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Ruth murder suspect demands his ‘charms’


Plain clothes police officers handcuff Kasiye Sooma (centre), one of the accused killers of Ruth Mbandu, after appearing before the magistrates court in Lusaka yesterday.

The man who allegedly administered a lethal drug, raped and participated in the peeling-off of Ruth Mbandu’s facial skin before killing her, has appeared in a Lusaka magistrate’s court as the sixth murder suspect in the case.

Collins Kasiye Sooma, 23, of Mpika who allegedly confessed having participated in the gruesome murder that shocked the nation was enlisted to the indictment of five other suspects charged with murdering 19-year-old Ruth on July 13, this year. Sooma demanded that he be given back his medicine and a bowl confiscated from him when he was arrested.The medicine was not specified.Sooma said he had the personal effects when he was arrested in Mpika and he wanted them back for use at his “newfound home.”

“I am asking the police to give me the items they got from me including my clothes, a phone, a dish and medicine,” Sooma said.

Magistrate Malupenga ruled that Sooma be given back his personal effects but not his mobile phone.Sooma is alleged to have committed several rape cases and was picked up from Mpika in connection with Ruth’s murder.He allegedly confessed and recounted how he and others hit Ruth with a sharp object on her head and injected her with a lethal drug before gouging her eyes.Her facial skin was also removed.

The State prosecutor informed Magistrate Betty Malupenga that the case was scheduled for mention but that they wanted Sooma to be added to the list of suspects.Those already appearing in court are Ruth’s uncle George Kalomo, 31; Bishop Evans Ngulube, 58; Edward Siandima, 28; Emmanuel Serenje, 23; and Jordan Kapembwa, 25.

Ms Malupenga later asked the six whether they understood the charge to which they all responded in the affirmative.She informed the accused persons that they could not take plea because the offence they were facing could only be tried in the High Court.

Kalomo complained to the court that he, together with the other four accused persons, were on Monday allegedly forced to sign a document accepting Sooma as their co-accused in the murder of Ruth.He said when he and the four other accused persons were moved from Lusaka Central Prison, they were not told where they were going and were then taken to Ridgeway Police Station.Kalomo said they found armed plain clothes police officers at the police station and that they were led to a room which had another set of armed police officers.He asked the court why he was made to sign the document in the absence of his lawyers.

“Your Honour, we had no opportunity for legal representation in this democratic era…. imagine Your Honour,” Kalomo said.

But Ms Malupenga said police were on firm ground because it had been procedure to re-arrest suspects together with others.

Ruth’s naked body was discovered in the early hours of July 14, this year in Emmasdale residential area.

Ms Malupenga set November 20, 2012 as another date for mention pending instructions from the Director of Public Prosecutions to commit them to the High Court.

[Times/Daily Mail]


  1. There is no connection between that Mpika rapist and Bishop plus Ruth’s uncle. Charms, rape, lethal injection, church rituals, all cases got no connection at all. Zambia Zambia..

  2. @Nostradamus, pay attention! the articles states that the Mpika guy confessed to taking part in Ruth’s murder. Did you read it at all??

    • you are right “gelo wapa zed”. everything is clear but people are still refusing and saying there is no connection to that guy, please lets read and understand and if you dont know what happened, ask

    • Sometimes our cops implicate people in such high profiled cases. The case of Ronald Penza, Paul Tembo, Innocent people were killed by police saying they participated in the murder. Ruth’s uncle is the main culprit here. Where was the Mpika guy during the time of Ruth was Murdered? Did samples picked at the scene of the crime implicate the Mpika Guy? Those who did Crime Scene investigation are not telling us if they conducted DNA investigation and that matched to that person from Mpika. Many Questions need to be answered…MYHSRIP.

  3. It was not Good but it sent right signals in some African country, when at hallf time of an international match a group of convicted criminals was brought in and their Limbs cut of in full view of every one,Charge these people and take them to Mukobeko for hanging, JUDGE EXPEDITE its disgusting to even hear them talk of human rights after what they did, Shem.

  4. Nostradamus,how do you just express your low level of inteligency like this?Understand the article before you comment,shame on you

  5. The magistrate has made a BIG MISTAKE how do you give this guy back his charms, knowing how difficult it was to capture this guy…he will disappear in broad day light. This guy is no match for them look at what happened to Katele Kalumba, anyone who has been to this part of the country will tell you that even a 3year old is a dangerous person to mess with. As long as he will get hold of his charms this will be the story of the year, watch this SPACE.:o

  6. I quote !! “Your Honour, we had no opportunity for legal representation in this democratic era…. imagine Your Honour,” Kalomo said.SWINE….do you need even to be represented?You need to die a slow death.Your relatives need to read these messages from us (the people) and let them tell you how bitter we are.I wish i had a chance to see you…..Make sure these chaps are castrated using a hammer.

  7. In addition to the influence of drugs and a corrupt conscience, there is a possibility of diabolical influence, either as a result of satanic covenants or demonic infiltration in the lives of these chaps. This is very serious, looking at the brutal manner in which the innocent girl was murdered…very, very serious. They should thoroughly check the background of those boys. There is a lot about them.In addition to imprisonment, a serious form of deliverance is needed.There should be a satanic/evil bond that has affected their conscience.

  8. What medicine?If they are ARVS ,its ok,but if its african charm,please don’t, napapata.He should first give the nation all the facts.

    • and the judge also decided to give him???? i thot there’s no taking personal effects to jail??????????? am i missing something here?

  9. I am very behind thou i hav been following this case,please help me. Does it mean Ruth’s uncle raped her as well? Zambia the Christian nation! Oho Lord come to our aid and make haste to help us.

  10. As a point of concern, why would the judge even consider and give a suspect back his personal belongings while still in police custody? I mostly certainly do not believe in this hocky pocky voodoo crap but whatever it is this guy had on him at the time of his arrest, should be documented and kept as evidence. Unless the “medicine” is for the sole use of a medical condition that the suspect may have, it shouldn’t be given back to him, period.
    I know looks can be decieving at times but this boy doesn’t even look sane. May the wheels of justice continue to turn.
    R.I.P Ruth.

  11. the murderer is still on the loose in Mufumbwe campaigning for FP right now. All of the above are innocent! The recently arrested boy is insane and his case record is there at Chinama right now. The police know this secret but they hope that the gullible Zambians who could believe the ninety days and magic ECZ pens nonsense will buy the story. Nostradamus is right. the rest ndimwe cabe vipuba.  

  12. Slow down people! These people are innocent until proven guilty, unless  they have confessed to the crime. From my understanding only one guy has confessed. It is now on the prosecutor to prove their guilt beyond reasonable doubt. The judge should allow them legal guidance at all times, why force them to sign something they don’t understand? This misconduct could jeopardize the case if they’re not careful.    

  13. this boy is just insane, please take him to chainama hospital to establish his state of mind. To me what he is saying sound more like mere hallucinations, cops should not be exicited bcoz i suspect they got the wrong people in this case.

  14. The face of a rapist and a gruesome killer! How would he like the police to cut out his face, and gore out those killer eyes, huh! Pity his mother and father – to bring up such into this world!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Perhaps they were childless and consulted an inyanga who gave them muti and this was their product!

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