Saturday, June 22, 2024

ZFE urges employers to implement minimum wage


Zambia Federation for Employers
Zambia Federation for Employers

The Zambia Federation for Employers (ZFE) says employers in the country have no option but to implement the new minimum wage following the dismissal of its legal challenge by the High court.

ZFE Executive Director Harrington Chibanda has since advised employers to ensure that there is industrial harmony.

Mr. Chibanda says the court ruling was very clear stating that there is no need for confrontation over the revised minimum wages.

The federation had challenged government over its decision to issue statutory instruments to increase the minimum wages but the Lusaka high court ruled that labour minister Fackson Shamenda was within the law when he announced the new minimum wages.

Speaking to QFM News, Mr. Chibanda says the federation is now looking forward to seeing enhanced dialogue between employers and employees.



  1. well then we do not need ZFE in the country. what do they do apart from getting money from companies and hosting silly workshops.

  2. Minimum wage is even less than the cost of living 2de, if yo employer pays u less better find means of rewarding yoself. Some employers are too stingy and selfish. Infact govt shud ensure that noone is getting below the minimum wage… Apa PF peena u did well to raise the minimum wage…

  3. ZFE and UNIONS, you have no purpose. You just stealing employees contributions. I urge workers to take up upon themselves like what the SA Minors and others workers did to increase their salaries. No more slave wages.

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