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Two trucks laden with FRA maize plung into Kabompo river

Rural News Two trucks laden with FRA maize plung into Kabompo river

Two sino trucks belonging to Radikal Business Solutions of Kitwe
Two sino trucks belonging to Radikal Business Solutions of Kitwe

Two trucks belonging to Radikal Business Solutions of Kitwe ferrying 100x 50 kilograms Food Reserve Agency (FRA) maize have plunged into Kabompo river.

The two truck plunged into Kabompo river after failing to cross a bridge, 148 kilometres from Solwezi.

ZANIS staffer Betram Kaoma, who was in the area with Disaster Management and Mitigation Unit Co-ordinator Peter Kabaso to assess the situation, reports that the two trucks have completely closed off the road, blocking other road users coming into and going out of Ntambu area in Mwinilunga.

Eye witnesses said the first truck registration number ACT 1961, carrying 500 x 50kgs of maize plunged into Kabompo river on Tuesday around 19 00 hours when the driver attempted to cross the bridge.

They said a second truck registration no ACT 1921, belonging to the same company came the following morning and failed to cross the bridge and its trailer laden with 500 x 50 kilograms of maize fell into Kabompo River.



  1. Bad omen.It will not rest untill PaFyamba fails.The bible says if my people which are called by my name shall humble themselves and pray and turn away from their wicked ways then will i hear from heaven and heal their land.But for PaFyamba they taunt the church through andeleki.Tizaonaka!

    • Beerman I sincerely hope you are not a Christian, because your language and your name contradicts your fair knowledge of the bible. Coming down to your interpretation – you are the kind of people that have plunged the entire world into chaos because of your thoughts that you would want to interpret the bible and perhaps even go further and start a war. . . . . .  

  2. No way two trucks of same company involved in similar situations? This is a planned plot by opposition parties to inflict injury on PF Government. Nevers Mumba and HH they mean NO Good to our nation they are playing politics of witch craft, governement is trying to deliver but HH and Mumba have found a way of derailing government progress because police denied them permits to have rallies.

    • On the contrary i think it is actually the other way round. The PF are behind this and planned it so as to find cause to blame it all on the opposition.

  3. Doesn’t look like plunging into the river. More like forced off the road. I expected to see the two trucks nosed in the river

  4. Aaaahhh…..same company?one plungs in at 19hrs and the other following morning?How? I cant understand this.Are the drivers ok?well paid?

  5. These are the bridges RB and team were constructing…………….As in the UPND will smaller bridges inn these areas because there is no need for them to have big and proper bridges, after all they are villages with no economic value to Zambia.

  6. Am sure the trucks were being driven by two blind men. Honestly as a driver how do you attempt to cross the bridge when you know your friend has already failed, Two foolish drivers anyway, driving two chinese trucks.

  7. Iwe beerman #1, don’t bring God needlessly into this. When you fail to plan infrastructure, or fail to manage terrain it has nothing to do with omen. This is why you always think the mess you get is God’s will when you could have been doing something about it!!! SHAAA!

  8. Typical Zambian or should I say chinese construction with a Zambian twist. Bridge building is not only about putting up a structure and hope for the best. It’s about precision engineering otherwise you risk the structure from collapsing. We tend to push boundaries too much in Zambia. Clearly this bridge is not designed to take the weight of these trucks but the drivers probably under pressure from the boss who wants to cash in quickly, used eye judgement to try and get to the other side. No signs warn drivers of what the maximum weight the bridge can handle. It’s like building a house and forgetting the landscaping. 

  9. Why are you all blaming it on the bridge? The story doesn’t mention of the bridge collapsing. I am sure those same trucks were on their way back to the copperbelt after collecting maize in Mwinilunga, what bridge did they use going to ntambu?

    • It’s clear from the picture that as you approach the bridge you are on gravel road and only a small section by the bridge has been reinforced with concrete. The green vegetation in the background also suggests it’s rainy season and after rains, gravel roads tend to turn in to muddy roads. The weight of the load has caused the road to give way on one side and gravity has naturally forced the rest of the load towards this path taking the rest of the truck with it. No witchcraft here just poor engineering. The author of the story has fallen short of explaining the story in detail perhaps to make comment posting more interesting.

  10. What a shame. How can you build such a bridge which does not accommodate two cars? You want to build universities when you can’t even build better bridges. Maybe bridges in Muchinga have been built better. But it seems this is a typical bridge in Zambia.

  11. I don’t get it!
    How and why did the trucks fail to cross the bridge, somebody help?
    Looks like the two trucks jumped up in fear just before crossing :) why?

  12. The second driver naena should have stopped upon seeing ati the other truck had plunged in the river. I think banachita kubatuma. Question Lubinda and Kambwili, no, kulibe!

  13. But what happened? Two trucks at same place same time?? the driver of second truck must have been sleeping..if he was not he would have seen what happened to his friend and stopped.

  14. Dont blame the government. ask the engineers. What happned to a light canter truck two weeks ago that went into Solwezi river just there at Solwezi main bridge. was that bridge constructed by PF government. Let’s learn to appreciate. Aslo let us ask the second driver why go ahead when your friend is trapped.

  15. Who was directing this mission. Was it the blind leading the blind, then all falling into the ditch. Or pulling a ka quick move (difficult to account for the loss and somebody benefitting). These are kangaroo stories. Something fishy…………..

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