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Friday, February 21, 2020

Wynter Kabimba Don’t Bring Winter( ukwingisha abantu impepo) Over Our Democracy

Columns Wynter Kabimba Don’t Bring Winter( ukwingisha abantu impepo) Over Our Democracy

Kabimba with PF cadres at the Anti-Corruption Commision Offices
Kabimba with PF cadres at the Anti-Corruption Commision Offices

By M. Makalu
As if the shortages of mealie meal and fuel, the misuse of the Public Order Act to suppress people’s political rights, the failures to implement election promises, etc were not enough doom and gloom in the nation, one Wynter Kabimba has embarked on a crusade to blanket our democracy under a heavy winter.

To begin with, no sooner had he become Minister of Justice than he banned NGOs from conducting constitution sensitization meetings unless under the supervision of the technical committee. And this is a committee of just about 18 people. How do you expect them to supervise massive constitution sensitisation programmes by various NGOs which must endevour to reach millions of people? How people-driven can such a constitution be?

He was asked, correctly and morally so, by some sections of society to relinquish either the ministerial post or the party post. In his defence, he cited a mediocre precedent set during the days of ‘political engineering’ under Chiluba, when we were dribbled into having Sata as both MMD Secretary General and Cabinet Minister. Should we be dribbled now just because we were dribbled then?

he defended this immorality by saying by-elections are budgeted for… we can have as many as possible, the budget will cater for them


Then allegations of corruption were leveled against him. He quickly wrote a letter to the Anti-Corruption Commission (ACC), giving them a 7-day ultimatum to investigate him and announce their findings. He argued that as a citizen, he had the right not to have his name tarnished by baseless accusations. But this argument was fake. His real motives were to intimidate the ACC into not investigating him. This he proved when he went with an entourage of PF cadres to the ACC and refused to be interrogated except in the presence of his cadres. How does a Minister of Justice turn an institution intended to advance justice into a theatre for political fame?! Is he really a Minister of Justice or he is a Minister of Jokes? Not only that, how do you, as an executive, who claim to be allergic to corruption, intimidate the very institution that treats corruption allergies from checking you to ensure you are indeed free from the allergy?

Actions speak louder than words: Our leaders are allergic to fighting corruption.

The Young African Leaders Initiative (YALI) was recently conducting constitution awareness activities in Kasama. Mr. Wynter Kabimba wrote them a letter, copied to the IG of Police, threatening them with arrest.
Clearly, spreading winter – ukwingisha abantu impepo – is the modus operendi for this Minister.

Fully aware that Given Lubinda was out on government business, Mr. Wynter hoped against hope that his 7-day winter (intimidation) notice to Given to exculpate himself of baseless accusations would pass without him doing so. He hoped he would then use this as an excuse to freeze Given out of PF, but Given knows better and he is smarter. He beat the winter, wrote the exculpatory letter and emailed it.

GBM must be laughing with pity as he watches Wynter’s one-man-against-the-party-and-country crusade, as Wynter mobilized PF cadres to demand that Given be expelled from the party, just to intimidate him (Given) further. Wynter should be eternally grateful to Kambwili for the courage and leadership he (Kambwili) has provided against pathetic foolishness (PF) in their party.

To crown it all, Wynter was quoted in the media telling blatant lies that the people of Zambia want one-party state. When he was challenged on radio that the PF were creating unnecessary by-elections with their ‘poaching tactics,’ he defended this immorality by saying by-elections are budgeted for… we can have as many as possible, the budget will cater for them.

Such comedy from a Minister is unacceptable. We want a Minister of Justice not a Minister of Jokes. Mr. Wynter Kabimba must not throw our democracy back into winter. The dark ages of UNIP and the corrupt ages of MMD were freezing enough!

No to Wynter! No to winter! Is there a Man of Action somewhere??!

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  1. Well spoken ,where is the man of action?I once had a boss who always told me before i leave you will have to leave first,if not checked i see M S leaving state house because of the Winter

  2. Nice article now stop complaining Prophet Chanda chiimba the III prophesied about Sata and PF thuggery and  dictatorship u foooled us don’t ukubeba  so now stop complaining just dance to the tune we still have a lot of years. Seleni tulandeko

  3. Thinking he had won the GBM bout, he now takes on Given. But Given is smart, he will outwit him.I want to watch the Wynter vs Kambwili looming bout. This will be a classic.

  4. Some people you cant understand. You create own lies and believe in them. Nevers, Under five HAAHAA, and that nashalaneke are not the only citizens of this country. There are a lot of us enjoying our freedoms of-course within the confines of the law. Your so called leaders have vowed to take the law in their own hands and you expect the police to just watch and let them disturb other citizens’ peace. And you fools who told you that you need Milupi or HaaHaa to know what is happening in the nation. There’s no tension politically or otherwise except in their own minds. PF is the government let them rule. Please stop disturbing them you evil people.

    • You are the one whose brain is not operating, supporting issues that even children can tell are going wrong in the country, is it because you are paid to do so. Shame on fools who have no back bone to stand on their own.

  5. This is what Uganda went through we are deep in it, with few more years to go but not even half way. It will take only God to save Zambia.

  6. Winter Season is one of the shortest though its kills if you have no jersey or you are a drunk who blacks out like Edgar Lungu. This PF Winter will pass and This PF Bush will surely Burn.

  7. Kabimba buzzing like a Mosquito in the night, a Green fly on Rotten Mango and endlessly barking like a dog with Rabbies.

  8. # 7 ulishilu! Ukupena takucila apa! Which peace are you enjoying? If you are peaceful why dont you with your leaders allow others speak out? If you dont need Milupi and HH, dont listen to them but dont stop them from speaking. Some of us need them. Kapenene ukutali wemuntu wee!

  9. I remember asking my good very long time friends Maurice and Waziona whether they were very sure supporting the PF was good for the country and they told me – DOUBLE YES!

    I am happy it has not taken too long that their strong voices are back to help with this unpalatable situation we are faced with. At least they have realized they contributed to the creation and should be part of the solution!

    I think to trust government you must be the government yourself! 

  10. Maurice Makalu , where is the president in this article? Not one mention of him is he not the one appointing these “pathetic f**ls”? The man can not even come out in the open and comment but would rather use his PA George to make ill-thought out statements for him…if this cabinet a corporation the shareholders would have ousted the president!! What message is he sending to the rank and file?? 

  11. Mr. Kabimba please stop behaving like RB and MMD. Why are so scraed of YALI . Let the youth debate the constitution freely. It’s their birthright. You are doing a good and fast job turning Zambians aganist the PF government. How dare you take a PF mob to ACC, you are already taking us for granted like MMD. You are scared of Hon Lubinda. Stop messing his good name, he is an astute Leader. We are still awaiting your campaign promises, get busy.

    • ala mwandi i also see similarity…kicks of a dying horse-but i think even the late Tetamashimba was more dignified than this winter kabimba…ma arv ya ma funtisa ka

  12. The presidential hat is too big for Sata, either he is overwhelmed with health matters or he is clueless. Kabimba, what a shameless *****. He thinks he is bigger than Zambia. Soon time will tell. Where is Tetamashimba?

  13. Ine what i want to know is why is Sata quiet as Kabimba runs around like a rabid dog eh?he is single handledly driving PF thru the muck!!if hes not attacking ministers..hes threatening citizens..and his constant flipflopping in the media awe shua.elo teli hes only a nominated MP awe sum1 needs to clip those wings…and his use of cadres shud be a warning sign of things to come…

  14. I suspect that these fellows think that they are playing with video game live and monopoly money. They otherwise would not say such stuff. Especially if it was their personal fortune at stake.

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