Shortage of Water at the University Teaching hospital

Patients sleeping on the floor at a ward in UTH


Dear Honorable the Speaker of the National Assembly,

I am writing to you to request an urgent intervention from the Minster of Energy and Water Development in our ongoing load shedding and lack of water supply at Mumbwa Hospital and the biggest hospital in the country-the University Teaching Hospital in Lusaka as reported by ZNBC TV prime News of Wednesday 21st November 2012.

Water and electricity are very essential in these key and very sensitive institutions. There is no way a hospital like the Mumbwa hospital can be placed under a token unit. This is the total abuse of citizen’s,especially those hospitalized.The lack of water in the maternity wards and theaters wards at UTH is not only a sad thing but also an embarrassment to the country. The hospital is supposed to have full day supply of water.

It cannot cost more than one billion kwacha to drill and install the water supply the hospital rather than putting the lives of the patients in more danger on top of the suffering they are already experiencing..[pullquote]The lack of water in the maternity and theaters wards at UTH is not only a sad thing but it is also an embarrassment to the country.[/pullquote]

We have even demanded from the Water and Electricity companies to introduce measures aimed at reducing load shedding. By writing this letter to you I hope that you would, as early as possible, look into this pressing issue as the lives of many Zambian people are at stake

We collectively wish that the water and electricity company are ordered to restore 24hrs supply of water and electricity to hospitals.The companies need to be adviced on how essential and critical the supply of water and electricity are in hospitalities. Also, we demand strong action against the clearly inhuman behaviour of the two companies that have repeatedly ignored our pleas as citizens of the country.

Therefore, we demand a ministerial statement from the minister involved.

Thank you for your time.
Yours Sincerely
J .Mubela
Christian Brothers
Monze Diocese


  1. I think some people at water and sewerage co. are working with opposition to to bring PF down by withholding water supply to the UTH

  2. Wako ni wako. Olo, as long as uwesu is in state house. we bembas see nothing wrong with a few non bembs suffering in UTH. Viva PF,don`t worry about UTH ,all bembas will still vote for you come 2016.Sela tulyeko naifwe.

    • @8 Dmx, I hope there are well meaning and decent bembas out there with feelings for fellow human beings regardless of their tribe or status.

  3. This is talking about service delivery.If an institution like a hospital can`t have a stead supply of water and electricity one wonders if they have medicines.Where is the team that worked with RB at least we never had such nightmares.

  4. i said it more to come from Policy Failures. If it was any part Pf wud have organised water bowser(tank) jst to embarrass the gvt

  5. So you think this wasn’t happening in RB’s time,I work at UTH water supply has been eratic for years! Thankfully the president came today so that that talktive man we have as MD who was appointed by RB’s gov’t can be shacked out. Just because RB was busy in the air and not checking on whats happening on the ground you think such is new. You joker’s. People have been sleeping on the floor for years at UTH now but thank God we now have the man of action who can take time to come and visit the biggest health institution in the country not just going to Italy. Viva Sata!

    • Are you not ashamed when people are dying, queuing for mealie meal, farmers at DS offices because they’ve not been paid, FRA in total disarray while your man of action has had a 150% pay rise, and is fighting to have his retirement home built at a cost of K1.4b. All paid for by the very suffering people. 


  7. I guess this a the picture of a developed country as Zambians call themselves when they are on their blackberries.

  8. Sata, do you see how immoral you are in increasing your salary and allowances by over 100% in the midst of a deteriorating health infrastructure and food shortages? Lol! Heart for the people?

  9. Deplorable indeed. A hospital (UTH), should have no interruption of water and electricity supply 24/7 period. It’s clear that, UTH does not even have an emergency generator incase of a power outage.

    Having never been admitted in any Zambian hosiptal for anything, am wondering just what it must be like being in a filth, stinky hospital with no basic supplies.
    It’s no wonder even the so-called health professionals have that ‘I don’t care’ attitude. How in the world do our hospitals really operate in Zambia, even survive?

    We can argue and call each other names all day long but surely, on the issue of mere basic needs, the GOVERNMENT HAS TO DO ITS PART. The picture on this article is really sad. My day is even messed up now!

  10. Thats definitely a new picture because now there a no mattresses and buckets of water brought by relatives everywhere.The toilet in the ward is not a place for the faint hearted to venture.The situation has been deteriorating over the years and Dr Kaseba knows this first hand.I’m surprised she never told hubby aka His Excellency President Michael Sata

  11. Money that can be used to stop this problem is in the ‘hands’ of  the president

    1. K1.5 Billion illegally allocated to Dr Kaseba

    2. K14 Billion that Mumembe and Nchito are refusing to pay back to a government institution

    3. reversing the presidents salary to the previous sustainable amount

    4. K1.4 billion illegally set aside to build a house for Sata

    All th 4 measures put together will yield  over K20 billion, enough to sort out UTH water problems forever….

  12. thanx #22  that’s wat happens when we do not police the stupid Politicians.. somebody needs to be locked up..FTJ  should have died in Jail…

  13. #2 I don’t buy this idea that people are working with the opposition to bring down the government. Zambians in positions of power are just apathetic. They like the perks but they do not like the responsibilities which go with the job. A good example is the role of ministers. All they do is talk. Most of them have not programmes. Last week a Permanent Secretary was forced to visit a fire station after numerous fire. He did a lot of talking for the cameras. That is all. They just like lining their pockets but they do not take responsibility when things go wrong. What is the Minister Health doing about this problem? Where is the Minister of Power?

  14. We need ministers to be appointed outside parliament. That way, the best managers in the country can be appointed to head up ministries and ministers. May be then things will start moving.

  15. Someone remind me again why this happens and yet some out there still think building houses for former presidents ( as reported in a LT article no more than 3 weeks ago) is money well spent while health facilities face such avoidable occurrences. Zambia has all the relevant departments/ agencies to cover the basic needs and as with Governments world wide, there is bureaucracy however we have that, general lack of dedication to the office by most people within said areas, instances of corruption, misappropriation of funds…the laundry list is rather long but most Zambian’s are familiar with it. It’s really frustrating to see how many of our problems are self-evident and also self inflicted.

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