris is 21 years old, technically an adult and yet still so young and impressionable. I am sure many of us recall our college days,drinking, illicit sex and other unsavory activities that as terrible as they maybe, are the right of passage for young people. At the same time it is not all college students who are mischievous, many are on the straight and narrow, basically just studying and missing all the fun! Ok, the point I am trying to make is youthful offenders such as Iris must be given a chance to redeem themselves and not be sent to prison.

As a matter of fact I wouldn’t call Iris’s deed a crime, I view it as an error in judgment. I am sure Iris rues setting up that video camera. What good is Iris’s imprisonment going to do for her life? She has already been slandered and paraded on television and in newspapers as the shame of the nation. Her future is uncertain and potentially ruined because the justice system and public opinion has rendered her a criminal.[pullquote]If any adult in that court room has never had sexual relations then let them throw the first stone[/pullquote].

I keep imagining the Judge in the case sitting down and watching the video as evidence. Did he honestly think two young people having sex was bad for the development and moral fabric of Zambia? Was he rewinding and pausing the video to capture all the details? How did he decide to convict Iris? If we are going to convict people over sex then we may as well go full throttle and convict adulterers, dead beat dads and everyone else in between.

Convicting people solely on moral behavior is a misjudgment.If I had a chance to visit Iris in that filthy jail cell at Lusaka central prison, I would hold her hand and tell her to put her head back up. She is not a criminal, she is a young woman who fumbled on the path of life like all of us have done at one point or another. Her erring must not be the end of her life, this must be a new beginning for her. She has already shown maturity and resilience in facing her public conviction. There is no sentence bigger than shame and rejection. Sending Iris to prison will be sentencing her two times over.

Iris must be pardoned and returned to school. I am positive that she will make a good citizen of herself but we must give her a chance first.
Some commendable citizens have taken matters into their own hands and started a Facebook page to pardon Iris. Those on the ground in Zambia, especially women’s rights groups must also mount support for Iris at her sentencing on Thursday and make sure that young woman goes home to her family and carry on with her education.

Iris, hang on in there. If any adult in that court room has never had sexual relations then let them throw the first stone.


  1. Nice article.Spot on.May the one without sin cast the first stone.Wonder why people want to play holy over this innocent girl.The culprit is the one who distributed this private property(Video)

    • Both Iris and her boyfriend agreed to have the laptop record their sexual act. To me that is where the problem is.


    • @ Meee!

      i think you have missed the point here.the author has raised very good arguements worth reflecting on.The young lady in all fairness did not commit the offence because she was a minister`s daughter,but as a human being who has weaknesses.Remember all human beings are prone to error.Learn to share other peoples burdens.

  3. The girl is pretty I confess how could she involve herself in this mess with her beauty. She is a girl every man can adore to have if she respected herself.

    • I don’t agree this has anything to do with respect. She and her boyfriend were having a nice intimate time like most normal couples do. They just decided to record the whole thing for their own viewing…NOT for public view! It’s just unfortunate it was leaked. The guilty party here is the one who leaked it and HE should be the one in the hot seat facing judgement! He had a motive!

  4. the big mistake that iris made was wasting the court’s time by trying to defend herself and challenging the court when the evidence was there and clear. she should have just pleaded guilty and paid the fine. anyway this will pass and she will come out stronger and more wise.

  5. Why has this girl been dragged through the media and papers.Where is the guy?whats his name?how come we don’t hear of him? The person who wanted to corrupt morals was the one who distributed the video and those who consciously made the decision to watch it.Was the video posted on ZNBC or the internet?If its the internet then Zambian law has no jurisdicton there.Unless it was posted on a site hosted in Zambia.Gee the lawyers must be dull to have lost this case.Women have to rise up and support this poor girl.I think she’s received her punishement already.Leave her alone!

  6. I think people are missing the point.There’s absolutely no problem with love making in the rightful manner. This issue here is the production of the video which has a full potential of corrupting the minds of others. Let this be a lesson of the would be offenders.

  7. the writer of this article is full of emotions, she should have attended the court sessions before branding the judgement “immoral” the judge looks at the way the persecution argued their case. Have respect for this honorable judge.

    • The writer is trying to say that when you commit a crime, as long as you are young and beautiful, the law should look the other way. This is nonsense of course. We have all been young before and done some really foolish things (some of them illegal!). The fact is that she made an error of judgement, was caught and paid the price. That is how life works. It is good she wont go to jail, but to suggest that she should not have been tried and convicted is promoting anarchy.

  8. we all have skeletons in our closets lets not judge
    GOD will be the one to judge…
    iris is a human like any of us lets not cast stones on her!!!!!!
    pardon IRIS…..

  9. It happened in their room and it should have remained in there, not to bring it to media, what for?, everyone else have sinned for sure, but, once found wanting you are charged for that.

    • Yes it went out of their room but is she the one that took it one…why hasnt the same person that spread it been arrested!lets be fair!Today its her tomorrow it might be your relation.lets set the right precedence!

  10. what is so special about Kaingu’s daughter Iris that she cannot be punished. if a person with indecent curiosity is charged and locked up what about Iris. the law must be applied in all fareness.


    • WOW @ mee. 
      REALLY?!!!! You are actually comparing a person who was having sex with dog with a person who was having sex with a person (which is NATURAL)…… How twisted is that!!!!!! If you are going to have sex with a person then it is the same thing as having sex with a dog as long as you are caught?!!!!!! The boy needs to be counseled & probably in a mental institution but the girl……  her biggest mistake was to put it on video tape for someone to find it.:o\:d/:-?:-?8-|

  12. honestly speaking the father is to blame he should have come to the foe and said he is irresponsible parent who has no other words than apologize for thinking iris can go to the courts of law very stingy in a above the knee skirt she is so arrogant to the extent that she cant even be remorseful she didnt have the time cos the father thought boma te boma..??

    • hahahahahahah…you are always blogging yet behind with the news..stop asking silly questions…go hang yourself. twalepanga porn nankwe pa ZICAS.

    • are always blogging but behind with the local zedian news…..i dont also know what happened…may be ask your hubby…..

  13. Why is this poor girl being punished for doing nothing wrong amounting to be sent to prison? the person who should have been arrested and prisoned is the person who circulated the video, she didnt do that.

  14. Enough torture has been done to the girl…please let her go free en start up her life afresh!Already starting up a new life will be so difficult for her because of the level of Shame en Rejection she has suffered.i pray that God may have mercy on her..May Mercy prevail in Jesus Name!!!

  15. How can our judicially be influenced by the Post Newspaper? This story would have not gotten here had it not been for M’membe and his dislike for MMD. We live in a banana republic. 

  16. lets not defend sin look at the national of israel God punished them when they wait into sin what of her? am not saying am holy but lets us not sympthezis with public sin.

  17. How can our judicially be influenced by the Post Newspaper? This story would have not gotten here had it not been for M’membe and his dislike for MMD. We live in a banana republic. ……..

  18. Beautiful poor girl. Let her go home. There is overwhelming public opinion to let her go home. In Zambia public opinion does not hold in passing sentence?

  19. More often young women are sexually harrssed and undressed publicly not one man is arrested for that to them.. It’s tough to be a Zambian girl/woman!
    “We cannot stand and sing for Zambia proud and free” not when we are humuliated in such a way…….. Its a pity that this should be happening at this age and time (2012)
    when our leaders now have travelled the world and seen how people in civilized countries treat their women with respect and take pride in their beauty.
    at my age now, (59 yrs) Zambia is the only country I’ve been to, where i’ve not felt safe as a black woman.. and i’ve travelled more than “ka kwendo munjila”

  20. As sad as it is! iris deserves punishment and forgiveness,you just cant have students romping and somebody making a video,for what? Whoever has seen the video will attest that somebody was making it with their consent and thats where the judgement is coming from.Yes everybody has sinned but thats no excuse.The other Boy in a similar case pleaded guity and was given a suspended sentence and a fine of K10million.Iris wanted to fight and she has been defeated.

  21. while understanding what the young lady did was not good. However, i do not agree with fact that she has to be sent to jail while the young man goes free. I think there is something wrong with our system here and the sooner we sort this one out, the better. Women group should help this young girl get a suspended sentence if possible. I think the jail will do more damage to her than reforming her.. I hope her case wont be politised too.

  22. Its not a crime having sex but when having sex you should not publisize it.Altho i have never attended her court session,my question is Did she know that webcam was on?If she new then she has a case bt if she didnt then the person who switched it on shud be brot to answer the charges.Everyone does this and pipo have videos for such but there are not for the public.

  23. Free Iris, society has already punished her for the wrongs committed. We r all sinners including a lot of Zed brothers and sisters who r committing sin in lodges and offices as we r even writing now. Let us just commit the young lady into prayers so that we can help her and ourselves from such vices.

    I pray for u Iris that God will exercise mercy on all of us and that u will be a better person in life and when all this is over continue to pray to jehoval and continue yr studies. FREE IRIS

  24. Iris haz suffered a lot of damage and cosequently “paid the price” already for wrong doing. Custodial sentence would severely damage the life of a young woman and therefore, my humble appeal to thoze executing the law to show consideration. However, the article iz very shallow and must be condemned strongly az it tendz to bring the rule of law and the judicial system into desrepute.

  25. What Iris did is very wrong, yes we had sex at college, drank and fainted at some point, we were excited but never went to that extent. In that video, she seemed so calm and taking some juice after sucking Nathan’s p***s, smiling and participating and hey what guarantee do we have that that was her first video and she should be pardoned because she didn’t know what she was doing….???? I fear for the children of those who are asking for her pardoning, yours might not be as lucky as she is, because you are there to talk on her behalf and yes it might be to get back at her father, those are cheap politics, its him who started the fight by tearing the PF speech and he thinks people are happy with it, he will make his children suffer as one way of getting back at him. For Iris, am sorry

  26. People the judgement is fair to be honest. If the judge had set her free then what message would he be sending to the would be offenders? Having passed through the Zambian tertiary education system I know a lot of stuff goes on in the colleges and universities but it is done at one own’s risk and more so done cautiously because we know the consequences of being caught. We all know being in possession of porn videos is against the law but most of us with computers still keep and watch these videos. It is at our own risk. At varsity most of us used to import but we know if caught by the campus security it would be illegal and would bring shame to us. Most of the illicit sex done in the varsities or where ever is done privately and if caught and exposed then that is your own shame to bear.

  27. the boy friend pleaded guilty and paid a fine. she pleaded not guilty so let her pay wether she intended to or not coz fact is she made the video which is illegal in our laws. justice shud and must be for the elite. no way cry for everyone one’s justice not one spoilt brat jst. we all have sex and but don’t film it and wen. we do it remains a private affair. let her get what she deserves chapwa

  28. i am shocked that this girl has been convicted. the magistrate is stupid to say the least. iris and the unknown partner made the video but this thing was meant for private consumption. what i do in the bedroom is my business. there is no evidence that iris distributed the video and yet the magistrate ignored this fact. the prosecution should have proved that iris intentionally distributed that video. some magistrates lack simple logic and reasoning. he is playin to the political gallery of the PF.

  29. Kwena ku Africa! Zambia to be exact, really black skin is cursed! am so speechless i cant even type! sure how can this happen? umwana umunono powerless go ukumuchita ifi? Am saying tis as a woman dont think am a man, am so angry, sad, disgusted by the entire thing; sure sure, nensoni tamukwete all you in power to let this innocent gal go? mwandini you are all cursed, and you will all pay one way all another, some how you will! heartbreaking, it could have been anyones daughter, anyone, honestly? with all the daylight prostitution going on every minute in Zambia, mwafilwa ukuklina, but mwachikilila umwaiche? stupid shameless corwards!

    • the cursed one is you my bro…dont just comment for the sake of it….if you f*****kd her and dont know the laws of the land, its better to keep your mouth shut than is sweet and i love it but it should be done secretly and not for public consumption….get the right facts and then open your stinky dirty mouth……sha…

  30. Stupid judgement!!!! What she did is done everyday from time immemorial!!!! what has got her into problems is the technology – simply that it was recorded!! For PERSONAL VIEWING & NOT PUBLIC!!!! person that shud be prosecuted is the person that distributed it !!!! She has made no money from the video!!! If this judgement stands, then the whole country shud be in prison for having sex – by this judge, the act is pornography!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Iwe chi Mata, learn to forgive and respect women ok? i didntdo all those things you state i did with her, i dont even know her am just a concerned upright human being capable of making mistakes just like everyone, so if you want to insult me for that, then be it afterall you are not my creator!
      And be normal .

  31. Iris’s case has just exposed the moral fabric of our society. For the reserved, having sex in itself is wrong but recording it is unthinkable! Even many married couples cannot even think of recording themselves. Those saying its normal are speaking from their own actions as they donot see anything wrong since the only difference between them and Iris is that they have not been exposed. I pray they stop. Asking for mercy for Iris is a good thing, but demanding mercy is wrong! We need to support the laws of the land, should we remove this from our constitution so that everyone could record themselves and exchange video with their friends and later to the general public?

  32. I feel so sorry to the girl. The taught lesson is more than human can provide. Can some help me with details of her parents I need to talk to them please? I wish to give her future napapa sana

  33. Lets keep quite if we dont understand what the law says on this case.Its not about feeling pity for her.If there is nothing wrong with publication of such video,sthen let all the youth start releasing such videos into our streets.It will be interesting to know what you people who are supporting her will say.If you have daughters tell them to go ahead and release their videos too.We will support them.

  34. whether everyone has done or does this is not the point, the point here is why video yourselves? to show who? that is immorality, dont pollute our already polluted society. No the guy should also be taken to prison too, because it takes two to tangle, so they guy should go in as well. and as for iris and other youths out there, this is what indulging in things that you are not ready for brings. many may have done it but they were not caught so, should iris be pardoned just becoz others are doing it out there? NO! ubushiku ushame ne chimbala chilocha, so let her nurse her wounds she has gotten from the chimbala. and parents out there, teach your children morals. charity begins at home, one wonders what home she comes from, parents have no time for their children busy politicking SHAME!


  36. Nice article,we have done worse things in our lives than Iris but we still go scort free.To me, if Iris would be given a chance, she is going to make a better citizen than most of us

  37. Why? is Zambia turning to be like those countries were they stone women to death for small crimes,  If that is the Law then all young women are not safe in Zambia.

    • Its a lesson 4 u. If you have such vids also just discard them otherwise someone may post them and you ll be caught in your own web.

  38. As a father, I feel bad that such a thing should happen to Iris who is essentially young enough to be my own daughter. How is wish this never happened. I feel for the kaingu family and I wish the court could exercise leniency. I pray the Kaingu family will stay strong through all this. God bless

  39. This selective justice portrayed by one Theresa, who who feels and thinks that penal correction is just for people who leave in Chaisa Compound. I personally do not believe such scribes. Iris the angel to Theresa is a sexual criminal. Sodom and Gomorah were not made to be what they are as represented in the holly book. People like Iris made Sodom to be a place we know today. Furthermore, Iris is very educated to understand the laws of Zambia. Simple things as “any person who….” Shall we not turn our lovely Zambia into the likes There wants us to be, ungovernable! NO! Just a question to Theresa, can she tell the nation who prison was built for. Theresa’s behaviour and that of her proponents is capable of currupting our moral fibre.

  40. if at all you want your sexual intercourse to be secret why put it on record? why have sex and record it? dont you know anyone can stamp on it and get at you? i take photos of my self naked and then just leave them on the pc as if i will be bathing with the laptop, going to shi.t with it, going to GAME stores or shoprite with it and sleep with it? what type of writer is this Theresa Lungu? fake fake fake. we have sex and dont record it so that no one except me and my wife knows what it was and how sweet it felt not for any jim and jack and not even my pc hard drive. why risk and juggle with potential shame? ulemyanga ubwamba na camcorder ati bakumone, shichopeti

  41. You  bumbling *****s (author included)!!! She has set a horrendous example to young girls out there, cheapened the image of womanhood and had the audacity to deny the charge. Yet you come to her defense as if she were a martyr. 

  42. “I am sure many of us recall our college days,drinking, illicit sex and other unsavory activities” Threasa Lungu, you are also a bitchh like Iris. Did your parents send you to school to do some illicit sex and other unsavory activities? What a foool you have exposed your self. I am sure you are a hard core prostitute. Instead of making Iris be remorseful you are encouraging her to continue her senseless behaviour. Wechiliule we.

  43. Nice piece there Ms. Lungu, its been far too long since our zambian journalists produced something well thought and written.

  44. We all make mistakes period! besides she is a 1st offender and young. Imorality here is taking such trivial case so serously and yet letting cases of big criminals that steal huge amounts of donated or tax payers money drag in court for ages only to set them free!

  45. let the one who has not done it before be the first to throw stones on her. What she did everyone does but the problem seems to be political enatanglement.

  46. I googled Kaingu and fell on IRIS, I felt sorry for the poor sould, she has been paraded like a criminal and yet her only offense was to film herself enjoying a private session with her boyfriend. These things happen everyday, just because our children aren’t caught does not mean they are morally correct! People exchange obsene messages and pictures …. even in strict sharia moslem states, the trend has caught on! Iris does not deserve this treatment and MUST BE LEFT ALONE, where is the so-called Women’s right league! Iris apply for asylum and continue with your education! You have my sympathy. If Iris was my daghter, she would not have stepped on those court floors, …. NEVER!

  47. And i quote “Iris, hang on in there. If any adult in that court room has never had sexual relations then let them throw the first stone.” you shallow minded author, we have sex and dont record it. have you seen me having sex? not at all but have you seen iris vulva? yes the guys penis, oh yes, iris swallowing it indeed and you want to justify this nonsense? give us a break poor soul.

  48. Ok Iris has paid the ZMK10,000,000.00 and she’s heading home as I write. Once again she’s free to have sex but I can bet that she will make sure the lap top is closed and shut down…… She will literally check the room to ensure no camera exposure. And when her time to get married comes, I can bet she wont allow cameras at her wedding. LoL!!!!!

  49. a lot of people supporting Iris are or have been fornicators/adulterers…yes I have fornicated before and I have a video camera and a smartphone but i have chosen not to tape myself solely becoz if these videos or pics got out my/my family’s image would be tarnished and it is also against the law. Unfortunately Iris is example to all who engage in fornication keep it to yourselves if you make a video make sure its for your eyes only…otherwise Constitution Review Commission is still taking submissions, demand CRC remove this law!!!

  50. The bright side of this “Iris case” is this is a stern warning to youth especially students…we cant stop you from fornicating its quite a normal part of growing up (though morally wrong) and am sure even our parent did so, just DON’T MAKE VIDEO!

  51. The video she and her boyfriend made was for their own usage, why our justice system uses archaic laws to mess up a young girls life is beyond me. 

    These are some of the laws in our system that should be challenged and declared unconstitutional . I would have loved to see the women’s lobby group rally behind the young lady and show solidarity with her.

  52. whats simple imprisonment she wil be in prison or its at home ?i think i 9months simple imprisonment i dont get it .some explain please

  53. FYI for those wondering why Teddy Malekani (Iris Co-Star) has not been charged with Iris…it is because from the get go Teddy pleaded guilty and was fined while in ALL her wisdom Iris pleaded NOT GUILTY despite the damning evidence on tape…and she couldn’t even claim she was unaware she was being taped because she was clicking away and positioning camera right. She was co-star / co-director /co-producer just not the distributor. 

  54. Point of correction Teddy Malekani was from NIPA sextape case…Iris’s co-star is one Nathan Silenga and he pleaded guilty…hence he was fined and state closed case against him.

  55. The girl and her boyfriend were fornicating, and also making a film. Two wrongs!

    If a married couple were having sex and making a film, they would be  guilty of one wrong.

  56. Here the seeks to punish the act and not Iris. Am sure when she comes back from prison she would have reglected upon her life and probably decide to change! After all a burnt child dreads fire! Mutanikeni!!!!!!!!!!!

  57. Yes we have all had sexual relations but we do not setup cameras to film our acts and then let them slip into friends hands, whats the point then??! She knew exactly what she was doing and she must face the consequences of her actions! Iris has received a fair treatment and she has learnt her lesson i hope and its a lesson to others especially in colleges and universities. Justice has prevailed! They should even make if stiffer this law mwe, she wasted so much of the courts time!!

  58. Suffered? Are you kidding me? Iris is a Zambian Celebrity now. Watch the endorsements that will be coming her way. If you’re smart now is the time to present your manifesto, young man (ambitious)

  59. there are so many things to do and talk about, i mean serious issues like the poverty,illiteracy and diseases that this country is facing but yet people decide to waste time talking about a poor girl who was unfortunate after enjoying the God given pleasure of life, get real people Zambia ain’t all christian as proclaimed in speeches,just take a good look at how pathetic some pastors and public leader’s behave before judging the poor girl,
    THY SHALL NOT JUDGE!!!!!!!!! nobody is perfect

  60. Perhaps we should also repeal the Christian nation declaration! Doubt our new generation of Zambians will abide by such high moral standards…

  61. Theresa Lungu what is your Email address? I ‘d like to speak to you. You are such a breath of fresh air in the midst of blind condemnation of this young woman.

  62. Great article…
    Any reasonable person knows that the video was made for their private use.Whoever circulated the video without the knowledge and permission of Iris is the one who should be locked up.I’m happy she was only given a fine(K10 million) instead of jail time.The sad bit is that she now has a criminal record and her image is dented.It would be better for her to leave Zambia and start a new life.This may be a little difficult.
    Anyway,the episode is now over.Iris and the rest of the community can move on with their lives

  63. This is an acceptable what they have done to the young woman. Iris hang on to dear life. Don’t give up. Life is far more precious than those who condemn us. You will pick up the pieces together and move on. Its a phase in life and it shall come to pass. Yes there was terrible error on the part of the family Legal Counsel, probably for kith and kin or whatever reason to enter a plea of not guilty. But nevertheless, we have to move on! Worse things have happened to people than this and they have managed to start all over. Its not easy but its possible. Next, step your father should consider sending you to University of Botswana, Namibia etc after undergoing sessions of counseling.

    You remain in my prayers,

  64. Forget about who has sinned and who hasn’t; even more importantly, forget about the fate that has befallen on Iris Kaingu – we can change that anymore. Rather what we should be advocating and campaigning for is the removal of this archaic, stone-age period law from our justice system. We should ensure we lobby and implore Parliament to send this barbaric law back to the 1920’s where it came from. It was drafted and written in the dark ages where there was no internet or personal video cameras or camcorders. The only people who would have access to a camera back then were national TV, ZNBC or whatever it was called then.

  65. Welcome to the digital age, to the internet revolution where ”obscene cinematography films that were likely to corrupt morals” are everywhere in people’s palms on their mobile phones. You might as well convict the entire country. By the way it was not a ’cinematography film’. It was a digital video.

    We should make sure that no one is ever going to be convicted under this archaic law again, never. Let Iris be the first and the last – I’m assuming she is the first because I have never heard of anyone else. That Facebook page must turned into a campaign to scrap this law. Write to your MP and ask them to draft a motion to throw away this stoopid law.

  66. It’s alright she’s just been fined but it is very clear that she had no case in the first place,what she was accused of and now been fined for and and in effect given a criminal record for is that she made a video that could currupt morals of society but who owned the laptop on which the images were captured via webcam and who actually posted the video on the web,these are critical questions that should have been made clear. I saw the video and at one point it is the boy who repositioned the laptop to capture properly. It was also reported that the guy who was having intercourse with this girl left his laptop with his friend and it was that friend who posted the video on the web so what crime did this girl commit?

  67. It is much better to get a kid and sit down with her and put a bit of sense than to destroy her future.Prison wont help her.

  68. Sad it is but what does the law say … ignorance is no defence and lets stop making unnecessary noise … even the youth has rules to follow … before you are married you get the strength to video your sex episodes??? is this not an indicator of corrupt society that we must never allow our nation to go into??? no one indeed must condemn the beauty young lady whose future remains bright except the laws of Zambia which have a final say on all its citizens as crafted by the Zambians for the sake of order … never should we support such terrible acts … the same makes wicked acts like ‘gay’ movements thrive … surely not the Zambia we want … to my sister Iris, the Lord loves you and from your terrible experience know that the LORD will never leave or forsake those who turn to HIM!

  69. error of judgement my arse. there was no error. She was having sex with her men and the ***** put it out there.  How come he is not behind bars??? She didnt distribute any material herself feather brains

  70. In the Mid 80s at UNZA some chaps used to show pon films. One was called Lolita Special (even advertised as Tripple XXX) and monks from the ruin inluding law students would go to see these films at midnight before going to the ruins to musturbate. I wish the law had visited then too. Again there were UNZA girls who were made to have sex with dogs by Greeks. I wish the law had also visited them. Some of these girls are now married women. The bottom line is that what Iris did was wrong more especially that it came into public domain. Somehow she needs to pay for her behaviour.

    • Lol!!! you have cracked me up ati Lolita? Am a former UNZA student though not in the 80s, I can just imagine the monks watching Lolita sounds funny..I love and miss UNZA.

  71. i find the writter very dull for lack of a better term. no matter how much you want to justify her dids it was wrong.why waste time to justifying a wrong. had they managed to keep their video safe from other people it wa going to be okay in my opinion but they were not responsible enough so whether directly or indirectly they were responsible for the making and distribution and the sentence is more than fair. she should be thankful to the law that a crime of that magnitude can be waved by a cheque of ONLY K10,000,000

  72. I think we should avoid characterising this judgement as being anything other than what it is. The fact is that she made an error of judgement, was caught and paid the price. That is how life works. Yes we have all been young before and done some really dumb things, but she was unfortunate that the people she trusted betrayed her. It is good she won’t go to jail, but to suggest that she should not have been tried and convicted is promoting anarchy. The magistrate treated her exactly the way he would treat any other suspect. Please avoid misleading people.

  73. I believe the writer of this article has had sex uncountable times. Why don’t we know about it? Sex should be had in private and should remain private. Those who bring it into the public domain should be ready for the consequences.

  74. aawe!!!  The filmography if these items is of national interest as it shows that we are becoming more content flendiry as a nation.  I was once a boy myself who ka new nathing mwana and having these new sources iof entertainemnt is value to the corporate side of interest mwana.  Kaiwe nobody knows th emanin of life mwana so why judge othas for not being themsleves mwana

  75. My niece Mushota taulaleka ubu hule ku UK. Watushila abeshikulu kuno ku Zambia and you don’t send any money. We here you make a lot o money standing on street corners in London. My only wish is you send some money for these bastards you left here in Zambia.

    P.S. Tukapose aya ama ARV you have left behind here in Kanyama.

  76. Im glad zambians are speaking with one mind of the wrong in trying to convict this girl. Our muslim brothers in afghanistan are shooting girls who want to go to school , never mind sex.

  77. In my earlier contribution to the same article, I had indicated that it would be very unfair if she is sent to jail when the video made was not for commercial purposes. But going by the argument being advanced in this article, what I see is advise that do not inspire young men and wome. To suggest that college boys and girls generally behave irresponsibly since it is one of those passing phases in life is nothing but demeaning. I’m yet to find were it says, when in college, you are free to engage in appropriate behaviour and society and it’s laws will forgive you. I do not know which parent send his child to college to go and engage in worthless activities at the expense of studies. Unless, it is a dysfunctional family. Law is Law, you break it you go to jail.

  78. My concern is why persecute Iris alone and leave out her partner? Am i missing out something? Was it her laptop and was she the one who posted the video on the net? Be realistic people! Leave the poor giel alone!

  79. what is the difference with that girl who was in big brother whom they now call a big brother star having sex the all world watching. f*ck life is full of sh*t

  80. what is the difference with that girl who was in big brother whom they now call a big brother star having sex the all world watching.

  81. Adults in Zambia, especially politicians have no business being moral judges. Tax payers money could be better spent. Real crime is stealing public resourses which result in people dying e.g. the mofos who steal money that is supposed to be used at under 5 clinics. Let start concentrating on that.

  82. Iris, move come & live with me here, OUTSIDE OF ZAMBIA!!!! We all make mistakes & by now, am sure you’ve learnt your lesson & will never do anything this stupid like record that sh*t again. Stop listening to all those people who condemn you just because their sins have not been found out or are not known. 
    Tula ntanami.

  83. Yaba, Icalo ubusuma tukashiila amahule!!!! Pipo supporting this rot? My God return quickly ukwa pule maule aya. Private affairs MUST not be brought in PUBLIC Domain. And the worst thing is while most of the youths and a large number of adults are into pornography(the watching or the making of it) it does not make it morally right, it is IMMORAL.

  84. The author has missed a lot because of his emotinal attachment to the case.Of course so many people do wrong things,no wonder we have the law.If you are going to be saying because that thief was subjected to public ridicule he should not save the sentence I am sure you will breed 10 more at the end of the day.This conviction will save to deter others as well .Stop supporting bad morals and dont justfy wrong things on the basis that the majority are doing it no!!!! What sort a country do you want to become?

  85. If the video was intended for their private use, what is wrong with the judge. If ridicule can kill, this judge would be dead

  86. Pliz pipo give bak the cute gal her life.She suffered for being an opposition leader’s dota.Y was nathan not pursued?ati his face was not clear?Where are our cid? Mwaice have ur life bak and u r still very marketable and marriageable.


  88. The problem with most Zambian comentators is that they deal with selective parts of the matter and pass them as truth. Teresa Lungu writes with reference to Iris “She and her boyfriend took videos of themselves having consensual sex in the privacy of their room”. Far from the truth. Iris did not just take videos of herself and her boy friend having consensual sex. She went further to show around what she and her boy friend had done, thereby polluting the morals of other innocent young Zambians. Why Lungu can quickly use the biblical statement of casting the first stone in this case baffles me. To be honest, very few Zambians would love their children to be recruited by Iris’s pompous sexual styles at a time when HIV/AIDS is battering Zambia like a hurricane.

  89. Law is blind to certain facts bcoz the boyfriend is not punished as there is no evidence that he was in that video. THATS WHAT WE CALL LAW & JUSTICE

  90. IN Big Brother, we watch Big brothers and sisters having sex and even win the monies for sexual conduct. we heard voice like eeh eeh eehhhhhhh and people liked the full view but for iris that voice & conduct cost her. HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA. The law vs Justice

  91. When some one searches for his essential thing, thus he/she wishes to be available that in detail, therefore that thing is maintained over here.

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