Thursday, June 20, 2024

A Merry Christmas to LT readers


The Lusakatimes team would like wish you all a

Merry Christmas and a Sucessful New Year.

We thank you for your support.

God richly bless you.


    • .You said others would have to speak to your good qulteaiis. Here are a few that I see: Underneath any fibs or lies you tell, there is a very deep sense of honesty. I could, but won’t go into all the ways I pick up on this. You are extremely loyal to those whom you care about. Underneath your bluntness you are a very tender, loving person. Your sense of humor can be raw & biting at times, but you can be very funny. I really like that!! I could go on and on but won’t here maybe directly to you.

  1. Thank you. Merry Christmas to you LT Staff and to all my fellow readers.

    LT or any of the bloggers, could you please, upload some Christmas Carols in Zambian Language/s.

  2. LT, what Merry Christmas? The name of Christ should not be associated with the evil and total madness that takes place during this time. It is during this so-called festive season that crime and pure evil are unleashed by the devil, heavy drunkenness and drug abuse illicit sexual activities, excess and wild expenditure that leave many-a-family miserable souls, come end of January most will borrow money which they will struggle to pay back. Many marriages get broken and poor children left destitute
    I challenge anyone to provide proof that Christ was born on 25 December! Why bring the name of Christ in the devil’s snares?

    • Distant Drums relax. All those evil things happen everyday so let those that believe in Christmas be and be happy for them. Merry Christmas to those that believe and stay well those that don’t.

  3. Wherther Jesus was born on 25th dec or not does not matter what matters is that He was born to come and redeem our sins and must be born in our hearts today for us to understand the meaning of XMAS.We are celebrating His birth not the day as such.

    • That is the problem in my country Zambia, ‘it doesn’t matter what I do’ as long as the sun rises in the east and sets in the west.

  4. happy xmas to all the little worms on this forum.  Salamanders and the like who have kept us entertained through out the year. Above all to my little son msana wanzili the prodigal one who has run away from this forum as he has taken up a diplomatic position.

  5. I hate Christmas, it a very unchristian excuse to indulge. Why don’t we replace it with something like Public Executions Day, just for entertainment… murderers and robbers being hanged in stadiums, corrupt politicians being whipped and guillotined in public.. that would be much more fun than Christmas!!!!

  6. U kept us busy, entertained, informed and educated….at times more laughter …. God bless your VISION more abundantly into the future ahead, more technology, more civilization for rural Zambia!! Abash mediocrity, abash liars, Abash manipulators….Viva revolutionary &progressive leaders -vision 2030+ !!!!

  7. A very Happy Christmas to you too Lusaka Times. May God grant you a truly prosperous 2013. Thank you for your services over the past year.

  8. MERRY CHRISTMAS to you LT, and readers you have are entertaining. But if State house is involved in this LT, then I take my greetings back.

  9. I agree with #5.. what do you mean merry christmas?.. this was a roman pagan celebration associated with lawlessness. it was only till the so called christian leaders tweaked this evil that christmas came to being, however nothing is christian (raping women, illicit drinking/sex, singing naked, damaging property, murder) about it let me tell you. go back and do some history, its not even in the Bible. Don’t just sit there like ducks and take everything thats brought to you.. WISE UP!

  10. you were not a true press.
    you were a people with a hidden agenda supporting some and destroying others.
    what good was it to celebarate when you are trying to divide the nation.
    can you prove that jesus was born on 25th december.
    what you are celebrating is a creation of the evil to make money and greed was their motive,
    a true christian would rather engage in prayer then in beer and evil

  11. Whatever the truth, whatever our varied beliefs, this christmas is done in good faith and is meant to wish people well, so whatever negative energy you wish to spread, just know that it is you who is failing to be in the spirit of love and togetherness at this moment. I am so opposed to christianity, but I do not see any harm in someone wishing me well. Infact, I appreciate it as a blessing.

  12. Not all readers are Christian mind you. We have to practice religious tolerance. Next time remember to wish readers, Happy Ramadan, Happy Chanukah, and all of that stuff.

  13. @8, yeah, as Jesus was definitely all for humiliation and hurting other people… @19, lighten up, religious tolerance doesn’t mean you have to do the same thing for everyone. I always say, wish someone a happy “whatever holiday you celebrate” and mean it in the sense that you’re wishing them goodwill and blessings, unless you know that they celebrate a particular holiday and it’s that holiday (e.g. Christians wishing “Merry Christmas”, Jews wishing “Happy Hanukkah”, etc.). I can see LT doing a Ramadan article, but Christmas is celebrated by a large majority in Zambia, whereas Hanukkah is not.

  14. And anti-Christmas bloggers, it’s the meaning of the holiday that counts. If you don’t like how some people celebrate it, advocate for responsible drinking (year-round, not just Christmas) and safe sex. But life is pretty dreary without holidays to look forward to (unless you’re a Jehovah’s Witness I suppose). As for the date, well come on, there are still people nowadays who don’t know their birthdays, so what’s the big deal if the churches picked one for Jesus? It’s symbolic, as it’s the time of year of the most darkness, but the days are just starting to lengthen. So what if there are some pagan associations, they’re part of our heritage, whether it’s Celtic or Bantu.

  15. Feliz navadad to you too ba LT and to all fellow bloggers (even those who would want me to disappeared like nikusheta,peter and rasha)

  16. @ 5, Distant Drums; I am sure even in your church there are conmen, mahule, drunkards etc; I am sure it will not be fair for people to start calling for the abolishment of your church and condemning all of you. It is true that some people commit evil deeds in the name of christmass but to most of us, it is a day that draws us closer to God. Can I tell you you how I spent my chistmass, I went to churh very early in the morning, after that I took some foodstuffs to some vulnerable relative in some compound within Kitwe and then did a small party for my houseboy and my maid and her family.Tell me, are you agianst the day 25 Decemeber or the celebration of xmas. I wish you God’s blessings during this christams.

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