Am a history maker says Peter Kaumba


Napsa Stars coach Peter “Abaleya” Kaumba has declared himself a history maker following his side’s Barclays Cup triumph on Saturday.

Kaumba’s Napsa won the 2012 Barclays Cup beating Power Dynamos 4-2 on penalties after a thrilling 4-4 draw in 120 minutes at Levy Mwanawasa Stadium in Ndola.

In a post-match interview, the Arthur Davies great said he makes history wherever he goes.
Kaumba last won a major trophy as a coach in 2004 guiding Kitwe United to winning the defunct BP Top Eight in Lusaka.

“I am a history maker. I make history wherever I go,” Kaumba said.

He hailed his team for its resilience in the eight goal thriller final in Ndola.

“I wish to congratulate them (players). It will boost the morale of the players.

“It’s a very big achievement and it’s a CV for me,” he added.

On their way to pocketing K 200 million as Barclays Cup winners, Napsa eliminated three-time cup winners Zesco United and Red Arrows at the semi-final and quarter-final stages respectively.


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    Peter Kaumba and Alex Chola are my favourite players of all time. Power Dynamos has produced some of the most legendary soccer players of all time. Ala Lucky Msiska, Linos Makwasa, Wisdom Chanca, Luka Lungu and now we are briewing another one in Mulenga Mukuka. Sorry they had to beat my team Power.

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    For along time I have not been watching the local matches but for thias Barclays Cup I watched for 120 minutes until it went into penalties. I really enjoyed it. It was a Thriller of the Year. Goasl were just flowing. If all local teams could measure to that Standard then shortly we will forget foreign Teams like Mna U Chelsea. Real Madrid etc.I say BRAVO to Power and Napsa Stars.

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    Let us fire chambeshi.How can he make the team loose two important tournment within two weeks.During Barclays cup final he substituted key players thinking they have already won.He should have sensed to defend both.Had it been Kabole this time we could have saying Dynamo

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    Ba Kaumba, abaleya. what History Maker when u last won the cup in 2004? Ok I get it, u are a History maker for Getting FIRED.

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    Peter Kaumba should be magnanimous enough to acknowledge the role played by Patrick Phiri in nurturing this team before he took over, there is nothing wrong in doing that! As for Power Dynamos, this should teach them a lesson not to discard a good coach like Kabole on ths first hurdle!!! Chambeshi clearly demonstrated lack of tactic when he substituted his play maker Mukuka Mulenga before confirming the victory, besides the season is long gone, what was he preserving his starts for????

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    Congrats ba Kaumba but you should also realize that your predecessor Patrick Phiri played a role in assembling that team. Congrats!!

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    “Abaleya” Peter Kaumba iz among the most celebrated playerz in Zambia. The worryin thing withe local game and probably abroad iz how gladly and quickly assistant coachez “take over” the reignz upon the dismisal of their bossez! The problem iz made worse here by the lack of proper laid down contractual termz of reference for the technical bench.

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    had a brief chat with the winning coach this morning. I am not sure they come any more humble than Peter Kaumba! I reminded him of the one game i remember him for; 1987/8 Zambia 5 – 3 Egypt at Cairo International Stadium!

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    And Nkana has produced Beston Chambeshi, Kapambwe Mulenga, Jericho Shinde, Brighton Sinyangwe, Moses Simwala, Bernard Chanda, Stone Chibwe, Emmanuel Mwape, Joshua Longwe, Gift Kampamba, Jack Chanda, Golden Kazika, Eston Mulenga, Dominic Mutale, Gibby Mbasela, Borniface, Mordon and Kenneth Malitoli, Patrick Phiri, James Jengela, Ben Bamfuchile, John Kalusa, Dominic Mutale, Kelvin Mutale, John Mofya, Vincent “Killer” Mandona…. (nanaka) ….

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      Spot on except Jack Chanda (Kabwe Warriors) Easton Mulenga (GBFC) Emmanuel Mwape (Roan United) Gibby Mbasela (Konkola Blades), Patrick Phiri (Nchanga) Kelvin Mutale (Nitrogen Stars)

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    Kaumba you destroyed Power your former team? But mudala teach these youngsters hOw to be great wingers

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    Those were the days when I could go AWOL at ZNS in Ndola with my good friend the late Leonard Chikwayi to go and watch Power Dynamos in Kitwe. In Alex we saw a real computer at # 9 and all he needed was to dribble and give a perfect pass to Peter Kaumba and all hell just broke loose on the left flank! There will never be another Alex Chola and the legendary Godfrey Ucar Chitalu. May their souls rest in eternal peace and thanks for showing us how the game is played purely for the love of it and not for the money. For Peter Kaumba a talent was ended right at its peak!

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      you remind me of my days playing on the ZNS team at Mushili! eish, those were the days playing with Victor Simulambo and company….

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    #1. Bircklayer. Power Never produced any players. Aurthur Davies bought players. Just to go with the names you mentioned. Alex Chola – Black pool Mufulira. Kaumba _ Mindolo United. Linos Makwaza, Wanderes, Msiska- Edinburgh red stars, Wisdom Chansa , Ajax Rokana United. I hope you learn something. Power Never produced any players back in the day !! Bizwell Phiri Lusaka Tigers the list in endless.

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    # 9 . You are Also lost. Not all on your list are Nkana. Emmanuel Mwape – Roan. Estone – Konkola. Mbasela _ kalulushi Mordern stars. Kelvin Mutale – Kafue textiles. John Mofya _ Kalulushi. The point here is please use the word produced carefully coz some of us twalishiba Bola ya pa ZEd with facts !!

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    # 9 You remind me of my team Nkana Red Devils (Kalampa). Nalelo e ba Nkana ba winner, nalelo e ba devil ba winner.

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    Peter Kaumba for me is really a good coach, he is good at identifying talent and assembling a formidable squard be at club level or national level. The last time Zambia boasted of a very good under 23 national team was when Peter Kaumba natured the likes of Collins Mbesuma, Isaac Chansa, Jacob Mulenga, Kennedy Mweene, and many other players we are depending on today to go and defend the AFCON 2013.

    I feel he should be taken back to the under 23 level to revamp the soccer standards at that level to create more players. He is really a history maker……

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    This reminds me of Power Dynamos of yester years. Power Dynamos ” Baby born with teeth”.had players like; Ken Mwape,Blackwell Chalwe,Mizinga,Bete Mbewe,Joseph “Joze” Mwewa,Patrick “Paul Ceaser” Chabu (from Nkana),Edwin” Kaikai” Kanyanta, Francis “tembo yandi” Mtembo, Micheal Musonda,later Edwin Katongo,Robert Watiyakeni,Thomas Kasanya,Lucky “muchofe” Msiska,Stafford Mtalama,Alex”computer” Chola,Bizwell “Bizz” Phiri,Wisdom “wizz”Chansa,Peter Kaumba,later Pearson Mwanza others Micheal “maradona”,Abel Mwelesho,Bonny Muma,Wedson Nyirenda,Linos Makwaza.We used to call Peter Kaumba,”Beckenbeur” or “abaleya” and “Toshack”. Oh Power

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      Reminds me of GBFC with Dick Chama, Francis Kajiya, Obi Kapita, Donwell Yobe, Janis Simulambo, Bizwell Phiri, Jones Chilengi, Willy Chbwika,

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    why talk about people who never brought the Afcon trophy home? senceless!!!!!! the team we should be talking about is the one we have now because we won the cup atleast.

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