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Janza Backs Emmanuel Mayuka

SportsJanza Backs Emmanuel Mayuka

Zambia assistant coach Honour Janza says the bench is backing Emmanuel Mayuka to be at regular at his English club Southampton.

Janza said on Wednesday afternoon at KK International Airport prior to Zambia’s departure for Johannesburg that Mayuka has to be strong and focused to make it in England.

“He has not been playing but he is one of our best players,” Janza said.

Mayuka has played just seven games at Southampton since he joined them from Swiss side Young Boys.

“It is about how the young man carries himself. We believe in more playing, more perfection and more development but however there is no easy team in the whole world now,” Janza said.

“He has to compete there will be a time the doors will open for him but he has to start from somewhere all that we need to pray for him and we are hoping that he will break in the team so that he will continue playing every week.”

Meanwhile, a 19-member Zambia team left for Johannesburg on Wednesday afternoon.

Three players from the team flew out from Simon Mwansa Kapwepwe Airport in Ndola to Johannesburg.

The trio was Collins Mbesuma, Power Dynamos midfielder Mukuka Mulenga and goalkeeper Joshua Titima.

Goalkeeper Kennedy Mweene, defender Joseph Musonda ad midfielder Noah Chivuta will join the team in Johannesburg from their respective bases in South Africa.



  1. Mayuka is not going anywhere , infact why was he called to join AFCON 2013 group, he cant speak english and fears bazungu

    • Your English @Malinso is so pathetic that I fell Mayuka can write better English than you.Your poorly constructed english needs to take you back to Shibukeni. You suck!!!!!

    • Imwe batata where is this coming from when the boy was playing na basungu ku switzerland?because u r scared of them u think eVeryone possesses ur inferiority complex?

    • If you dont have facts u better keep quiet malinso iye!!!!! if u are a consistent football follower you could have heard Mayuku speaking very fluent english. Even if he never knew english so wat? Does Messi the worlds greatest speak english? iwe Malinso???

  2. Malinso you have simply exposed your ignorance, Mayuka is very comfortable with English and carries himself very well don’t assume todays players are like the KK11 (MSRIP)

  3. been going thru facebook and mayukas english is way too good to be considered fearing bazungu. he was at that swiss club those are also bazungu. lets give these emerging world class players all the support please.

  4. Mayuka is a degree holder in business adminstration and he is now doing his MBA if he has not finished by now.

    Its just a matter of time, he will be among the stars in the English League.

  5. give him time, he will shine. he needs to remain focus and show his prowess in reserve games.Thats what will catch his coach’s eye. southampton are just above the relegation zone, they wont dare try unproven talent, so they are going with their old guard. he has to prove he is better than them. im always keeping an eye on The Saints to see if they will play our boy. Let him strut his stuff at the Africa Cup and i guarantee, he will be started for “Soton”.

  6. Malinso you are clown. What has English go to do with playing football well. And for your information in case you dont know, which I am sure you do not, just because one does not play in the first team games it does not mean one is just sitting on the bench doing nothing. They still play in the reserves games against other reserves sides in the EPL. So he is still getting a lot of game time, just that it is not televised. Please do some research before you display your vast ignorance to the world!!! Shaaa!!!

  7. Ba Malinso, what is wrong with you, are you jealous of Mayuka or what. The guy completed grade 12 and therefore cannot fail to communicate in the Queen’s language. Atase, chi Malinso, inferiority complex. Speaking English does not make you superior at anything. You don’t know the guy to well, so shut up baba.

  8. @ malinso mayuka had to complete school at an expensive international school when he went to israel unlike you who went to olofeya and later on chibolya basic. the guy speaks good english. for your own info, his transfer to southampton is more than your pension when you reach 55.

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