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Clement Sinyinda resigns as BRE Prime Minister, citing lack of support from the Litunga

Rural News Clement Sinyinda resigns as BRE Prime Minister, citing lack of...

Ngambela of Western Province Clement Wainyae Sinyinda
Ngambela of Western Province Clement Wainyae Sinyinda

Barotse Royal Establishment (BRE) Prime Minister (Ngambela), Clement Wainyae Sinyinda has resigned his position citing lack of protection from the office of the Litunga, among other reasons.

In his resignation letter dated November 10, 2012 addressed to the Litunga, Mr Sinyinda said the Litunga neither sufficiently protected his office nor accorded it the authority that it deserved.

He said he arrived at his decision after spending several weeks of introspection and extensive consultations with his family.

“In my own humble understanding, Your Majesty, the Ngambela’s office is higher than that of the Indunas and Likombwas who, under normal circumstances, ought to recognise the authority and direction of the sitting Sope (Prime Minister).

The Ngambela wondered why such authority was being flouted with the knowledge of the Litunga who he said showed little sign to protect him.

“When the Mutwaleti established that I possessed a gun that I was advised by security to keep on my person at the climax of the challenges that faced the Kingdom, he convened a meeting on both Kutas where, in a strange show of arrogance and disrespect to me as Ngambela, demanded to know who amongst us was moving around with a gun, a situation that he saw as a serious threat to the safety of the Litunga.

“Your Majesty, the real issue of concern for me was less the fact that he demanded to know the person that carries a gun but that he opted to use the opportunity to dramatise the issue in a manner that exhibited utter disrespect of my Office. It is inconceivable that a Sikombwa could have stage-managed such a disrespectful show of insolence,” he said.

Mr Sinyinda said the aim was to cause maximum embarrassment and the fact that his protest did not attract reprimand from the Litunga left him depressed.

“It is my prayer that nobody within the Establishment, including you, Your Majesty, felt that what Mutwaleti did was appropriate. My protestations over this issue remained a lone voice in the wilderness as nobody came to my aid. I strongly feel that that singular action seriously demeaned the office of the Ngambela.

“As part of the Coronation Anniversary activities, a team of people assisted the Office of the Ngambela by putting together a draft Speech. As is the tradition and in accordance with our royal etiquette, I sought the audience of Your Majesty so that you could clear the contents of what I was to say on behalf of the Kuta and, indeed, on behalf of His Majesty. I asked Mutwaleti to convey my wish, in my capacity as the Ngambela, to see you,” he said.

He was concerned with the Litunga’s marginalisation of the office of the Ngambela in a number of strategic issues that concerned the BRE, which could testify to the reality that the King’s trust in him had dwindled irreparably.

“When the Vice-President Guy Scott, through the Provincial Administration, communicated to the Kuta that he wishes to pay a courtesy call on Your Majesty and after I was summoned to come back even before the Mutwaleti saga was finally resolved, I genuinely believed that the Kuta saw value in my presence for this special visit,” he said.

He said a statement was even prepared for delivery to Government but when the vice-president changed his mind about coming, the Litunga decided to keep him (Ngambela) in the dark.

“A team from the Provincial Administration, including the Provincial Minister, were allowed to get into the palace and discuss with Your Majesty minus me, much to the chagrin of the people that were there at Namoo who witnessed this – and, indeed, to my embarrassment. By by-passing me in information and/or decisions around an event of that importance, it is clear to me that the level of distrust is quite deep-rooted now.

“Your Majesty may wish to know, if you are not yet privy to this information, that a serious taboo was committed by those that allowed and ushered in the Provincial Minister into the Palace when a couple of days earlier, he attended the funeral/burial of the late Hon. Manjata,” he said.

He said the process that supported the visit by an “important emissary” of the President, in the person of Sikota Wina, further reconfirmed his strong belief that the Litunga had lost faith in him and as a result decided to step aside gracefully.

“After reflecting deeply on the issues above, I would like to inform His Majesty that my family and I have reached a decision that I step aside and avail His Majesty the opportunity to appoint another Ngambela who will be acceptable to both the Litunga and members of the Establishment, including Likombwa.

“Notwithstanding this decision, I would like to assure His Majesty of my fullest cooperation as the BRE and the people of Barotseland strive to find a lasting solution to the challenges currently facing the Kingdom. I remain your humble servant,” he said in his letter.

Mr Sinyinda, who was Education deputy minister in the MMD regime, was installed as BRE prime minister on January 31, this year at a colourful ceremony at the Lealui Royal Village.


  1. Divisions in the Kingdom. Just stay on to ensure the secession succeeds. Looks like you are the only one who was championing and pushing for the secession.

  2. That’s how the cookie crumbled. BRE nonesense, no one is getting any chunk of this country. Least we all take our share.

  3. Litumezi bo Siyinda kwamuaebezi yomutuna ahulu yo mukalile nadte. We shall forge ahead. Aruta continua with or without bo Sinyinda. He is sill a hero. Long live Barosteland

  4. Barotse Yalala. He thought he had followers judging by the people who were listening to his nonsense. Most people have nothing to do in Zambia, so any hap[pening is received with a large number of attendees. What next for you? Next Prime Minister…….


  6. 1. Clement, thats not the way to speak to the Litunga. Please have some respect!
    2. You made a grave error, instead of championing development in western province you were championing breaking away. Mixing emotions in matter in which you were supposed to exercise rational thinking.
    3. You need to apologize to the people of Zambia for the calls to divide a beautiful country like Zambia.
    4. We Zambians are so inter-mixed, thanks to Shikulu ba KK, that the very idea of any part breaking off is just inconceivable.
    5. Lets learn to live together and focus on developing our nation.
    May God Our Father, bless our nation Zambia and all our neighbours.

    • I like your comment… esp point 2. the people’s sickness was lack of development, he prescribed the wrong drug, secession… bad leader! let him go. 

  7. lets hear the dogs with their hungry hynar now. their wainyenga has resigned dispite the staning headlines in the dogs kikiki

  8. He has seen that PF GVMT ll take care of all the issues of concern to the Lozi pipo .DONT KUBEBA FORMER MINISTER AND ONE ZAMBIA ONE COUNTRY .

  9. BRE is a non starter you people. What can u do with your sand just come to your senses,
    what you need is development not power within power..

  10. Just finished sipping my whiskey, notulo twaisa zoona! I hope the weather will be okay tomorrow. Thank you and good night!

  11. This is laughable. Things fall apart already? Why am I not surprised. It all sounds like a play script from Play Circle on TVZ ( now ZNBC). Not a word on developmental issues, Nothing. It’s all about power, rank, red tape, perking order, ‘mine is bigger than yours’ type of mentality. On the bright side, its good to see this BRE madness begin to fizzle out. Time to move on.      

  12. And they expect to run a country when they can’t even run a so called “kingdom”!!!! You are already fighting about who should carry a gun or not, now how ugly is the fight gonna get when you start clobering each other over the control of GUNS; the army?!!!!

  13. Lozi against lozi, well not unexpected them being so difficult. A self appointed clawn calling himself a prime minister, what a joke.

    • @Notorious, even me brother i cant marry from Southern or Western Provinces lest my Kids become cavemen in the not so distant future.

  14. KK and Sikota where there. these two are in the evening of their lives, both have lost unfortunately their beloved and look to have lost hope and will to live especially for Sikota going by the letter read out at the burial of his beloved wife.

    The Question is why are the LOZI’s not questioning the two whilst they are still alive.

    Why are the Ma Lozi or Bulozi still not sure the next cause of action.

    Why are they still in a confused state over the BA64?

    Sikota wina is a Mimosa based LOZI and has NO influence in Western province to current events though he can share what he and KK did over the BA64

  15. Lozi against lozi what a country we live inn don’t start what you cant finish,,, hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm you see now bad ending stay with your family God bless you?

  16. The idea of secession of Western Province was Sinyinda’s thinking, which went public by Sinyinda without the approval of the Litunga. Sinyinda’s term of office made the Litunga an object of insults by people. I really now appreciate the Litunga’s silence over the nonsense of Sinyinda. I dont wish you any luck Sinyinda in your business ventures.

  17. The Litunga is a well informed person who doesn’t like pushing forward wrong things created by a white man. Viva the Litunga

  18. @Notorious, even me brother i cant marry from Southern or Western Provinces lest my Kids become cavemen in the not so distant future and start living in caves

    • Why dont we see how your face looks like punk, got me a lozi wife and she is stunning. These two provinces are bout principle and beauty. What are u about?

  19. Both Sinyinda and that little chief called Litunga are all bloody dunderheads! They formed an imaginry country in their thick skulls thinking that they had a huge following. Alas, it was just a handful buch of mentally retarded lozi idiets who equally, were just hallucinating and now that they have realised that they have been building castles in the air, confusion has crept in nd hence the disintergration of Limulunga kingship.

    Minwhile, the PF boat keeps on cruising and hopefully during next kuomboka, this little chief will enter Mwamukolo in grand style!

  20. You say we are one zambia one nation but you are the peope who are tribalists you foolish kolwestans mwa mwamukolo

  21. When Sata, said the Litunga is just like any other traditional ruler in Zambia some brothers from Western province protested that their King was equated to any traditional ruler in zambia. The Fact is SATA was spot on. having said that, Iam not insinuating that Sinyinda is write by writing something like that to the person the Lozi’s hold in high esteem as a king. From what the prime minister of the Litunga has said it does appear to me that there is a lot of pretence and imaginary things going on in that province. Come down lets develop our country it is too early to suggest what the Americans are suggesting now. They have managed to develop those small states collectively infact most if not all of them are better than most so called developed economies in the world. No border disputes.

  22. Good move Bo Sinyinda! The earlier you realise that you are alone in the Barotse secession calls the better for you and your family!!! Apologise to all Zambians for your past secession calls and join progressive parties like the PF inorder to bring the much needed development in Western province! Clearly, The Litunga, like most of us(Lozis) is NOT for Secession!!!!!!!!!! Viva One Zambia, One Nation!!!!!!!!!

  23. Flimsy or frivolous reasons for resigning. Looks like the truth is that Sinyinda has run out of gas now. He has realised that his call is not popular and was a tough assignment. The smoke in his head has now gone. Just give him a jobuu, aaaaaah.

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