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Kambwili names the new Olympic size swimming pool as the ‘90 Days Legacy Swimming Pool’ and blasts critics


Sports Minister Chishimba Kambwili pauses for a photo in front of the 90 days legacy swimming pool
Sports Minister Chishimba Kambwili poses for a photo in front of the now  90 days legacy swimming pool

Government has said it has shamed doomsayers who thought Zambia would fail to host the 2012 Supreme Council for Sports in Africa (SCSA) Zone Six Games and has since named the Olympic size swimming pool: ‘90 Days Legacy Swimming Pool’.

The newly constructed Swimming Pool situated at the Olympic Youth Development Centre (OYDC), was officially handed over to Government yesterday by Anhui Foreign Economic Construction Group (SOGECOA) has been constructed within three months.

Sports Minister Chishimba Kambwili said the Patriotic Front Government has made hosting the Zonal Games a reality following failure to host the 1988 Africa Cup of Nations football tournament and the 2011 All Africa Games due to poor sports infrastructure and facilities in the country.

“As a responsible Government, we have been working tirelessly around the clock to ensure that Zambia hosts the Games successfully and save the Government and Zambian people the embarrassment of failure to host the Games. I want to assure the nation that all the facilities are now complete and ready for use by the athletes,” Kambwili said.

The Minister attributed the delay to finishing rehabilitation and construction works to a tedious procurement procedure which he said needed to be changed, saying the tendering process takes about three to five months before contracts were given out.

He said the past Government had nothing towards making their commitment of hosting the Games as no renovations were done before the PF Government took over office saying that greatly contributed.

“I would like to clarify why there has been a delay or what you are terming that we doing things at the eleventh hour; yes we can say that Zambia knew that we would host the Games as far back as 2010 when Zambia was a member of the Troika.

The agreement with the SCSA was signed in 2011. However, nothing was done on the ground in preparations for the Games. It was only in February this year when we assumed office in the ministry that we started pushing for bills of quantities for various infrastructural works.

Contracts for the works were only signed between July and August. So the works you are seeing today have been done in less than three months,” Kambwili said.

He said this achievement should be commended as a country and that people should support such efforts aimed at delivering the successful games and paid tribute Ministry of Works and Supply Project Structural Engineer – Buildings Department, Chimfwembe Mfula for her tireless efforts in ensuring the Games venues were ready.

Kambwili also took a swipe at the Lusaka Water and Sewerage Company (LWSC) for alleging they were inefficient towards filling up of the swimming pool constructed at a cost of K17 billion.

He said the water utility firm needed to jack up its operations and that there was need to take action against non-performing companies.

He said the rehabilitation of the UNZA hostels was a legacy that the Games would leave behind adding that hosting of sports events of such magnitude is an expensive venture that required substantial human, material and financial resource.

Kambwili said the Local Organising Committee (LOC) has trained and engaged 800 volunteers who would ensure that the visitors were well informed and guided and assured that visiting teams and officials of maximum security and the venues.

On the swimming pool, Kambwili expressed happiness that the pool was of international standards as certified by the International Swimming Federation (FINA) adding that is was money well spent


    • Ya so it gat to be kambwili to bring u food, cook for you, open your mouth to eat and then tell u to go to the toilet huh. get a life. The sooner people realise that people have to hustle and not wait for political announcement which are also coming from a human being who has his own needs, this country will always have noise makers

    • Rubbish Ranting, so you want GRZ to do all things for you? Haa. You want Sata to wake you up  and show you a field where you should grow maize? You lazy person, if thats what you are waiting for , then you will die soon man. Stop being lazy.. atase bane.

  1. keep it up Hon Kambwili, you and your term in the ministry of sports are doing a good job unlike Winter Kabimba who is a shame to the Government

  2. Well done Mr.Kambwili. Are your cows still grazing on the lawns of Luanshya golf course? I hope after the games you won’t bring your livestock to come & drink from the swimming pool…

  3. Hate this man or love him. he is a performer. I know as well he likes to come into the limelight and attack his opponents at every turn of event.

    On this one Hon Kambwili u have impressed me.

    But Not the 90 days legacy…. It has a lot of memories of 90 days failures.

  4. So fat and useless and ignorant, he does not know that the 90 days are past and gone…  what a government of baboons

    • Excellent work? Come on…Let us be rational here. I think many Zambians would rather have water, sanitation, food, an education etc. than a swimmng pool!!! The PF govt. never promised us swimming pools — correct me here if I am wrong. So we are still doubting and will do so as long as this govt. continues to “sidetrack” us from the REAL issues. Moreover, only a handful of Zambians will have the opportunity to swim in that pool. Hopefully, you will be this handful…

  5. We all know how cheap Kambwili is at politicking, this is the same man who attributed the National team victory at the AFCON to the PF,

  6. This fat for nothing boy thinks Zambians are gullibles? Let him go and tell his mother and father the 90 days stupid PF legacy. Zambians are much clever than this good for nothing luanshya thug.The swimming pool does not need any name. It is already part of the sports complex. Stupid ***** idea by a Foolish Fat Boy in the name of Kambili whatever his name.

    • I am very sure that his mother and father are not part of the “90 days stupid PF legacy” come down dear. You can write better than that.

    • I knew most of you dull guys would take it wrongly, its 90 days because it was constructed in 90 days and not the PF 90 days mulebelenga.

  7. Trying to sway people from the real promises of 90 days, no ways bwana! 90 days was 90 days, and the prophesy passed with fulfilment – period! Next time a dog gives birth in 90 days, you will be singing about the same 90 days – no ways!

  8. #10 you are just jealous. At the age of 43 Kambwili has achieved more than you will ever achieve. He is driven in a landcruiser GX 200, and is often seen strategising on progressing in life. He is an inspiring leader like Kabimba.

  9. What madness is this?bwana luanshya golf club/cow range proprietor 90 days was the biggest con in history infact it should go in the Guinness book of records, maybe i guess it maybe the reason you are naming the pool cause you are happy to have conned zambians into voting you in, but are you going to have the last laugh?

  10. Iyeee mwe bantu! “90 Days Legacy” shuuwaa!?! Kanshi na “Days Are Numbered” nga yacibako bwino mwee! “90 Days Legacy” shuuwaa??? Awe mukwai mwe!

  11. Hon Kambwili, just because you have finished the pool in time doesn’t negate the fact that you failed to plan!! You had more than a year to do this, but you waited until the last minute. Talk of shaming critics is cheap, you planned badly!! Kudos for finishing in time, but please let this form of last minute panic be the exception rather than the norm (as is the current case)!

  12. Kambwizi’s has apparently rubbished his PF colleagues who were at the Ministry before him. He is claiming that things on started to move only when he went to the Ministry!


  14. Hon Kambwili we need a modern stadia in Kitwe please.There is no way you have two stadias constructed within the locality of independence stadium.Let the money for reconstruction of the old indpendence stadium be channeled to new stadium in Kitwe.Kitwe is centrally located and a large football following please.Can all residents of Kitwe rise up and demand this from the PF government.The Ndola Stadium was built by LPM to impress his home town and what about us in Kitwe?We need a modern sports infrastructures please.Also find investors that can rehabilitate the Kitwe Playing Fields-(KPF) into a modern sports village.



  16. congrats kabwili and pf on this pool. but why call it 90 days legacy? It was not built in the first 90 days reign of failed pf’s promises. never mind another president will come and rename this swing pool like sata did to lusaka hospital, ndola stadium and the airports. people should be taught to keep the facilities clean, but knowing zambians, the place will be full of papers and plastics after the event. have fun.

  17. Is that the Minister of Sports, what sport does he do ” eating competitions”??lol. how can these dull Ministers get 90 Days Legacy Swimming Pool when the pool wasn’t finished in 90 days, better failure to finish in 90 days swimming pool,that’s more reflective of the truth of the matter.
    17 BILLION on a fish pond leaves much to be desired 1.PRIORITIES.

  18. Good job! Now construct more hostels for UNZA students because if you don’t those refurbished rooms will just be a waste pf money, everything will be broken down in 90 days due to overcrowding!

  19. Where are the shameless gutter Journalists from the Imbwa watch website. They have no iota of shame left in the them. God will punish them big time.

  20. What more if PF were the ones who had left all the projects that MMD left behind – we would have country full of more names than human beings. What a ridiculous name to give to a swimming pool. SECONDLY – what legacy is he talking about when the swimming pool was finished a good 11 months after they took over office. These guys are disgusting. And all of them are so Ugly. Look at Kambwili – in broad-day light but the guy still looks like he photographed at night!!! Stupid *****..

  21. this is good work, we all know that Zambia is a developing country & so far this is a not so bad pace. the only wrong thing here is the name, you might as well call it ‘kwacha re-basing’, lol

  22. But pa zambia mwalishalila(very behind) this is when you are having such a swimming pool? What have you people being doing all along? Just drinking, sleeping around, eating and pointing fingers. Very useless breed of a nation. Otherwise well done P.F!

  23. Toad Face – You should have had a feel of the pool by swimming in it to shed some fat.I hope you wont now go into Fish farming now that you have built a pond.

  24. Lesson learnt, it take 90 days to build a swimming pool. Turning around an economy… well that takes brains which am afraid are devoid in the PF. Anyhow, congratulations the pool looks great. 

  25. The name is stoopid. I think its his nickname for the place Don’t we have sports heroes to honour? but well done.

  26. Lol, Kambwili, are you telling me you built that? If you did, did you build it in 90 days? Lol. Standing without substance waiting for a fat kid to push you into the water?

  27. What an astronomical cost just for a swimming pool!!??. Someone has surely make a killing. I wonder what the rest of us will benefit from this!


  29. These patu fumo (p.f) government are crooks. Are u sure this pool is worth all that taxpayer’s moolah? I doubt it. U & your Chinese cousins are stuffing our national resources Pa tu Fumo. 

  30. Name sounds terrible! The pool looks great Congrats.Kambwili should join sports so as to reduce abit of weight.Dear Kambwili don’t forget about maintenance, the pool is just to nice to be destroyed in 90 days. If you don’t know how to maintain it, contact me, i will be at your service.

  31. Kambwili you promised people jobs, more money in peoples pockets. Thats what we expect to be called 90 days legacy. Not swimming pools, man.

  32. am scratching my head….how many days have passed since sept 2011……. and a swimming pool was not one of those 90 days promises…

  33. How does a minister stand like that and worse names a beautiful thing such a ugly name why i still ask my self ,cry mother Zambia

  34. The name is symbolic of the quality of the pool and the true quality of our leaders. That pool should be reserved only for those who voted wisely in September 2011 and card carrying members of our beloved party.

    • The minister is the custodian of the pool. infact it has a plaque with this name on it. yesterday i quoted from Hebrews 13v17 “Obey your leaders and respect their authority……” Are you obeyeing Beleg??

    • I would readily obey anything they ask that is lawful.  I will also continue to make sure they remain accountable.

      ’90 Day legacy’ will backfire, if you had any foresight you would know.

    • Beleg you are exhibiting blatant disrespect for the people the majority of Zambians voted for. Our leaders have a genuine mandate to leads us till atleast 2021 (i.e 2 terms).

  35. Pliz ba Kambwili needs some skin-grafting or skin transplant operation to change him from that dark colour to a lighter one! How can you have a Sports Minister whom competitors won’t be able to see even in broad-day light? This is serious…Just look the way he looks in the picture. But may be now that he is delivering good performance he might be forgiven…

    • So if someone has a dark shade does that make them less attractive? You brainwashed i.diot and your silly jokes. Emancipate yourself from mental slavery.

    • @ UNCLE PIPOs – chakubaba? Are you dark-skinned like Kambwili, you monkey??? Go and scrub yourself. Or are you so used to that even when your boss Kambwili is not seeing you, you still continue licking his bottom! Who is the idio.t now? The problem with you PF chaps is that you are so dull you that you don’t even know you are dull. Go and cry to Kambwili that ichi-chipula-chair anitukwana – kapena uza fola. You are worse than an i.d.iot…you numskull.

    • @ UNCLE PIPOs – don’t take yourself too seriously. Chill. Life goes well with a bit of humour! Wearing a long face all day will kill you. Give your heart a rest, mate.

  36. The man is true buffoon instead of preaching about unity he uses this occasion to settle cheap scores …its not like you were using PF funds to build the pool. Humility is not thinking less of yourself, it’s thinking of yourself less. 

  37. Very well done Mr Kambwili and PF. Keep on working hard to shame the bitter and frustrated people.

    Peace and Prosperity to Mother Zambia.

  38. “Fat” is wealthy ba Kabwa imwe!! Lol; Anyway Hon. Kambwili you make people laugh. Good man yourself, every little performance goes a long way. We got used to non-performance from the MMD. Am sure they are gutted.

    • I get the point you are making but please be fair. MMD is the one that built the OYDC venue where Kambwili has delivered the swimming – credit to him. Even these facilities like the swimming pool were already in the MMd plans because these games were already expected and planned for a few years ahead. I’m not taking away from Kambwili, I just want us to be sincere. The swimming pool is being delivered the same way Ndola stadium was delivered by PF but started by MMD. PF are yet to start and deliver their own programmes. Let uis be fair and mature.

  39. No one wants to praise the Chinese contractors who did the actual work.
    You see the Zambian water company couldn’t even supply water, a Chinese company should take-over water supply in Lusaka or all Zambia..

  40. I knew most of you folks would miss it, the 90 days name is because the pool was constructed within 90 days and not the PF 90 days which did not count to anything. kambwili deserves praise, he is the most hardworking MP and the most hardworking minister in the PF led Govt not Wynter Kabimba who just wants to appear clever when infact not.

    • No! no! @RASTA we are also just responding to Kambwili’s cleverness. He is deliberately using ambiguity to create confusion between his 90 days and the initial 90 days which expired last year! He is a very clever chap. I saw it myself, like you say – but you see how a lot of people have missed the point….that is the effect Kambwili wanted to create, except that he wished it was all positive response. Having said that, let us give credit where it belongs. It is refreshing to see atleast ONE PF Minister who can deliver! That is what every Zambian wants to see. We don’t join parties just because we like the sound of their names, it is because we think they can deliver! But while Kambwili is working, Kabimba is busy running away from corruption interrogations. Kamwbili 10, Kabimba 0.

  41. Theres more to managing a sucessful pool than just building it, hope you will be upto date in monitoring its ph levels,chlorine levels and overall maintainance.But credit should be given where its due and thumbs up to Kambwili…I think this man is indeed the man of action…not..his leader.

  42. I have been working for UNZA for the past 19 years and seen UNZA at its best and at its worst. I have been following the works being done on the hostels every week. I must say UNZA is experiencing a rebirth with the complete renovations of hostels and the dinning hall that we are seeing here from the replacement of old water pipers, toilets, bathtubs sockets, switches, doors, broken glass panes and fly screens to the installation of bigger water tanks and a complete painting of the inside and outside walls of hostels in wonderful colours. UNZA student hostels have been given a new look. Thanks to the bold step of the PF government, the Youth and Sports Ministry under the indefatigable Kambwili and the Ministry of Works and Supply with its very hardworking lady engineer Chimfwembe Mfula.

  43. Cheap politicking,just work quietly and let the people judge how effective you are. I hope this name is just a joke but even if it is a joke this joke just shows your arrogance as Minister whose govt failed to deliver within the 90 days you were preaching about so this is an insult to voters,people will not eat that swimming pool.

  44. Bwana minister, change that name and we will take it as if the 90 days thing was just a joke! sounds as if you never entered class room. Next time when you standing in front of a pool or water, do a spido not that attire, otherwise, take more projects and do zambia justice by accomplishing them, we might just benefit from you, i see that you are eager to do the job and want to shame the other side, thats good motivation, it means that things will be done, just work on your joy when you accomplish something, you get too
    excited and just pick up a name that comes to your head, or get a beautifull assistant to help you in certain things, like suggesting possible names, or even correct clothes for certain functions, otherwise, your mojo is good!

  45. Don’t understand the fuss, you were voted to put up such projects for Zambians and on top of that Zambian tax payers pay your benefits- you are the servant of the people, they are the ones to praise you not vice versa. Cheap politicking in Zambia even on obvious (not Mwaliteta)issues is now irritating. Start swimming exercises to lose the fat bwana minister, you are becoming obesse. Objectively- well done – but the name is off the mark.

  46. have any of yo dunderheads AND SCALLYWAGS, such as #66 taken time to look up the definition of “legacy?” it is defined in law as “a gift of property, especially personal property, as money, by will; a bequest. 2. anything handed down from the past, as from an ancestor or predecessor.” Me i still insist this pool is a 90 DAYS LEGACY POOL. Imagine the feeling you get when you jump in “Chubwiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii – Its a Legacy feeling” GOOD NAME BA MINISTER

  47. ah shame giving the chinese all our jobs making a swimming pool is a simple jobs yet they give it to outsiders ,shame and what a stupid name 

  48. Seleni tusambeko! This man cannot clain anything here. Since the Chinese came to Africa, all the projects are being completed on time. Did the Ministry of Works and Supply or the Ministry of Sport supervise anything? NO!

  49. What a retard! What is so special about a swimming pool? Why cant Kambwili show us all the facilities that will be used for the games.

  50. Zoana ni donchi kubeba when i look at that picture it looks exactly like the ones we are seeing in England, thats beautiful a site keep it up PF at least the face of lusaka is rapidly changing .

  51. It seems i’m the only one saddened that 48 years after independence and 43 years after the birth of unza we still require the chinese to build us concrete structures. Where the hell are our engineers? too theoretical with a phobia to apply themselves I guess. I applaud the buliding of the pool within 90 days but this is not our victory but that of the chinese architects, civil engineers and building scientists

  52. #34 if the kaponyas ( as you call them) are delivering so be it, the educated have miserably failed our nation, their zero tolerance slogan never produced any evidence on the ground. VIVA PF, SATA, KAMBWILI, WELL DONE! CONTINNUE THE HARD WORK AND SHAME THE ENVIOUS CRITICS!

  53. I hope they did not compromise on the quality by beating the deadline in less than 3 months.On name the ubu bukopo please find another name anyway congrates!!!!!

  54. grandon says i repeat it for enfasis,,,get some jobs and quit suffering yeah i said it,,,life is never easy well we all know that…comisorations PF.

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