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Sliced ear victim withdraws the case and forgives his Chinese boss

General News Sliced ear victim withdraws the case and forgives his Chinese boss

Douglous Mwila 24, had his ear sliced by his supervisor
Douglous Mwila 24, had his ear sliced by his supervisor

A 24 year’s man of Lusaka’s Kanyama compound, who had his ear sliced by his Chinese employer in October this year at Twin Palm Zambia Air Force Base, has withdrawn the case.

Douglas Mwila, who sustained a deep cut on his left ear after being hit with an iron bar by his employer Guo Haisheng of China Jiangxi Corporation limited following a dispute over works on drainages, today appeared before Lusaka Magistrate Aridah Chuulu.

When the matter came up for trial, Mwila told court that he was ready but expressed his intention of withdrawing the matter adding that he thanked God for serving his life.

He told Magistrate Chuulu that he has learnt of God’s mercy and the importance of forgiveness.

He told court that Haisheng has shown remorse for his actions adding that the accused had taken care of all travel, medical and food expenses since he was assaulted.

He stated that the two parties have agreed to have the matter withdrawn before court.

Mwila stated that he has since recovered and will be reporting for work on Monday next week as his sick leave ends this Friday.

However, magistrate Chuulu wondered if Mwila was well informed about his decision and consequences that may come with the withdrawal.

Magistrate Chuulu asked if he truly wanted to withdraw the matter.

In response, Mwila told the court that his forgiveness was coming from his heart and was sure of what he was doing.

“Your honour, I have not been induced to withdraw the matter. I just want to forgive him,” he said.

In passing ruling on the matter, magistrate Chuulu said since the complaint had insisted that he had made a decision to withdraw the matter, the law does not stop people from doing so.

He said the law allows a person to be acquitted according to section 204 of the criminal procedure code of conduct.

Meanwhile, magistrate Chuulu warned Haisheng to restrain himself next time he picks an argument with anyone adding that if he commits another case, the courts will not allow the complaint to withdraw the matter.

She warned that the Chinese should not take advantage of the Zambian workers in any way saying the law in Zambia will not defend anyone found wanting.



  1. forgiving is the christian thing to do but id be damned if id forgive that yellow,rascist wanna-be modern slave driver in a hurry-if i were in his shoes…anyway-there but for the grace of God ,go I-for this man is a better human being than il ever be!-im torn between respect and sympathy for this young man

  2. Forgiveness comes with a price.How much did you charge him kachopeti? Meet me at break point mwana, lelo no shakeshake li pint

  3. Here is another reason why modern day slavery will be the norm in Zambia; how on earth can an employer use a metal object to beat his workers and live to see the light of the day. If a Muvi Cameraman could opt for out of court settlement what choice has a lowly paid labourer got…if there are no institution or NGOs to assist him when he is unemployed. 

  4. Iyeee kalanda kasikola, buchishi bukali!, if tables were turned, in china this ZEdian guy would be put to death and his organs sold to rich folks in America or Europe? ku africa ati xtian nation, forgive after being paid, what can i say, cant judge you looking at your status, i hope that money will change your life for better even if its not enough, not nomba ati, drinking from 6am to 6am and buying booze for everyone, and prostituting in one week shapwa forgetting your children and wife.

  5. Doesnt the president feel ashamed when he hears and sees how his children behave due to poverty and fake laws in zed? am sure this choncholi didnt just fute this guy alone, bengi, not trying to bring the president in every situation but this regards the law so he must look at it to some extent! And what example is this to other foreigners?

  6. Money in pocket can help speed up forgiveness. Let’s hope there is enough to reconstruct that damaged ear cause that cut looks very deep and painful to look at.

  7. Useless fellow. See, that right there is the problem with most Zambians. Ignorance is a disease with no cure. This kama chap doesn’t even understand the law. Am very sure he was coerced into with drawing the case. Modern day slavery is alive in Zambia bane. Bcause of the 15million kwacha he was given and his medical, travel and food expenses paid for. He thinks he’s now rich? Poor chap! I would sue the chocholi for everything and then demand his deportation.

    Forgivenessis the Lords’; vengeance is mine!

  8. I think its good that he has forgiven the china-man however, i think we need laws in Zambia to fine the companies such as this one to pay compensation so as to avoid such evils from happening. So that both employers and employees will be very careful when it comes to work safety.

  9. The only good about this is that a bemba fella has money in in their pocket and they have not stolen it.

    How is that for a change?

  10. When the onri people got iron bars went to cahisa schoo, this even shows the gravity of the situtation making it harder to catchy the cowprits.  

  11. On an individual bases it’ s a good thing to forgive. but this man should be deported to set a good example for all chinise employers out there. If this was in china and it happened vise versa the Zambian employer could have been asked to leave china. And all zambians would be black listed in china. Something similar happened in south korea. A chinise man raped a korean woman he was charged then deported and all other chinese people suffered alot of stigma from the koreans. Maybe we should have the same approach.

  12. The fruits of poverty, by the way where is grey head and beards comedian called the Labour Minister and why is he QUIET with his fellow comdeian in State House.These Chinese sata’s Chinese are just as Violent even more Violent than MMD’s. Chinese know that Zambians can be beaten and killed at will as long as these money to be given to the right person.what a shame to be a Zambian at the moment.


  14. What forgiveness, ba LT? What they did was simply to settle the matter outside court. Period. There is a big difference between forgiving someone (i.e. walking away from an aggressor with no compensation whatsoever, with your ear dangling and you are satisfied with the outcome) and settling the matter outside court (i.e. securing compensation from an aggressor to cover all travel, medical and food expenses and other undisclosed transactions even before the court decides). Whatever flowery words were used in withdrawing the case, this is a no brainer..  

  15. Chinese are the most corrupt people on earth I’m sorry. They have dodged the rule of law and paid the boy out side court. Do this in china you will be sent home through DHL as a parcel shame.

  16. The state needs to protect such people.This brother of mine needs help from us all.He does’nt know that he can make more money compared to what has been offered. People lack isukulu.

    • I tend to agree with you Muka, the man needs help, I strongly suspect he was “paid off” but no amount of pay-off would ever get his ear to the original state that’s for sure.

  17. Ma zambians still have kind hearts with forgiveness left in them, its ok, if he has remorse and paid you off something at least then let this chink go, no use imprisoning him, has learnt his lesson. I hope he has better control over his temper from now on.

  18. forgiveness is one thing discipline is another,lets draw a line between the two.we shud not have allowed culprits like that choncholi to go Scot free.please nobaleli ba cisi amutu kwazye.may be pipo are really living in absolute poverty.

  19. Consequences of poverty. Next time don’t worst time of the court to do other important things! It is good to forgive if it is done without other strings attached like money!

  20. WHAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The fool is damn stupid!I These Chinese have more respect for dogs than for black people and the fool is talking about forgiving him. It is for  this reason that wwhite treat us as animals that have a very short memory  of our sufferings.

  21. Its a shame indeed what poverty can do to people.. can someone please give this guy a mirror so that he sees just how bad and permanent his scar is! maybe it can bring back the little or no sense that he has.. he even has the guts to say his leave ends on Friday he will report back to work, work! or Sobibor?? shame on you!

  22. Are you kidding me? This is a case of abuse and battery and a criminal offense. This Chinese boss would have been in jail if it where some where else. We need to start educating people and tell them that money is not everything even if it means poverty. He would have gotten a hell of a lot more money had he actually not dropped the case. Else where this Chines guy would have been picked up by the police regardless. This is a joke right? What if the guy had died then what? Chinese people need to learn that they need to respect host countries, the people and abide by their laws. Zambian governments, please start imposing strict laws when it comes to outsiders abusing your people. This is not acceptable at all.

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