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Bittersweet Poetry : Poems of the week by John Tembo,Hilary Mulenga,Edwina Muzunda and Mwaba Jacinta Kayula


We also having a show this Saturday:
BitterSweet Poetry:- The Beauty in The Rain
Venue: Mulungushi Conference Center
Time: 18:00-21:00
Charges: K30,000

OCTOBER 24th by Edwina Muzunda

I’m not delivering a speech or a poem.

I’m not championing a political cause.

I’m not starting a religious revolution.

I’m merely making an appeal for freedom.

Freedom from hunger, racism and desperation; depression, oppressions and more.

Freedom to be who I am with no apologies.

Freedom to build imaginations and give voice to my thoughts,

Actions to belief and courage to character.


I’m not giving rhymes or presenting wants and needs.

I’m declaring that there’s more than the gatherings and celebrations of October 24th-the awards, honours and laying of wreaths.

What’s more than the red carpet and independence cake? You may ask.

Clean drinking water, eradication of malaria, measles and sickle cell anaemia.

Desks in the classrooms and a roof over my head.

At least one medal from the Olympics.


Freedom from brazier fumes by supply of electricity.

Freedom to walk the streets without stepping on people’s means of livelihood.

I’m not championing a political cause or starting a religious strife.

But I do hope I cause you anger and rage.

I hope I stir your hearts to compassion, your minds to thoughts-thoughts of change-change for what’s good.

I hope I make you realise there is a form of dependence on a higher power. A higher level of freedom beyond the fire works on Independence Day.

I hope I make you see that life continues after the 24th of October.


10th OCTOBER 2012 by Mwaba Jacinta Kayula

10th October 2012

I never explain

So you never understand

For you I pretend to be normal

Your normal

I try really hard to hide my sorrow

I hide the truth

But i cant lie to you

So the truth slips through the cracks

And you think my life kinda sucks

Well you see

Its crazy

I wanna ran and hide

Not from you, from my own mind

With no one by my side

I feel so alone

I wanna feel  strong

Feel that i too belong


A song with no lyrics

A broken mirror you cannot fix

A river with no ocean to flow into

I am flawed, but i am right next to you


A sky with no clouds

A voice with no sound

A mind full of doubt

I crave to be found


Old in years, faced your fears

You cant possibly be foolish

Behind bars, Revenge is not as sweet,

Or is it?


Maybe i have too much love for you

But I tell you it’s true

Too much rain never once dried up a tree

I am not with you

Why don’t you miss me?


Am your shadow

I go wherever you go

Your breath,

Only appreciated after death

Your heartbeat

Forever with you, yet i go unnoticed


Without you

Water without O2

Bone without flesh

Painter with no sketch

Barren, I cannot give birth


You are my secret revealed

Nothing is hidden under the sun

These wounds have healed

I vow to never again

Live to please man


Proud to be your roots

You were my tree

See, i loved you so deeply


I never once understood science

How a spark can burn into  a fire so wild and fierce

—My love for you—


Or how a stone cold, block of ice

Could melt in a mans hands

—You melted my heart—


And water once melted

Can easily evaporate

—u left me hurt and scarred—


Ice into gas, sublimation

No need to question

—You are no longer mine—


Someone once said

Even fairy-tales come to an end

I have to let you go

All is fair in love and war…..


THE DREAM TRAVELER by Hillary Mulenga

I have see you poking my face

Haunting me with the details of your beauty

Each day you pass before my eyes I see

The precision of the creator

Words are lost between my fascination and awe

I refuse to be haunted by the philosophy of denial

Before what my naked eyes could see


I find you indescribable

Lost for the mere words of humans

It is the void that best see what words can fail to utter

A speech best known to the heart

Through which the dart of the eleventh cloud passes


I’ve seen many dreams in my life

Nightmares that turn me around that wake remedies

I refuse to give up on this dream

For the visitation of the gods is but a blessing to one who receives favor

A curse to one who does not see


Come back again to my dreams

I will be waiting at the corner of the pillow

On the pitch of my blankets

Filled with the warm of the love you alone can give

For dreams are supposed to be lived

Or they may have been lived when they stuck on the fibers of the mind.




Honour thy mother

Go to war for your brothers

Treat your sister like a queen so she will discriminate the bums from the others

A man keeps his word even if it hurts him

Feeds his own despite his own cravings

Giving more than all his takings

Risking it all for a vision of his own making

Breathing life into the dreams of his wife

Being her shield and taking the strife

His worth is seen in the brilliance of her smile

Steely determination is what you see in his eyes

He loves his hustle for whats life without struggle

Realising strength is more than muscle

A bird’s eye view will see the way through the trouble

Beauty is more than just what he sees

Love is more than just what he feels

He does and doesn’t preach

These are the things I wish they would teach
By Kapa187


  1. I hate poems and poets to a lesser extent. Its like they have remained behind while everyone else has moved on. Nowadays people are too busy and got a lot on their minds to have time and energy to sit down and start making sense out of poems. Whats the points, if you’ve got something to say just say it in a normal way, how easy is that?

  2. nice work and job well done to the youths who are creative and innovative. Edwina Mazunda, you are on the right track gal. Keep it up!

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