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Nevers Mumba arrested for issuing an alarming statement likely to cause breach of peace


Nevers Mumba talks to his special assistant Raphael Nakachinda through a window at Kitwe Central police
Nevers Mumba talks to his special assistant Raphael Nakachinda through a window at Kitwe Central police

Police in Kitwe today arrested and charged MMD president Nevers Mumba for conduct likely to cause breach of peace.

Earlier at around 05:00 hours in the morning, police in full riot gear surrounded Bella Lova Apartments in Kitwe’s Parklands area where Dr. Mumba had lodged and asked him to accompany them to the police station.

Dr. Mumba complied with the police’s directive and reported at Kitwe Central Police around 07:00 hours and was detained until 12:40 hours when he was released on police bond.

Dr. Mumba will appear in court on January 4, 2013.

Police spokesperson, Elizabeth Kanjela, Copperbelt Commissioner of Police Mary Tembo and Dr. Mumba’s lawyer Jonas Mukumbi of Mukumbi and Company all confirmed the arrest of Dr. Mumba in an interview.

Ms. Tembo said Dr. Mumba was arrested for allegedly issuing an alarming statement on Monday that the Patriotic Front (PF) government had paid some people K1.4 billion to destabilize the MMD.

Ms. Tembo said the statement that Dr. Mumba issued was likely to cause confusion in the Copperbelt province.

She said the police arrested Dr. Mumba so that he can produce evidence concerning the utterances he made.

She said police in the Copperbelt province were not happy with Dr. Mumba’s behaviour and warned him against issuing statements that are likely to cause confusion in the nation.

[pullquote]“It is our responsibility to defend democracy. When Mr Sata was in the opposition, he said Rupiah Banda recruited policemen from Zimbabwe to come rig the elections. We never arrested them,” he said.[/pullquote]

She said Dr. Mumba has since been released on police bond and that he will appear in court on January, 4, 2013.

Ms. Tembo however said the police will not hesitate to re-arrest Dr. Mumba if he continues to issue alarming statements in the Copperbelt province.

And Mr. Mukumbi wondered why police officers had detained Dr. Mumba for more than five hours at Kitwe Central Police.

He said his client reported at Central Police around 07:00 hours and was only charged around 12:00 hours.

And speaking in an interview after being released from Kitwe Central Police, Dr. Mumba maintained that the statement he made about the PF government having given some people K1.4 billion to destabilize the MMD was true.

Dr. Mumba said as a leader of the opposition political party, he has access to intelligence information.

Nevers Mumba and his supporters after being granted bail
Nevers Mumba and his supporters after being granted bail

Dr. Mumba said he has the responsibility to defend democracy and that he had reliable intelligence information on anything that destroys the future of the country.

“It is our responsibility to defend democracy. When Mr Sata was in the opposition, he said Rupiah Banda recruited policemen from Zimbabwe to come rig the elections. We never arrested them,” he said.

He said democracy should be enjoyed by people from both the ruling class and the opposition for it to be meaningful to the country.

He was represented by Jonas Mukumbi from Mukumbi and Company, Douglas Mazumba from Douglas and Partners and Victor Michelo from Michelo and Company.

Mr Mukumbi confirmed in an interview the charge and said that it was surprising that his client was detained around 07.00 hrs and only charged at 12.00hrs.

“The police have taken unnecessary delay in charging him. Our client is denying the charge,” he said.

A fortnight ago, Dr. Mumba and some senior party officials were arrested for unlawful assembly in Kitwe in the Copperbelt province and he is still appearing in court on that charge.



  1. Please leave Nevers Mumba alone, PF sort out yourselves as MMD are trying to do! Control Kabimba with behaviour on GBM and Given Lubinda.

  2. The downfall of Nevers is inevitable. God blessed him but he turned and spat in God’s face.

    Sorry Nevers you have been mocking God for far too long

    • You are very wrong my dear. Don’t  pretend to know the word of God more than others. Just because he  is in politics does not mean he mocked God. Just wait, time will tell whether there is truth in what you say.

  3. ba mumba mudala why behaving like this as if you were not a pastor at one time,you will never win because you cheated God when your mission was to fund raise and try to win popularity in the temple of God……shame on you!!!

    • You are very wrong! Dr Mumba is still a pastor and overseer, and he wants to serve his country please leave him alone, that is his democratic right. It is the people who voted for him to be president of the mmd. He has the mandate of the people, and he cannot disappoint the people who supported him and still believes in him. Dr Mumba is a voice of the voiceless Viva Dr Mumba

  4. nomba,wy is it that bob siching has never been arrested for saying the mmd govt had printed fake money? how does nervous mumbas statement create confusion in the country. i thought sichingas statements which he has never retracted have a much bigger potential to create confusion in the country than what dr.mumba has said. imwe ba kapokola,i dont understand your behaviour. do you honestly think sure? do you have any moral sense at all? do you think you are being fair? i just dont know. thats why when people call you grade sevens mukalipa,bt your behaviour is typical. even the president(sata) himself said it ati you are grade sevens. i think he was right? ba libongani and ba jere kwati you are not educated? whats wrong with you. Arrest sichinga and then mumba,in that order or dont at all

    • Very true, it seems as if this public order act is only applied on the opposition. PF ministers have been issueing alarming statements every since the ascended to power. We are in trouble fellow brothers and sisters.

    • That is so true, Sata himself said when in opposing stated that mmd had recruited some zim police to rig the elections. He was not arest for that. Interesting police officers lol 

  5. Dear Pastor Nevers Sekwila Mumba,
    I wish to congratulate you for taking the helm of power of the Movement for Multiparty Democracy-MMD. Thank you for showing us as a country that you have the courage to rise up and be counted when your intuition tells you to. You are not a weakling as people have said in the past. I have been praying for you and I do understand you more than some MMD followers. While you have desired to be known and be felt as you exert your political and vocabulary influence on the minds of Zambians, remember where Jehovah God got you from. God called you to be a peace maker and not a violent person. Peace between man and man; peace between man and God. God called Nevers Mumba to deliver men from evil and wicked men in this generation. Bloodshed is not part of you call

  6. Arrest Bob Sichinga for the 3 trillion fake money statement, infact even Sata for the fake money statement, no bullets comment, etc.

    what peace can NMs comment disturb ba Mary ummmmm?????? Dont be naive, this is pathetic. atase. pipo are getting killed, raped, robbed etc and ba Buju are busy going after Mumba…. God help Us.

  7. It seems sata’N doesnt want Mumba to have anything to do with copperbelt.He knows political change always starts from there.Whenever mumba goes to copperbelt he should expect the gates of hell to fight him.

  8. Its called punch for punch politics! And we are yet to see whose knees will be first to wobble from the jabs, hooks and uppercuts

  9. I sure Sata’s statement about recruiting Zim police and Sichinga’s statement are worse than this one. DON’T KUTINA BA NEVERS WHENEVER GOD WANTS TO PROMOTE A PERSON HE SCHEDULES AN ENEMY AND SATA IS YO GOLIATH. THE BIGGER HE COMES THE BIGGER THE FALL.

  10. The whole idea is to create fear in the opposition camp. The plice as usual are used by the pf dictatorship. No crime committed at all. Arest sichinga too! and we have no plice 4the pipo it’s pf brutal tool shame indeed. We cant allow destruction of democracy NEVER!

  11. Oh My! K1.5 Billion!!! I am alarmed!! Save us oh great police service, we are so alarmed, make it stop! OK now I am destabilised and confused, I feel tremors of revulsion at this decadent statement, Min. Justice prosecute this deviant in the name of the law! While you’re at it, K.M.A!!! BTW, Have you caught the Mailon brothers yet? Have you investigated the alleged tax evasion allegations against the mines and other multinationals? If not then get off your bribe sucking donkeys and do your jobs!!

  12. This is no alarming statement, it’s an allegation. In fact, the govt is the one alarming this nation for arresting this guy for mundane reasons[-(

  13. We want the President to hold a press conference..maybe this is what DONT KUBEBA really is means..NO FREEDOM OF EXPRESSION..

  14. Oh my goodness!
    We just had an indaba in Zambia as we were visiting our families: Senior Citizen, MMD Chief Bootlicker, B.R Mumba, Mushota and I. know what? Contrary to popular belief, Mushota is not ill mannered as some people may think, she is just one of those frustrated Zambians who can’t grasp the fact that her country as always been poor. Nonetheless, as the most prolific bloggers and juggernauts of Lusaka Times, we agreed on a lot of points:
    1) Zambia as always been poor and will always be poor because of her intellectual bankruptcy.
    2) If you have a chance to leave that impoverished nation, please, leave with no remorse.

  15. 3) To all those in diasporas entertaining the idea of going back to Zambia, please go back to Zambia at your own peril. People in Zambia are dying from curable diseases like headache, toothache, earache, neck ache and/or back ache!
    4) Zambia had only one good President, guess who? You guessed right…Levy Patrick Mwanawasa.

  16. 5) The Zambian electorate is to blame for everything, I mean how on earth do you vote in a President who is 80 years old, and matter of fact, the old man does not even know the difference between hardware and software! You made your bed Zambians and you might as well just lie in it.
    6) We also advise other Zambians in diasporas to STOP sending money to their relatives(other than educational purposes) as this encourages laziness among the Zambians(This was Mushota’s idea if I may emphasize)
    Notably, missing in the indaba was NINE CHALE because of the financial crisis which is killing Europe and German in particular, the man could not raise 5000 US to buy a ticket.

  17. Rubbish policing in Zambia.
    This was not a matter for the police, but for government,  not to set police on MMD’s Nevers Mumba, but to sue him through the legal system. 

    Can’t the police and government see this? 

  18. What did you expect from a shameless and backward illiterate like Sata. Honestly, I have come across civilised Village Headmen in Zambia than this pathetic excuse for a President. His face is as ugly as his Heart. I pray that that his ending be painful.

    • the president has had his misgivings firing someone then promoting them abroad, I titalk real issues copper boost kwacha getting stronger but no power at hospitals airport. a tourist failing wash their face or hands after toilet. we can do better mr sata.

  19. Let him explain his allegation.I wonder why some can even want to defend such nonsense.If MMD didn’t arrest wrong crminals so shud pf follow suit.In MMD there was lawlessness period.

    • Mumba is not a criminal nor should the police behave like agents for the PF (sadly they are). Mumba’s statement was alleging the PF and there are avenues for addressing such issues in the civil courts.. You may have heard of Libel and defamation. There can’t be a law that criminalises ” confusing” the public. Grow up or get an education.

  20. All the PF gov’t was supposed to do was on deny/refute that statement. These actions will come to haunt them in the not too distant future. No one harassed them like that when they were in opposition.:(

  21. pf is indirectly campaigning for Dr Mumba. I am now understanding what kind of a threat is Dr Mumba to the pf govmnt. I am slowly following him now

    • In fact Dr Mumba should be very strong courageous, one thing I like about him is that he is daring and fearless, he should not stop talking until this useless public order act is out of sight. This evil act is being abused and used on the opposing parties which is not fair.

  22. Its time Zambians rise to the occassion in defence of our hard earned democracy. The democratic rule ushered by MMD in the historic rising against UNIP of the 1990s need not die. Remember leaders go and come, leaders who have misused this democratic dispensation for selfish motives have in recent years been voted out Zambians. This democracy at present is under threats of diminishing if not repressed already as we blog today. Without democracy PF govt would not have been there even though PF charged maliciously that the Zambian electral system is not democratic and all institutions under the previous regime were undemocratic. PF assumed power under the MMD system which they condemned. Today PF is supposed to uphold democratic principles of governance which it is failing day by day.

    • Point of correction. The MMD did not usher in the democratic dispensation and pluralism in Zambia. The students of the University of Zambia (UNZA) did this. I was part of the group of 32 students who were detained by the Kaunda regime after instigating regime change in Zambia. At that time Zambia was under a state of emergency since 1964 and frankly many Zambians were just cowards. Without the students, the MMD would not have dislodged Kaunda and that is a fact. We fought hard for this democracy which is being eroded by Sata and the PF and paid the ultimate price of incacerration. What the police are doing to Pastor Mumba is shameful. But the MMD is also equally to blame for this socio-political malaise.

  23. Its in this context, that all well meaning Zambians who love their country should rise to defend this democracy being repressed by PF government. Zambians have always supported each other in time of festivals and Christmas time and sharing with the have nots has been our traditional ethos of livelihhod as a society. We ask how has that today become unchristian, unZambian and a threat to peace. That describes more of PF government than who ever gives to the needy in society. Many Zambians are suffering including ordinary PF members and civil servants on account of unfulfilled promises made by PF government. It should not be an offence to remind PF govt on these promises to be met with police detensions and threats to basic human rights. Zambians lets claim our dignity and freedom.

  24. “It is our responsibility to defend democracy. When Mr Sata was in the opposition, he said Rupiah Banda recruited policemen from Zimbabwe to come rig the elections. We never arrested them,” he said.


  25. Freedom dows not mean wanton breaking pf the law.Laws are made by men for men to follow. Mumba is not an ordinary man and should when to open his foul mouth. He has afollowing n he can easily mislead them into violent reaction to which pf supoorters can counter react and breaks loose.Resulting in confragration.

  26. ***** you calling yourself Litunga are you the one that decides what God thinks how do you know that he spat on Gods face don’t be stupid repent quickly if you have nothing to say sit with your father discuss how poor you ll be with pf

  27. The little ounce of respect I had for this slippery chap as a human being; is out of window for the sanctimonious fake pastor.

  28. What about a statement to apologise to Angola by Chisata on behalf of MMD & country. That was a breach to peace and warants an arrest.

  29. It’s sad for our Br Mumba to be appearing in court on issues that have no eternal value .its better as a man of God to be persecuted for preaching the Gospel.

  30. #36 Complexity says:

    You are right, “Its time Zambians rise to the occassion in defence of our hard earned democracy”

    Zambians/the opposition can use social media (Facebook, Twitter, name it) to mobilise against the injustices being perpetuated by this Dictator Sata and his corrupt PF leaders who want to cover themselves from prosecution at all costs.

    We Zambians have done this before in the 1990s when we removed Kaunda during the time when he was brutal and heartless using his feared Special Branch and UNIP party cadre vigilantes.

    Sata can not stand when we Zambians mobilise ourselves against his evil brutal and greed political tactics that he is using against innocent Zambians. He will flee to Zimbabwe to his friend Mugabe, luck Mugabe will go next time.

  31. #31 levies Matipa, #4 musangu muzaza, #1 Blessings, #3 Litunga,

    You evil Roman Catholic savages, you are like your Jesuit trained Post Newspaper Mmembe who are just trying to support your fellow Roman catholic member the evil corrupt dictator Sata and his corrupt PF leaders.

    There is a lot of Priests (despite their molestation of children) who have been Presidents world over so what should prevent Nevers Mumba from being a political leader of MMD as well as a leader in the Church?

    If you are praying that Nevers Mumba time is now, you are deceived! Even when the illiterate and brutal dictator Sata was being persecuted by the MMD, that is when we Zambians liked him and voted for him in 2011 (which are now regretting because he lied to Zambians).

    Shame on you evil Roman Catholics

  32. #31 levies Matipa, #4 musangu muzaza, #1 Blessings, #3 Litunga,

    Zambians know that Roman Catholics are the one who are afraid of Nevers Mumba becoming President of Zambia, because he is going to mobilise Evangelicals Christians to vote in the next election. The Roman Catholic Church was the one that was against the MMD for no good reason, now the evil corrupt Dictator Sata is persecuting Nevers Mumba and HH, their special Jesuit trained journalist like Mmembe of the post newspaper and THE Zambia Episcopal Conference (ZEC) spokesperson Fr Paul Samasumo are quiet and have closed their eyes to all the violation of Human Rights and persecution of innocent Zambians in Zambia.

    The Roman Catholics Jesuits are visiting the Dictator Sata at State House at night.

  33. #46 Add value,

    You are an illiterate deceived soul that should not even comment on a subject like this where you are as ignorant as an empty big tin which just makes noise when its dropped.

    Who told you a Christian like Mumba can not be involved in politics? If you leave politics to savages like the evil corrupt dictator Sata, you think he can feel pity nor care for poor Zambians?

    Sata increased 100% his salary (he did it dubiously though because his conscious has been sired with a hot iron rod).

    Sata has appointed relatives in political positions who are involved in corrupt activities like his relative Defence Minister Mwamba who was involved in corrupt tender at ZESCO.

    You need to research before commenting. I feel sorry for your 100% ignorance.

    • And Fr Bwalya, a priest is now board chairman of ZESCO directors, and why not Dr. Mumba for president in 2016? Fikacitika.

  34. This time Nevers has not issuing an alarming statement likely to cause breach of peace The government should leave Nevers alone. A statement that the Patriotic Front (PF) government had paid some people K1.4 billion to destabilize the MMD does not hold water. Police should concentrate on core issues rather than trivial matters. I can’t see any professionalism in the police force. It is high time police become professional and devorced from being blown by the wind of the ruling part. PF should be more consumed about reducing poverty levels. Hon. Kabimba police are letting you down by arresting Nevers for useless statement. You people when you were in opposition you did the same and no one arrested you. Put things in order.

  35. You Lusaka Times, why have you removed my comment about Roman Catholic members on this blog people criticizing Nevers Mumba unfairly?

    Are you also applying the Public Order Act on your site to suppress freedom of expression here or you are also members of the Roman Cathoilc Church which has kept quiet from criticizing their member Dictator Sata?

    I have seen that now you have improved from your draconian rules of blocking bloggers comments on your site, but why you removed my comment God knows.

    ZEC and its spokesperson Samasumo has stopped criticizing the Dictator Sata for his human rights abuses and denying freedom of expression to Zambians using the dreaded Public Order Act.

  36. Never Mumba is getting free airplay by the Zambia Police and the PF. They are just making him popular, just like the way MMD make MCS polular, until he even won the elections. He is playing the PF like a fiddle. I dont support Nevers but its always good to have a strong opposition!!

  37. PF let the Unprincipled Nevers Fake Pastor alone. Let him finish himself. He is and cannot be Presidential material for Zambia. Only a finished party MMD can consider as one. Even JUDAS Escariot can give him his vote.

  38. PF let the Unprincipled Nevers Fake Pastor alone. Let him finish himself. He is and cannot be Presidential material for Zambia. Only a finished party MMD can consider as one. Even JUDAS Escariot CANNOTgive him his vote.

  39. Dr Mumba, just continue puttiing in more pressure on these small guys, infact nabachepa sana.
    You are not alone we are behind you. So many things have gone wrong under Pf. Zambia needs a strong man like you thats why they have stopped sleeping. Forget about the police they are just used and in the process making you popular. Lets go on till 2016.

  40. Kenneth Kaunda tried his best, Levy Mwanawasa was the best of all presidents, the rest cannot even be classified. So sad that a beatuful country is being destroyed by cruel men. God please help us from the jaws and claws of these evil men in power.

  41. Opinions/debates on Dr Mumba’s decision to engage in active politics aside, this gentleman is no push over (spiritually or physically), the govt wings are not naive about his potential threat to ba MCS and PF, HOWEVER, their perpetual harassment of ba Nevers is only making him bolder – that’s his nature.
    Seems some have forgotten the seemingly sound allegations about his scandals at the Canadian embassy…..errr…….can someone offer a clue…..what happened to that hipe??? 
    The same principles that made him a renown preacher are the same that might just propel him further in the political limelight…..and that principle was fearlessness and boldness…..

  42. give satan what belong to satan, &The Almighty God what belong to him. No president can cheat that The creator of heaven and earth surpoted him/her!!! These guys have the blessing of the devil the pope.

  43. what ever Nevers has said lets him prove it, may be in court he will.This goes for all alarmists dont say anything that you cant prove.I would do the same if i was the president.

  44. This is the reaction of frightened little men in PF. They should stop the harassment and intimidation of Nevers and play fair. This action is a threat to upholding of human rights and basic tenets of democracy.

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