Poor infrastructure forces school to close early due to onset of rains

FILE: A class meets under a tree in Mwalubemba village, Zambia
FILE: A class meets under a tree in Mwalubemba village, Zambia

Pupils at Kalolwa primary school in Chongo area in Kabompo East are expected to close early before the learning calendar and will re-opening after the rain season due to poor state of the school infrastructure.

School Deputy Head Teacher Best Phiri said with the onset of the rainy season the school building becomes uninhabitable as the grass thatched roof has rundown.

Mr Phiri said the school infrastructure is a danger to the lives of both the teachers and the pupils and the only option is close early before the learning calendar and delay to re-open

He lamented that it is disheartening to see pupils still learning under a tree and in a pole and mud structure of ancient times 48 years after of independence.

Mr Phiri said this when North Western Province Minister Stephen Masumba and Area Member of Parliament Danny Chinyimbu visited the school which is about 85 kilometers from district business centre.

He appealed to government to construct a one by three classroom block and eight ventilated improved pit latrine toilets in order for the school to provide good and quality education to the pupils.

And Mr Masumba assured the pupils and the teachers that it is the intention of government to build more schools in the province as part of its promise to lift the living standards of the poor people.

Mr Masumba gave the school K3 million to purchase roofing sheets for the school.

The school which was opened in 1995 has a total of 259 pupils and goes up to grade seven.



    • Of course, Patriotic Front Government will definitely act. This government does not want such scenarios! The next time you go to this school, you will find good infrastructure. Go PF, go!

  1. You are dreaming of building electric trains when your education system is primitive…dream on. If the money they are putting in Zambia railways was to go to seriously improve the education system, the future could be bright for Zambia. YOU WANT TO DEVELOP LIKE KOREA AND CHINA WITHOUT EDUCATION>>>>>>>DREAM ON….

  2. Money for the Mufumbwe by-election could have been used for these children’s classroom. Politicians are moving from one political party to another causing unnecessarily expenses. It is really disheartening to see this picture in this modern age. 

    • Sata, Chikwanda, Sakeni, Luo, were the ones calling the shots in MMD between 1991 and 2001. Honestly where have you been. PF are the criminals and third term campaigners who were booted out in 2001. PF i.e the Northern and Luapuula province axis were the MMD for the first 10 years of those 20 youre pontificating about!

  3. I was made to believe that such schools were only found in Western Province going by the comments on the school that Inonge Wina visited in her Nalolo consituency” Nalolo people should learn to be self reliant and build their own schools” we were told. So the rote is everywhere!

  4. 48 years of independence and this is what we are still getting as schools?? Time for us to be re-colonised, only then will our country be built to humane standards!!

  5. Tulo you luvales, and you continue with the government that is building two universities in one district when you do not have a primary school, comeoe wake up

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