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Government had no hand in Henry Kapoko’s case-Sakeni


Government Chief Spokesperson Kennedy Sakeni
Government Chief Spokesperson Kennedy Sakeni

CHIEF Government Spokesperson Kennedy Sakeni has said that Government has no hand in the decisions of the Judiciary in the dispensation of justice. Reacting to a statement made by Council of Churches in Zambia (CCZ) yesterday on the acquitting of Henry Kapoko, Mr Sakeni said that it was unfortunate for CCZ to doubt Government’s commitment to the fight against corruption following the acquittal of Mr Henry Kapoko and eight others over corruption charges.

According to the statement released to the media , Mr Sakeni said that this was neither the first nor the last case the State has won or lost in the courts of law.

“It is therefore advisable that stakeholders desist from politicizing court decisions, but follow the due process of the law in seeking amends where it is deemed necessary, ” Mr Sakeni said.

“I re-iterate Government’s commitment to the rule of law and independence of the Judiciary as this is one of the major pillars for a thriving democracy”, the statement concluded.

Meanwhile, Mr Sakeni has said that State House should be a respected and people should not turn it into a playing ground for protests or demonstrations.

Mr Sakeni said although MMD president Nevers Mumba was free to walk to anywhere in Zambia including State House, he needed to know that State House entry was subject to restrictions.

Mr Sakeni who is Information and Broadcasting Services Minister was reacting to Dr Mumba who allegedly threatened for the second time to march to State House after concluding his business in Mufumbwe district.

The MMD leader wanted to see President Michael Sata over the Head of State’s alleged statement that he (Dr Mumba) embezzled church funds.

But Mr Sakeni said “Dr Mumba is free to walk to anywhere in Zambia including State House. .However, he should be alive to the fact that entry is subject to restrictions.”

He said Dr Mumba allegedly missed the regular entries he used to make during the MMD Government.

Dr Mumba was recently quoted as having said during the party’s final campaign rally to drum up support for MMD candidate in Mufumbwe by-election that he would soon march to State house to seek audience with Mr Sata.

He wanted to meet President Sata who should explain in detail which money he (Dr Mumba) stole from the church.


  1. mr Minister,the question is, did the money go missing at the ministry of health?if yes who are the culprits?and why did the donors stop funding?


  3. Look these Paya Farmers are fools, anything that started by MMD stinks to them. That is why they are doing this as long as you support PF you be acquitted period. Now tell us who stole the money at MoH mwe bantu kanshi? bu teko bwashani ubu? Has Kapoko brought back the money, where is gold allegedly to be stolen by RB. And if RB stole the gold why was it still central bank of Zambia and now in PF the gold is not even there! I miss MMD and Levy mwe.

  4. Second Question Bwana Minister Sir?Where is our beloved first lady?Such an active and prominent lady always parading herself in the print and electronic media every day,cannot just censor a her self for a week with out cause.We are used to see her in public domain every now and then.Please what is happening to Dr Christine Kaseba-Sata? 

  5. Mr Minister, much as we appreciate and respect the jury’s verdict, may we know if that money went missing and if so who is the culprit?

  6. Oh? The funder of PF has been acquited after plundering billions and you say there is no evidence? 2016 you will dance ndendeule.

  7. What happened to the other 8.5 billion missing from MOH?
    The charges were for only 1.9 billion but the government paid back the donors 10 billion.
    Is the money in PF’s pockets along with the eurofund.

    • mis-appropriation…if your wife asks fo a ten pin to buy malasha but she buys bread instead, its mis appropriation….the governemnt paid back all such money

  8. As if he would hold his hands up and say we did influence! Mmembe and Nchito were found to be owing Zambians K18b by the same courts and the President intervened and suspended the concerned Judges. Kapoko is acquitted on corruption charges and the President has his VERY anti-corruption crusade are quiet. Something doesn’t quite look right….

  9. Kapoko stole from government, and PF government don’t care about it? They only care about cases committed by RB’s sons.

  10. Seriously I am amazed by the stand of the Church. Where is social justice? Is the church going to be trying people through MISINFORMATION FROM the media ? Has the CCZ read the judgement in full? Do they know that God hates injustice? Is dramatizing the issue in the media tantamount to a person being guilty? Does the CCZ realise that the case in question involves K1,980,000,000 which was paid to Kahekam by the Ministry in honor of the contract which was duly signed after a due procurement process was followed? WHEN YOU ARE PAID THE MONEY CAN THEY SAY YOU HAVE STOLEN? WHERE ARE WE GOING AS A NATION IF THE CHURCH BECOMES VINDICTIVE BASED ON DRAMATIZING OF ISSUES THROUGH THE MEDIA? WAKE UP CCZ, READ THE FULL JUDGEMENT YOU ARE EMBARRASSING US. ZAMBIANS START READING. 

    • Pls, pls. Kapoko stole public money from the Ministry of health and you, the CCZ and everyone else (with an interest) knows that. There is no HR manager in Zambia on Govt pay who is capable of amassing the kind of wealth Kapoko was flaunting in Lsk. The fact that he was found not guilty raises questions which are pointing to GRZ tolerance. Why don’t they peruse him on the same charges as Liato…proceeds/property believed to have been stolen and let him account for all he has. Simply because the Courts find him not guilty does not mean he didn’t steal. A court can only rule on what is presented and if the prosecutor doesn’t do a good job (on instruction or otherwise) a criminal or thief as in this case, can walk. 

    • @Its a worry,It will be done on Kapoko at the same time as Ha Ha’s questioning of his K360billion income in less than one year.

  11. Sakeni, why don’t you comment on Inuntu Sumba said to have a son with Ba Chilufya? Now we understand that her transfer to Cabinet Office is brought Armageddon… I leave it there….

  12. boring stuff. Mushota tell us something about Nick. Tell him we looking to seing him next month when you come for your casual visit.

  13. The only member of the Cabinet who should never know anything, is the Spokesman. He should always tell the truth, because everything is hidden from him. He hears something and he goes to State House. ‘Sir, I hear this and that.’ ‘Yes, what have you seen in Cabinet?’ asks the President. ‘Nothing sir.’
    ‘Exactly, so you go and tell the media what you didn’t see.’ orders the President

  14. Come 2016 we are going to use our voter’s cards to REMOVE these corrupt corruption fighters from government & vote for the true son of the Zambia soils HH who will restore the pride of our mother Zambia. Pathetic fools your time is up,even today if we go for general election pools Paya Farmer party can be kicked out, the are just a banch of a dont kubeba liars. Because of the patriotic Zambian people, HH will be the next Zambian president & Zambian’s glory will be restored again.

  15. Napapa sana!
    When the same courts of law found Mmembe and Nchito liable to pay back K18bn they owe DBZ, the same President who respects the independence of the Judiciary sprung into action suspending Judges and bringing Chikopa from Malawi to try them for not acquitting Mmembe. Up to now the people of Zambia are paying Chikopa money that we could have beeen using to save lives in hospitals.

  16. When the de-registration of MMD was thrown out of court, the government pushed for an appeal. The owed money in question was just over K1b.
    What is the government’s position on this matter which has Billions of Kwacha in question?
    Mr Justice minister, Health Minister finance minister, DPP, and Mr. PRESIDENT, are you all going to keep quiet? What interests do you have in this case?
    The ACC seem to be standing alone on this case. Was it a predetermined case?
    No one in government seem to be shocked at the acquittal.


    • Good point sir.
      Apparently Mr. Sata has positioned himself as a plaintiff.
      We his members have no idea of what Sata is talking about.

  18. “” Mr Sakeni said “Dr Mumba is free to walk to anywhere in Zambia including State House. .However, he should be alive to the fact that entry is subject to restrictions.” “”

    erm… ?

    If I’m free to go to places that I am restricted to go to, then I’m not free to go there!

    • Thanks I thought I’m the only one who couldn’t make sense with this statement. The amount of ignorance with our leaders  lives much to be desired.  no hope at all, Jesus may you come just now.

  19. Twalemyeba, let Chikopa do his work ati iyo you are interfering in another arm of Government the Judiciary. So why should the same mouths start complaining when the same Judiciary you protected so hard deliver an independent judgement. Grow up you characters without character

  20. The rumors are that this guy Kapoko funded Sata`s PF using the same money he is alleged to have stolen from Government. So dont expect PF to appeal. This case will only be ressurrected once PF is booted out of power.

  21. There are more questions than answers in the way this case has been handled.It is now common knowledge that the PF used to hold meeting at the lodge owned by Kapoko free of charge.It has also been alledged that Kapoko used to donate huge amounts of cash to the PF.By any standards kapoko cannot acquire such vast amounts of cash from working as a personnel officer at the MOH.The principle questions which have not been answered are :

    Where is the money reported to have been lost at MOH gone to?

    Where has Kapoko got the money to build lodges?

    Who gave him the tender to suppy nappies to the MOH?

  22. The chap was found NOT guilty not by public perception but the the court of LAW. If the prosecution failed to prove beyond reasonable doubt that, Kapoko indeed stole the money, you can cry until your river runs dry. The case is staright forward. Was the money MOH missing? = Yes.
    Did Kapoko plead guilty? = No.
    Was the prosecution able to prove beyond reasonable doubt that Kapoko and whomever were responsible? = No. So, there you have it! Next please!

    As for ka Nevers Mumba, iwe mamabala ikala fye zee ayi. You think State House is a place you can just go in and out of? There are rules that govern the permission of entry into State House or any other government institution. You want to see the president, maka an appointment. It’s that simple; if he’s schedule allows, he’ll see you.

  23. It appears every political party that takes to the helm in Zed just becomes insular; there is this assumption that the realities of technology and open communication has actually removed the veil of secrecy. People now know much, much more than even a court can be availed.  It is not a good sign when an administration is so far behind (in century terms) with the realities of the day.

  24. It appears every political party that takes to the helm in Zed just becomes insular; there is this assumption that the realities of technology and open communication has actually NOT removed the veil of secrecy. People now know much, much more than even a court can be availed.  It is not a good sign when an administration is so far behind (in century terms) with the realities of the day.

  25. The prblm Bwana minister is that your goverment is sensetive 2 critcism.Its like you’ve answers 2 every question.Our money was stolen at MOH and Henry was implicated so we nid justice 2 prevail.Bwana minister you are not going 2 govern the country by being garulous.As stakeholders we demand of you 2 start bearing good fruits.

  26. ambia paid back the stolen money to the Global Fund. Does this government understand that that money is for Zambians who are now complaining?

  27. While you’te busy arguing online trying to show some intellectual prowess which in most cases is mere rhetoric, the real “thieves” are busy enjoying life while chewing your (tax payers)money.

    Ask yourselves this question: How do rumours get started?

  28. I find the CCZ very misinformed and dull. Many people commenting on Kapoko are very ignorant. Ask the Post and Anna Chifungula which money was stolen from MoH. The court have so far not found any such money as having been stolen. The truth is simple. Tender was advertised in the media. 20 companies applied. Two companies Melcome and Kapokos Company Kahekam won the tenders. This is the 1.9 billion from Global funds. The money was paid through an approved contract and goods were cleared by MoH. The money refunded to Global funds was for allowances and building of blood banks which Global funds did not want although allowances are as per civil service condition of service and Global funds did not want money spent for infrastructure like blood banks. So which money was stolen? Read judgement.

  29. Sakeni you asre talking horse s h i t . People know rubbish when they see it and are saying billions went missing/ misused at ministry of health and that someone is RESPONSIBLE and should take fall for it. Now releasing these guys is like saying nothing happened which is outrageous! It makes me sick with anger and disgust. And your only adding to that picture of corruption and incompetence. People in western countries see all this and will have very low opinions of countries where such crap is tolerated.

  30. the president almost appointed Kapoka as PS even when he had a case but was only stopped by OP. So if anyone believes the lies that is coming from govt think again. Very soon you will see Kapoko join his fellow thieves in government. mark my words

  31. i think sakeni doesn’t lead the line,don’t fool us.we know wat is going on so stop rubbishing jst appeal so that we know that government has nothing to do with his acquital

  32. You might ask why this minister sounds so “hollow”, there is not a book or file in the bookcase behind him!! We are obviously expecting too much from him and others of his ilk.

  33. There is honour among thieves!!
    Zed is leaded by crooks and thieves whatever party or govt…
    the fight against corruption and looting is a joke
    zambian leaders have only one purpose lining their pockets whilst they are in power

  34. People, let us argue constructively. we cannot continue calling Kapoko a thief for the courts have cleared him in the first case. I wish to ask you to look back and ask why the the RB government paid back the global fund money when the case was and is still in the courts of law (they have several other cases pending)? these guys could be sacrificial lambs. Its a pity that correspondences between the pf and Kapoko were found in Kapoko’s house.

  35. Okay Kapoko is free and you had no hand in the adjudication of that case, we want to know where the money went. Money yaliluba and ba PF you know very well where that money went.

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