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Kitwe mob stones mental patient to death

General News Kitwe mob stones mental patient to death

Zambia Police spokesperson Elizabeth Kanjela

A suspected mentally ill patient of Kitwe was on yesterday afternoon stoned to death by angry residents after he stabbed three people with a knife one of whom died.

Police Spokesperson Elizabeth Kanjela in a statement released to QFM News says the incident happened around 15:00 hours at the market area in Wusakile township.

Ms Kanjela says Joe Buka attacked a woman and started beating her with a plank, and when some people tried to stop him, he pulled a knife from his pocket and stabbed three of them.

She says Lenard Banda aged 28 of house No.C5-233 Wusakile was stabbed in the stomach forcing his intestines to come out.

Ms Kanjela says the victim was later rushed to Kitwe Central Hospital where he died upon arrival.

She says also stabbed was Victor Kalombo of house No.D35 Wusakile who sustained cuts on his back and Sai Mwansa of unknown address who sustained deep cuts on both hands and are both admitted to Kitwe Central Hospital.

Ms Kanjela explains that the mob later stoned Joe to death and that his body is in Kitwe Central hospital.


  1. bushe te sharia law nomba iyi? ala ba council, work with the police to keep mentally ill people out of public as it used to be in the KK days

  2. This is primitive justice. If a mad person kills get the police to get him into a hospital. If you kill him you achieve nothing.Actually when you kill the mad man you go away with bad karma or ishamo

  3. Just wondering why a critically injured person must be rushed to Kitwe Central Hospital, perhaps over 10 kms away (compounded with traffic), leaving a better equipped Wusakile MINE Hospital, which is less than 2 kms from Wusakile Market. Somebody explain to me please!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Wusakile Mine Hospital as the name suggests is for mine employees and  people who have a medical scheme with the hospital. It is not a public or government hospital!!!

    • Good observation Umwina Nkana . I do not think its right to say Wusakile Hospital is for miners, we are talking about human life here. And thats where we as a country go wrong, we should place value on human life at all times. Ofcourse if i give an example of here in the states where a person is always taken to the nearest medical center in case of any emergency, i will be shot down that Zambia is not America. But we can always learn something. We need more people like Umwina Nkana in our country.

    • private hospitals do attend to emergencies of accident in nature when a patient is stable then transfer to government hospital.

  4. Sad as it may, I think the mob did what any sane person would do. This chap was going to kill a lot more than the one guy who died from being stabbed. Though, the police should have been the ones to deal with this situation ‘professionaly’, we all know the deficiencies that our police have. So, I commend the mob justice the people of wusakile instilled on this crazy chap. He deserved every stone aimed at his crazy azz. Justice has been served!

  5. Elizabeth Kanjela again …………………………………………………….!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Ndeloleshafye. Compare with the female cops of those years. No second look at them.

  6. I think it`s the other way round, the pipo who happened to have done this are the ones who are mentally disturbed, i mean how can a normal human being do this? unless the screws upstairs are loose! GRZ should consider a free test on every one, there are crazy pipo roaming around freely.

  7. this is sad. the community at large are to blame for not taking care of such.
    but was he really mad or just over marinated with marijuana
    i have never seen a mad man carrying a knife for self defense.

  8. Mentally ill people are our brothers and sisters. The problem is the stigma that is accompained with it.(1) it is a common practice seing our brother or sister slowly becoming mad without help from the family or society which leads to simple mental disorder resulting into full madness. 2. Mad brothers and sisters are left without any care which not only puts their lives at risks but also the lives of other innocent people around them.Lusaka has more mad people around who are left without proper care despite have chainama hospital to attend to them and we expert sanity.NOO.

    • YOu are so right, coming to think of it, i have never seen a mental patient/ mad person on the streets here, you turn to forget such illnesses exits in some world, no wonder pipo think europe is heaven cos pipo are cared for in ways you can not believe, at home kulasa amabwe, am guilty as well, did it when i was young, regret it, see? product of our own environment, what does society teach us? this stigma begins from the adults and then moveson to children, African societies awe sure.

  9. The reporter wrote “suspected” mentally ill patient, its not conclusive that he was insane. But I understand this mob behaviour. Only if this has happened in your presence and still do not participate can I believe you, however has one who has been part of a mob justice I tell you things move swiftly that’s why its called so. Seeing a person stabbed to death and intestines out is far beyond what a normal human being can cop with. The group moves with one accord its in born be oin this kind og situation you will believe in mob psychology. True this!!!

    • That’s a very foolish statement. Bitter just because we are in power, get over it. You sound like a typical UPND supporter correct me if i’m wrong!!!! People like you blame PF for everything stop all that nonsense and grow up…

  10. This is very good and what needed to be done, stabbing people like that awe. If the system and his relatives could not keep this guy locked away safely then this is the only solution, he even moved with a knife in his pocket which shows he had every intentionof using it and he did. Some of the mad people could be serial killers killing people randomly for all we know. In this case I totally allign myself with the mob, well done.

    • Nostradamus Are you sane? Can anyone besides a psychiatrist follow your rambling incoherent statements on this page?

  11. Most of you people commenting are mentally ill, the only difference with the deceased is the degree of madness.
    Bane a mad-person can be violent more than a dog with rabbis. I once witnessed a mentally person get an attack,(chamusanga) the way he flipped over an innocent grown donkey!!?
    The only sad part was the PF cadres helping him die, well none of us witnessed maybe he was just stoned with 1 rock… and down he went.

  12. Lets wait and hear from State house spokesperson, he will blame UPND for that violence. Its unbearable how people are getting damn vicious since the change of RB’s soft leadership.
    Is it a coincidence that Zambians are now ending lives by fighting, stubbing, stoning own cousins? I think Zambians have misunderstood what PF stands for. Those FISTS!!!
    We used to die from AIDS and amanga, now we are dying from knives & amakofi.

    • Geeez! Naubaila kale the weed which is not yet legalised, what more ngabachita legalise am afraid we wont catch up with you! iyoo wali uli mu Rasta iwe!

  13. When will sanity ever guide the actions of some primitive people in this nation?What part of “mentally ill” did the killers not understand?

  14. By the way it is still in Kitwe where a purported Messiah was left for dead, wasn’t it? At least the pharisees and scribes let the real Jesus escape unhurt! The Christian nation will lynch you at a second’s notice!

  15. Was mentally “ill” stamped on his forehead? I think more beyond the status of the man, it was his actions that enraged the mob…

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