Kitwe Fans Boo Zambia U17

Zambia Under 17 Vs South Africa under 17
Zambia Under 17 Vs South Africa under 17

Fans turned against the Zambia Under-17 during a poor performance at Arthur Davies Stadium on their way to losing against South Africa Under-17 and eventual elimination from the 2013 Africa Junior Cup qualifiers.

The crowd turned to booing and jeering Oswald Mutapa’s side after Siyanda Ngcobo headed in the lone goal in the 53rd minute.

Fans cheered every pass and run thereafter by South Africa Under-17 whose attitude from start to finish was that of a side playing at home rather than away.

The home fans main target was goalkeeper and captain Mangani Banda whose delaying tactics in the first half infuriated them as Zambia were seemingly taking the risk of defending a 1-1 draw from the first leg played on October 13.

Zambia was second best throughout as they headed to a 2-1 aggregate loss.

Even Faz President Kalusha Bwalya’s body language in the stands did little to hide how he felt about the Under-17s lackluster showing.

However, the fans gave Zambia a brief reprieve in the 64th minute after Albert Kafwali had seemingly equalised but his effort was ruled out for offside by referee Mohamed Ali.

After the game, fans gathered outside the team’s dressing room to mount a relentless verbal attack of the players.

South Africa meanwhile advances to face Ghana whom they host in the final third round qualifying round on November 16-18.




  1. ask Renard, playing well means nothing if you don’t qualify period! next time let those young lads do the country proud  

  2. they never played well.osward must resign.the goal keeper would have gone with a matress on the pitch for he was almost sleeping during his delay tactics,he did cost us the game

  3. What a painful thing to loss to small teams like South Africa who on qualify to tornaments when hosting .This is very worrying Beary a month after the U20 was booted out of nations tornament.The bream should be on FAZ coz I wonder in the the first place hired Kengan Mumba for u20 leaving experienced Patrick Phiri or Luandamina , no need to mention there achievement in there ranks.any of the two should have helped to select the U17 .what has Mr Kaumba done to FAZ this is the man who groomed the U23 of mbesuma,katongo,Jacob,mweene,the current players in nation team originally from u20 for Patrick Phiri and luandamina.

  4. It’s not the U17 ,Ba kulu fye except that they have that sedrom of “Tufwaye ko ifya kulya twalafwa ne nsala”all they wanted was to play a game and get something that’s all. Other wise no one cared to qualify and continue being kicked in legs.My big worry is were we will get players when the current national team plays expire more especially that some have already shown signs of validity .

  5. How is booing such young players going to help them..if there is anyone that deserves being booed its the same Kalu and his FAZ for not investing in the future of football.

  6. Ba FAZ next time bring such games to Ndola. Us ZimaNdola do support our lungs out even if we are not playing well, please support these future players for the Senior national team. Also i was told that most influencial players were missing as they are in Grade 12 writting exams.

    • everyone in Zambia can support this team, its not only Ndola, even pipo in Ndola would have done the same, infact the fact that u were not there does not simply means that the entire ndola supporters were not there. the problem is that the gate charges were just too much, you pay a lot of money and your team is under-performing you think u can just support? its good that they were booed and am sure FAZ has learnt a lesson.

  7. I hav owez said that lets stop playing international games at Authur Davies stadium, wen will learn Faz????? There is no good history for Zambia from that stadium. Levi mwanawasa and Nkoloma filofwafye wats yo problem kanshi??? We owez win pa Levy…. Sad story indeed..

  8. Selection of players at U17 and U20 levels is not done on merit. Most players selected are relatives and friends of the coaching bench. Use Coke Cola school tournaments if you want results…………….the school boys exhibit rare talent every year but nobody cares to watch live or record on video …

  9. Learn from Ghana and Nigerian youth programmes…………..Zambia should revert to having inter school soccer games every saturday morning in every district. tell the sports minister to make it law, you shall see the results

  10. Believe me if you were there you would joined in the booing. It was eyesoring watching those boys. The was that jersey 12 chap who every time the chap touched the ball i had to hide behind behind the person who was sitting in from of me. It was pathetic guys… I dont i have ever seen anything like that in my life…..

  11. Are there such tacltics of defending a draw. Poor management fire the entire coaching bench. I watched under 17 in 2010 play south africa at nkoloma stadium we were good, and the fact that we managed a draw away means we were still good. But how cant we take advantage of home ground, Fire the coach.

  12. Zambia cant be losing to South Africa mwebantu! Zambia has been winning COSAFA Under 20 for years on end meaning the game is more developed at this level. Just fire the coach

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