ZAMCOPS mourns Alubusu


The Zambia Music Copy-write Protection Society (ZAMCOPS) says it is shocked by the death of renowned Zambia musician Albert Silwimba, popularly known as Alubusu.

ZAMCOPS Board Chairman Edify Hamukale says the gap left by Alubusu will be difficult to replace.

Hamukale said his organization is making frantic efforts to easy the burden of the bereaved family.

“The death of Alubusu is shocking. His contributions to the music industry will sadly be missed by us other musicians. As ZAMCOPS, we’re making arrangements to easy the burden of the bereaved family,” Hamukale said.

Alubusu who started his music career in the 90?s died yesterday in a fatal road traffic accident along the Lusaka/Mongu road.

Alubusu came on the scene with a smash hit called ‘Bwela Panyumba’.

The accident happened between 23:00 hours and 03:00 hours yesterday at Miulwe area 35 kilometers away from Mongu when Alubusu who was driving a motor vehicle BMW registration number ALE 8235 failed to negotiate a curve due to excessive speed.

The vehicle careered off the road and overturned 100 meters from the tarmac road after hitting into several trees in the bush and rested on one big tree.

The deceased was found trapped in the wreckage of the vehicle and Police Officers with the help of villagers used axes to break the metal to retrieve the body.

His death comes as a shock to many Zambians who loved his music among them the Zambia Association of Musicians.

Alubusu’s body is lying in Lewanika General Hospital mortuary in Mongu, Western province.



  1. MHSRIP. I hope the driver was not under the influence of some substance since this is very common in Zambia. Drinking or smoking mbanje while driving can lead to fatalities.

  2. Overspeeding bane is bad. Reading the narration of the accident scene tells smacks carelessness on the part of the driver. You can not overspeeed like that even on the raod you know in and out – for the car to leave the road, graze trees and only overturn 100m away from the road sure – and you know you have a life and career! It is better that the driver died instead of the innocent others outside of his vehicle. I mean, what do you say when someone does not want to live anymore, and wants to comit suicide? Better dies alone in the trees than hit into an oncoming vehicle of the innocent! I mean just that. Come to think of it, most road accidents now are caused by drivers trying to overtake or losing control, killing other ‘innocent’ ones.

  3. while drinking and daga smoking can contribute to having an accident the fact remains that an accident is an accident. It can happen to anyone any time wether sober or not sober.

  4. Mongu road has no serious curves/bends where someone can fail to negotiate , he might have been drunk or he tried to change a Musical CD whilst on a curve. If we remember, there was a Post Bus that had over-turned just after Chongwe and we were told the driver was changing a musical CD, thats total carelessness. Advise is that we shouldnt be too casual with these vehicles, we might know how to drive and think we are experts and yet just one mistake will definately take us to the grave. Sad that Alubusu has died at a very young age,

  5. I have arguably said that his song “Chizanivuta” is my most favorite Zambian song ever….RIP. Whether he was intoxicated or not, I will not be the one to cast a stone on him.

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