Interview with upcoming singer Sepo



KAPA187:Like most singers , you must have started singing at a young age . What inspired you to take music seriously ?
SEPO: Well i come from a very musical background,growing up around music, It was easy for me to sing and dance because it was effortless, its safe to say music chose me. Even when i was in school i always knew music was what i wanted to do. I have always taken music seriously.

KAPA187: Tell us about your song “Tell me” . What is it about and what was the concept of the video.
SEPO: “Tell me” is about two people that fell in love for the very first time, but it turns out the guy is not ready to stay because of fear of a possible heart break…so he breaks her heart in fear of her breaking his heart,but she is still willing to take him back because shes still inlove with him.
but the concept of the video does not give you an answer as to whether she took him back or not. The video was shot in both black n white and in color. The black n white picture depicts me in the present thinking about the past in happier times which was shot in color. Everyone has a different way of dealing with stress…It could be running,it could be prayer,it could be anything really.In my video it suggests that dancing was her way of dealing with heart break.

KAPA187:Does your music have a main theme or do you touch on various topics?
SEPO: My music doesn’t have a main theme…I write my own music,so i write about the things that inspire the most.Things that bring out the best in my voice….Love is a big part of my music.
KAPA187:What is it about you that sets you apart from other artists?
SEPO: Well i would like to think  I am always ready to push the envelop to a whole new level. I am not scared of being different. I love a challenge and taking risks.Its what makes music exciting for me.
KAPA187:Which local artists have you worked with ,or would like to work with.
SEPO: I have worked with the very talented uncle Rex.I did couple of live shows with him and the was an amazing experience. I also learnt a few things.
KAPA187:Besides music ,what other activities do you participate in?
SEPO: Right now music is my number one priority,giving it my undivided Its the only thing am working on right now, but that’s not to say i don’t have other activities i plan on working in the near future.
KAPA187:Which 5 songs are on your playlist right now?
SEPO: “Tell me” by me,

Brandy “Wildest dreams”,

Amy winehouse “Just friends”,

Miguel “Adorn”,

Amy winehouse “Love is a losing game”.

KAPA187:What is your opinion of the current state of zambian music .
SEPO: Well the music scene in Zambia continues to climb,It keeps getting better.Soon enough its going to pay off.To be in this industry you need to be patient. Not everyone will understand or like what you do,but with hard work respect is earned. I believe we are doing great so far.
KAPA187:What is the best advise you have ever gotten.
SEPO: Best advise would have to be. “in life its always good to know youre going somewhere but its not always good to know exactly where.
KAPA187:If you could open for any artist ,local or international , on a tour ,who would it be and why ?
SEPO: I would love to open for Beyonce. Shes inspired a lot of her music and i think her fans would understand my music.Her concerts are always amazing to watch she puts a lot into all her shows. As an artist i always want to give the best live shows i can possibly give.
KAPA187:Are you working on an album , and where can your fans get your music?
SEPO: I am working on my album at the moment.”Tell me” is my first single off my album and my music will be available as soon as my album is complete. But for now they can watch my video via youtube or for any further information,They can like my facebook page “sepo” or follow me on twitter @sepomaria.
KAPA187:In ten years I will be……….
SEPO: In ten years I will still be doing music hopefully inspiring a lot of people and working with big names around the world.









  1. You are definitely going very far you have a great song and Zambia should be very thrilled to have an artist like you coming up in the Music industry. be prepared for the public negativity that means you are doing something Great!!! please push to go world wide,,, you are Zambia’s hope for amazing stardom

  2. This is an upcoming Zed artist with boundless Horizons .
    This song can rank among Beyonces’ songs if one had not read the article.
    Keep up the Zambian flag young Miss!

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