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What were you thinking about?


By Mazala Zulu
Can you remember if you were you filling your mind with positive thoughts, or were you filled with negative thoughts, worried about how things might not work out, how you will find excuses for not finishing a task you wanted to fulfil? Are you running to many tasks in your head at one go and failing to concentrate on one issue at a time?

If you can’t remember, you’re not alone.

Most of us don’t pay attention to our thoughts, thoughts shape and create our lives. Your mind works as if it’s a maze when it’s not directed, it can’t really find its way.

What you think about means a lot to your well being. Pay attention to your thoughts. When you speak to yourself, take good care that you don’t use negative comments, doing so makes you in charge of the direction of your thinking. When you master this, you will naturally use positive words, even when you speak to others. It’s contagious.

We spend so much time everyday thinking about why things don’t work out, why things may have gone wrong, what somebody said or did, we focus on the past, worry about the future… but most of these thoughts are really useless they just stress us out.

Your thoughts can be magical, they can create wonderful events, attract terrific people and situations and allow you to improve your life so that you no longer have to worry, stress, or be concerned about the future.

Your thoughts are picked up by your subconscious mind.Thoughts that you focus on regularly, lead to beliefs. These beliefs are planted on your subconscious mind like instructions inserted into a computer. Your subconscious then goes out and attracts the people, situations, opportunities based on those beliefs.[pullquote]Turn your life around.
Achieve all your goals.
Live the life you want[/pullquote]

Your subconscious thinks that you want life to be hard, that you don’t want to be good enough, your subconscious goes out and creates the situations, circumstances and opportunities to help you live the life according to those instructions.

In the above case… your subconscious is creating exactly what you don’t want and it only does this because it’s following your instructions (your thoughts and beliefs).

Change those beliefs (the instructions that do not get you were you want to be).Give your subconscious mind a new set of directions. (Change the old DVD to a new one)Put an end to any misery and create happiness and success instead.

If you want to start achieving your goals and live a happier life…then start tracking your daily thoughts. I use meditation for this process.

Create thoughts that focus on your positive qualities and on the results that you want.If you’re worrying about something, focus or think about finding solutions.If you’re thinking about the past, let it go and think about what you want NOW.What ever it is that’s holding you back, change the thoughts surrounding it.Thoughts repeated regularly lead to beliefs. Beliefs create your reality.

When you have a new and positive belief system you’ll begin to see changes.

Start directing the power of your subconscious to guide you to the happiness you deserve

Remember — you only get one life and one chance.Make the most of it. Stop defeating yourself, stop limiting yourself. Create all the success you want and deserve in life.


  1. Very good philosophical article. I doubt very much if pf leadership has that ingredient of thought, the subconscious thought to discern the consciousness of their actions/utterances. Zambia has leadership that has no scruples or conscience. Declaring to build the house be4 he retires is a matter of gross lack of subconsciousness and conscience. They wil be followed for impoverishing zambia.

  2. It is called the “Law of attraction”. This Law of attraction was understood since the ancient babylonians and only a few previlledged ones who understood it excelled because the understand the secrete.More often than not, the Law also says, whether you believe it or you do not, either way you are right. Its the same as if you believe in positive thinking..you get the positive results and the opposite is also true. cause then you will be thinking of negative or impossible things and surely you will get negative reposponse. The things you think about ‘so often begine to minifest in the direction of your thoughts. Just like magnets, attract things and repels some others things

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