Angry mob kills man after he assaulted a 68 year old man with an axe

Welcome to Chipata
Welcome to Chipata

A 33 year old man of Kaipalile village in chief Mafuta’s area in Chipata district died after being attacked by an angry mob.

This was after the deceased, identified as James Mbewe, unlawfully assaulted 68 year old Jabson Henry of the same village by axing him on the head.

Police Spokesperson Elizabeth Kanjela disclosed that the incident occurred on Thursday, December 27 around 20:00 hours when the deceased followed Mr. Henry to his house where he axed him.

Ms. Kanjela told ZANIS in a statement in Lusaka today that the mob descended on Mbewe when Mr. Henry shouted for help.

She said villagers went to Mr. Henry’s house after he shouted for help and they started beating the deceased leaving him seriously injured.

Ms. Kanjela said Mbewe was rushed to Chipata General Hospital where he died later.

She said the motive of the attack on Mr. Henry is not yet clear and that the body of the deceased was lying in Chipata General Hospital mortuary awaiting post-mortem.

And in a related development, a 31 year man identified as Douglas Kalwazhi of North-western province was found dead by the road side in a pool of blood in the early hours of today.

Ms. Kanjela said the police found the deceased with two deep cuts on the head, the lips and a swollen face and head.

She said police suspect that an unknown object must have been used to inflict the injuries.

The Police Spokesperson said a heap of beddings that included blankets, mattress covers, duvets, bed sheets and Chitenge material were also found at the scene of the crime.

She said police suspect that the deceased must have been attacked by a mob and that no one had come forth to claim ownership of the items.

Ms. Kanjela said the body of the deceased was lying in Solwezi Hospital mortuary pending post-mortem while a docket of murder has been opened and investigations have been constituted.

She appealed to members of the public to desist from taking the law into their own hands through the act of mob justice.

Meanwhile, police in Luapula have arrested a 34 year old woman identified as Mwewa Belani for allegedly causing the death of her friend Catherine Chalwe aged 32 years of Musaila village in Samfya district.

It is alleged that on December 8, Ms. Belani and Ms. Chalwe fought after a dispute and the latter was overpowered.

Ms. Kanjela said Ms. Chalwe later reported to the police that she had been assaulted.

She said on December 28, Ms. Chalwe died around 15:00 hours and the body is lying in Samfya district hospital mortuary while Ms. Belani has been picked up by police as a suspect and investigations in the matter have continued.

And police in Lusaka have recorded a defilement case involving two children aged three and five in Chipata compound.

Ms. Kanjela said the incident occurred yesterday when the mother of one of the children sent the two minors to buy cooking oil at a kiosk around 18:00 hours.

She said the children were later reported missing and at 19:00 hours, the two were found but the five year old was unconscious and her private parts were bleeding.

She said investigations into the matter have since been instituted and the children have since been taken to the University Teaching Hospital (UTH) for treatment.

She said medical reports have been issued.

Ms. Kanjela urged parents and guardians to be more responsible especially over children saying they risk being charged with negligence.



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    End times indeed, am so hurt about the children! really the one who did this if i could be given a chance? i would finish him slowly and painful, first i would make sure he stays conscious all the time! but chankalipa abana so? Lord let these criminals pay!

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    sana #1, it is painful indeed but leave all vengeance to the God you have used to declare your country a Xtian nation… Most of what is happening is in keeping with the reality on the ground, not the declaration. By inflicting slow, painful death, you will basically be perpetuating the same. Don’t be like some belief groups that defend their god and inflict untold terror on populations…

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    Two people are killed by suspected mobs; police response: “appeal to members of the public to desist from taking the law into their own hands through the act of mob justice.”

    Thought: so the police are not immediately interested in apprehending the murderers. Where is the appeal for the public to come forward and report the perpetrators?

    Two very litte girls are raped; police response: “urge parents and guardians to be more responsible especially over children saying they risk being charged with negligence.”

    Thought: Am I missing something here? Shouldn’t the primary focus be the immediate an urgent appeal to the public for information leading to the arrest and prosecution of the rapist(s)?

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    #1 and #2 Please spare us the religious clap-trap. In my view #3 says all there is to say about this. The police are not interested in pro-actively looking for perpetrators of crimes. They are only good at harassing political opponents of the sitting government. Often crimes where arrests are made it is the result members of the public practically taking the suspects to the police station. In some cases it is the result of pressure from politicians. Even when the suspects are known, the police are more interested in extorting money from the suspects than arresting and charging them.

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    “and they started beating the deceased leaving him seriously injured.” why not just say ” beating the attacker leaving serously injured before he later died at the hospita.”

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    As usual, the police come late… if they come at all. So woe unto him who underestimates the vengeance of an angry mob!

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    Just imagine for a second how Sata used to whine and yell about these same things when he was in opposition!!!! He never cared what subject was in public discourse…he guy would just open his loud trap. I recall Dr. Chongwe had to remind him that “this is between lawyers Michael just shut up you can’t understand anything here”. Now birds have come home to roost and the man is very loud with his silence…..

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    Chipata chaps with high criminal record! Icamba sana you fellows. Previously you were good people, what has gone wrong?

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    Some mother do not deserve to be mothers because of their carelessness where child care is concerned. Very unfortunate for what happened to the toddlers! Let the law take its course.

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