Critical fuel shortages continues hitting Monze District in Southern province

Fuel Shortage
Fuel Shortage

MONZE District has continued facing serious challenges in the supply of fuel due to frequent stock outs at the only functional Kobil filling station available.

This follows the closure of Puma filling station for some months in the District which had resulted into shortages as Kobil filling station alone could not meet the high demand of the commodity.

And speaking during the Energy Regulation Board (ERB) stakeholders meeting held in Monze Tuesday at Linga Longa Lodge, Monze District Commissioner Lucia Mwiinde expressed worry over the situation as it had encouraged the mushrooming of illegal fuel vending.

Mrs.Mwiinde said that the quality of fuel sold illegally could not be guaranteed as it was usually mixed with other harmful substances.

She said that the storage of illegal fuel was also improper because of safety risks associated with it in homes and other undesignated areas which might lead to loss of property, personal injuries and loss of life.

Mrs.Mwiinde encouraged the private sector in Monze to take advantage of the business opportunity by setting up filling stations to guarantee stable supply of fuel in the District.

She said that the local authority and ERB were available to provide requisite guidance to those who would show interest in putting up such investment.

The District Commissioner for Monze also appealed to ERB to ensure that Zambia Electricity Supply Cooperation (ZESCO) improves the supply and quality of power to the District as a matter of urgency.

She said that Monze District was developing at a fast pace with participation of both Government and the private sector investing in infrastructure development in which electricity is a cardinal component.

Mrs.Mwiinde however commended Government for its efforts towards addressing the problem of load shedding which resulted from high demand for power outstripping the Country’s generation capacity.

She said that Government had commenced rehabilitation works at Kariba North Bank to give an extra 360 Mega Watts while construction works at Ithezi-Thezi hydro power station expected to generate 120 mega watts had also been commenced.

Mrs.Mwiinde said that Government was also facilitating construction of two thermal power stations in Sinazongwe that will be able to produce about 900 mega watts upon attainment of full production.

She said that all these projects and many others taking place in other parts of the Country once completed will contribute to reduction of load shedding and lead to improved quality of power supply.


  1. Zambian investors this is good business opportunity don’t wait for foreigner investors to come and set up Gas station in Monze. Monze tycoons diversify from selling cows to pumping Gas.

  2. Since HH is a billionaire, can he invest in fuel for his country (Southern province) where people vote for him on tribal lines instead of just having sleepless nights for MCS’s victory and plot one.

  3. @ Kapaso, you are a foooool! with such idioncy you are exposing your hate for HH, leave HH alone in the paya farmer party faillure to develop the country. You must be one of the CNP useless leadership.

    • You are also a fool for insulting our President you *****. Who is hakainde if all he does is making noise day in day out at the expense of development? let him invest in that filling station and show his tribes’ men that he can be there when they need him most. *****.

  4. @Natasha, to the contrary, you are the one who HATES His Excellency MCS with passion. How would I hate HH who I know 100% that he will NEVER be my President. You started talking about MCS failures before we even voted him as our KING; u included. Whether you like it or not, history has been written that MCS is the 5th President. I may be fool, but I am happy with the current polical scenario which you cannot do anything about. Where I come from, we call insults “amalumbo”. Lol

  5. @Natasha, I have just noticed that you have accurately said and I quote “leave HH alone in the paya farmer party faillure to develop the country”. No, no, no, mwana we don’t need the likes of HH in our beautiful party, we have enough membership around Zambia. We told HH to stay in the marriage with us but due to his selfishness of insatiable hunger for power, he left. Here we are enjoying the leadership. Being insulted makes us stronger and work even harder since we are here to stay until 2031 at which time HH and UPND would have gone into oblivion or concede defeat.

  6. The moment PF came into power Sata screamed at the top of his voice squeezing the last breath in his lungs that MMD were corrupt in their procurement of Oil even to a point of canceling the supply tender and appointing Angel Wynter Kabimba to chair a COMMISSION OF INQUIRY into the alleged corruption meanwhile Dear Kabimba was busy registering a Company to supply the same OIL. It was said Kabimba received kick backs through his OIL company but people as usual called it Bitterness now lets see if your cars can run on bitterness as fuel. why fuel shortage please kabimba and sata explain.

  7. Awe kwena naimikosela pa zed. Moving from one shortage to another-mealie meal,water,electricity,fuel…… Bashi kanchule mwa lapusuka!

  8. The petrol is in Malawi. Sata has been sending Millions of litres to Malawi to impress Joyce. She’s playing too tough to get. She will bankrupt your banana republic! Sata should also stop playing these teenage games otherwise he will destroy the country!

  9. Aha,there’s a pic of Kobil filling station.Its just yet another foreign retailer in a line of many more.I guess zambians must enjoy being raped commercially by foreign entities.

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