Brace yourselves for more resignations, UPND told

PF Southern Province Political Secretary Brian Hapunda
Brian Hapunda
PF Southern Province Political Secretary Brian Hapunda
PF Southern Province Political Secretary Brian Hapunda

The ruling Patriotic Front in Southern Province says the opposition United Party for National Development (UPND) should brace itself for more resignations of its Members of Parliament.

PF Southern Province Political Secretary Brian Hapunda says the UPND leadership has for a long time now taken its members for granted.

Hapunda says he foresees Sinazongwe Member of Parliament Richwell Simunene as the next parliamentarian to resign from the party.

Speaking to QFM news, Hapunda observes that the opposition UPND has taken its Members of Parliament for granted.

He says states that the UPND should realize that it cannot progress without it continues to frustrate its members.

And Alliance for Democracy and Development (ADD) Kabompo losing Member of Parliament during the 2011 general elections, Stanfford Lizu, has described the resignation of the Livingstone UPND Member of Parliament, Haward Sikwela, as unreasonable and lacks merit.

Mr Lizu said Rev Sikwela should not have resigned from his party and subject the people of Livingstone to another by-election barely a few months after voting for him.

He charged that some politicians creating unnecessary by –elections are not fair to the Zambia people because colossal amounts of money are being wasted at the expense of national development in the process.

Mr Lizu said the move by Rev Sikwela and former Mpongwe Member of Parliament, Gabriel Namulambe, should be condemned by all Zambians because it is detrimental to national development.

Mr Lizu suggested that the new constitution should have a clause which demands that people those members of parliament who defect to join other parties should not be re-adopted in order to avoid causing useless by elections which are costly.

He noted that billions Kwacha, which will be spend to successfully hold the Mpongwe and Livingstone by-elections, would have been used to buy medicine in hospitals and on other vital developmental projects to benefit the citizens.


  1. Brian Hapunda is a failure in life. He’s just using PF to satisfy is selfish political egos… He’s a young hypocritical numpty.. To hell with his cheap brain… UPND is a party being run on valued principles.. That is why the chap was caught with leakage at UNZA and expelled… He can’t work on his own and fight for himself…

  2. I feel comments by Brian on Richwell Siamunene have been made prematurely and should have been left to the concerned Mp to deal with especially that Brian is Pf.

    If Brian wants to show that he is working hard, the best would have been to let actions speak louder than words.

    Brian, hundle some matters with confidentiality before people see the next move otherwise you might cause resentment towards Pf.

    I know that Pf has given freedom to give interviews but use it wisely and intelligently.

  3. There’s no need 2 insult brian coz wat he has stated is de truth,de upnd needs 2 sanitise itself of tribalism,bitterness,ill motives and intimidation 4 it 2b relevant.get rid of hichilema and his incompetent lot at de next convetion coz they r a liability

    • Gee, now the UPND is getting this free advice from a PF kaponya. Do they really need this advice given that their party is decent and progressive?

  4. brian chikala pf has no leaders if u dont know. No presidecial materials anless u put KAUNDA or mmembe when SATA steps down next year.

  5. There is no need of Insulting, just state your opinion just so. The matter of fact is that currently in Zambia there is no opposition. All the opposition parties are confused and very much in disarray. Let the opposition organize themselves otherwise come 2016, PF again will win by a land slide.

    Peace and Prosperity to Mother Zambia.

  6. upnd will not survive with tribal politics, hatred and jealousy in the political current scenario.insulting brian will not work upnd should rebrand now.or else get ready for more crossovers as my able provincial secretary has put it WAPYA BAISA

  7. what jealousy are referring to you’s pf which is tribal going by the appoimtment that have been made by your president.upnd will not be shaken by any underhand tricks by the pf and SP remains a firm upnd stronghold.

    • If UPND wins the election, which names and tribe do you think will dominate his cabinet, if not Tongas due to MPs from southern province only, so dont talk about tribalism in appointment.

  8. Rubbish Brian, we have known how PF rigged in Mufumbwe, we are putting up plans to stop people from other constituencies to register and vote where there is a byelection through the continous registration of voters in Lusaka. We we will send local people before elections to assesss the list of voters in Livingstone and Mufumbwe to determine the number of suspected “foreign” voters. Voters’ registers are not secret and are auditable.

  9. Is this not the Brian who was caught with Mwembeshi in a Law exam at UNZA? he is happy to do the dirty work for Sata’s corrupt party

  10. indeed this is the dumbing -down of our generation..people died for our freedom..people dreamt of living in a democratic society..and now some of the very architects of the multi-party movement in Zambia are sitting and watching as we revert back to a one-party state…what is wrong with us? the reason for having a healthy opposition is for the sole purpose that we can have checks and balances and to ensure accountability from the governement of the day.such a waste–i cant!!..once upon a time it was an honour to work in public service now im just disgusted

  11. Any sensible leader would not pride and mesmerise himself at the prospect of holding by-elections at the expense of development projects.
    The modern and most strategic and effective way of winning the hearts and mind of the people is taking development to them not stealing even the little they have thru by-eletions.
    The developmental contract between the Zambian people & govt was signed when PF was ushered into office to run for five years.
    Fellows Zambians, if PF fails to deliver, they will have no excuse but to be kicked out of office. If we can espouse the principle of re-electing govts based on development delivered, we will move forward or the only ‘development’ we will see will be by-elections
    This by-election syndrome must be shattered forthwith.

  12. DONT WORRY YOURSELVES UNDP, PF can only get a few small brians, unprincipled, uncultured,brook,LAZY,etc MP from your party because the rest are the opposite and will remain united in the opposition.

  13. Brian, tell that to your old and finish he-goat Munkombwe and not to the by-election weary Zambians. The reasonable people of Zambia are saying money should be channeled to development and not by-elections and you are there fooling us. I curse you. May all good things NOT happen to you and may you not see success in your life.

  14. Perhaps one way to solve this political stalemate is to force an early election in Zambia. Question is: How do we do it? Answer is: Ask all opposition Members of Parliament, who constitute the majority in Parliament to resign, thereby forcing a snap election, in order to shame dark horses like Sikwela and Namulambe.

  15. Why get worked out over a goon like Hapunda. His is to fill his tummy and how he gets it full does not matter much.

    My advice to the young man is to find a decent job away from politics. His antics since appearing on the political arena shows he’s a misfit in this field.

  16. viva BRIAN more defections from you upenad sorry upddn sikwela thanx for leaving the tribal party welcome to the giant party of great men with wisdom not under dogs full of hatrate and jeolous

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