7 PF Lusaka Constituencies demand the resignation of Kabwata MP Given Lubinda

Patriotic Front Matero constituency Chairman Morgan Ng’ona (centre) is flanked by his Chawama and Mandevu constituency counterparts Robert Chikwelete (left) and Moses Makasa at a press briefing in Lusaka
Patriotic Front Matero constituency Chairman Morgan Ng’ona (centre) is flanked by his Chawama and Mandevu constituency counterparts Robert Chikwelete (left) and Moses Makasa at a press briefing in Lusaka

Seven Patriotic Front Lusaka Constituencies are demanding the resignation of Kabwata Member of Parliament who is also Foreign Affairs minister Given Lubinda.

Speaking at a press briefing on Friday morning, Matero constituency chairman Morgan Ng’ona flanked by Mandevu, Munali and Chawama constituency chairmen, said the party is disappointed with Mr Lubinda’s conduct.

Mr Ng’ona has accused Mr Lubinda of betrayal and treachery.

He says the party will recall any member of parliament that is not observing party rules.

The PF constituency chairmen have threatened to force MR. lubinda out of office he reports for work on Monday.

But when contacted for a reaction, Mr. Lubinda says he had no comment.

Patriotic Front Secretary Wynter Kabimba recently gave a seven day ultimatum to Mr. Lubinda within which to exculpate himself on allegations of disloyalty to the party.

BUT Mr. Lubinda says he has exculpated himself over his alleged collaborating with opposition UPND and MMD Members of Parliament to discredit some of PF’s decisions and policies.


  1. Come on guys lets get serious.No wonder the opposition is now playing the good guy game.It is because of nonsense like this.Seleni twikatane.


    • Thank you @Kachigamba. As a PF supporter, I am beginning to wonder why wynter kabimba is so much in a hurry to condemn his fellow senior members when this could have been sorted inhouse. If the PF are not careful, theirs could be a one term rule. I am so fed up of kabimba abusing his positions to do harm to others. Wina azalila very soon.

  3. Bafikala ba lusaka ponono you want to start behaving like mmd.Say what you can do for the country not what the country shoud do for you.

  4. Once again these hoodlums have lamentably failed to deliver though this time their “End of The World Hoax” just like their wishful 90s mantra turned into national shame. Empirically it was another scheme by the same confused PF hoodlums……they have failed but typical of deviants they are now unwittingly killing themselves.

  5. You see how pf is useless. People who are accused of serious allegations like corruption gbm, kabimba we are not taking action but on a selfish party interest we are demanding for resignations.

  6. THIS IS ALL BECAUSE OF THE SO CALLED winter kabimba.FOR INCITING CONFUSION IN THE PF. Time will catch up with him.

  7. Typical Lumpens in the picture! Isn’t it sad that a country like Zambia can be governed by lumpens by use of violence and not dialogue and reason. They wake up, no police permit etc and are able to hold a press conference. All managed by he who pays the piper. Its frightening, nshaponte pantu nkabwelela…

  8. Hahahaha these guys are thugs………How can a normal person believe what these chats are says????? It’s possible that these are NOT PF but hungry MMD thugs. Ba Lusaka twamipapata sana behave yourselves.Tukesa miponona….Why don’t you want to hear the story from both sides? buti bafi………anyway…..

  9. Could it be possible that the information Given was leaking has to do with Kabimba’s corruption? wny is he (Wynter) having a sustained erection over vague accusations against Given?

  10. Leave Given alone n let him work in peace!!!You fought 2getha, so y should u start accusing each other now n start dividing a party that u all built 2getha???Don’t lead us back 2 the MMD days coz we shall vote PF out if u want 2 start causing a circus

  11. Njala yabanyokola deep down they know Lubinda is innocent please winter step down and give this position to lubinda you cant even discipline these unruly cadres shame on you.

  12. Zayelo avutika! Dirty & cheap politics in Zambia – always want to victimise the next person even within the same party. We don’t want councillors who waste time holding useless press briefings instead of telling us how they’re going to repair the roads damaged by the rains in their constituencies. With prices of mealie meal, cement & other commodities sky rocketing, it’s now clear this govt is takin us nowhere. Zambia is in a crisis!!!

  13. these chaps are illigal land allocators in Lusaka. what issues do these dunderheads know for them to demean Lubinda. this party is full of kaponyas. some one has exculpated himself but these sponsored hooligans are busy insulting a honorable man like Lubinda. they are all unemployed and sufferers from Lusaka compounds. PF foolls grow up. why is sata hiding in statehouse when these chaps are busy trumping on Lubinda. he is also another thug

    • Thank you because we are so tired of him keeping quiet when bakaponya through wynter kabimba are beginning to harass senior party members. kabimba should go instead.

  14. Lubinda can defend his constituency! At a time when pf was in opposition, zambians would listen to Lubinda not Winter. We only new Winter as pf lawyer who used to loose a lot of cases and he should know that it’s a minus for pf to loose Lubinda and him can not loose much. Actually many opposition parties are just waiting for the opportunity to have him. Lubinda issue should be handled with care, otherwise pf will regret. Those seven above cannot convince anybody to pf. Lubinda with his radio progrmmes convinced most of us to have confidence in pf. Just like Guy, Kabwili and Dr Katema. Lubinda issue should be handled with great respect because of great contribution that he made to pf. Winter is the one pf does not need. His membership does not add much value to pf as compared to Lubinda.

    • Thank you moses. Aka akepi ka kabimba kaya sana. He’s trying to destroy people who matter in the PF and who won elections when he lost 3 times. This half inch number 2 must go.

    • Mr kabimba is very useless maybe its because of his tribe,to me he behaives as though he not a lawyer.the president should watch out for people like him who are full of nothing but distruction.indeed kabimba has nothing to offer in the party he”s a laibility.

  15. This is what kambwili was aganist.How can jouniors go out and make statments aganist a sernior member like that?I like lubinda’s stance,up to now he hasn t said anything to the provockations.


  17. vultures!!!can Mr Sata show some seriousness and give a comment!this looks like Kabimbas doing…PF is sinking itself..2016 they are not getting my vote

  18. Look at their faces,jeez!!!
    Is it possible that my people live in such awful conditions?…I tell you, LT, that if I had to live in conditions like that I would be a revolutionary myself.

  19. Why is Sata quiet?This man is evil who needs to be taken out of Office before his term ends.Kabimba is not Presidential material if you are thinking of leaving it for him.If you guys are real,why did you rush to the press to give an ultimatum to Given when you did not even mention what he did.Am sure there are procedures to be followed in your party regarding what he did if at all he did it.Your time will come as well,Zambia are not foolish like there were in Kaunda’s time.Kabimba li T.

  20. Did he keak information to the opposition? If so can anyone support that to be alright? If he says he has already exculpated himself, is that to mean sorry for what he did. These politicians are all crooks. Don’t trust anyone whole heartedly. When I remember that Christian song which say just trust in Jesus he will not let you down. Your brother, sister, mother, father, uncle, or friend and even the Pastor will let you down but Jesus never fails. Trusting Kabimba or Lubinda is a waste of time. Just trust yourself! They are all out there for their glory. So, do not trust anyone, utterly anyone 100% but leave some room to fall back on when the person you so trust fails you. There goes Lubinda, there goes Kabimba!

  21. Please leave Lubinda alone,
    Cadre Kabimba is the causer of all these problems, but time will catch up with him,
    Ka chikala kankhala big headed, 2016 nipa fupi ka!

  22. Let’s be serious, such chaps talking on behalf of sharp zambians , really. time indeed is a revealer. kabimba’s time will surely come.

  23. If and when lubinda is hounded out of pf,he should not come back to upnd.we dont want him for obvious reasons.

  24. Uko ubufontini fulu! kabiyeni uko bakabongwe, weknow you dont want educated well intentioned fellas to take this country to the maximum heights, ba kolwe wa mpili, leave our handsome dude alone, elo nomba if you kick him out, which face will be face of PF cos all yo are dam ugly creatures! naleka nine Sana, chrismas holiday yayamba, yaguwa twalya again! abantu baya!

  25. It looks like PF has no head or tail, how can stupid fools like these be making silly noise over a honourable hard working MP and senior minister? Is Sata still a King Cobra or he is now like that small green snake found around children? PF for once stop this nonsense and go to work.

  26. This advice to you Mr. President MCS is very free and leave it at your own peril. To many outsiders such as myself, Hon Lubinda is the only person together with your Veep who are worth atleast some substance. They are the only viable future leaders for your party and should you choose to expel Lubinda because of your lack of foresight and amiable leadership qualities, believe me, your party will have dug its own grave. Going with the rate of transgressions in your party, it will be a miracle if you will finish this term without the people of Zambia rising in a revolt. A good leader steps back, examines his performance, concedes his failures, asks for forgiveness and then reloads in a new direction of hope. Your not compromising mood is a true recipe for your impending doom. WATCH OUT!!

  27. Forgive them for they do not something to eat that’s why they are being used, just look at that guy in white shirt and the one with eyes popped out the socket. Who ever is using these patients twapapata take them back to Chainama where they belong. Lubinda we need you in PF if you did anything wrong just apologize and move on to erro is human

  28. When too many thugs invade a party that’s what you get.
    One would ask, what have all these constituencies got to do with
    If these guys were wise, they would not shamelessly parade themselves
    in front of the camera like barbarians.

  29. Kwena twasebana as PF supporters. You call these kabovas leaders and you even permit them to undermine a senior party official who has exculpated himself. Iwe ka kabimba, get the hell out of government and leave honest people like lubinda to do the job.

  30. Kabimba uli to….e elo futi chik……….chobe!!!
    why is SATA so quiet about the confusion is causing he should come out and resolve this.

  31. Seven reasons why i am not a politician and cannot go into politics are right here in the picture above!

  32. The 4 guys on the back row are pick pocketers at society house alley in Lusaka…..thats the news that has just reached my mail box.

    The problem is that it appears they are also in the top national leadership.

  33. Politics,your friend has totally distanced himself away from such a political insinuation,but people keep on pressing for his resignation. Ma rubbish,disgusting,ridiculous.

  34. Don’t you guys have better things to do? Stop wasting time on bootlicking stunts cos we all know you are just jeaalous of a popular MP

  35. expel lubinda and pf will realise that zambians are not stupid. kabimba, walitumpa and you will see in 2016 that zambia is the real africa.

  36. Remeber what happened to Dean Mungomba when MMD came into power?Same what is happening to Lubinda.

    Its because Given is a threat to Kabimba of the likely one to take over from Sata.

  37. There is a cousin in that picture. The T-shirt I gave to my uncle when I went to vote,how pathetic that he could take it from him? My uncle liked it, I took it off and gave him plus ka K300pin pa mulu. That’s the kind of leaders PF has, taking presents off from their fathers.

  38. Hi brethren.
    It is so good to see even the ruling party has people like Lubinda who looks to be more intelligent than their brain,lubinda is a good man in pf but that should not make him stop working as party member.

  39. This is typical Kaponya behaviour. Decency requires that you accuse someone, provide evidence that they have contravened and prove through and impartial body of peers.

    Have they done so? No! Are they practising the “allergy to corruption”? No! Therefore, these fellow do not merit serious attention. May they return to their stands and briefcase “supplier” businesses

  40. Lubinda should just go he has done nothing for kabwata.PF members do not spare this gonga colored traitor with yellow teeth

  41. Look at the illiterates on parade. Anyway let them hound out Lubinda on Monday while Ukwa and his police look on. It will be good for Lubinda because he is actually a misfit in the PF. He can even stand as an independent and he will win no matter what. So you see Ukwa wants to create a dynasty by having Mulenga stand in Kabwata.

  42. As PF we should also investigate  all recent appointments in foreign missions made by Given Lubinda, he has been sending his close relatives  in missions abroad. Let h Go!!!!

  43. Why go to the extent of kicking Lubinda out of office by force? You won’t differentiate yourselves from those MMD chaps who kicked Kachingwe out of office. Just tell Kabimba to ask the Almighty Boss Sata to expel him from the party at once! By the way, has the displinary committee found him guilty? I urge you to heed Kambwili’s advice and not to be used by someone selfish.

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