Tuesday, June 25, 2024

ZDDM accuses police of corruption


Evelyn Hone College Students running away from Zambia Police riot squad
Evelyn Hone College Students running away from Zambia Police riot squad

The Zambia Direct Democracy Movement (ZDDM) has accused the Zambia Police Service (ZPS) of being corrupt and abusing their privileges.

ZDDM National Coordinator Edwin Sakala told ZANIS in a petition presented today that ZDDM have observed regrettably that corruption in the Police Service is growing at an alarming level within the Police department.

Mr Sakala said they are particularly concerned that each time people require service from Police Officers, gratification is asked from them.

He observed that by paying tax and being asked for gratification is paying officers twice for the services they are employed for in the Ministry of Home Affairs.

Mr Sakala maintained that this trend is unacceptable in modern society and should be addressed immediately.

And Mr Sakala said it appears that under the Traffic Department have a new found source of income and by mounting up a roadblock they demand a K50, 000 from motorists with defective motor vehicles especially the public service drivers.

He pointed out that this has led to these minibus drivers to stop caring for the vehicles knowing that a K 50, 000 will be paid even if the vehicle is defective.

“This trend has endangered many people as they are subjected to travel in vehicles that are not road worthy and have seen many road accidents that have claimed many lives,” he said.

However, Mr Sakala explained that a Police Officer being used by people to settle scores with their perceived enemies using police cells is another growing trend.

He said the idea of using Police Officers by members of the public to settle their private wrongs should be addressed instantly to circumvent erosion of the confidence people have in Police Officers.

But when contacted for a comment, Police Public Relations Officer Elizabeth Kanjela described the allegations as false as the police do not allow faulty vehicles to operate.

Ms Kanjela said the police are working hand in hand with the Road Transport and Safety Agency (RTSA) to impound unregistered and faulty cars.

She stated that the police have put up measures to chuck out corruption adding that motorists who are asked to pay certain amounts because they are at fault should demand for receipts.

Meanwhile, ZDDM Vice President Charles Kafumbo said they have observed that the current National Registration Card (NRC) and the passports have been subjected to abuse by both citizens and people tasked to administer them.

Mr Kafumbo noted that people of foreign nationals are finding it easy to acquire these documents at a fee.

He reiterated that the trend has endangered Zambian citizens because some foreign elements running away from the law in their countries of origin have acquired NRCs and when they commit crime where ever they go, they tarnish the image of Zambia both abroad and within, resulting in other people in the region and world over claiming Zambians are criminals.

Mr Kafumbo said this has been confirmed by security agents abroad acting on behalf of Zambia.

He implored the Ministry of Home Affairs to consider putting mechanisms in place that will prevent people of foreign nationals to acquire National Identities dubiously.

Mr Kafumbo advised that government should introduce not only a new but verifiable and sophisticated national identity card which cannot be easily accessible by anyone.

And Ms Kanjela explained that the police have combined efforts with the immigration and National Registration Office (NRO) department to issue genuine NRCs only to those eligible.

She has since urged the general public to understand the law in order to address matters effectively.



  1. kanjela which world r u living in?who doesnt know that the worst corruption is in the police? dress as a civilian and drive a defected car thru a road and u ill c wat happens

  2. On the CB, one sees a lot of trucks carrying timber which have no lights and spewing smoke and pass through the Sabina road block without any problems. So what is Kanjela talking about? What nonsense.

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