Creation of districts meant to mask President Sata’s failure to resolve issues in Barotseland – HH

Hakainde Hichilema
Hakainde Hichilema

UPND leader Hakainde Hichilema has accused President Michael Sata of creating five districts in Western province to make up for his failure to resolve the pending issues in Barotseland.

Speaking during a press briefing at the UPND party secretariat this morning, Mr. Hichilema said the creation of five districts in the province is ill intended.

President Sata recently announced the creation of Nalolo, Sioma, Mitete, Luampa and Sikongo as new districts in Western province.

And Mr. Hichilema has charged that the Patriotic Front government is making major economic decisions on impulse.

He says it is unfortunate the newly created districts have not been budgeted for and wonders where funds will come from to build infrastructure befitting a district.

And speaking at the same occasion, UPND Lusaka Province chairperson, Adrian Bauleni who was recently arrested in connection with the murder of a PF cadre Menyani Zulu said his incarceration has strengthened his resolve to fight for social economic justice.

He has since charged that PF is a violent party that is not good for democracy.



    • You are the one who is a complete failure because u r failing to distinguish failure and success… Surely u can’t reason that every actions taken by a govt requires planning? I doubt if your home is in order… Learn to appreciate knowledge than remaining dull like yourself… 

    • Mmm, Go Girl; tell Viagra that he is a failure. In fact I totally agree with you on this Nubian 100%.

       I dare any UPND die hard to oppose my views thoughtfully. i.e. without thinking from their d!cks/cunt5! Do you think- in your wildest dreams that Viagra (HH) can win elections at provincial level in Lusaka???

      If the answer in Yes then, you are in for a real cock shock come 2016.
      But  if it is NO, it seems you are living in a real world. 

      That been said, I think this guy is ruining the role of the opposition entirely. His approach is very side lined such that he thinks everything Gov does is useless! 

       It would be much better to begin building a good name NOW, not in 2016 by dancing Rhumba! Uza funta!!!

    • Iwe! those are importatnt issues. I’m too old to do anything even if you voted for me. All I can do is create more wards, districts, constituencies, provinces and yes even countries. Soon there will be a second country called Barotseland. So HH is right bane. My boys are also clueless especially Scot who i thought musungu kuti akuyafyako. All he bluffs about is corruption in the civil service. that is why I make all decisions alone there and then when need arises.

  1. King Cobra, what a good thought at a wrong time. So you want these to be the poorest districts in Zambia? Priorities matter a lot in everything and I dont know what considerations were taken into account to create more than five districts at one time.

  2. Yawn!!!!! wake me up when he has something sensible to say-like apologising for short changing the zambian people during privatisation

  3. HH, you can give the government some of your cash to help with the building needs of the new Districts if you think there is no budget for these.

  4. what issues Mr HH? so to you resolving the barotse is about succession, the PF has indicated that it will address the the issue through decentralization, the president is exactly doing that through the creation of new districts, just as the agreement states. I think UPND should find another leader because at the moment HH is dragging it into oblivion.

  5. HH criticises everything, that’s the problem. I like the way Chipimo criticizes the govt, he criticises where necessary and he gives credit where it is due. Not so with ba HH, it’s negative always.

  6. Clueless as ever, this enclave tribal leader doesnt seem to appreaciate the strategy of creating new districts. He also doesn’t seem to know that all the districts that were created before have been provided with resources for the development of the necessary infrastructure. HH seems to think he has a better strategy than PF for transforming this country when the facts always point him to the fact that his popularity has been on a decline. He was building his hopes on Sinyinda to continue propagating hate speech but alas he got beaten again to this game called politics. The PF is Power for a very long time and the faster he accepts this reality the better. The PF is committed to creating jobs and wealth for the people of Zambia, delivering basic services and empowering the masses. viva PF

    • HH masipa hau You think like adonkey dont cheat yourself that you will be President of Zambia may be after some of us have expired.

  7. Another one to keep you start thinking HH about what matter to Zambia
    Lets whether you a real politician 

  8. HH is very childish i think he is leading people who have no opinion at all , why let that chap always talk nonsense on behalf of upnd .thats why you tongas will never never rule zed.

    • so do you see sense in what sata is doing to resolve the barotse issue?hw can you build a stadium in western province?do you see this as a priority as for now? a university ” yes” am PF but just look at these issues critically and see for yourself if sata is making sense. HH is saying sense here. lets be objective when analyzing certain issues

  9. I have observed some trend in HH. I hope you share the same. HH always waits for SATA to say some thing and that is when HH has some thing say about also. Is that normal for a leader to always respond to what others are saying? Are you not supposed to articulate issues on your own? Just wondering

  10. Have you seen how Bauleni has shown his foolishness?Instead of feeling sorry for being found in a fracas that saw loss of life,there he goes bubbling about his strength to further go on similar rottenness.
    Ba HH find sensible criticism yama

  11. If one wants to divorce a spouse no matter what the other person does is just rubbish to his/her eyes! Zambian politics!!!!!!!

  12. Disappointed that the Litunga has aligned his policy with that of the government? Or that the Baroste issue is slowly being addressed as per PF manifesto? I guess, so; but my guess does not matter; what matters is that of the voters, ba Kaponya who put Shi Chilufya in power. For now, keep singing meanwhile they are working. Seleni babombeko ba kabwa imwe!!

    • Interesting, you have started changing from Tongas to only HH? Haha..
      I can see you’ll be supporting the gallant HH by 2016.

  13. HH lit ole.I always have problems understanding this man.He always find faults in everything the ruling party does.Does being opposition means opposing everything the current government does ?

  14. Clearly, issues surrounding the BA64 need resolving. There is need for genuine engagement between the concerned parties. Impromptu pronouncements will not make the challenges posed by the BA64 go away. Go for the bone, not the steak around it. A mafia don, Giancana, once said to kill a dog, you do not cut off its tail but the head. The BA64 is  the head, and issues of development are the tail. And HH is clearly spot on on this.

  15. Sata Ukwa’s supporters are very blind to reality & dull. Your hate for HH will one day kill you. Advice your mentally retarded president that you cant bring development by orders or pronouncements. Pathetic fools wake up from your idioncy, your man can only demarket land & you say that is development. HH has a point here & pf need to listen to this man otherwise Sata is taking Zambia backwards. HH the true son our soil we love you.

    • HH thinks like a kid you know what will happen to him for his hatred of our choosen Mesaiah His excellence the President of today zambia.He will just colapse and that will be the end.All tribalists will never rule this country unless all Zambian people become fools.

  16. I’ve just broke my sabbatical leave from LT to offer wise advise to UPND members. Under5 is a joker and a failure and a disgrace to all opposition political parties in the whole world. No substance just drivel and porridge everyday. The chap should lock himself in his Kabulonga house. I feel for his blind supporters.

    • I think Sata is the one to go back to Rhodespark were his kind fellow Grade 7 drop outs dander heads stand in the streets. your biased brain wasn’t missed you might as well go for ever and return when ukwa passes on.

  17. Creation of Districts shows lacky of planning and typically madness and to keep on duping people that Sata is working.You cannot creat without resources to do so,the only big plan behind that is to creat employment for PF cadres.Bana ba mazwake.

  18. Micheal Sata always does the opposite.He create districts before infrastructure development in that particular district.What he was supposed to do in all his newly created districts was to start with developing infrastructures benefiting a district thereafter he confer the status of a district to that particular area.Many of his newly created districts lack physical infrastructure in schools,health centres, roads, accommodation and offices for staff,He is spending money renting houses and offices for his newly created districts,money that would have gone to improve the social well being of the districts that he created.Mr President sir creating districts is not a bad idea but creating districts without proper planning and budgets for this district is a bad idea.

  19. This site is full of unintelligent Janjaweeds from Kolwestan. No wonder the rot in Africa is centred around Central Africa where these stinking thieving baboons hail from. What Sata is doing is childish and destroying this country. Just how anyone can condemn HH for stating the obvious just shows the degree to which Bembas are wedded to tribal bigotry. Even is Sata stripped naked in public “Zangalewa leka nivule, eeeya pali bana” style today, Bembas will hail their King’s indecent acrobatic!

    • why mention Tribe, you can not think outside the circle of tribe. you insult us bemba but on the other hand you want us to support your HH you hate for the bembas will not win you the presidence. bambas are here to stay dear

  20. Creation of districts will result in even distribution of resources meant for developmental projects such as CDF. Where will PF get the money? Good question. The same money allocated to districts which have been divided will be shared accordingly. Instead of  a few parts of a big district benefiting, a large part of the divided district will benefit. A very sensible method of distributing the countrys resources. Keep it up PF.

  21. # 20 NATASHA the PF published its manifesto in which they said they would create more districts.HH and UPND have not told the Zambians what they intend to do and they are so bitter that they cannot believe the PF is trying to impliment what they promised the Zambians.Natasha you should be ashamed of yourself and your directionless HH.The man may be rich but he has no plan for the country.This is why UPND is now facing mass exodus of its members who are resigning to join the PF.The Barotseland issues involve development matters and the PF is trying to address them.Do you think secession of western province is the solution?Think before you yap in public.HH is a polical failure,period!!

  22. On district creation I’ll comment as a trained Urban and Regional Planner and having traveled to almost all districts in Zambia. Decentralization has been at the heart of the last few National Development Plans (5th / 6th) however, always lacked political will. So thumbs up to Sata on that one…people question budgetary allocation. I believe this is a policy statement from Sata…every journey starts with the 1st and next is to undertake thorough District Development Plan that will be the blueprint for social, economic and infrastructural development/growth of the district tying into Provincial & National Development Plans.
    As for the pending issues in Barosteland, instead of condemning Mr HH what is your solution as an aspirant of Plot One. Our Lozi brothers have resolved to breakaway?

  23. It appears HH has nothing to talk about, Barotseland is more about development and Government is doing just that as you make noisy, sorry, your scheme failed!!!

  24. Creating districts is not just about putting up big buildings to make the district look modern. Its about meeting basic needs of our impoverished people such clinics, water, schools. Infructure development of those districts will take years. Mr HH hatred will not take u anywhere. The people in the affected districts are happy. Ask the people of Chikankata.

  25. Iwe! those are importatnt issues. I’m too old to do anything even if you voted for me. All I can do is create more wards, districts, constituencies, provinces and yes even countries. Soon there will be a second country called Barotseland. So HH is right bane. My boys are also clueless especially Scot who i thought musungu kuti akuyafyako. All he bluffs about is corruption in the civil service. that is why I make all decisions alone there and then when need arises.

  26. What real issues are in the BA64 that Mr. Hichilema would talk about? Cessation? I thought that is a closed chapter now?
    PF promised to decentralize government, and the creation of new districts in Western Province is surely part fulfilment of that promise (I would have thought?). The Government is deploying its development plans. Why not give the plans time to mature and then judge? PF still has at least about four years, you know! Some people seem to suffer from a negative knee-jerk reaction to anything PF. Learn to be objective!

    • Is barotseland issue closed? talk about something else not what you dont know just play with your chat met young man you think we lozis we do dream all the time.

    • if you are as reasonable as you want us to think together with man you are following blindly you would not wish hell for your worst enemy, be careful what you wish for others because it might become your portion.

  27. So according to HH, if Sata creates new districts in Southern Province, he wants to wants to weaken the UPND, if he does it in Northen or Luapula province, he wants to favour ‘his tribesmen’, if he does it in Western province, he has failed to solev the Barotse Agreement. HH we Zambians are not foolish. Show some consistency and speak sense……
    We are now tired…

  28. Bwana HH please tell the Zambian people what you will do them. Why do you always exhibit your narrow political reasoning? Im sure your seat is getting hotter as you see Sata and his govt getting busy fulfilling their campaign promises. Seleni Tubombeko.

  29. I listened to HH on the mid day QFM news. Oh my God this man needs prayers. Why does he always sound angry, annoyed, upset, bitter and shouting etc? What is wrong with this man? Does he ever smile? Thank God he will never be president of mother Zambia.

  30. Hande ..not fit even to marry …very shallow in dull friend H.H is very correct,just erad his statement carefully…very concern to the people’s welfare.


    • What does Western Province mean? It sounds foreign. Tell Kaunda and people like yourself to put it back in your nether regions!

  32. shut up H.H you are bring shame to the tongas. These days you have nothing serious to talk about. Your press statements are totally useless

  33. @Kapaso # 42, you are spot on. This HH thinks Zambian are foolish. 2016 will be the end of his political career.

    Can someone tell me how HH will campaign and win the 2016 elections under the following conditions:
    1. No ZNBC coverage
    2. No Times of Zambia coverage
    3. No Daily Mail coverage
    4. NO POST NEWSPAPER Coverage (but for a series of negative coverage on a daily basis)
    5. No police permits
    6. Party only popular in one and half provinces and among its followers on WatchDog

  34. @Mwnamfumu

    its you who is dull, he question demands thoughtful answers from you blind followers of HH, he created a University in Chinsali HH said he is taking development to his tribes men, yet, this time he has created some districts in Western province and a University then your man turns around and says the presdo has failed to resolve the barotse issue. so what does you man want?

  35. Chimutali your just very forgetiful dull zambian,,your Sata promised the people of Western to restore the Baroste agreement.

  36. Chimutali you’r just very forgetiful dull zambian,,your Sata promised the people of Western to restore the Baroste agreement.


  38. Drama is unfolding as UKWA performs. PF is full of uneducated fools who do not realize that plans move with budgets. Is it blind royalty that you can see what an educated man is saying. Simple economics you CNPs. Where are you dragging the nation to. You were busy promising to restore the barotse agreement during campaigns. is creating 5 empty districts restoring the agreement/ Shame on you who see no sense in what HH is saying. WHEN U HAVE FAILED JUST ADMIT. LET PEOPLE WITH BRAIN GOVERN.

  39. A lot of the rants of HH do not resonate well with the majority of Zambians. He has the unfortunate gift that whatever he says , no matter the topic, people get offended. He just hasn’t got the touch, he hasn’t got the gravitas to excite, nay, to inspire anybody.

  40. To label this as appeasement to Western province over issues surrounding BA64 is really stretching the point.
    1. Sata creates districts in S/Province; he is accused of trying to divide S/Province and make Chieftainess Nkomesha Mukamamba Senior Chief.
    2. He creates districts/province in the North; well this is Sata’s way of syphoning off national resources to his “home” place (whatever that means).
    3. He creates a district in NW/province, HH and his henchmen have nothing to pin Sata on.
    4. He moves S/province’s capital to a central location; the “CHIEF of BLAME” finds something to complain about that too.
    5. Blah, blah…

    And there lies the folly of BLAME AT ALL COST! Yes, the unending pronouncements maybe troubling, but they all can’t be ill-intentioned!

    • problem of CNP is lack of consultation and poor or no economic analysis. Conducts business like an old fashioned farm Kaptao. The Bambazonke style. Us who are organized find this dramatist an embarrassment. No Analysis. Acting on impulse/

  41. Ichilema will never be President or our republic, may be in some parallel universe. All of that support him have very short memory of what this guy has been saying about creation of districts and a new province. After creation of Muchinga and new districts in lwapula, northern and Muchinga HH accused the president of ploying to concentrate more national resource to the northern areas of Zambia and when the same happen in southern he accused the our Presido of grabbing land from tongas as if our Provinces are tribal states . Now the Presido has created districts in Western province and directed the construction of a Stadium and University, HH will not mention the later but condemn creation of districts, why not look at it in the same logic as he saw the creation of district in the North?.

    • This is not natural sciences with rules boy. Logic is what is at work and each situation is unique. Why justify wrong acts.

  42. I wonder what a rally held by HH would be like now. I guess a revolution would start that would be difficult to stop. Just musing.

  43. Only a mentally retarded man can support a mentally retarded president like Sata, We have no leadership in Zambia current & some fools cant see that. I will wait for Chief HH for great things in Zambia. Now i know why Sata only has 7 guns at his age, CNP indeed.

  44. You blind supporters of a useless & finished Sata Ukwa, tell us what else can your Rooten teeth Ukwa of Zambia can do apart from creating districts & blaming others for his faillures?

  45. How do you allocate funds for development if there is no administration structures  in an area? UPND guys need to wake up, you cannot continue to channel developmental funds to the same areas and leaving the other areas undeveloped and claim development. You cannot expect everybody in western province who craves for infrastructure and services  to move Mongu, development has to start were the people are. Creation of a district is just a first step so that future allocation of funds we be specifically for that area and infrastructure construction can start. Cities like in CB did no just fall from the sky, you have to create them first! A forest will remain a forest if people do not name the area.

  46. There is meali meal shortage in the CB, you blame the millers, there is high levels of unemployment in the country, you blame MMD, people protest in lusaka against a Malawian laywer, you blame Upnd, the list goes on & on ……… Pathetic fools when are you going to start taking responsibility of your faillures? Listen to what HH tells you & stop accusing him of been bitter unless that is the only word the Ukwaniates have learnt from the Ukwa of Zambia.

  47. UPND and HH why is that each time they are in pact UPND will complain about abanabo,this kasido for HH called UPND is full of boys who can not be trusted with national issues.all the time they say Pf or MMD.

  48. HH’s strategy is simply to condemn whatever PF does without critically analyzing what has been said in the hope of convincing people like Natasha, John Cash, etc that he is the best person to take Zambia forward. A number of bloggers above, such as SK/Hande/Kantanshi/Yambayamba and Mungoma, have actually put HH’s reasoning in the right context. There is nothing that this Govt will do that will ever please this man. What makes things even worse is the fact that his advisors are totally hopeless i.e Siakalima. 

  49. All senseless pronoucements of creation of this and that districts to hoodwink Zambians at the expence of much needed service delivery promised in 90 days is haunting Sata and his PF. Zambians can not be fooled every day. The next govt will ccome and reverse and nullify unconstitutional, unplaned, unbudgeted and undebated creation of ukusabaila muchiloto creations. How do you create districts when roads even in Lusaka where you live are full of pot holes? Lessons for Zambians is to vow never again to be cheated by greedy cheap polititians, Zambia has faithful and honest polititians to vote for.

    • Ba Complexity! You are in the UK right? We all know about HS2 and the debate around that. So don’t your lack of ability to understand and analyze issues! Or do you not know or understand what’s happening in your own backyard? 

  50. It is a democratic state and HH has the right to air his views whether you like it or not. SATA’s plans are more of actions to reactions. We need well articulated plans and not appeasing plans.
    THe president is Dull and that we cannot get away from him. We need smart people to rule us.

  51. HH needs to start talking about real issues that are affecting the majority of Zambians not trivial issues such as the barotse agreement. This guy would be an inept leader in office if he can’t even see that the creation of new districts leads to the decentralization of government which the PF promised.

    • when HH donates water to UTH, talks about rise in food staffs you PF maggots say there not real issues, i think PF have proven that there is another new kind of disease not known before by scientists till now a mixture of dullness,foolishness,stupidness and forgetfullness.


  53. we are not led by a normal man let chainama mental hospital check sata’s brain, or clinic 6 at UTH am sure sata has old times as well.

  54. HH, Look here, by creating Districts what will follow is new infrastructure (development), which will require people to build infrastructure (Jobs), resulting in more Salaries (more money in peoples Pockets), thus fulfilling three of the PF promises. This is very basic Simple Logic ba HH.

  55. Sata wants to be David Livingstone claiming to have named places were they were already people. whats the logic of these districts? if its development then its a no brain er cause the budget will remain the same in the foreseeable future. what we need is quality leadership to prioritize development over fake promises.

  56. The problem with most of the zambian we dont pay attention to books and reading documents in general.The point at hand is the barotseland agreement of 1964 I have taken time to read it several time just to search which part is this frictional that refers to session awe I have not found it.can somebody help.I watched the so-called HH when he was given an opportunity by muvi tv to deal with the question of barotseland he fumbled like a boy at nursery school I couldnt even see the education that people prase him so much for.What shame.The boy kept seeking solace in the grade nine history book on one boring paragraph for that matter.for those who care to read the one which talks about kololo migration in 1911 and 1924.tusheni tafyamilinga.anyway voters will completely teach you come 2016.

  57. Government failed to pay farmers on time.
    FISP is also delayed yet rains are on set.
    Fuel shortage in Chipata.
    Mealie shortage on the Copperblet
    60 Billion to be spent on useless By elections
    1.5 Billion kaseba pocket money
    Chasing Credible investers (Zambezi Portland) to please Mahtani
    Creating districts without no clear benefit

  58. HH on this one topic you really need to shut up!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Attack the PF government on hiring Kambwili and GBM as ministers and not technocrats.

  59. bembas say umwaice ekalisha lilya anya?2016 is coming i can assure you HH is failing for the fourth time he has lost his head to anger and frustration because what he though was impossible in his political amateurish judgement has him educated but his judgement is extremely cokai and he needs to under go surgery to trim his excessive ego-centric attitude and cheap unjustified pride.what point does he have?which district in zambia was developed by a single annual allocation in the budget?economist my foot ulebepa utunya mwana.If old districts are still receiving fund to develop how do you expect new one to be tackled by just 2013 budget.look at the bigger picture dull.which issues surrounding BA64.Why didnt mention them if you are sharp as they project you?

  60. HH – your endless noise is meant to disguise the fact that you will never be president of Zambia. You don’t have the requisite number of people voting for you, therefore your only options are illegal ones like trying to cause civil war with your foreign backers who are looking for easy money and a puppet leader


  62. I hear what you are saying. But what proposals have you got for Western Province? It is not enough to just criticize. You must provide alternative solutions.

  63. The criticisms are directed towards the ruling party and HH is doing his job as a leader of the opposition. He is working for the masses who need to be informed. His duty in the opposition is to check the government’s decisions on a daily basis so that all the dealings are transparent and in turn we are well informed. That’s his job to be in the opposition. If you think he just criticises the government all the time, then you cannot understand what he is doing for you. Perhaps you can rely on the media to give you facts, which I believe will not be possible. Perhaps we can try ignorance…

  64. hmmmm, ba daala, what are you trying to state????? We understand that your role is simply to oppose whatever Sata’s govnt does. you and Sata are one and the same breed of unvisioned leaders.. this is not news please give us real stuff other than these rantings!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  65. HH shud not think PFwill adopt UPND manifesto,central in PF manifesto is decentralisation.Creation of districts is in line with this concept,when will yo wonds heal?we re happy that things re being implemented as indicated in the PF master plan of which we wanted as pipo of zambia.u may say there is no money,dont u think creation of districts is also another way of creating jobs?comeon HH be sensible enough than misleading us..i can see how u hate western province,and u sound to have been financing the barotse issue.what a hateful leader who want to use divide and rule shall never work dear brother…remember how u tongas treated sakwiba and the lozi,that thing is still there in western province,i wonder how they even gave u MPs.we shall remaind them about that mistreatment!!!!!!

  66. since i have told HH the truth,let him now tell us as a fake economist how many jobs will be created supose PF created 40 districts.If kk did not create districts would zambia been to where it is now?come on give a credit where it is due than rubishing even on valuable innovations.

  67. I don’t understand the rational in the creation of those districts after the announcing of the national budget. Maybe they will be catered for in next years budget.

    But what what amazes me more are H.Hs criticisms. They are full of unpatriotism. Unlike Chipimo, he does not mention any alternative solutions, but incite.

  68. HH, you will not be a president of Zambia, just eat your money and give your people money to fool you, that they will suppose you no. these people need your money only.
    Please be proud of the developments we shall see from the PF and SATA,
    I like it westerns go now and Litunga is with PF development. Sata is clever enought

  69. ba hh litole ilyakamamo na problems!!! How can you keep on criticizing everything that the government is doing? is that what it means check and balancing. if you put fellows like hh, they might completely lead the country to a terrible down fall because they are shallow in the thinking and have no big ideals for mother Zambia.

  70. ba hh Litole ilyakamamo na amaenshi.. no brains at all!!! how can you keep on criticizing everything that the government is doing? is that what it means to check and balance??? if you put fellows like hh as head of state, the country will terribly fall because they are shallow minded and have no bid ideals for mother zambia.

  71. PF is failing in all its dealings..they are not handling things the way they should..soon when they have a leadership vaccuum..when is he goin for a heart by pas..?lol

  72. Most of the bloggers supporting Sata’s chaotic way of handling national affairs will only realise when it is too late. The signs are clear: things are not okey. Each time I listen to Sata talking about economic issues, I wonder what went wrong in September 2011. Even the DCs who have been appointed to head the new districts are just cadres who are busy with PF duties. Some DCs are just grade 7 dropouts who have no clue about the challenges of the new districts. Infact these districts are created for employment creation for high ranking party cadres.

  73. Is it true that Chikankata residents are bitter after declaring their area a district and what harm has it done to this area? Can some one out there educate me am lost.

  74. #110,u need to understand that every person above 17yrs votes and these re the pipo who shud work.the thing is if one is not a PF cadre he/she is an opposition cadre.Political appointments are for cadres.If u need a non political job apply in the civil service,u will never find the president appointing teachers,doctors etc.if u were a president under kaya party wud you appoint DCs from other political parties?ask yoself is UPND and MMD supoting PF even on developmentals issues both in and outside parliament?if u dont know,its better you keep quite.The only qualification for a DC is to be a resident in a particular district…so that one has first hand information on the ground…which book says degree or masters?


  76. pipo seem not to understand the word cadre.when i was doing a degree in education,i came acros a word cadre of inspetors which simply means those who re trained and work as #110 to me u sound to be a cadre of UPND or MMD,why do u want to be a DC then under a party u will never coperate with?.Anyway, that wudnt be a problem,do u believe and understand the PF policies and its vision?economic policies does not merely require toking but doing……hope this will make understand

  77. A lot of the rants of HH do not resonate well with the majority of Zambians. He has the unfortunate gift that whatever he says , no matter the topic, people get offended. He just hasn’t got the touch, he hasn’t got the gravitas to excite, nay, to inspire anybody.

  78. Why do some Bembas always resort to insults even when it is not necessary to insult? They are in developed countries but their brains are still steeped in the Zambian kaponyaism. What a shame. It is true, you can take a man from the bush of Zambia but you can never remove the bush from him. Eish!!

  79. Blue Blood you are worse when it comes to insults. Read your Zambian Watch dog and prove me wrong!!!! You have insulted Mr. Sata as a small boy and yet he is the Head of State!!!!!

  80. Mwanamfumu its you who is dull because Barotse Agreement and Barotse Land are two different isues. Read your History and don`t depend on leakages when writing examinations poor boy!!!!

  81. HH surely you now cant accept development.Issues surrounding the barotse were created by shiPanji who should be held accountable for his activities.Just be tribal with your bantustan party

  82. @74,76 NATASHA, if you a woman; no wonder u a still single coz there is no sane man who can marry a retard like you. Imbeciles of your calibre ve no place in zambia. As for HH symcophants saying come 2016 hh ll be president, i really pity you….If only all wishes were horses even an under 5 like hh would ride

  83. H H take it easy
    Sata is the head of state, in government is the PF so you will not dictate at them wait for your time if ever it will come. The creation of the 7 districts is their plan. You wait and see do not just criticize.

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