Malawi explains Joyce Banda no show on independence day as Sata canes opposition leaders

President Michael Sata
President Michael Sata

Malawian High Commissioner to Zambia David Bandawe has said that Malawian President Joyce Banda had a last minute engagement which prevented her from gracing Zambia’s 48th independence celebration where she was expected to be the guest of honor.

In an interview yesterday Mr. Bandawe said President Banda who was scheduled to arrive at Kenneth Kaunda international airport on Tuesday failed to turn up due to a last minute engagement in United Arab Emirates where she had been on a state visit.

Mr. Bandawe said the Malawian head of state was set to travel to Zambia until the very last minute when an emergency arose which required her urgent attention.

He said the head of state may visit the Zambia soon but that the details of the visit will only be availed once the visit was confirmed.

The Malawian president was scheduled to grace this year’s 48 independence celebrations after an invitation from President Michael Sata.

Meanwhile, President Sata has condemned the opposition MMD and UPND’s decision to shun the country’s 48th Independence celebrations signifying how the leaders of the two parties, Nevers Mumba and Hakainde Hichilema belittled the national event.

President Sata said this in a statement issued by his Special assistant for Press and Public Relations, George Chellah in Lusaka yesterday.

Mr Sata said the Independence Day celebrations, attended by a multitude of people, was an opportunity for the opposition and the ruling Patriotic Front to come together and witness the historical event.

[pullquote]“This is simply because of the leaders of these political formations do not value our independence and the role our mothers and other freedom fighters played to make us who we are today as a nation,” Mr Sata said.[/pullquote]

Dr Mumba and Mr Hichilema announced that they would not attend the Independence celebrations. The two leaders have continued to shun several other national events held in the past.

“In our humble opinion, this prestigious event was an opportunity for both the ruling party (PF) and the opposition political parties to come together and witness this historical occasion. We are gratified that some patriotic leaders within the opposition took time to be part of this momentous occasion, which regrettably the MMD and UPND decided to shun.

“This is simply because of the leaders of these political formations do not value our independence and the role our mothers and other freedom fighters played to make us who we are today as a nation,” Mr Sata said.

Mr Sata said despite the ‘irresponsible’ calls of boycott by the leadership of the MMD and the UPND, many citizens turned out in numbers and joined hands in commemorating the national event which was an important day on the country’s national calendar.

“This action is an indictment on the leadership of MMD and UPND, and further signifies that Zambians are fatigued with the detestable messages, lies and negative politics of disunity from the two opposition political parties,” the President said.

Mr Sata said his administration stood with the Zambian people and would remain a devoted partner in moving the country’s unitary state forward and guaranteed to protect the lives and property of citizens as mandated by the Zambian people.

He added that complaints against the Police and other law enforcement agencies by some opposition parties were unjustified particularly that all citizens were expected to understand that they could not enjoy freedom in excess of their responsibility to ensure law and order.


  1. Joyce Banda did well not to attend since it was just a “PF independence” affair.It was kid attended but even the few adults who were there just did so for fear fo their jobs.

    • Fuuckinng Arab! If I was in a fuucking  Arab country, I wouldn’t be accorded the same rights as you terrorists! but here we are in this country, even a Fuucking Taliban can criticise Zambians!!!!  

  2. How many national events did Mr. Sata shunned when he was in opposition? Almost all of them if not all of them. What is he trying to tell the people of Zambia, for they already know what he used to do.

    • If Sata never used to attend National Events the other Plitical parties should show a difference by attending, that way people will tell the Difference but for now it only shows that there is no difference they are all behaving the same way.Wake up opposition!!!!!

  3. Sata has a short memory no wonder he 4got the 90 days promises. What is good for the goose is good for the gander. If he was wise,he shud not ve bothered to invite the opposition knowing that he also shunned. The wise thing he shud have done was to accept their boycott and perhaps applaud them

  4. I don’t think Mr Sata has a short memory. He is simply refusing to remember as in the case of the 90 days theory. What is good for the goose is good for the gander. If he was wise,he shud not ve bothered to invite the opposition knowing that he also shunned. The wise thing he shud have done was to accept their boycott and perhaps applaud them

  5. The problem is us zambians we do not know how choose leaders who does not know SATA all those lleanned people know him are telling me that he is going to be a good leader? Are you telling me that SATA will accomodate zambians since he is zambian president..You head what MASEBO said and we are busy crapping hands. Zambians we forget easly that is the reason why this country will never develop.Let us remove these stupid old recycled politicians. Let them go now whether opposition or rulling let them park we want fresh ideas. HH ,MILUPI.CHIPIMO AND Dr Mutesa Can you team up we remove these stupid and greedy old leaders.

    • Insulting Leaders will never take as anywhere let as be above that I haven’t gotten any sense from what you have written.


  7. The opposition leaders must put aside their political affiliations and come together as one on such events. Opposition leaders need to grow up and give appreciation where it is due. This behavior is uncalled for. Don’t try to gain political mileage on such events which require unit. It’s very clear here that HH and Nevers are bent to frustrate every good thing the PF government attempts to do. But don’t think doing so will make you gain politically because we are able to read between lines!!!!!

  8. What Banda did was bad, considering the fact that Zambia has been good to Malawi (we are  the only country who donated to their funeral). The reason she was invited, this independence was to honour women who supported freedom fighters, so it could have carried more weight if being presented by a woman president. It should have also shown to the girl child that you can achieve something in this male dominated world/politics. So madam Banda, this is the little you could have done for us, than going shopping in Dubai.

  9. Joyce Banda was warned late by the West to keep a distance from these hooligans: Cycle Mata and Bob.
    If she alighns herself to these two, she puts her country in problems. She made the right choice. If I were preido, I would not waste time with these two finished goods (Cycle Mata and Bob). Even a manufacturer recondishoning cannot restore them hehe lol

  10. President Sata and especially the entire PF leadership must just shut up on this one, do these criminals really have so short memories? Can Sata please remind us the last time he attend such an event during the 10 years he was in opposition, he Sata has set the precedence of shunning national events. If he saw it useful to shun such events for all the 10 years he was in opposition, he must not castigate Dr Mumba and HH, they are just doing what is right like he too did. It would have been wise for the PF and its leaders to just celebrate and keep quiet and leave those who do not want to celebrate alone! Shame on these hypocrites! 

  11. malawian president sucks,mostly malawians are very sturbbon and uncaring creatures we have as our neiboughs.just pray that zambia wont face big problems otherwise malawi wont be anywhere near to help.selfish and wizard chewas indeed

    • Koma nde mwatinenatu…. tinakulakwilani chani inu our dear Zambians. Malawians have nothing but praise and admiration for you our dear, gracious neighbors.





    • You now see the value of forgiveness which you never used to see during the long tenure of PF as an opposition party! You are now realising just how different things would be if we “all forgave and moved on”. But you are failing to realize that consequences must follow actions. The Bible talks of “reaping what you sows”. Sata’s PF sowed but they surely are not willing to reap the consequences of their own deeds. And you are presuming that Zambians are so foolish and have such short memories, they will just “forgive and move on”. Good wishful thinking. Otherwise, this is appropriately, PAY-BACK TIME FOR SATA AND HIS PF! Let him swallow the bitter pill of his own creation which he used to prescribe on other leaders. Fair deal, I suppose, don’t you agree?

  13. You forget easily like a chicken, for the past 10 years you did the same.Who are you trying to show off, you thought people have forggotten about your maners.Have you seen how it pains when your fellow leaders dont support you.Shame Mr,

  14. Why do you keep….. Ababemba bakwata amano kumichila. This na wisest president ever to come to earth from hell. So Joyce is bitter eh. PF is PF. Satana is Satana. Father of lies. You honestly wanted all of us to be present as the PF choir sung your praises so blasphemous ati Satani judge wa ma judge. Mfumu ya mafumu. Creator. You? Mulungu mumuika pani kansi agalu imwe.

  15. Bitter leaders!! HH and Nevers…..If i may ask,imagine that Nevers was the republican president do anyone think this country would have been better than this?Let us not follow blindly!! Cridy creatures like these shud not be intertained.

    • of course yes! Dr Mumba is by far a better man Mr Sata. Sata cheated all the way to state house; if anything he is supposed to be taken to court and today he is calling for unity and peace please…

  16. Joice Banda is learned. she did a cost-benefit analysis and went where her country was to was dining with old fellas at statehouse benefit ordinary Malawians? no way. if our president did this analysis as well he was not going to donate fuel to malawi. as for opposition shunning the cerebration? Sata and his minions are tasting their own medicine as they did the same when they were in opposition.

  17. Sata u are ***** though no one really wants to remind u of this fact. U did this yourself and others are just follwing you. Foolish shameless old fool

  18. chaona mnzako chapita mawa chili mpa iwe. this man used to shun invitation it is madness for him now to condemn his colleagues they learnt from you. Once the head doesnt function normally you forget what you used to do

  19. Knowing Sata he must be pissed off! Joyce should forget about any call up from Zambia ever again. This is good. Its time we closed this Malawi chapter and revert to where we were with them under Mbingu/Sata regime. Small Malawi was becoming more pronounced on the presidents mouth because of this woman.

    • But the cows have already started voting and the monkeys will be the ones manning the polling stations. What a circus it is you are calling for!

  20. This mentality of ‘you did the same’ should stop. This hinders development so much because we base important matters on what the other did rather than what is best for the country. So Sata was wrong does this mean that every opposition leader should stay away. If Nevers becomes president and whoever is in the opposition should stay away because Nevers did the same. Such shallow thinking will ensure that our country remains poor, its always about punishing the other rather than doing what is good for Zambia. What with the Barotse issue it would have been a good time for the leaders to show unity. Independence celebrations should be beyond petty party politics. Lets move away from this kind of thinking, HH and Nevers should have been mature enough to take part.



    • Reminiscence of the “commedy speech” he recently gave in Malawi regarding that country’s relationship with Tanzania. Which sensible leader, except he/she were a Bermba, would really want to identify himself/herself with bad-mouthed Sata? See how he embarrassed George Bush not too long ago!

  22. Why is mr sata condemning the opposition now yet he did the same the whole time he was opposition leader………pa zed Che!

  23. After all the hard work Joyce Banda is doing in her Country it would have been a step back wards to come and mingle with the likes of Sata the most Controversial man on the continent only second to his Master Mugabe.

    • Robert Mugabe is far from being the chatter-box that Michael Sata is. He may have other things going on in his presidency, but, unlike Sata, Mugabe does have a brain.

  24. lol! I am glad to note that the PFools celebrated independence in isolation. That just shows how people have seen what they are made of. Well done Joyce, Hakainde and Nevers. 
    Sata should learn that the world will not favour him till he apologises to the Zambian people for lying about 90 days.

  25. How come Sata can not finish a speech without mentioning the opposition? Had they gone there he was going to say another nasty thing about them. He has been stopping them from holding rallies and how do you expect them to go to these functions? Sata is a dictator and brutal to the opposition. Sata must change his behaviour first and the opposition will follow too. Bembas never see wrongs in another Bemba person.

    • interestingly enough when a Bemba insults its funny and okay sometimes even a joke but when another tribe especially a Lozi or Tonga insults then its bitterness. when a bemba uses bemba then its ok but when a lozi or tonga uses their respective language then they re labeled tribalist and selfish. the day Zambia will raise above tribalism especially the bemba fellows thats the day this country will develop. Bembas have led this country for a long time but only corruption is the fruit of their labours. Bembas have let this country down for far too long. Bemba jeraboos have stolen enough copper has anyone asked themselves who funds and defends these thieves??? which party enjoys jeraboo support the most when you find the answer u will know the father of all jeraboos.

    • Not all bembas my friend. some us are seasoned supporters of HH but we are not tongas. just like hamiyanze is tonga but supports sata although for a different reason. FOOD

  26. Hahahaha, look at how short memomoried some people are. They bocotted when they were in opposition and now they want to look hollier than thou! Shame and quite smelly! If i was the opposition, such as HH, i would never go near as some government officials –from their rantings etc is ready to poison him dead! Shame

  27. Joyce was in solidarity with women, she didn’t want to witness stoning of Iris Kaingu by Sata & his Injustice minister Kabimba.

  28. On whose terms must the opposition attend or not attend independence celebrations? Is it a crime under Zambia ‘s criminal procedures Act for anyone who opts not to attend such gatherings? The opposition cited diverse premises which it deems as compelling for not attempting to commit itself in recognising the validity of this historical phenomenon. Being the case as it may, and inasmuch as we recognise and respect the reaction of govt., Sata should as well recognise the right of the opposition in staying away without disrupting the event. The sooner the old man can get over it the better for the masses and for the development of Zambia. Sata should just plan about which destinations he must visit and lure investors, that way the PF will win the next elections.

    • Not even a self-respecting village headman would want to be found in the company of Sata and his PF. Did you see how he treated the chiefs from Southern Province who had braved to go and see him at State House recently?


    • But why don’t the Zambians in Zambia stand-up and get counted by presenting the positive side of what the government is doing so far??????

    • I would have thought that those who are reported to have boycotted the independence celebrations are Zambians in Zambia?

    • Last time i checked the vote was split almost 50/50 between Sata and RB and only one flag indicates zambia.What an insult to all those people.

  30. It’s amazing how deluded Zambian bloggers give kudos to anything anti-Zambian. It was the PF’s responsibility to organize the celebrations on behalf of the people….some nutcases decide not to attend the party because of their personal agendas against the party organizer…nothing to do with the people, for whom the party is meant,seemingly learned people say, ‘that’s nice’. A people leader’s refusal to attend an event meant to celebrate the people is not fit to be a people’s leader. The insult bestowed on Sata are insults on the people…only in Zambia, let alone primitive Africa, does such behavior draw admiration from learned people!

    • Archaic and stinking thinking all right. Following your line of reasoning, why then would people impeach a leader who becomes a disgrace to himself and the people he is leading? Here is why: the people’s uproar and displeasure is directed against the leader because they perceived him to be the source of their insult. In this sense the people’s indignation against the leader is justified and the people cannot be faulted for revolting or protesting against the leader.

  31. The president’s dementia has reached an advanced stage, how can he so easily forget what he himself was a champion of? I agree with Brabus @28 who says Sata forgot to take his medication. In fact if he does not change his undiplomatic attitude he will be shunned and isolated by other national leaders in the region and far beyond.

    • It’s hard to teach an old dog new tricks! Sata will remain Sata at least till 2016. I have been following with nastalgia the sickness of his speeches in Botswana, Zimbabwe, Malawi etc., to mention but a few and the embarrassment he caused on visiting former U.S. president George Bush not too long ago. Wish the man could be caged somewhat.

  32. How could the opposition gather to celebrate dependence day when they are not allowed to the freedom of assembly? If opposition cadres had arrived in their chitenges our overzealous patriotic force would have spewed their brains out. and in all honesty why would I want to waste my time listening to a sickly dictator’s directionless speech when I feel like ku sanza just looking at his photo?

    • Sata and his PF need to redefined the meaning of “INDEPENDENCE.’ They don’t seem to get the dictionary version of it. If they should continue to “chain”, “lock-up”, “intimidate”, as they are doing to the opposition, what kind of independence is that????? And who will be there to celebrate such “independence” and “freedom??????????”

    • Don’t involve Dr Kaseba in this,in every race people have to be bruised and they remain bitter.Carry on with your life PF is now in charge period.

  33. Shuwanga Shuwanga, the Nkoya revolutionary, told you last week that there was nothing to celebrate, and all you did was insult him. Fortunately the clever people of Malawi were listening!

  34. I concur with #23 and #38… you make a lot of sense. “Two wrongs do not make a right” – no matter how you want to justfity your absence from a national event. Yes Sata might have been wrong but should people follow his wrong actions when he was in opposition?? Its high time we changed our attitudes and think of Zambia first than our BIG EGOS. After all president Sata will not be president forever and if this kind of behaviour continues it maybe very difficult for the opposition to lead one day. I was expectinig HH and Nevers to be above partisan politics in this matter and lead by example..

    • You may have missed a recent episode where a new UPND member of parliament for Livingstone, a certain Rev. Sikwela attended a national event officiated by the PF leadership and how Michael Sata politicized his presence there. I am inclined to believe that the poor MP was embarrassed to the core. Yes, two wrongs don’t make a right, but Sata’s predatory activities stops at nothing. I wish he knew and realized that he is now the president and that his job is to govern. As far as he is concerned, he is only a Bemba revolutionary leader, championing the cause of the Bembas in Muchinga province when he is supposed to be a president of Zambia and all Zambians.

  35. She was quite appropriate not to turn and pitch up for independence celebrations. Its a perfect protest, possibly because of the following;
    1. She is an ardent supporter of women’s rights and yet the courts nearly obliterated the future of a young girl by illegally slapping her with a 2 day jail term awaiting judgement when the same could have been pronounced when she was found guilty.
    2. The advance party of the Malawian delegation comprising Malawian foreign minister was received by a deputy minister. This is a serious breach of diplomatic etiquette. PF must work on familiarization with the way of proceeding of government . They have failed lamentably in this regard.

    Malawi is an equal to Zambia and we aught to treat it as such and not some village or simply an extension of Zambia.

  36. Why shud Dr Mumba or hh attend a function whose guest of honour does not follow written speches,he would have gone offf and insulted them

  37. Independence connotes being free.How can you wonder when the people whose freedom of assembly you dont respect decide to shun events organised by yourselves especially independence day celebrations.

    • We are willing to sell it back if you want to buy it. By the way, it only lasted us 1 and a half days. Lets not make it seem like it was a year long donation.

  38. As was the case with the ‘public order act’, the president has now realised that it is wrong to abandon independence celebrations when one is in opposition.

    He is sorry to have done it,…..No, wait a minute,is he sorry or it was ok for him to do it but not for the current opposition?

  39. Sadly our country has to put up with HH and Pastor Mumba. That is the price you pay for embracing democracy. Despite that, one has to say that HH and Mumba are displaying mindboggling small mindedness. I can’t see either of them accepting the other to run for president while they sit in the background. Dr Mumba formed a party he quickly left for the Dollar sign, when the late President LPM approached him for vice president. Yet he bellows at PF for enlisting MMD MPs to become ministers. HH shows unbridled bitterness, after having arrogantly left an alliance that could have given him a good shot at the presidency. These two are political juveniles who have gone into streets to throw stones, forgetting their long term responsibilities. Zambia is not KK, FTJ, LPM, or Sata. Grow up!

    • Leaders are chosen by God and Nevers Mumba understands this better why can’t he respect Sata unless he is just a masquareder.

  40. The task that Sata and the PF ought to undertake is to redefined the meaning of “INDEPENDENCE.” They don’t seem to get the dictionary version of it. If they should continue to “chain”, “lock-up”, “intimidate”, the opposition as they have relentlessly been doing lately, what kind of independence is that????? And who will come out and celebrate such “independence” and “freedom??????????”

  41. Its unfortunate that opposition parties in Zambia are always being lambested by PF whether they are in attendance or not for any meeting or function by either Sata himself or his ministers.So Sata and his minions expect the opposition to be demeaned or played like toys?

  42. Recently a new UPND member of parliament for Livingstone, a certain Rev. Sikwela attended a national event officiated by the PF leadership. True to his game, Michael Sata politicized Sikwela’s presence at that event and made the poor guy look like a political prostitute. Sata’s predatory activities stops at nothing. I wish he knew and realized that he is now the president of Zambia and that his job is to govern the whole country. To the contrary, I see him behaving like a Bemba revolutionary leader, championing the cause of the Bembas in Muchinga province and not as president of Zambia and for all Zambians.

  43. Who is joyce Banda? the fugitive Sata hid from mbingus fury anyela kuntulo that good for nothing woman we dont care whether she pitched up or not. As for the bitter opposition leaders it was expected typical of african leaders they major in minors no wonder we will never develop and will always kiss the white mans ass. Independence has nothing to do with politics if sata shunned it it doesnt mean HH or Nevers should shunn it no leadership qualities in both of them.

    • Mazoka was a pure Mason like HH. He wasn’t killed( as you name reads), he was candidate! I can’t say much about Sata or any of the other Guys coz I don’t have proof, but for the other 2, I do!!!!

  44. Sata would have ordered the arrest of the opposition leaders if they had dared to show up at Late Roy Welensky’s colonial mansion aka State House. They are not allowed to be in group of more than three people!

  45. well it was best for them to attend national events like independence so as to show some difference btn yourselves and those who did nt attent events while in opposition,or give some vivid reason why you stayed away.

  46. Sata never used to be invited to the state functions that’s why he did not go there. They only reconciled with LPM just towards the end of LPM’s life and he died before independence day. Which During that years independence day RB did not invite Sata. So we cant really blame Sata for not being at the State function but those who were in leadership during that time.

  47. HH and Mumba are fools whose political styl will not pay them .If wat Sata did was wrong y should u follow it. MMD’S invitation to Sata was mainly to embarras him by their cadres. It is gross d’honest to forget how Sata was treated by MMD.

  48. HH you had better stop eatting even at your place because what u eat is even more than what was saved at state house.Get your q’tionable money n f’d de poor.Even in USA the poor are dee. Natn’de is cel’bted by all. Illogical!

  49. The case of a pot calling the kettle black, you want people to attend celebration because you are in office? Count how many times you pitched at national events when you were not president.

  50. At least you had enough chibuku and food to drink and eat for your kaponyas ,why worry .i suppose the toilets at State house where busy from flushing diarrhea from indigestion !

  51. Ain’t surprised the opposition leaders shunned the independence day celebration. That is now our culture. Sata did it and used to do it. So what wrong has he seen in them this time? The trend will continue until it becomes mandatory that everyone should attend. May be it should be enshrined in the Constitution (joke)! It is a shame that the situation has gone this way. Sic!

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