Nevers Mumba in high spirits despite spending a night in police cells

MMD Party president, Dr Nevers Mumba
MMD Party president, Dr Nevers Mumba

MMD President Nevers Mumba remains defiant and he is in high spirits after spending a night in detention at Kitwe’s Nkana East Police Station, his aide has revealed.

The opposition leader was arrested late Monday afternoon after paying a courtesy call on Chief Nkana at this palace.Dr. Mumba along with four MMD MP’s was scheduled to pay another courtesy call on Chieftainess Shimukunani when police officers intercepted them on their way back from Kalulushi and ordered that they drive back to Kitwe for questioning.

The four MP’s include Howard Kunda (Muchinga) Anne Chungu (Lufwanyama), James Kashiba (Kafulafula) and Mike Katambo (Masaiti).They were detained for allegedly committing unlawful assembly.

They are using every trick in the dictators manual to kill democracy and Zambians must stand up and say no

In an interview Tuesday morning outside Nkana East Police Station, Dr. Mumba’s aide Raphael Nakachinda said the opposition leader remains in high spirit despite the detention.

“He knows that this is the price that he has to pay on behalf of all Zambians and he has taken it well in his stride. We are here at the police station still waiting for further instructions as to whether we are proceeding to court or not.”

Nakachinda however denounced the dictatorial tendencies that President Sata’s government is using to silence the opposition.

“They are using every trick in the dictators manual to kill democracy and Zambians must stand up and say no,” Nakachinda said.


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    Detain him!! He wants to disturbalise the nation….ati man of God…Infact he was suppose to be at Kitwe central and not Nkana east where there are no murderers detained so that he can be taught a lesson.

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      I am happy to say the current government has blind disciples like you shame. My brother requires that people are free and being intimidated.What is the government afraid of? if the party is strong let other people enjoy being Zambian and excise their democratic rights.

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      you are a fool ma brother there is nothing like being a child of God..even you ma bros u go to church but what do u do in secret?u know yourself and u are not righteous don’t judge!!! and God will not judge you!!

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      Paolo you are panio for sure MCS went around Zambia campaigning from the first day of his loss and he was rarely stopped and when it happened he cried foul. Can we have some sanity in the country please all the intelligent people supporting this nonsense are just after filling their bellies and own interests. Anyone who loves mother Zambia cannot support this government.

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    I usually do not comment but yes, I enjoy reading the comments on these blogs. I am extremely concerned at what is happening in my country that I aspire to lead from 2026. I think the current leadership needs to think very carefully what sort of society they will hand over to us, the real future of the nation we so much love and are making every effort to invest in, and trying hard to convince big business to come and invest in.

    There is no dictatorship that works in the best interest of its people and I urge the guys temporarily running government to just act fairly and within sensible boundaries. This is not us, the future of the nation wish to be seeing as we prepare to come and provide leadership from 2026.

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    If its true insamuch as I dont like Mumba, its bad for our democracy….but facts be told first though its not good detaining leaders as they have followers

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    Is the charge correct or are the police trying to embarrass the government? Yes he was reported to police by Kachingwe but is paying a courtesy call on some chiefs unlawful assembly?

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    Is visiting chiefs an offence? Am getting scared,Where are we going? Was Mr Sata treated the same way when he was in opposition? But this an assassination to democracy. People we need the opposition for checks and balances. If Mr Mumba is to be president by Gods will, then Mr Sata can not do anything about it, If it is not in Gods’ plan for him(Mumba) to president then it is going no where. Who knew that Mr. Sata would lead this country today?.What he (sata) is doing now is drawing sympathy from the Zambians and making him ( Mumba) popular.

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    this is not right..we are moving in reverse gear at a very high speed..if this continues,we will rise..mark my words

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    They detained our president? These eff–ng dictators are messing with democracy and our mighty party.Mumba our president is a true man of God and should be treated with respect unlike the catholic pretender at statehouse.

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    “This is the price I have to pay on behalf of all Zambians.” Who told you that you are paying the price on behalf of allZambias?You are doing it on your own behalf. Such emotional appeal to the Zambian conscience will not help.Use your head and do the right thing.It’s a pity that we cannot DISCERN the type of spirit or spirits behind certain activities/sayings.Is Nevers really paying the price on behalf of all Zambians?..Judge prudently, whether the spirit behind this saying is Divine, Human, Diabolical, of a Combination.

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      It’s can be argued that Mr Mumba is indeed paying the price on behalf of all Zambians. Our democracy as a nation is being eroded and some people, mainly politicians, will have to lead the fight against such tyrannical regimes as we are witnessing in the PF. And that will ultimately mean paying the price on behalf of all Zambians when such people are incarsarated or killed in the name of politics.

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    When the white man (I am sure Mushota will be happy with this) said the devil you know is better than the angel you do not know, I am sure it was after thoughtful consideration. MMD was bad but this is worse. What I find even more appalling is that they people on this blog support this nonsense. What goes around comes around, is another white man’s saying which PF will experience in the fullness of time. Remember how Chiluba mistreated Kaunda, his fallout was worse. What PF is planting, they shall surely reap 

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    Thats the price one pays if he gets high spirits of politics and power hungry,of course theres a law that govern and control unlawful assemblies.Mumba go back to your church,u have messed up the MMD,and day by day its strength is plummeting,Now wat r u gonna do about the K4BN?

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    What offense did he commit? Please Ba PF be reasonable and don’t behave like the MMD of RB. We will start losing trust and faith in you if you continue doing this stupi.dy things. Please leave Mumba alone so he can freely finish himself and MMD. Why should you make him look like a politician while he is not. Please Sata and PF, leave Mumba alone to finish himself.

    Peace and Prosperity to Mother Zambia.

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    if H E Ripiah behaved like this when Sata was in opposition des he think he would have been in state house.Its  big shame for PF because they forget that 15 months ao they were busy condeming MMD when they ae the worst culprits now. we wnt alow dictatorship Mr Sata. Mark my words

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    We can do it the Egyptian way, going to state house to tell Sata in his face that we want democracy in Zambia. Zambian moslems should lead this uprising as they are good at that. Anyway wat am trying to say is that democracy shud be preserved and upheld, wat is the point in being free when u cant move and assemble freely in your country?? We dont support Nevers but we support democracy, Cobra will one day learn it the Malian way if he becomes so stiff-necked. Allow democracy pliz twapapata imwe bamumbimunda….

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    Leaders, mostly in developing countries like ours, do not seem to know that they are in these positions to serve and not to be served. This knowledge seems to elude them at all times such that they end up serving their interests and their interests alone. We, as 3rd world countries, are far from this thing called DEMOCRACY and I think poverty has played a major role in making us greedy & selfish such that whenever anyone is availed an opportunity to be a leader, the first thing that comes to mind is SELF before you can even think of others, that’s if you will even think of them. MAY GOD DELIVER THE REPUBLIC OF ZAMBIA!

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      We shall all die sir but to wish someone to die is evil.Nevers should have him self to blame Sata is not a dictator but understands politics well.You need timing.humility is what I expect from out dear brother the Bible is clear to obey the leadership and pray for them for peace.There no harm for him to get a permit from Police.He did not just meet the chiefs without an appointment tell me here everything is by appointment the doctor,passport seeing a lawyer,bank

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      Are we reading different articles here? Which PUBLIC meeting are you referring to? I thought the paid a courtesy call on local chiefs and I do not think that amounts to public meetings.

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      even when you want to hold a private party we do go to the police and inform them. they are public leaders and needed to go and report to the police that they were visiting the chiefs. simple. we know politicians cause commons when they walk in streets and that on its on is anarchy.the police have every right to curb such . let nevers sue the police if they are wrong.

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      Permit from who are you a dreamer who does not know what has happened in mother Zambia. You need to be PF to hold a meeting

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    Its impossible to preserve peace in the absence of a visionary and wise leadership. With its reversal politics, PF has irredeemably lost the plot too early in its quest to misrule. Within 18 months in power all Zambians are seeing is this much historically abhorred return to mere animality — or shall we call it ‘decivilization’? — Zambia’s nascent democracy is in reverse. The world’s democracy movements are seeing  a return not to freedom but to instinct, to the domain of ‘authenticity’ that is guided more by genes than by brains. 

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    Back to stone age politics, kanshi wat wrong with the gray matter of micheal chilufya sata? Even at its worst mmd never reached such low level politicking we are seeing now. where in the civilized world do you hear an opposition being arrested for meeting people? this is nonsense and deserves the severest condemnation from everyone regardless of their political orientation

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    Well looks like there is totally no tolerance with this govt, surely they are now trying to frustrate the opposition political parties and this is not profitable for the Zambian people and democracy at large. Sata held many meetings and assembled with other people without being harassed by the RB govt then. We must uphold the law and we also must be impartial withe our citizenry. The acts by this govt are really disturbing and everyday they are proving to the Zambian people that they are not there to serve the interest of the majority Zambians but themselves(PF). Sad developments indeed!

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    Nevers has more stature than Sata had when Chiluba MHSRIP sung ubushimbe naumpesha amano at Freedom Park in Kitwe.Yes Nevers has got the capacity to sneak into plot 1 in 1916 thus why PF wants to destroy him and MMD at all cost.The Zambian people must not allow this to happen.
     If this persecution does not achieve the intended goal,it works out as a campaign for. nevers just as it did for Sata.Lets watch this space it most likely works out to the contraly.At 76 Sata bus have burnt his bridges and should embrace all.Whichever way life is not an eternity.The reason KK is busy with him is because he wants a dignified send off and who knows who will be in power when ba Satas time comes.Opposition deservevto be treated better.Prison or cells are the keys to state house in Zambia,

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    Freedom of assembly, association and speech are just like any other rights every Zambian should enjoy provided in the enjoyment of these rights are people’s rights are not infringed upon. I get disturbed when people are unjustifiably denied their constitutional rights by the state in the name of maintaining peace and order in the country.
    Zambians, we must rise and fight all forms of oppression at all levels! This is our country and everyone has the right to assemble, associate and speak freely without any kind of intimidation from anyone. It is high time police exercised professionalism in their tour of duty. Remember that we are watching you very closely and soon or late you will have to pay for you actions.

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    you dont get permision to meet 3 or 4 people unless if u are adressing a rally but its not a rally anyway ubuteko bwalikwata amaka

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    Nevers is in opposition. Let be seen to encourage current govt run. Show that you accept Sata as sole President, giving due respect. Do not disagree on each and everything sensible or not. Show that you respect national authority. Going to chiefs unannounced as opposition leader can have any interpretation. For instance, it shows you are soliciting for support from them, your are actively campaigning. Note the time for campaigns is not yet. There must be time for governance. You can have critical views but not campaigns. A plan to meet chiefs as a biggest opposition ought to be known by those governing. Thats the way to show you respect them and that the 

    • vote

      You are very dull.
      Who determines the appropriate time for campaigns? Is it the government?
      Think before you write anything to the public.

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      Dude, every day you are in government….. or politics for that matter….. is about campaigning. EVERY DAY! It is not for government to say when is allowed “for campaigning” – in a genuine democracy, you must prove your worth *and be held to account!) constantly. 

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    The corollary of PF anticivilisationism is primitivism, myopic partisan based endemic glorification of doom and the desire to brainlessly return to mistakenly putative innocence. Sadly political anarchists as these in PF draw their deluded inspiration from disdained political dinosaurs and myths of a one party hegemony system that will never sale again on the Zambian market. Zambians know that this anticivilisational political anarchism is merely one aspect of the social regression that marks darkness and national trapping. We had it for 27 years in the wilderness but left behind by Singapore in dehumanizing poverty. 

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      Just go back to the hospital and collect your prescription from your doctor; you are a danger to society if you miss your meds. like you have done today.

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    All hope and glory was diverted from God, as the deliverer of this great nation, to an individual. God gave us what we wanted not who we needed and this has left us in a big dilemma. Next time around, may we seek the mind of God to give us a person(s) we need, specifically hand picked by God Himself, for our human wisdom and judgement will always fail us BUT GOD NEVER FAILS. After all is said and done, may we continue praying for the current leadership, God can still do wonders through them, provided we do not focus on man for deliverence, but God. To God be all the glory, forever!

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    Nevers Mumba will never  be my favourite politician but is it lawful  to lock  him up for visiting his would be followers? Continue detaining him and we may start seeing a hero in him

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      Nevers Mumba denied God, he needs to be punished.Well done Sata, you are really smart!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    Pastor  Nevers Mumba!  The men of God and kings in the bible days took  heed of the advise, rebuke and correction from the prophets of old, PLEASE  go back to the pulpit, that is your calling , you abandoned the church and the sheep just to be in this dirty games of politics for greed and selfish reasons.Its not too late you can still choose the right path God ordained you to take and fulfil his purpose for your life here on earth, that is establishing the kingdom of heaven.PLS take Heed!

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    Pathetic Fools, how can you do that to my President? You will see after 2016 ba Mumbwe imwe bonse. Satana and his kingdom is working hard to distroy the work of God but he will be defeated. The Son of God has defeated the enermy on the Cross of culvary 2000 years ago.

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    :(( Sata is a good man,,I wonder what or who is confusing him. But let’s keep praying for him that he sees clearly in the next four years.

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    A monister and Leviathan is in Plot No. 1, or maybe a dinosaur. How we shall remove him I just can’t fathom.
    PF why do you hate Nevers Mumba beyond satanic levels. Anyway your hour of reckoning is calling. Just remember the chinese saying, ” those whom the gods wish to destroy they first make mad.”
    For once lets stop this culture, in Africa that requires that for one to be a president its mandatory to pass through police cells.
    Now I am convinced that Nevers Mumba is enroute to state house, initially I had doubts but the level of scarecrow he causes in PF is indicative enough.

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    This sanctimonious fake pastor is not generous with the truth as usual; The chap was holding a public meeting without a permit. The law is very clear of that. You vile crooks had 20 years to revise the law but you chose to ignore it as you were busy plundering. 

    • vote

      Foolish maxwell which government in Zed gives permits even if they had requested one, it would have been denied. This whole saga is the Kachingwe one, you are a paid PF perfect fool. It did not go this far in MMD and I you trying to tell us that the Perfect Fools enjoy misusing this Act to suit themselves and cage their perceived enemies.

    • vote

      Maxwell, I’m confused. On the one hand you condemn the MMD for not reversing the Public Order Act (they had 20 years, yadda yadda), yet on the other hand you applaud PF for running amok with the very same act you criticize the “vile swines” for not reversing.

      Which way do you want it and when is it time for government to do what is right for Zambia? 

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    Nevers don’t cheat us by telling us you are taking a sacrifice for Zambians; we are not st*pid and can see through your crocodile tears.

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      Very right Maxwell, Nevers is being economical with the truth as usual. After his efforts were swathed in Chifubu he wanted to go and cause confusion in Lufwanyama. The question we should be asking ourselves is why did he apply for a Police permit? If he had been denied a permit he could then have complained about being unfairly treated. As far as I can see Nevers provoked the situation and got what he deserved. We can not allow lawlessness because of ‘Democracy’ as view by some of these chaps. 

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    Kabimba assembles PF cadres at the ACC and that is seen as lawful and Mumba visits a local chief and that is seen as unlawful. What an insult! Zambia just needs to rise against this Govt…there is no other way! Because at this rate you will have lost your right to vote by the time it’s 2016. 

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    That is it! If the PF are behind this, they have made a big mistake, because from now on Nevers will be unstoppable.

    They have “initiated” him into politics, and with the help of morally good MMD people, he can rise to rebuild MMD and return to power in 2016. However, if this was a doing of overzealous police officers, it counts for nothing, and of course Nevers must be compensated.

  36. vote

    Power makes foolish men mad, when the devil wants to destroy you after you have served him for years he makes you not to reason and turns you into an animal. See what a civilized Mursi has done, he has listened to the people and this man in plot one has no ears and eyes since he is a Cobra and does not see all the things that are wrong in the country, he is trying to divert attention from the mismangement of our resources in the country. I am waiting for 2016 to cast my kuya bebele vote. Thank God Zambians are peaceful.

  37. vote

    The cracandasity of the PF is simply sindokrandorous! How on earth do they masmosticitise such emproperosity?

  38. vote

    @What I Think; You are only confusing your f**lish self with those non existent words. have you ever seen a dog trying to bite its tail off? just invest in books and read my dear friend. there are no short-cuts in English. 

  39. vote

    Sata is taking the country back with his dealings with opposition parties. He is spending too much time fighting MMD instead of concentrating on improving the economy of our country.His appetite for absolute power is frightening.

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    honestly speaking,this entails that mmd is still there and a bother to pf.People be reminded that it was sata who caused alot of pain to kk,he shouted at the the old man and asked him to go back to the farm.

  42. vote

    Mr Sata, if you continue on this path, the people of Zambia will remember all the terrible things you have said and done to them in your political life which Fred Mmembe made them forget, but which Chanda Chimba tried in vain to remind them.

  43. vote

    Opposition parties,,,well we enjoy reading about such shallow tactics with finishing opposition parties.Unlawful assembly bane,sikuti ili mu penal code yasu ija 87.,,nikufuna funa ma chapter cabe muza sipenza muna cimwa,nikucosa nsapato cabe.Maybe somebody had socks with holes,niku nkala prepared mu opposition bane.

  44. vote

    apart from #33, the rest have lost it all. the only solution here is the constitution. PEOPLE DRIVEN CONSTITUTION. otherwise lets continue complaining.

  45. vote

    I thought the police were suppose to be dealing with real criminals? It seems the zam police are not operating as independent institution ?

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    The arrest and detention of Dr Mumba is from the Devil’s play book,wheather I support him or not,this is a sad day in zambia,to have an elected member of parliament in prison for talking to people.Sata and his regime have broken a world record,he is worser than Magabe,than Museveni,He can be compaired to Emperor Bokasa of CAR who used to eat school going children.Dr mumba and the 7 have not been arrested,what has been arrested is freedom for every zambian,Sata is taking zambia really back,almost 50 yrs of independence political leaders are being arrested for holding peaceful meetings,anyway this explains why after being elected he first visited mugabe and museveni,this is a failure,dull,dump.He has no vision or purpose for the country.He needs to be removed,

  47. vote

    How do you get a police permit for paying a coutesy call to a person,this is the most stupid and sulliest thing i have ever heard,the copperbelt has issues with the jerables who have not been arrested and this old disgrantled president is arresting people for talking.His job is to fight for the people of zambia,put food,shelter,education,health,jobs and other things for them and not chasing peaceful people for nothing.He has run out of ideas now coz he promised to fix zambia in 90 days and fix the china issue,but the chines gave him some kungfu panda toils and he forgot about the abuse to zambains.Anyway what do you expect from a president whose chief policy advisor is kambwili and Nsander.

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