Retirement homes for Former Presidents; Is it sustainable for our young economy?

President Sata is sandwiched by former president Rupiah Banda and Kenneth Kaunda (r) before the state luncheon for the national football team at State House
File: President Sata is sandwiched by former president Rupiah Banda and Kenneth Kaunda (r)

Not so long ago,it was “revealed” that government has started building a retirement house for President Sata in New Kasama, near State Lodge in Lusaka. This project is said to have taken-off sometime in April this year. I may not be sure about the accuracy of this story but let us assume it is; then it defies logic!

How can the PF government hastily commence construction of President Sata’s retirement house when it is yet to do the same for his three predecessors namely Chiluba, Mwanawasa and Banda? How come President Sata has jumped the queue? And above all, isn’t he still remaining with four or nine more years (unless he won’t run for a second term) before he ceases to be a bonafide resident of plot 1 Independence Avenue? Lest readers miss the point; the purpose of this article isn’t to question the criteria being used to build retirement homes for former presidents per se, but rather to interrogate the logic of building retirement houses for individuals who are otherwise already relatively wealthy and boasts of luxurious mansions in affluent neighbourhoods and perhaps highly mechanised farms in the countryside.

For instance, KK has his Shambalakale Farm in Chinsali; Chiluba had mansions in Ndola and Lusaka; Levy had his own stately home near City Airport as well as several farms in Lusaka and Copperbelt provinces while RB has a mansion in Kabulonga as well as a farm in Chipata. Furthermore, President Sata has his own house in Rhodes Park along Omelo Musonda road. And to crown it all, even the people that are aspiring to succeed him such as HH, Milupi, Chipimo and Mtesa all have their own stately homes in or outside of Lusaka.Only Nevers may be an exception in this case; he is said to be staying
in a rented flat in Long acres.
The K1.4 billion question now arises; should government continue building houses for our former presidents when the majority of citizens continue wallowing in poverty in makeshift shelters that they call their houses in overcrowded shanty compounds?
[pullquote]And suppose both the retired president and his wife pass on, who assumes ownership of the mansion?[/pullquote]

How sustainable is this programme? What about the issue of land; considering the rate at which land is being snapped-up for development in Lusaka and other urban areas, are we still going to have enough land to put up the said houses in the next 50 years or would government consider finding alternative land in other parts of the country?

Would this be acceptable when others may already have had mansions built for them in the much sought after suburbs of Lusaka? And suppose both the retired president and his wife pass on, who assumes ownership of the mansion? In Botswana for example, retired presidents are built houses but these remain government properties when the retired head of state and wife pass on; children are left to fend for themselves. The other example that is worth noting is the United States of America. It is common knowledge that America is the richest and most developed nation on the planet; other than “pampering” former presidents with state of the art mansions, they simply go back to their homes….of course with attractive benefits befitting one who has served his country with honour and dignity.

[pullquote]It is common knowledge that America is the richest and most developed nation on the planet; other than “pampering” former presidents with state of the art mansions, they simply go back to their homes...[/pullquote]

For example, the past immediate president George W. Bush has gone back to his 1,600-acre ranch in Waco, Texas. This is actually what he said upon arrival, “Tonight I have the privilege of saying six words that I have been waiting to say for a while — it is good to be home.”

And the current US president Barack Obama is also keen on re-settling in his own house. Recently, he was in his home area of Chicago for a week end after a marathon of campaigns across the country. He told enthusiastic supporters, “I’m going to go into my kitchen. I might cook something for myself; putter around in the backyard a little bit.”

Now, why should it be so difficult for RB to go back to his farm in Chipata where he was happily settled before he was rescued from near obscurity to become vice republican president? And equally, why shouldn’t the King Cobra simply go back to his house in Rhodes Park where he “patiently” waited to be president for a decade? Where did Zambia get this reckless idea of building retirement homes for former presidents? This is so disgusting to say the least!

Dear readers, I would like to end by urging you all to take a moment and seriously ponder the above thought provoking questions and accordingly add your voices to this important subject.

By a disgusted citizen


  1. It is obviously not sustainable, the best would be the American way,give them a package that will take care of them for the rest of their retirement life.One thing that will happen for sure is that we shall run out of the so called prime land to situate these houses and we run the danger of owing individuals as a nation,because already we owe the Mwanawasaa and Chilubas a house each. We seriously need to rethink this as a nation.

    • I second you, its well said. The American way can absolutely work well. This needs to be revisited and corrected for once immediately for the good of the millions of the venerable people or else the privileged will continue being selfish.

  2. I personnaly feel serving as President and commander in chief of a nation is an honorable position that deserves a lifetime recognition.Some Zambians should grow up and stop being cheap and fallacious politicians. Former Presidents should be accorded a lifetime five-star iconic recognition.There service is historical and there performance is a legacy.Please Build Sata a retirement home and if this has not been done for Banda and Kaunda, It is a shame. It is the highest form of disappreciation.

    • Well spoken Abdon, when are we Zambians going to stop thinking that the only way to develop is the American way??? No wonder most people, especially young ones still think eating well is when you can afford to have bread and butter for your breakfast and chicken and chips/rice for your lunch / supper, this is absurd!!! To be honest, if we didn’t disturb our ancestors’ way of leaving i.e. nourishing their bodies with quality, natural and organic foods that included: sweet potatoes, pumpkin leaves, cassava roots / leaves, caterpillars, sorghum, finger millet too numerous to itemise, 80% of our population couldn’t be wallowing in abject poverty today bane!!!!

  3. Well Said, but talking only won’t help matters unless you come up with a plan to mobilize people who share the same thought and come up with an action plan to shoot this BIZARRE idea of using Public funds to build Mansions for the already privileged and wealthy down. We can save that money and take piped water to Ngo’mbe compound and for other such noble causes.    

    • Words spoken by a realist.
      You have raised a valid point so well.
      Ngombe compound has no water and is cut off from electricity everyday.
      These people who are hard working deserve standards of those who own mansions in rhodespark and want another house built for them years before its even needed.
      Ngombe clinic delivers babies in the dark.
      These politicians are so greedy only God can deal them justice.

      The mood on the ground is we need a new government not of thieves.

    • You can say that about Chiluba and his predecessors. Dr Kaunda and his ministers sacrificed everything and were never even given the chance to get what they genuinely worked for and deserve. Just look at the poverty levels of these freedom fighters. Nangu tatutasha bamakaka. no wonder even parents are dying as destitutes because of this kind of selfish mentality. We have even forgotten what they had to go through to just raise us, let alone educate us. Stupid *****s. 

  4. let it be in constitution!! otherwise, the govt/ we zambians will continue helping pipo(former heads of states who already have got wealth. hw many pipo/street kinds/ ophans/ aged pipo/ homeless pipo do we have???? seriously, something must be done otherwise the rich will get richer and the poor poorer. 

  5. I think building a house for a former head of state shouldnt be a big deal especially if we value the importance of that office. The point is it shouldnt be hastily done at the expence of other pressing and urgent life enhencing projects for poor people. A house should be constructed only upon retirement from office and politics. Zambia is endowed with a lot of land that debating the issue is pointless.The current scramble for ‘urban’ land for building houses has created an impression of land shortage, but Zambia has hundreds time more habitable bush than developed land.

    • Simply put, this is a bad law it should be abolished because it is draining the nation’s resources. We need this money to continue building schools, hospitals and other social infrastructure. P/se Zambians can we stand and stop this law, it barbaric as it benefits individual families at expence of the majority Zambians.

    • It is a big deal and indeed you’re way off the mark.What we wrongly do in zed is to focus on the prize like you’re doing.Its the process that matters most.

  6. well written article with valid points. its good to see people braving the situation and trying to open other people’s eyes. these people do not need new houses, lets help the poor people of zambia.

  7. The Constitution says so. That is where the problem is. let us repeal it. KK should have gone to Shambalakale farm. he didnt why? still haunted by the threats Kapwepwe clan showered on him to Go back with his friend not alone.

    Sata must also be repatriated to Omelo Mumba Road after his term.

    • You are an ***** and please don’t bring in the Kapwepwes into this gabbage. Probably you have not even been to chinsali or met Mrs Kapwepwe who is so close to Dr Kaunda and his family.

  8. Sakeni, why don’t you comment on Inuntu Sumba said to have a son with Ba Chilufya? Now we understand that her transfer to Cabinet Office is brought Armageddon… I leave it there….

  9. These former presidents claim to be fully abled men why could they not build their own houses just like the rest of us? We do respect the office of the presidency, but that should not mean that these same fine individuals cannot look after their own accommodation after spending years earning salaries tax-free. There must be something wrong with us Zambians who recommend houses for these individuals with enormous power and resources following many years of their lives sitting at the top of Zambia’s institutions! Let them look after themselves and let tax-payers’ money work for the majority poor citizens!

    • I agree with your view. If I am not mistaken, don’t they get a ‘pension’ after leaving office as well? It’s easy to note that most politicians come into power having attained their own money by whatever means but amass much more wealth after leaving office. So clearly, they aren’t in need of additional housing so NOT building will not leave them homeless or any poorer.So What then can be done? We call ourselves a democracy so why not bring it to a referendum, whatever the majority decide will be heard and enacted into law. I can think of much better use of the millions being spent to build these houses; education or healthcare come to mind.

  10. We Zambians are so wasteful and pretenders that’s why we are in this situation that we have put or found ourselves in.This issue was started by FTJ because he was not prepared to leave State House.He thought of a mansion similar to state house he came up with the idea of building mansions for former presidents which he sponsored indirectly knowing that he will benefiting in future.That’s outer selfish for these people.Like the author has put image HH becomes president in 2016 and he is worth 360 billion Kwacha and after 5 years when he leaves office you build him a mansion costing 7 billion Kwacha is there sanity for us as Zambia?.Its like getting soil from Anthill and put it on the mountain.This does not make sense,its now that we should stop this no-sense once and for all.

    • Abena Diggers, I’m mauless. You have said it ALL. This is why we needed proper qualifications as to who goes to State House. These qualifications should include among others; Presidential posture-stamina (face value), level of economic and social comfort, some level of education to understand basic international economic and political trends. One who contests as President of Zambia MUST be wealthy, NOT declaring 7 short guns and you let such a fellow take charge of your economy. Before he leaves office such a one will make sure he goes with half the Zambian money. Give this position to HH, YOU WILL NOT REGRET

  11. In English they say conditions of service. If your job comes with car should you surely be blamed. From House you will be saying no security for former presidents, how did they survive before. And the reason we owe Rupiah and Mwanawasa houses is because it was prioritised. Now we have a bigger burden that we would had we built them ealier. All the same I question the jumping of queue if true.

  12. Better forthemm to get state loans to build mansions for themselves and such laons offset against their terminal benefits.

  13. Come on. We have had 5 presidents in roughly 50 years. Is it really unsustainable to build a house for a former head of state once in 10 years?


  14. Good analysis, well researched and makes a lot of sense to me. In the new constitution, this should be amended. I mean they get huge salaries just like MPs, lets address the needs of the poor people, such piped water, cheaper electicity etc.

  15. This is exactly why zed should STAY poor because it behaves like an irresponsible teenager with his first credit card.Zambia isn’t poor because of its less finances,it is poor because of its behaviours.Ask any of the very wealthy people on the planet and they’ll tell you its not the money they value the most,its the process that leads to the money that they value.

    • Your hearts in the right place…somewhat. However you come off as cynical saying Zambia should stay poor. Discourse should flow towards presentation of ideas that can help us put in place community organization that will advocate for better policies and laws. Though this can be a frustrating, difficult and long process but as they say, and I know it’s cliche but ‘ Rome was not built in a day’.

    • Voodoo@ 21.1 isn’t what he is saying basically what you repeated? Enacting ideas,policies and laws is meant to alter behaviours which is what he says is the cause of poverty.True that Rome wasn’t built in a day but then we’ve already wasted 50 precious yrs as a nation.Singapore got independence around the same time as zed and it never entertained that tired old cliche.Look at it today and then your cliche will look not so wise.

  16. If a woman that sells Kapenta, beans & vinkubala at Soweto market can manage to build from their own meagre resources, what more a Head of state with all the allowances & freebies they receive while in office? We can do away with this in my view and allocate this to vital projects. A tax free pension & state paid staff is enough for a former head of state. That’s why I like the US system. When Obama’s reign comes to an end, he will return to his Chicago mansion which he bought before becoming President & just enjoy his pension. we can learn from that in Zambia given the pressing challenges that the country faces.

  17. Well written and very good questions for all to ponder on. I very much agree that Retired Presidents must not be built houses as they are very well provided for – currently their pension is two thirds of the serving President which is now pegged at K327 million per annum thus the retired President Kaunda and Banda are on K216 million (rounded up) per year and possibly tax free. In addition they have security, cars and other personnel all paid for by the State – for the rest of their lives, which I believe is more than sufficient and if houses to be continued to be built for them then it must revert back to the State once they have passed on. However, how possible is that when already for our First President has buried his lovely wife Mama Betty on that plot.

  18. Point of correction Mr author, President Sata has no house of his own going by the declaration he presented just before the elections. He has only 7 guns, a Toyota Cresida (perhaps 1994 model) and 20,000 shares in Chilanga cement. So the poor thing deserves a house… Squandered all the money he earned throughout his ++40 years political career. Shame! And he promises money into peoples pockets??? Ba Zambia…

  19. Why does the writer hide herself? For the American Presidents she refers to they get their ‘houses’ via their emoluments. Indeed Sata shouldn’t be building his house so early and why do these guys think their houses should be in LUSAKA when they come from different provinces?

    • The author decided, and it is their prerogative to,remain anonymous because we aren’t really too keen on freedom of speech in Zambia. There is high risk of ‘retaliation” the he/ she signed it ‘ by John Doe’ wouldn’t you say?  Or is there a reason you choose to reveal yourself as “South African” and not actually use your own name? I think it hypocritical.

  20. infact the former Presidents benefits act was amended in the USA (effective from Bill Clinton) such that an American President is only entitled to secret service protection  for 10 years after leaving office.(This can be waived if the current President feels that Secret Service Protection is still needed(like in the case of George Bush and Al Qaeda.) So if a Government with a $15tn economy doesn’t provide these things what business does a $3bn economy have for it to be ejaculating mansions all over Lusaka.

  21. Good article! We need such kind of criticism. Athough the construction of the Presidents house might not be an issue, the timing is way out of line. What is ecpected is a plan of empowering poor Zambians with their own homes. At the moment, it is very difficult to build a house with land in Chuldley and Ibex Hill going at 155M. What is needed at present is for the government to be talking about such issue than the presidents house! I am a learned Zambia with a good pay but I am not sure how I can buy land at such a price & still build. All the contracts that are cetegorised for Zambians are being offerered to foreign Chinese firms. For me, I think there are more pressing issues in ZD than the presidents house or the second term.

  22. Its a no brainer…how on earth can we afford to build retirement mansions for every president; when he/she has been getting a tax-free salary of $60,000+ annually for 5 years, he and his family have been accommodated for free in that period, all holidays and sundries paid for by the tax payer. 

    • Ouch, to be president is cheapo in Zambia, 5000K a month only? Seriously and what is his pension like after office? So before they increased their pay, how much was it? And you guys are debating as to whether a house should be built for that office or not? Come on guys. If he is building his house now, then that is should be discussed and stopped. But the issue of them not having houses after their tenure of office should be supported. How much does Obama get? Lets know what Obama gets then lets compare, we can not compare apples and onions…

    • Obama gets about $400,000/year and also receives a $50,000 non-taxable expense account.
      As for the Zambian president that’s $5000 US dollars don’t compare the cost of living in Canada to Zambia that’s very healthy sum to take its not like he spends or its taxed anyway!!

  23. Just wondering, why should the tax payer owe Mwanawasa and Chiluba houses? Very strange law? Who is going to live in those houses and they will be in whose names? I am just baffled by the whole scenario!! Does the law say, the government shall build a house for a deceased former President? How about other benefits like staff, security, foreign travel travel? Are these benefits also transferable to the beneficiaries?? Why houses then? Amazing!!!

  24. Iwe #23 Voice of reason do you really mean the presido only makes a paltry $62k?? Thats little compared to Nigerian ,Kenyan and South Arican presidents.But its good for zambian taxpayers.

    • And what is the GDP or National Budgets of those countries or the populations of those African countries you have mentioned compared to Zambia? If you answer this question you will find your answer…

  25. please understand why we a poor and a begging country, they can afford to find money to build mansions for 5 people costing billions , but to build hospitals, university, roads etc they would rather attach the whole country to a debt . it is time we change our ways of doing things lets learn from America who have had close to 50 presidents already we have a back log of mansions to build we have only done one why not just give them a full cash pension when the terms ends

    • Katondo i agree with you i don’t see the point why the country should always build a house for the former Presidents, other countries don’t do that at least the U.S.A doesn’t not am not aware of the same in the UK or even in Australia. Its an unnecessary expense for the government but a cash pension would make more sense. Even Tanzania does not build for its former presidents. They can do that by themselves. Someone might say even though you give them cash pension it might be equivalent, it just feels right that they build the house themselves and in fact before they get into state house they must have had their own house.  Julius Nyerere did that, they can do the same. I believe Obama after his term of office will go back to Chicago and live in his house too.

  26. This is nonsense! If precedence is the highest office in the country,it is logical for us to honour our former presidents in this respect.Building them houses is not too much at all.On the other hand , if you argued the construction of Sata’s house before houses of his predecessors are done, you may a have a valid point.
    My advice to you is that there are so many topics you can write about in this country.For example,corruption at RTSA offices,littering of the environment e.t.c.We are not that poor to fail to build a house for our former head of state. In fact the gesture should be extended to other figures such as our National soccer team.If children would want to build their parents a house, why can’t a nation do the same?

  27. Let’s look after them as a life interst, but the houses should remain govt property and revert or escheat once the couple is no more and there are no children below 18 year or still undergoing studies up undergraduate.

  28. @Tumbuka pride.
    And what is the GDP or national budgets of those countries or the populations of those African countries you have mentioned compared to Zambia? If you answer this question you will find your answer…
    Moreover politicians enter public office to serve the people not for the salary and package…this is why Joyce of Malawi has reduced her salary from $60K to $40…this is what we as Africans fail to understand; the British PM is paid is peanuts when compared to what his political counterparts are getting or what he would be getting if he opted to join the private sector.
    Wake up!

    • OK jay jay you make a “fair” argument but still if we go by the poorest of the trio ,kenya,which has far less arable land,no minerals and lots of unproductive nomads it means zambia should be better in GDP & national budget,right? But that is not the case so find another excuse for zambia.In zed we’re just lazy .In fact a kenyan MP makes almost twice the zamban presido.

    • Tumbuka pride, not to take anything away from what you say, a Kenyan MP is many times more corrupt than a Zambian presido so it follows

  29. This is why we needed proper qualifications as to who goes to State House. These qualifications should include among others; Presidential posture-stamina (face value), level of economic and social comfort, some level of education to understand basic international economic and political trends. One who contests as President of Zambia MUST be wealthy, NOT declaring 7 short guns and you let such a fellow take charge of your economy. Before he leaves office such a one will make sure he goes with half the Zambian money. Give this position to HH, YOU WILL NOT REGRET. GIVE 2016 TO HH & ZAMBIA WILL NEVER BE THE SAME, CHANGE FOR THE BETTER.

  30. Hey Mr Writer.The America you have made a comparison to still pays their former presidents large sums of money  enough to build or rent big personal homes.So they are indirectly compensated in that line.I hate it when people give poor as a reason why notable individuals who made a tremendous contributions to the nation shouldnt be compensated in a good way.We should continue the the house building culture.

  31. Hey Mr Writer.The America you have made a comparison to still pays their former presidents large sums of money  enough to build or rent big personal homes.So they are indirectly compensated in that line.I hate it when people give poor pipo as a reason why notable individuals who made a tremendous contributions to the nation shouldnt be compensated in a good way.We should continue the the house building culture.

  32. This is dispicable! how many houses are going to be built in this life time? and how much kwachas is that? This is what i mean when i say in africa we wont go anywhere as far as development is concerned, surely how much do they get in allowances at tax payers expense? how fat are their salaries, by the way they are still increasing their pays, imagine this? every president who comes will increase his or her salary plus allowances then add benefits and some of the un notable things.

  33. I concur with the author of this very important article. Its not supposed to be like that in this time and era. for-instance, look at the United States of America. Each and every President this Country has had before, they trek back to their home Towns and they don’t even think about living in Washington DC. What’s so special about Lusaka, which to some extent is the dirtiest City in Zambia? Its high time we did away with this nonsense issue of even building them mansions as if they did not get their pensions at the end of their terms.

  34. Continuation:
    Being a president is becoming a servant, how can one even dreamof such things when almost half the population if not 3 quarters live on less than 2dollars per day, standard of living does not even amass to civilization, no water not even clean water health care worse than that of dogs in developed europe, education is bad, some children still sit on the floor in schs, parents struggle to feed, educate their families cos there are no jobs or they dont get paid if not paid on the 75 day of next month? This shouldnt even be talked about now, do the right thing Mr President, am not a politician but a Zambian.

  35. Zambian politics is all about enrichment not service…! Why should one individual enjoy all the luxuries and yet the poor voters remain in the same pathetic situations….Lord have mercy, I pray to God that he may expediate his arrival as our people have suffered enough.

  36. Yes, let these guys build their own houses just as we do. But the problem is that the constitution says so. First we should remove that from the constitution.

    Peace and Prosperity to Mother Zambia.

  37. When I started building a house on the Copperbelt I was sternly told to consider Lusaka instead! Very funny! Now I have a beautiful holiday retreat away from the nonsense and dirt of your so-called capital city. I hardly spend a week in Lusaka when I am in the country and I return to my current base refreshed. I keep wondering what it is about this mindset that everything must concentrate in Lusaka. No wonder the politicians behave like Lusaka mayors – the poor real mayor can hardly find space to perform!!!! Awe mwe!

  38. The whole issue needs to be re-evaluated. All the presidents have comfortable houses they can retire to without building mansions for them. Should we continue to build houses for them, there should be a provision for the house to be surrendered to the State once the ex-president and His wife have both passed away, in the same way that the presidential payment cease to be paid. This way we shall look after our heads of State and protect state funds.

  39. Good article LT! Such laws need to be repealed and removed. We can’t afford. Selfish leaders!!!! Shame!!! They want to milk even the little we have!!! 

  40. I shudder to read some of these pathetic comparisons. How do you compare an American President with a Zambian President? The difference between the two is like day and night! Even in the western world, their leaders do not enjoy such luxuries as some of the despotic leaders in africa enjoy. David Cameron was being given a lift by Barack Obama in his limo. Nobody cares!! Tony Blair had to get a mortgage to buy his own house, now Zambia, a poor country ravaged by disease and poverty, and you misuse tax payers money to build mansions for politicians. How pathetic!!!

  41. According to what i have been reading, Mwanawasa and Chiluba are dead, so why do we even want to build them houses? Or did you mean tomb stones?

    As for Sata thats an obvious issue, he needs to retire foirst.

    So that leaves 2 houses to build, KK and RB.

  42. The same applies to the Parliament motel which is a drain on the tax payers cash.It should be done away with and MPs asked to rent houses in and round Lusaka.The thing is misused by MPs reportedly the likes of the late Pwele and Masumba housing bana makwenkwe.Please get rid of it and turn the building into some college.

  43. If the constitution provides for a President to be built a house and then one starts to build his whilst still in office that abuse of office – impeach him!!

  44. It is a silly, Third World, backward, African mentality where presidents are viewed as over blown village demigods instead of servants of the people. That is why the nation is forced to build mansions not only for presidents but also Ze Speaker of the national assembly. Similarly, why should Ministers, Junior Ministers and Permanent Secretaries be entitled to “take away” t personal to holder vehicles at the end of ther service? Its all nonsensical and that is why the admin bill in the Zambian budget its so huge!

  45. For the record, some guy claims this policy was started by CHILUBA. We understand that the man did wrong but it is evil to heap every “negative” did on him! Chiluba never wanted Kaunda to get his benefits because the later kept on “politicking”. MWANAWASA became sympathetic to KK who had no house of his own in Lusaka as he could not go back to Shambalakale. So Levy mooted the idea, albeit sincerely! Build them imwe ala.

  46. When we build them, then we shall ask them to build us. Or, let them build us our homes, then when they retire, we build them akantinti. Only worth ka K1.4bn. Whichever one does not build citizen any houses, roads and what have you, no pension house. Ni performance based cabe. CHILUBA sold houses, we should sell him one!

  47. …deed…not did, …latter…not later. Correction to my earlier post. Ama komboni too many in Lusaka. Lusaka is filthy. Ndola is the cleanest town in Zed currently! Well done Ndola City Council. I was impressed when I visited. Keep it up.

  48. I’m not here to defend this primitive and gluttonous african mentality but isn’t this the mentality of most zambians? Why are we so offended by our presidents when we ourselves only go to work just for the dough? How do we expect zambian presidents to place value on zambia first yet we all go to work only placing value on the cash? Tis the reason zambia is poor and unproductive because no one places focus on productivity as all they care for is the cash.Its not right but these presidents are only doing what most zambians do so lets drop the hypocrisy.

  49. To those that have more shall be added, to those that have not even the little they have shall be taken away from them.

  50. try to build those houses in the most remote areas of zambia,and see if they wana go there,if not then turn them into clinics or schools.bafi.kala we kept you in state house try to were in plot one and we will build for you another one called plot ten in shangombo

  51. @ 48 & 53 better still why not build the houses in their villages/chiefdoms where they would create employment for locals and stimulate investment on land that their chiefs would allocate them. True parliament motel should be done away with from current utilization to some college or other public facility and let the MP’s use their allowances to rent accommodation around Lusaka. More money would sure be in circulation. Let’s start collecting signatures to petition a repeal of this law

  52. I think  if we have leaders in power that can deliver, we would not be having this discussion. The problem in African politics is that politicians are not accountable for their fairlures and as a result, they get away with things they should not be entitled to. we need to move away from colonial mentality and do things in a civilized way. If you look at our politics, they are full of hooliganism and savage behaviors. What do you expect from such a syndrome? 

  53. I understand it is not only former presidents that are getting houses on retirement. Former speakers and chief justices too. Can someone confirm that even former service chiefs are sold the houses they occupy on retirement. This is not sustainable for a poor country like ours

  54. UPND and MMD cadres have killed a PF cadre in Rufunsa! Is that not BITTERNESS spilling over? Woe unto them, for surely the law shall deal with them. That is primitivity at its best.

  55. The construction of houses places a huge burden on meagre resources. The practice should be done away with forthwith. we should working for upliftiment of the poverty stricken majority in our midst who are many. This is a case of misplaced priorities and a slap in the face of the under priveledged in our society who should be the concern of the state.

    • Hey MMD and UPND could it be that u did not do much in your campaign? or may be u did not have a message at all? anyway such is political life,u luz some and win some.hardluck and pliz kip pushing.congrats to PF on on their achievement!!!!!!

  56. The biggest tragedy is not that we build houses for former heads of state but we also build for the Speaker and his Deputies at parliament. Yeah, go ahead and look it up, it’s in their conditions of service. As for the former presidents, I would suggest that ownership of their retirement homes should be vested in the state so that after they’ve gone on to a better life, there’s no issues with their adult children and the houses can be re-cycled for one of the next former presidents.


  58. To the author, a reminder that construction of RB’s house also started when he was still President and that houses are also being built for Speakers but no one seeems to raise eye brows on that. It is clearly not sustainable and morally wrong bearing in mind many Zambians can afford decent housing.

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