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Army worms threaten food security’

Economy Army worms threaten food security'

Former t Minister Eustarkio Kazonga
Former t Minister Eustarkio Kazonga

Former Agriculture Minister Eustarkio Kazonga says army worms which have invaded fields in some parts of the country pose a threat to food security in the country.

Speaking in an interview with QFM, Dr. Kazonga who is also Vubwi MMD Member of Parliament says government should therefore intervene before the planting season comes to an end.

Dr. Kazonga says army worms are disastrous urging government through the Ministry of Agriculture to reinforce extension services to ensure that farmers are educated on how destructive the worms are.

He says if preventive measures are not quickly put in place, the army worms will have devastating effects on the country’s Agricultural production.

The army worms have attacked about 70 percent of fields which include maize, Cassava leaves, Sorghum and rice fields in Kabwe district.

Other districts affected include Chongwe, Lusaka, Nyimba and Chinsali.

Government has since offered to help farmers with chemicals to get rid of the army worms but has not guaranteed affected farmers of seeds to replant.

Army worms are regarded as pests and can wreak havoc on crops if left to multiply.

Meanwhile, Government has assured all farmers in areas that have been affected by army worms that it is doing everything possible to contain the situation.

Agriculture and Livestock Minister Emmanuel Chenda says his ministry is on high alert and is monitoring the army worm outbreak and has called on farmers to be vigilant as the pests appear to be spreading at a fast rate.

Mr. Chenda disclosed that the ministry has purchased chemicals to deal with the pests adding that officers at his ministry are on the ground spraying in the affected areas.

In a statement to QFM news, Mr. Chenda has further advised farmers to buy chemicals for spraying such as Fenvelate, Cypermethrin, Malathion, Diazion, Demotrothion and Dursban 4E.

He further states that farmers who may not have the chemicals should approach district agricultural co-ordinators offices in their various areas for free spraying.

The agriculture minister has since assured farmers that officers have commenced spraying in affected areas of Central, Lusaka, Eastern, Muchinga and Southern provinces and other areas.



    • awe te fishimu pa TV fyalemonoka terrible, hope GRZ will do something be4 it is too late otherwise insala ikepaya abantu mumishi.

  1. Mudala ni “army” kuti wa tuuminwa… remember the euphoria when locusts swarm then suddenly they swarm faster than they you consume them so you start competing for the same greens eventually…

  2. whats the difference -if the army worms dont destroy the crop,FRA lets tonnes and tonnes of harvest go to waste each yr anyways…so theres no need to even get hot and bothered,perhaps its a fitting punishment-uluse fye kuli ba bululu bandi ku mushi.

  3. Ba LT we expected u to show us the picture of army  worms. It could have helped those who have never seen them. These worms are also in lsk esp Chelston. 

  4. one would think inreasing number of disasters and evils occurrences in zambia, of late such as ruthless killings,accidents, and now army worms, is because of PF rule, but i dont think so.The bible says in the end such will be frequent news, so watch and pray!

  5. I hope this government understands what army worms are and how much havoc they can cause. I haven,t seen any seriousness to address the issue.

  6. The easiest solution to army worms is having a flock of chickens. Secondly, spray the surrounding area with an anti-feedant like neem oil – that will slow them down. Lastly, any soil should be well mineralized and fertilized with rock dust, which protects against a whole host of diseases, and makes food more nutritious.

    Army worms are the larval stage of a moth (Spodoptera frugiperda).

  7. @10 MrK, wise advise there. but are moths edible? if they are, then lets do what tanzanians deed a few years ago when rodents invaded that country, EAT THEM!

  8. When God giveth zambians enough food they must thank Him and take good care of it,but we have seen a stuation were 50% of the food go to waste! while our neighbours are lucking that food.Let us remember that whatever the bible says have to be fulfilled.In the last dayzzzzzzz!!!!!!!!!

  9. Good way of explaining, and good piece of writing to take data about my presentation topic, which i am going to deliver in college.|

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