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Sunzu Off To Reading

Sports Sunzu Off To Reading

Stopilla Sunzu has headed to England to attend a medical and agree terms with Reading.

TP Mazembe confirmed on their official website that Sunzu will be away for at least four days.

“Indeed, Sunzu is in Reading for tests after an agreement between TP Mazembe and the Zambia Federation,” Mazembe president Moses Katumbi said.

Sunzu did not travel with the team to Nelspruit on Sunday from Ndola and went straight to England after Zambia’s 0-0 friendly game against Norway on December 12 at Levy Mwanawasa Stadium.

The defender is due to rejoin the Zambia team in Nelspruit on January 19, just two days before th African champions opening Group C match against Ethiopia at Mbombela Stadium.



  1. I wish you all the best Sunzu!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! in all your endeavors God will keep u company,you are proud of you.

    • Reading is a useless team going to division one soon.TP Mazembe is better than Reading.Atleast he played in a champions league which he will never ever do at Reading.

  2. I think the lad and his managers have made a good decision by allowing him some time to clinch this deal. The January transfer window is quite tight and should have seen Sunzu fail to beat the deadline. This is good for our country and for the boy..at least it will add another name EPL.

    • His new team is also most likely going to give him plenty of play time so we have another team in EPL to look forward to watching.

  3. I Wish sunzu good luck & never be staying on the bench as i know these english side have that tendacy of sitting down our talented hard working players

  4. This is the best club for the young defender given that the club is in a relegation dogfight so much valuable experience for him to attain on day one. If the club goes down I feel Sunzu will still be snapped up by the big teams as he has so much potential. I also feel he should be captain as he is more consistent than Katongo.

    • I like your foresight observation. Are you a football manager or consultant. I can see your focus is on the zed team for brazil. Kalebaloka

  5. Bad move ! Career suicide,he needs to be at a club with stability he will be looking for another club in the summer along with Mayuka.

    • What stability? Life is about risks and FYI if Reading are relegated this season its not all bad… the 1st division is by far more competitive than the lucrative EPL you watch on TV.

    • U wanted him to go warm the Arsenal bench? Choice number five after Kolscieny, Vaemelen, Djourou and the tall German, Meet-sucker or whatever u call him?

  6. Eish…. Good clinch a deal. After Afcon make a name for yourself so that other poitential teams can snap u off Reading. save them from the numerous goals they have conceeded so that they survive together with resergent southampton.

  7. Norway Friendly was not on December 12th ba LT naimwe!!!!!!!!! It was on January 12th.
    Report accurately muletusebanya.

  8. Watch out, Mayuka is not a regular first team player since he joined S/Hampton and the team is heading for relegation.Reading is also in the firing line in the relegation zone.

  9. Yet again FAZ and Zambian clubs lose out…TP Mazembe will have a healthy $5million in their account for football development. So long as we have corrupt vision-less empty suits in Football House we will forever lose out on our players to clubs in RSA and overseas.
    Wake up!!

    • Jay Jay you are absolutely right. Our clubs should have a beneficial clause in the contracts when they offload their players for peanuts, that gives them a percenatage of the fees in situations like these. win -win situations.

  10. Congratulations in advance….I believe the deal will be finalised in the four days you will be with Reading…….. Go copper bullet go…..

    • We don’t need Sunzu at Arsenal. We already have Mertesacker and Koscielny. They are bad enough for us thanks.

    • UK Zambian, mark my word and read my lips: ‘Sunzu will score against your lot during the next meeting.’
      Half of your statement is true though- Meetsucker and Koscielny ARE BAD.

  11. Big mistake:vry bad timing,,the weather in london is freezing and traveling at this time is waste of time,,the boy will be a flop at afcons after living hot environmnt and going to cold place and return back to hot env,,this will make him sick and will make mistakes,,,

    • Pessimism is an easy way out when you’re considering what life really is, because pessimism is a short view of life!

  12. Its good that sunzu has been given time to go to england to take up such an opportunity now than wait because the outcome from afcon could influence the move. Many teams could go best teams from the tournament.

  13. Good luck guy and all the best God bless you to believe in yourself, I know and believe in you I’ve seen enough of your games to say so, just make sure you look after your self and your family. Take care One Zambia One Nation ‘Tiyende Pamodzi’ viva Chipolopolo

  14. good for him. at least he knows where he is going after afcon finals. he needed it to have settled mind at the games and am sure he will still play well. its only 4 days. the weather won’t unsettle him but at least he will be at peace during the games. this will be his gate way to big clubs come next season. he will be spotted easily..coz he is a brilliant player..good luck sunzu..its your time.

  15. Reading are indeed a promising side, unlike Southampton, who have frustrated two of our strikers, player managers should note these things & blacklist such teams, who only want to sign players & hope some other team will buy from them!!

  16. Good move, even if Reading are relegated to championship he will be better off than in Africa. Competition there is tough, ask Wolves, Bolton, Pompey, Leeds are many great teams in the championship. Others have even managed to eliminate premiership clubs in the FA and league Cup. Go Sunzu Gooooooo…

  17. Go with God mufana wanga manje visungu ba sunzu visungu make sure you dont talk just keep on saying thank u thank u thank u until u came back wavela mufana wanga ok uende bwino

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