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Major Kachingwe expelled from MMD


MMD president Nevers Mumba(l) MMD national Chairman Kabinga Pande and MMD Vice President for Politics Michael Kaingu(R) during the press conference this morning

The MMD National Executive Committee (NEC) has expelled national Secretary Major Richard Kachingwe from the party with immediate effect.

MMD national Chairman Kabinga Pande made the announcement during a news conference held at party president Nevers Mumba’s residence in Lusaka this morning.

Mr Pande said the NEC resolved to expel Major Kachingwe at its meeting held yesterday for alleged misconduct in accordance with article 19N of the party constitution.He said Major Kachingwe’s letter to invalidate Dr. Mumba’s presidency was illegal and invalid.He accused Major Kachingwe of single handedly invalidating the election of Dr. Mumba without authority from NEC or the national convention.

Mr.Pande also announced that Senga Hill Member of Parliament Kapembwa Simbao has since been appointed national Secretary on interim basis until elections for the new national secretary are held.

He also dispelled media assertions that the party is divided saying Major Kachingwe’s case was purely a matter of discpline and that the general MMD membership is united behind the leadership of Dr. Mumba.

Mr. Pande further revealed that media reports indicating that Major Kachingwe had obtained an injuction aganist Dr. Mumba are incorrect.

He said the Lusaka High Court refused to grant Major Kachingwe the injuction without hearing from Dr. Mumba’s lawyers.

Mr. Pande also condenmed the manner in which MMD cadres attacked Major Kachingwe at the party secretariat.

Party president, Nevers Mumba, vice president for political affairs Michael Kaingu, Party Spokesperson Dora Siliya and deputy national secretary Chembe Nyangu were also in attendance.

Mr. Pande said the ongoing fight between the party and the registrar of societies is already a known issue to all Zambians.

Meanwhile MMD Vice President for Politics Michael Kaingu said the MMD has no problem paying the K90 million statutory arrears to the Registrar of Societies by Friday.

“We paid over K360 million arrears to Andeleki’s office.We don’t have a problem clearing K90 million anyday,” Dr. Kaingu said.

MMD party president Dr.Nevers Mumba has called on MMD leaders countrywide to remain resolute.He said MMD is a mother of all democracy and will continue to exist even after he had served his full term as party leader.

MMD cadres during the Press conference held at party president Dr.Nevers Mumba’s residence


  1. i saw this coming. To me the Major looked like he was working against MMD. I just hope his attackers will also be delt with by the law.

  2. The circus continues, Nevers’ election has been nullified and is currently before the high court. National Secretary Kachingwe expelled. 2 MMD MPs are scheduled to resign therefore a bye election is in the air, how is MMD going to campaign mwe bantu. Not to mention Andeleki wants his K90 million plus returns. Nevers should resign and go back ku chalichi and preach, this animal called politics certainly wont spare him. This political volcano is about to erupt and blow him back to preaching. Catch 22 baba, its a difficult, record show RB as president, Mumba as Reform Party President!!!how to regularise without giving amunition to opponents. gush. LOl…..

  3. Nevers Please go back to the pulpit,you belong there.
    please we beg you. we can see you are going to be beaten like the

  4. The Zambian public has had experience, endure and witnessed issues that surface in any entity that undergoes a complex process of metamophosis. in this everchanging environment be it political, economical or social the process of change demands players to abide and conform to the complexity of change. Those unable to adapt forces of the change fall off naturary (die off). As said before this process is not only unique to one political party (MMD), but all Zambian political parties will be subjected to this change now or later. Other former MMD members were first victims, Kachingwe just happens to be a big fish caught out unable to master the change. Resistance to forces of change at times violently tosses one like a fly.

  5. mr Major underestimated MMD !
    His handlers should no by now that bemba vote is not theirs alone!
    Mumba is a threat to Sata and PF
    so they needed to tame him
    politics ! am pf though…….

  6. However, MMD has an opportunity to explain a number of issues raised by former secretary to the party so as to dispel misgivings to the general public. Some issues are quite absurd and illogical but others need clarification from the party. The issues raised by Kachingwe attract public interest and its the democratic right for them to know the truth over these issues. I pray the party spokesperson to deal with each one of them clearly stating the position of the party.

  7. In my opinion the NEC would have considered the one who sent those cadres to attack MAJ. Second they did not tackle the stance of Nevers over his party, which is a serious matter,,,I think they have rushed in pronouncing MAJ’s dismissal,,,they would have dug more than this fluid judgment…I smell a rat,,,Mumba must apologise to the Nation,,,because what happened is seen as a protagonist,,,of which demands his Innocence or Guilty,,,I may be wrong but,,,cardinal in evaluation

  8. Major Richard Kachingwe is a seasoned politician who willingly flouted Party procedures to puch the NEC into expelling him, he knows what he is doing and very soon, he will be announcing his next political move. After all, he is from Northwestern and probably he is eyeing some seat on the PF ticket, watch the space!!

    • Imwe batata imwe finshi mulepepa? Ba Kachingwe besu baku Kasama! PF is his natural home! He should be welcomed by all PF cadres. He is the prodigal son who came back home. He had stuck with the MMD even after ba Chiluba surrendered it kuli ba mwisa. The next we’re hopping will come back home is ba Mutati. Ka Nevers ke na kalilubana. There’s no hope that boy.

  9. I find this statement by Kaingu very interesting: “We paid over K360 million arrears to Andeleki’s office.We don’t have a problem clearing K90 million anyday,”.

    If you don’t have a problem paying then go and pay NOW! Or are you just taking the Zambian people for a ride? And why has Chembe Nyangu been overlooked?  

  10. In all honest, thats probably what he wanted, he will be seen as a villain and be given a great job by PF and all his followers will join PF.

    My point is, this is a circus people, politics is dirty and everything we are seeing here has been done before
    It is all drivel

    I am going back to continue with my PhD


  11. Mushota hahahahha! Mushota asosa ne chalo chamumfwa. Go mwandi and pound on your PhD. God bless you mwaiche. When is the announcement going to be made as in the Royals for you and Nick?

  12. Interesting development. I thought that the NATURAL PROCESS would be to let the DEPUTY to act until elections are held. So , why is Chembe Nyangu not acting?

  13. I like the level-headedness of the MMD Vice Prezident Dr. Brian Chituwo. The other one OMG!; “We paid over K360 million arrears to Andeleki’s office.We don’t have a problem clearing K90 million anyday”. Oh come now, just pay.

    • Q. The Registrar of Societies claims that you still haven’t settled your statutory fees? Answer: We’ve paid over ……..Q. He (Registrar) says you have not paid all the money ….you still owe K 90m….Ans. We have no problem…..

  14. Aaa well, I feel for my educated friends, the die hard MMD who, despite their education, cannot believe that Kaponyas make the majority voters in Zambia. Who ever organises Kaponyas will carry the day. From 1991 to 2011, I was the one feeling angry all the times. Now, i can relax and enjoy reading news papers because my government is in control. Satana, tela in’goma bika apa!! Seleni to shaneko!! Am loving it!! MMD going into oblivion; God can hear prayers. After 15 years of praying the devil is being destroyed. More tea please!!

  15. Is this the type of leadership you expect to entrust with national affairs? This MMD has been reduced to victory ministries cell group. Too sad they are now Mumba’s quoir group.

  16. Ati messiah bwelale anso pachalo ukabwele nanfuti………. ndeloleshafye, now we are waiting for part 3 from Major Kachingwe to fire Nevers Mumba. Movie to be continued.

  17. Kachingwe should have just quietly joined the PF. There was no need for these antics. This has just exposed him as no different from the id.iots who beat him up. He is equally a hooligan not withstanding his rank of Major and his huge Marasmus tummy! Pathetic behaviour and beyond the pale!

  18. Have you noticed that often at every occazion party regalia worn mostly by older women iz ever new, not to mention the swift mobilization of cadrez?

  19. Nevers is a man of GOD as we all Zambians know, if he still believes in GOD he should come to terms and apologize to Major Kachingwe and his family and to all Zambians for him to send Cadres who went and treated Kachingwe in a very embarrassed manner. I never thought Nevers Mumba can be violet to even reach an extent of sending his cadres to harass his fellow MMD member like that.yes Kachingwe mighty be wrong and he is gone, but the way he was treated by Mumba’s cadres is the least we can all expect from a Man of God.

  20. Good riddance of that grade 9 major. now on to some juicy news about Trevor asking his audience “why does your president look like he is smelling something terrible”

  21. Sadly these are signs of immaturity, or dare I say, a lack of comprehension of democratic tenets? Zambians are intolerant of criticism, even when such criticism is underpinned by the constitution. We do not yet know how to handle a crisis created by lack of due diligence. Mumba has always been a trickster who takes no prisoners. MMD will soon know what they have brought upon themselves. They will rue the day Major Kachingwe was decked and thrown out. However, for him, the chickens have come home to roost. He took Mumba in, just like RB. As a country, the sight of cadres attacking a party official in a street, is damaging. It brings back memories of the One Party State when UNIP cadres brought mayhem to those who dared challenge the status quo. One has to say that MMD has shown its colours.

  22. …And the circus continues indeed. So then, what do you (MMD) suppose should be your next move forward?

    In the publics’ eye, MMD has lost any if not all political traction it might have had left after the beating last september by PF. It’s also obvious that, there’s a considerable number of it’s own members that have second guessed Mumba’s presidency thus far.

    In my opinion, I don’t see Mumba convincingly finshing his whole term as president of the troubled MMD.

    Dora is too quiet lately. Hasn’t she been reportedly been to plot 1 to see King Cobra?

  23. The Right Reverend himself sent people to beat up a rival. Is this a Christian pastor or a Moslem pastor conducting Jihad? Ai mwe!

  24. And yes, why are those cadres in the above picture still using RB vitenges? This could possibly support the argument that, RB is still recognized as MMD president.

    MMD is truly for the uneducated masses. Mumba, resign already and revive your church…your congregation has missed the old Nevers who was always preaching good against evil.

  25. Kachingwe is no good.He really wanted to destroy MMD.Why has the police swung into action so fast?something fishy here.

  26. no.39 please do not mention the name of jihad cos in Zambia, we are not interested in terrorists. ba Mumba please please refrain those cadres, we need peacefull politics in Zambia

    • Tell them. We could not even read newspapers at work in the 1990 for fear of being fired for supporting the MMD. Now, it’s just a bunch of academic and false prophetic criminals. However, they are not going no where with this kind of criminal behaviour. I hope they know what they have taken on in major kachingwe.


  28. Major Kachingwe must seriously reflect on the nasty events of the past week and call it quits from politics. His party has ditched him and more than 90% bloggers have condemned him for his treacherous acts. The only problem though is that Zambian politics are not about service and credibility but filling up the belly. For him I guess the next stop is PF.

  29. Don’t heap blame on Major Kachingwe. You are adding salt to an injury. It is Nevers Mumba who is at fault. His track record of opportunism is well known. From preaching the word of God to unleashing street thugs of person is equal to the betrayal of Jesus by Judas Escariot. Those who are glorifying Nevers will be answerable before the throne of the Divine King.

  30. Don’t heap blame on Major Kachingwe. You are adding salt to an injury. It is Nevers Mumba who is at fault. His track record of opportunism is well known. From preaching the word of God to unleashing street thugs o person is equal to the betrayal of Jesus by Judas Escariot. Those who are glorifying Nevers will be answerable before the throne of the Divine King.

  31. Don’t heap blame on Major Kachingwe. You are adding salt to an injury. It is Nevers Mumba who is at fault. His track record of opportunism is well known. From preaching the word of God to unleashing street thugs on person is equal to the betrayal of Jesus by Judas Escariot. Those who are glorifying Nevers will be answerable before the throne of the Divine King. As things stand now Nevers is not president of MMD until the court rules otherwise following the injunction to bar him from performing MMD presidential functions.

  32. I see the evil hand of a very scheming PF in all this.This was engineered from outside just to destabilise our mighty party.

  33. Shame to the educated MMD Leaders who were watching Maj. Kachingwe being slipped and draged by the cadets. These leaders had all the power to stop cadets from beating maj. Kachingwe and could have taken all reasonable measure to prevent what happened, but decided to watch maj.kachingwe being beaten. Beside that these leaders know the cadets who were beating maj.kachingwe and have decided not to disclose to the police. What kind of leadership is this. This is what William Banda was doing. This kind of spirit has continued among MMD leadership. Despite what the maj. did MMD had better avenues to resolve problems. This only shows if MMD came to power in 1216, It will continue abusing power like Mr. William Banda. MMD leadership should ensure that those cadets are punished by the courts.

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