Women’s Lobby, NGOCC differ over First Lady’s budget

First lady Dr Christine Kaseba
First lady Dr Christine Kaseba

The Zambia National Women’s Lobby has distanced itself from the Non-Governmental Organisations’ Coordinating Council (NGOCC)’s opposition of the K1.5 billion allocated to the Office of the First Lady.

Women’s Lobby Chairperson Beauty Katebe Phiri tells QFM News in a statement that it is her organisation’s considered view that if NGOCC wanted to oppose the allocation in question, it would have done so at the stage when the Yellow Book of the budget was publicized.

Ms Phiri adds that the NGOCC could have lobbied Parliament not to approve the allocation.

She says the mandate of the Zambia National Women’s Lobby is to advocate for the empowerment of women, and that they are therefore delighted that the Office of the First Lady has been funded in such a transparent manner as this will foster good governance and accountability.

Ms Phiri states that it is a known fact that all the past First Ladies had activities attached to their offices funded by tax payers’ money which has never been audited because no one could trace the vault of the expenditure.

She says the Women’s Lobby commends government for the transparent manner it will allow the Zambian people to monitor the expenditure of the First Lady’s office.

Ms Phiri has further called for the need to ensure that the Office of the First Lady is constitutionalised.



    • Obviously you’re ok with the 1st lady’s budget because one day you’ll be the queen. However I find it strange that you claim Nubian (Northern Africa) while posting from America on a Zambian website..

  1. @1. Nubian Princess. Kaseba is a criminal. She is in receipt of taxpayers money she’s not constitutionally entitled to. Only someone with kleptomania protein in his DNA can pretend that there’s nothing wrong with this. This is not the time to move on. It is the time to say STOP the CRAP!

    • Kaseba has not stolen anything. Ubututu mwebantu. Remember whatever parliament has approved is law, so the allocation to the first lady’s office is law not criminal

    • @Goncalves
      You are right anyone who receives stolen money is a criminal and in this case this imposter is a criminal. All the activities surrounding the issuance of funds to this woman are illegal and the parliament simply rubber stamped decisions clustered around the misuse of state funds. In the future she must be arrested, tried and definitely incarcerated for her role in the theft of state funds.

  2. Wait a minute, i think no one is opposing the allocation of funds to the first lady’s office, NO, but merely saying first things first! Make the office constitutionally legal then allocate whatever resources. Remember abuse of office clause? by the way is there an office for the “Second Lady”?

  3. Goncalves dont say things for the sake of it – sit back and reflect on what you are about to say!! This is a very good move by Government – in the past first ladies have been running around with taxpayers money and that money was not audited as there was no vault attached to it. We will now ask for accountability as Zambians – we need audited books of accounts as well as progress report quarterly if you like – for the activities carried out by the FL. Muletenkanya before you make a fool of yourself on things you dont understand!!

    • #5 with real name: A Dr who writes such idiocy? Do you know how dull the auditor general of your Zambia is? How can you prove that whatever your Zambian accountants post in books are close to real expenditure? Taxpayers, which & how many Zambians pay taxes, and those who collect the so-called taxes do they deposit in bank for former Dr. Kaseba?
      What kind of Dr are you?

    • You are cheating. Previous first ladies fund raised for their NGOs’. No GRZ money was used total lie. At one time Tandiwe refused to have a ministers spouses meeting at state house because RB refused her to use4 state house funds. Dr you are a fool yourself to advocate for unauthorized spending agency which is not constitutional. Monkeys in a maize field. This is not Sata or PFs’ money, it belong to us, the people of Zambia

  4. i am very surprised and disappointed that an affiliate organization of NGOCC can distance itself from a principled and well informed position taken by NGOCC. Zambia National Lobby Group should relax and consult widely on these matters before you are misled. the first lady office is unconstitutional and hence cannot be funded. simple logic and the lobby has none. May be the lobby has a certificate holder for a chairperson and executive director. Ask Engwase Mwale. She is more intelligent that these chaps ranting about the yellow book. Or may be lobby has been given millions of kwacha???

    • I am so dissapointed with Zambia Women’s Lobby, they are distancing themselves from NGOCC statement just because Kaseba did not officiate at their funtion yesterday. Donors please stop supporting this organisation

  5. Did Betty, Vera, Maureen or Thandiwe have such allocations, or is it a new this to suit this aging mans wife? He is busy building a retirement house, when some people have to sit outside to have their lessons because there is no building for them, then come the rainy season they have to adjourn, does that make sense?? Dont be shocked if his retirement house is exactly like his counter parts as attached: http://www.hoax-slayer.com/robert-mugabe-mansion.shtml. Shameful greedy presidents. Mugabe will probably ask to be buried with all the contents of his mansion as the icing on the cake for his wickedness!

  6. Vera Chiluba =  Hope Foundation (Funded by Office of the President)
    Maureen Mwanawasa = Maureen Mwanawasa Foundation (Funded by Office of the President)
    where these foundations ever audited or they were special operations under OP? bottom-line is taxpayers have always founded Office of First Lady through OP…Sata I suggest keep funding Off. of First Lady through OP…Zambian not interested in transparency and holding First Lady accountable for our taxes she uses! 

  7. @5. Stop the nonsense. There is no law that establishes the office of the first lady. Stop imagining stuff. Her duty is to her husband. She’s not an employee of the Zambian state. She’s got no conditions of service. If she’s bored with keeping State House warm I suggest that she uses her medical qualifications. Let her hold suggeries at the various clinics in Lusaka compounds. That way she will be helping the nation that educated her. We don’t want her cute fingures in the nation’s cookie jar. Let those cute nails go probe patients at Chainda clinic. Failure to do so we shall label her a thief!

    • Well thought of, except “cute”, she is not cute that woman. I could say alot, but I hate to write or comment on other people’s wives.

  8. It is sad that a number of Zambians have become so much of cadres that common sense has really become rare. Legalising a wrong does not make it right. It is wrong to finance that office and no matter how much justification is made it will never make it right. Shame on Zambia, when other nations are making progress we are tied down to colonial politics. Politics yansala

  9. Good idea to for First Lady’s office to get its own budget allocation. However, grandpa Chikwanda, isn’t it your job to advice my other grandpa Sata, the legal and appropriate way of handling this situation? All the intelligent, educated professional PF people, where are you to provide the appropriate advice, so avoid the constant embarrassment by the administration?

  10. Tigress- Do you live in Zambia? All the 1st ladies had this money. This time Parliament passed it so what is the problem ba Upnd? Has HH got a wife or wives?

  11. We cannot move on without resolving issues. That is cowardice. Ms phiri is another wet dull lady supporting issues blindly without a piece of thought. Kaseba can still raise money for her ventures without allocation from parliament. I thought she was that intelligent. Kasebe show pride and be reasonable. Stealing hard earned peoples money will never make you happy in life. God rewards handwork. Remember this, as long as you triumph over poor peoples wishes because of authority, you will never be happy in life period. The poor are always blessed.

  12. Christine Kaseba is not an employee of government and is not even an elected official of government. Her so called office does not exist in our government structures. The functions she wants to perform she is usurping from established government institutions. This is veiled plunder of our meager resources which could have been best used to procure medicines in our hospitals. Christine can either go back to work at UTH and earn her money or stay home to take care of the president.

  13. #5 with real name: A Dr who writes such stupidity? Do you know how dull the auditor general of your Zambia is? How can you prove that whatever your Zambian accountants post in books are close to real expenditure? Taxpayers nyonyo, which & how many Zambians pay taxes, and those who collect the so-called taxes do they deposit in bank for former Dr. Kaseba to deserve a share?
    What kind of Dr are you?

  14. I do not support the idea of creating a budget for the office of the first lady. It is unconstitutional and will just bring problems in future once the incumbent president is out of office. This should be withdrawn.


  16. K1.5 billion allocated to an office that does not legally exist. In any case, this is a useless office even if it were to be legally established. There are more deserving causes on which that money should be used and not funding an illegal office. What a waste!!! And to think that we get money from donors to fund some illegal operations!!! This is very shocking!!! And what a parliament Zambia has!!!

  17. Apart from Betty, all the previous first ladies had illegal money in the names of Hope Foundation, MMCI. Ba Mrs RB did not disclose her charity because she was busy pocketing the money for her personal use.

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