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PF is determined to eliminate the use of English as a language of instructions in schools-Kabimba


Wynter Kabimba
Wynter Kabimba

Justice Minister Wynter Kabimba has reiterated that the PF government is determined to ensure that Zambian language do not become extinct.

Mr. Kabimba said government is concerned that the use of local languages is almost becoming nonexistent.

“We have to address this imbalance. As the PF, we are determined to see to it that we eliminate the use of English as a language of instructions in our schools and replace it with our own Zambian languages,” Mr. Kabimba said.

Mr. Kabimba who is also PF Secretary General stated that the colonial masters have continued using foreign languages such as English to oppress the Africans.

[pullquote]“We have to address this imbalance. As the PF, we are determined to see to it that we eliminate the use of English as a language of instructions in our schools and replace it with our own Zambian languages,” Mr. Kabimba said.[/pullquote]

He was speaking Tuesday evening during a live television programme on ZNBC TV discussing the use of Zambian languages in schools.

“What we have is a colonial hangover. If you remember in 1884 during the Berlin Conference to partition Africa, European countries decided to divide Africa especially Sub Saharan Africa. Some African countries were turned into English speaking nations, others became French speaking while countries like Mozambique were turned into Portuguese speaking countries. This was done in order to manage us as Africans.”

He added, “They had to impose this English language on our forefathers but what is shocking is that Zambian intellectuals even those at University have not raised this question that the English language has been used as a tool of captivity.”
Mr. Kabimba said the PF government finds it unacceptable that some private schools in Zambia today do not teach local languages.

On the same programme, Zambia National Union of Teachers Director for Research Christopher Yakulanda welcomed the PF government’s intention to introduce a policy that will promote local languages as the only medium of instruction in schools.
Mr. Yakulanda said the teaching fraternity in Zambia stands ready to work with the PF government in ensuring that the policy is developed.

[pullquote]“There is evidence to show that it is easier to learn in local languages than foreign languages. This is a bold move by the government and we support it,” Dr. Mwansa said.[/pullquote]

“The use of local languages worked before in this country and we believe it can still work. We just need to agree on the standardization of the local languages so that it doesn’t confuse the learner,” Mr. Yakulanda said.

And UNZA Lecturer in the Department of Language and Social Sciences Education from the School of Education Dr. Joseph Mwansa said teaching early leaners using their home languages improves their thinking and learning abilities.

“There is evidence to show that it is easier to learn in local languages than foreign languages. This is a bold move by the government and we support it,” Dr. Mwansa said.

He however observed that need for the Ministry of Education to ensure that it encourages student teachers to take up local languages during their training.

“We have regrettably noted that even at colleges, local languages are shunned by our teachers, there is a heavy bias towards training to teach English and not the local languages.”


  1. are you the minister os education kabimba? i wonder which school u went to kabimba coz i cant see any logical thinking in ur way of reasoning!!!! be logical sometimes kabimba u discrase us a lot being minister of justice and cant give good arguments!!

    • just look at your English and spellings, it is all over the map. I think you and your type would benefit greatly from from this policy and Kabimba wants to save your type from embarrassment

    • Colonial payback is when you control your resources better than they ever did. This is throwing the baby out with the bath water. Knowing politicians this is nothing but a distraction. The costs will make this an impossible dream as our priorities should be with giving those kids a decent school to go to in the first place, food in their bellies, well trained teachers and a school health system to breed happy, healthy and confident learners who are universally resourceful. Period.

    • Kabimba and your useless thugs please don’t take this country back into delirium . Zambians out here in diaspora outshines countries like Tanzania etc which use local language, we are far advantaged so don’t take us backwas, how many teachers do u have with Bsc in Mbundu, luvales, so let these subjects be optional, your dream only works in countries with one major language like Swahili. Any way the comforting thing is that we are kicking you out in 2016

    • Kabimba, if you have so much money to spend on hiring experts to rewrite text books and print them in order to implement your hocus pocus idea please spend some of that money on fertiliser for peasant farmers under the FISP. They are about to lose their crop because urea has not been supplied up to now!!!

    • I 100% support Winter Kabimba, lets not just condemn but be realist to ourselves.
      Foremost of the blogger here there thinking or reasoning is appalling, its evident mostly think in local language then translate into english thus limiting their capacity to function to the best in terms of logical thinking. Secondly most of the bloggers here claim to be educated to PHD level or atleast university level even claim having more than one academic qualification but when one reads there writing, thinking capacity is appalling this is due to the effect that our education system taught us to learn not to thinking. Countries like German, France, Russia have used there language to develop in terms of science and technology because they think in there own language without limitations.

    • DO you know why best IT specialist are from India, India printed all IT text books in there own language hence students of IT learnt without limitations. That’s one reason you find most of the call centres are located in India even though they can’t speak english better than a Zambian. some we argue its because of low wages, Without enough understand of IT and Infrastructure its not possible. Give Winter some credit , if they can implement it, its a good strategy. We have many languages which are made of few dialects, I am sure from our dialects a standard language of communication can easily made. Lets thinking outside the box Because globally we have failed and we will never compete with well established countries. All we need is reverse engineering if we have to compete globally.

    • Mark Carney you are so right. People need to be educated. A little education is dangerous and its showing here. That’s why I have respect for PHD holders. If u see the contribution of a Dr kasonde it is sober and there is nothing self-degrading in it. Its those who had a sniff of school whose minds need emancipation. People don’t know that a language like Afrikaans was manufactured in africa by settlers who made it their official language. Africans despise themselves so much they don’t believe anything african can succeed. This kind of thinking comes from an education system that prepares us to be carbon copies.

    • @ Mark Carney, I wish to draw you to your second submission which is worse off than the first. You are actually one of those that think in local language and translate to english.

      Let me draw the parallels for you. I don’t know which school you went to but from the writing it’s clear you are of humble education, maybe even a drop out.
      You see, political pronouncements in Africa are made without much thought. When you want a massive cultural change like the one Summer and SataN are bulldozing the country into, you need plenty of resources and research. As far as I know, the human resource isn’t adequately trained, there isn’t material support (books) for children. How do you suppose this will work?

      Seriously Mark, you need the use of school so I’d urge you to get back to the…

  2. I do agree that we have to keep our national identity as Zambians and understand the rationale behind Kabimba’s thinking. However it is an issue that must be handled with caution. We don’t want some tribes to cry foul.

    • Its not about tribe, my worry is that our educational system will become irrelavant if we insist on the use of local languages as a means of instruction. Language is about communication, Zambia has 7 major languages, what happens to a kid whose parents are moved arround iaccross these language zones, does it mean the kid has to start learning over again once that happens? how about internal communication, will our kids be able to get news, literature, or information from abroad which is in English? how about those who proceed for further studies, will they be articulate enough if the education system has been in these Zambian languages

    • This is what you get when people assume they are intellectuals. Kabimba, you are not an intellectual! To try and mix issues of colonialism, its effects and impact on the Zambian culture and then try to correlate this with language in the educational system is misguided and ill researched, especially in the Zambian context. Other bloggers have cited countries like Tanzania whose educational instructions are in Swahili and mentioned the consequencies.
      The driving force needs to be well defined. Is this proposal to preserve cultural and language identity or preservation of languages and hence effective communication in the local languages. The two notions have distinct requirements and entails different budgetary needs and repucussions on the country vis-a-vis its global relationships

    • caution must be taken on how this issue is approached,how do we decide which language should be taught where,what of the minority languages.we currently have enough noise over tribal lines.teaching of local languages in schools as a subject is very much fine but only alongside english. we will need to rewrite the entire educations material,retrain teachers and that in itself is a huge cost.let us trade carefully

  3. so are saying exams ll be set up in local languages coz it’s pointless u teach in local language he u set ur exams in english,think hard ba swine imwe how ll the boys and girls in primary,secondary and tertially education communicate with others suppose the go outside the country

    • Yes the exams shud b set in local language I don’t see wat the big problem will be. I don’t see botwana, Tanzania, kenya even including super powers llike japan , china, France, Germany to jst mention a few worried about how there citizens will communicate with the outside world wen all there citizens r taught in local. Language from grade till university. So u my friend think really hard and check yo reasoning before u jst post anything on this site and expose us to yo small mindedness

    • Kupa or what ever your name is Zambia is nothing on the map the countries you mentioned like Germany and China those are big countries and even if they used their own language it doesnt matter cause their countries are way developed but Zambia is so poor abandoning English would be the worst thing they can ever do and it would be impossible to implement cause all textbooks we use are in english and it would require now more money for them to be translated to local. this is just a big Joke and it show PF are the wrong Government to even think this its just a way to keep the country people from communicating with the world and you mentioned China do you know how much China is paying English teachers to go teach their people english alot… so please do your research.

    • The problems here are manifold Kupa:
      1) Kenya, Botswana and Tanzania have unifying languages. We don’t. So how are Zambians to communicate with one another if they do not learn English. Unless we are gonna invent one in which case, I am on board.
      2) Teaching in a medium other than English will put our students at a disadvantage in the world.
      3) too tired to mention my other objections…

    • Iwe Kupa will your super nations teach Chewe, Lozi, Tonga, Lunda to their kids so as to communicate with Zambians? Or shall Zambians teach German, French, Japanese, Chinese, Norwegian to their children to communicate with your powers?? Think!

  4. terrible idea why are you trying to take the nation backward!! how do you expect pipo with different local languages to communicate!! Some charges that PF made are positive, but not this 1! do your how work before you Turn us into Tanzania! Infact, Tanzania will be better off coz they have a common language Swahili!!

    • yes worst idea ever it shows that we need educated presidents because Zambia is already a backwards country so their is no value in our local language you cant compare them to french, German languages because those countries are powerful we cant change the past but we already speaking English and i liked that now i have traveled and can communicate easily. so this move is a backward move stupid of all ideas i have heard China is paying alot of money for English teachers in the end everyone will be speaking english they cant stop that from happening

    • I have a friend from Tanzania who has been in England for nearly 9 years. This person can speak basic English but fails to articulate things in the Queens language. fails to fill in application forms hence being unable to work all these years. Maybe application forms are written in Swahili in Tanzania but do you think GB is ready to translate Swahili on the forms? Food for thought

  5. Ala ba winter/wynter mulichipuba Tata. Zambia has over 73 tribes. English is the basic language that anyone can learn and understand. The language works well and has done so since 1964. So shut your mouth and leave that kind of work to the minister of education. Ukutumpa swain.

  6. in this era and age someone is thinking of removing the universally recognized language as an official language just shows that he is out of touch with reality. there’s something wrong with this man. the world has converged and it is been refered to as a “global village ” and English is at the center of communication. then someone is thinking of replacing it with bemba. its not normal and acceptable . its recipe for arnachy. zambian language is been taught in schools. Kabimba is mad.

    • I think he was caught unawares. The lack of clarity in thinking is so obvious. How many parents in Zambia will want to have their kids taught in some local language? I bet none. This has already been proven in countries like Botswana and Tanzania. The private schools always outperform the Govt. supported schools. And even more compelling is the fact that most private education, in the UK, outperform public schools, in English.

      I suspect this is just one of those harmless introspections that a nation, bored, engages in from time to time, and honorable Kabimba chose to mislead.

      Rwanda changed its official language from French to English, there had to be good reasons.

  7. The biggest problem I have with useless politicians like the one yapping, is that whatever they dream about becomes already “the party’s plan”. if you look a the PF manifesto and policies closely, there is absolutely nothing about “determination to use local languages as languages of instruction in schools”. so every personal idea or dream becomes a “Party idea”. CNP!!!!!!!!

    • Bosses mwalasa. Am a PF supporter and nowhere in the manifesto did we say, we should change the medium of instruction to Luvale. Dreams are nice but please bwana Kabimba keep them to your personal projects.

  8. Its a good move but luking @ our country we have a lot of local languages en english is some how a common language its not easy to do that please

  9. These guy r thinking local, not global. U will render these learners irrelevant to the global forum. I am in asia and I see how such myopic policies make these ppo so limited in thought and reach

    • And there you are enjoying what they have achieved with their myopic policies. What a global thinker! No country does anything for the globe unless it satisfies its needs first. Isukeni mitwe. Being written in English does not make a policy superior. Bounce your reasoning against Chisha’s above and see if it makes sense. Were German policies written in English? Japanese? And now Chinese and Brazilian? Switzerland has more than one official language. Why can’t Lozi, Tonga, Bemba, Nyanja and English be our official languages? Research papers can be written in anyone of these languages…no problem. Mulesoma mwe ma internationals.

  10. As much as it is a good move, they should also improve the employment crisis because if Zambians are going to seek employment outside, then that will be a big problem. English has become the universal language and i feel lucky to have been born in Zambia coz i see how people from different countries strangle to learn English. The best move is to enforce the local languages like the old days not as the main language of instructions. I so much agree with # 2, choosing one language will really bring tribe problems. It will take time and money to start translating, and i cant just imagine learning Medicine in which ever language they will chose. It would have been interesting if his concern was concerning the drainage issues.

  11. Awe! Apapena, I wish to disagree with Mr. kabimba and PF. Just look at what happened to our neighbours in TZ. They stuck to teaching in Swahili right into University and what happened? they have more or less ditched that and are busy training and recruiting English teachers. The thing is, it is almost impossible to find words in our languages with which to name things like ‘atom’, ‘molecule’, ‘computer’, ‘bacteria’, fungus’, to name but a few. I agree that local languages must be taught so that our children continue to speak their mother tongues but let’s not waste time introducing local languages as a medium of instruction beyond Grade 2.

    • Most of the words you have written are not English words either. They were adopted. Take fungus for instance. Most of the scientific terms we use in science are either latin or greek. Others are arabic. That should not be an impediment to the use of your local languages.

  12. i think the best would be to let english continue as a medium of instructions but local languages should be made compulsory in schools and that whosoever shall not pass the local language will not be issued with a school certificate until they pass.
    this idea of a local language as a medium of instruction work well in countries with one language unlike our situation where we have many languages.which local language will they use in universities where there are people from all corners of the country with different local languages?its true we need to preserve our languages but it should be done cautiously

  13. I believe Zambia has 7 major local languanges, so, how many languages are going to be used in schools? What about at universities, how many languages will be used for instruction? What about parliament, which language will be used? Please some one to help me!!!!!!!!!!

  14. The world is now one BIG VILLAGE,wjich zambia is part of.
    china spends billions of dollars teaching their citizens english.
    what is pottasium permangamate in tumbuka?
    what is hydrogen peroxide in lozi

  15. Zambian languages are already being taught in schools, what is this F.O.O.L talking about? In China they are looking for English teachers, in Angola they are looking for English teachers and in many more countries, but this winter maize kamimbya is thinking like a baboon, very selfish.

  16. Kabimba: learn something from the situation in Tanzania. Kiswahili is the medium of instruction in all state institutions up to, and including, tertiary institutions. The result: very few nationals are able to interact coherently at international levels, ICT literacy is at lowest level, etc. Don’t propose grandiose ideas whose long-term consequences are bound to be detrimental to Zambia’s potential for meaningful development. Concentrate on bread and butter issues for the Zambian people, not this outlandish idea.

    • Yes, Narrant, I agree with you completely. Kabimba and his advocates are not even looking at models before they impose unworkable systems. Those speaking about Germany, China etc. are forgetting that in most of those countries EVERY TOWN AND CITY has an education system unto itself; a child can start school and go up to university where they are. So one of the approaches is to look at whether or not our towns and cities can be self-contained to cater for that kind of thing. I believe we still have a way to go before we can do that.

    • Kolak, that is the kind of thinking we need. Good analysis. The idea may not be bad in an of itself, but do we have the proper set up for it?

      We need sober minds to solve serious problems, not just shoot any idea down without thinking. Great idea!

    • Yes Soli will be the official language in Lusaka and Lenje will be official language in Central Province. interesting!!
      What winter is yapping about happens in countries with one or two languages. Not Zambia with more than 72 languages.
      Talking about Solis and Lenjes, they are a bunch of docile people who have allowed Nyanja and Bemba to be taught to their children at their languages. Soon Lenje and Soli will be extinct only to be heard at traditional ceremonies. YABA!

    • mike wabwino, sorry my dear brother/sister but the fact that we solis have allowed peeople from all over Zambia to live on our land, mingle freely does not mean that we are docile, we are understand the principle of one Zambia one nation. i think as Zambians we should all strive to live together despite our differences, devided we fall, together we stand. there are many reasons why we solis and our lenje brothers and sisters have allowed this and none of the is ill. please lets respect each other.

    • just one more thing, bemba is never taught in schools in lusaka, i dont think its taught in central either. there is a reason as to why nyanja is taught in lusaka, when you look at the “big” tribes, there are only seven, which measn the other 65 have no choice but to let one of these seven tribes to be taught to their children, probably this is the reason why no one takes these local languages seriously in schools, they are not even included on the best 6 subjects recomnded for one to pass a exam. for example, nyanja is only taught in primary school in Soli land, after that no local language, whether u pass it or fail it doesn’t matter cause its not counted. lets live together without looking down on each other mwe banthu please.

    • Thanks Musoli Mutanshi. Bemba is taught in Lenje land – Kabwe.
      Solis have lost it. Even prayers are now in Nyaja in Soli land Shame on you. Wake up man and say NO to this. Let Soli be taught in Lusaka rural otherwise 10 years or so from now Soli will only be spoken by the Chief’s people at Chikwela Makumbi Lol

    • Mike Wabwino, just like English has trumped all 72 of our languages! Can you imagine, with so much to choose from, not even one is spoken at national ceremonies. By the same logic, we “are docile people who have allowed” that to happen.

  17. May be In elementary schools, otherwise I can’t imagine translating all education text books into local languages, it would require creating new terminologies, massive funding to do that work and the country would be segmented into several educational language systems. They would also be an fighting within the different Linguistic groupings about dominance.

  18. when countries like Japan are trying by all means to introduce akalimi at elementary up to university, we want to go backward. First, use of our languages is a must but at what level? learning quantum physics or thermodynamics and mitosis? we can just adopt english and equate it to the level of TOEFL just for communications not to put a yoke of slavery in terms of it being used as a standard to get any school certificate at primary and secondary level. yah sometimes its easier to explain some things in a language one understands but the problem with our setup is that we have 74 languages and which teacher will master even 10 languages to explain Le chater lier’s principle in fundamentals of chemistry.

  19. please this is just a way to cadres that don\t speak English into government this has nothing to do with improving our culture, so in truth is making more space for kaponyas from kulima tower and city market, please when has the minister of justice ever jump to education dont try and lie to the people

    • I think this is the plain truth, creating ways to have the kaponyas in govt offices period. Did I know Mr. SUMMER or which ever season moved to Education……lol or it is free for all, PF!!!!!

  20. This muntu is going to drive Zambia backwards. Why can’t he just leave things alone, there’s a saying don’t fix something that isn’t broken. F 00 L.

  21. Its not a bord move Dr. Mwansa, its a stupid move. Our languages are not as rich as English for academics. For example what are you going to call a chromosome in your lamguage Dr Mwansa. It is virturely impossible for people to be trained as Engineers, Medical Doctors and so fourth if they have a poor language foundation. As far as iam concerned, implementing this will be the worst you can do as a nation.

    • Kwena muli fontini ba wishi! Malay is the dominant langauge in Malaysia. Other languages such as Cantonese are spoken there and a bit of English. Korean and Japanese have more Engineers than Zambia. What is your point?

    • If you check etymology chromosome is not an english word. It was just adopted into english. Any Language can do that because Language is dynamic unless you are intent upon killing it.

  22. ok guys this one is foolish cause we have something like 72 tribes and it means that we are going to have 72 languages and how are we going to conduct businesses in other provices and what language are they going to be using in copperbelt?i think lamba and most of people knows bemba but is not a bemba land

  23. mmm ba kabimba ba sangwa konse konse..looking forward to teaching my daughter calculus mu ciTumbuka..she just learnt about sets in bemba and nyanja cos she didnt understand ku skulu..the english passed the hon.Ministry of inJustice..cud be on to sumthin here..but it seems extremely retrogressive wen we shud be aiming to put our selves mu global village..such pronouncements are the labour pains of Zambias second Global disconnect-can we be seen to be serious!!let parents take it upon themselves to teach their children their mutha tongue..some of us are from minority shud our children go to schools to be taught other pipos languages..PF get it together pleazi

  24. When are we going to grow? When are we going to learn? Please Please ba Winter don’t destroy this nation. We appreciate all the efforts you are putting accross but dont let us be like Tanzania (Kiswahili), They are behind with technology due to the language they speak.

    most countries are looking for English teachers why because it is a center of communication. Let Zambian language be taught in schools but not as a center of instruction. What if I am transfered in short intervals? Does that mean that my children will have to continue learning new, new and new?

  25. How did he found himself at a fora of education or is he acting as Education minister? Only the President or the Vice President can speak across the board. It is very good to know your job description?



  28. Stupid idea indeed – and the panelists, some of them Drs were agreeing with the govt! Why do we always want to agree publicly with govt even on stupid ideas like this Dr Mwansa or whatever? Do you want to promote Bemba through and through? Which language do you want our mixed bag children to use? Lastly, STUPID IDEA!

  29. Kaunda, he of the independence epoch, woke up one day, and after consulting his friend Nyerere, put it to Zambians that, in his ‘wisdom’, introducing Kiswahili as Zambia’s national language would be a good thing as a unifying factor in view of the Zambian motto ‘one Zambia one Nation’. Well, Zambians REFUSED to accept that edict. Zambians must again refuse to accept this edict on language from Kabimba and his ilk.

  30. Surely, there are more important issues to deal with than what language to use at school. Let English continue as the main medium of communication. The local languages can be made optional. Without repeating what others have said above, English is a Multi-national language and has nothing to do with colonialism. Our dress code, diet, transport medium and type of accommodation we live in have more to do with westernization but I do not think the PF government would want to change that so that we feel more Zambian. True enough, I understood all else best in Bemba during my early Primary school years, even English was taught to me in Bemba and even today, I think better in Bemba though I articulate my points in English. And I am not even Bemba.

  31. Awe kwena ifi fyena fipuba. How can we disregard English? Do you produce anything with a Bemba or Soli manual which can sell outside Zambia? May God redeem us from thes faggots!

    • Now I believe I made the right move to bring my children here. Are these the policy makers we have. Atase! Ifya masushi fye!

  32. How are you going to solve science related terms in the local languages such as acceleration, velocity, atoms, elections etc. Think iye Chi Kabimba

    • anyway okay to be fair on him we could just make up new words or borrow the words from the English language. Afterall English itself is made of so many borrowed words.

  33. I think people are confusing the use of language of play as a mode of instruction in early grades -G1 and G2- with use of local language as a mode of instruction at all levels of education. Empirical evidence is there to show that children in early grades -G1 and G2- are able to learn how to read and write in their language of play faster than in a foreign language. This explains why children who are taught in the same language as the language of play are able to read and learn fast at an early stage compared to those who are taught in a foreing language. It has been a government policy to teach the early graders in the 7 major local languages and introduce them to English in G3 and later on completely change to English in G4 and G5.

  34. My point is, let us not hide in colonialism. There are 73 tribes in Zambia and we should not impose one language over another as we shall be doing exactly what we are trying to avoid by throwing out English and replacing it with some languages. I had to use Bemba because I was on the Copperbelt and every other person was using it to communicate. English is neutral and it had helped me to work in different parts of Zambia. That said, I make it a point to try and learn the basics of the local language whenever I switch provinces. My children, they continue with their schooling in English, unaffected by the change of schools and only have to deal with the physical and emotional effects of migration. And they love to learn the local languages too!

  35. Countries that use local languages as a medium of communication in schools do not have 72 languages! They only have one language, e.g. Japanese, Chinese, French etc. I don’t know how many local languages Tanzania has, they use Swahili in schools but are they any better than us? Lets be serious PF and focus on more important issues that dividing the nation by removing the very language that unites us.

  36. What’s wrong with our country,if we accept the rebesing of our kwacha then anyone can come and start changing anything he feels I can change,if I may ask what as made him to b what he is now,jst live things the way they are,no one can accept starting learning only one language or maybe he thinks we will start learning all languages at the some time NO! That can not happened,sorry.

  37. To me, this seems to be a change that has not adequately been thought through. Someone on this forum has even supported the idea by referring to success stories such as China, Germany, French, Botswana, etc where a local langauge is used for exams, etc. Little does the person know that these countries don’t have the complexity of dealing with 73 tribes (or even 7 main langauges) such as Zambia. Botswana, for example, has only 2 major local languages. France has 1, Germany has 1. China has 1. In short, the lesser the number of local languages, the easier it is to over-emphasise and get along with our mother tongues. The opposite is also true. English is universally acceptable (like it or not) and makes sense in remaining a common language of communication in our country.

    • Besides, does Zambia really have adequate resources (e.g. finances and skilled labour) to embark on the mission of re-writing all educational and training materials and text books in all the 7 main languages (assuming the other 60+ do not start feeling neglected)? If we cannot even afford to do building repairs and maintenance to our schools die to budget constraints, what makes us think we’ll still have enough resources to convert everything English material into a local or local langauges? Change, in any country, is surely inevitable, but it should add real value to Zambia. Anything short of this makes the change meaningless and, therefore, not worth persuing. Let’s be real, colleagues.

    • As a matter of fact in Botswana they use English and Setswana as official languages, but all written exams are in English. Even written official correspondence is in English.

  38. So the Minister of Everything says the “English language has been used as a tool of captivity and must be eliminated”?

    Sorry, that’s just wrong (…not to mention a little bitter to still blame your troubles on the Berlin Conference)! If anything, I’d say English has been a language of liberation allowing Zambia to interact with the rest of the world. If you want to talk about captivity, imagine a Zambia in which the next generation can’t communicate with the outside world or even each other. Local languages have a place, but are no substitute for English.

    Btw – has Ba Minister considered what it will cost to translate and produce text books in +73 local languages? Oh….OK…..I guess when you don’t have text books to begin with it doesn’t matter, right? Now there’s…


  40. Tanzanian late President Julius Mwalimu Nyerere and other East African governments failed with their Swahili language.

    When tourism started booming in East Africa, government started to rely on children of immigrants who were in Zambia, Zimbabwe and possibly Malawi for them to have tour guides to communicate with tourists.

    Swahili is a failed language when it comes to communication in East Africa with the outside world and advancement in learning AND TECHNOLOGY.

    No false illusion of nationalism will save autocratic Dictator Sata and his incompetent PF government.

    Zambians are still waiting for what we were promised.

    I miss the great President Mwanawasa and his TRUE allergy to corruption, he fired all corrupt ministers regardless they were relatives or not.

    Sata is a…

  41. Zambia has seven official languages that is Nyanja (not sure this is a language though), Bemba, Tonga, Lozi, Luvale, kaonde, Lunda. Including English that becomes 8. The policy on local languages has been there since 2005 and prior to that in KKs time it was mandatory to learn a local language and it was examinable, so what is the fuss? Because it is PF saying it?

    • The fuss is that PF are determined to get rid of English as a language of instruction. During the KK days, local langauges were indeed taught in schools up to Grade 7, but English remained the main medium of instruction. Besides, this made it possible for our children to move around the country or world with no unnecessary communication barriers. Can you now imagine, firstly, the practicality and unnecessary financial burden of rewriting all educational materials into a local langauge (which one of the 72?).Secondly, don’t you forsee how constraining it is going to be to relate to the rest of the world since we are part of the global village? Thirdly, doing away with English, as a neautral language, will just raise the ugly head of language fights in Zambia. So let’s think a little…

  42. Twafwa!
    Eliminating English will be counter productive. Ministers should not abuse people’s trust in them with unproductive ideas. There is no time for that.

  43. Bwana Minister,it sees you have a serious problems to understand issues related to applied linguistics and its impact on human evolution.
    Zambia has 73 tribes which speak a plethora of languages and variants of these.How on earth are you going to implement this policy?Mwalimu Nyerere tried in Tanzania and failed lamentably,they had to switch back to English language.
    So, instead of trying to re-invent the wheel,you should perhaps have suggested that the teaching of vernacular languages alongside English language should be encouraged from Grade 1 to Grade 12. Where on earth will any Zambian language academically take you?Can it be used at the African Union?Not at all!Kiswahili is widely spoken in more than five countries, but it has failed to gain preeminence at the AU or UN.

  44. Currence rebasing was proposed by world bank durring MMD. Local languges was revived by MMD durring MMD reign. WHY SHOULD PF CONTINUE DECEEVING IGNORANT CITIZENS

  45. Continued….
    So ba Wynter,think twice before you open your mouth and make any pronouncement that touches on matters of national importance.Your verbal diarrhea will one day plunge beautiful Zambia into chaos.If you have nothing to say,just shut your foul mouth up and let those with brains talk.

  46. Kabimba is a bad dreamer.what he’s saying doesn’t make sense.peope use Zambian languages much more than they use english.Does he view muvi tv news? people on muvi tv news segment normally speak in our languages.Kabimba is just too excited about being a minister for the first time in his life.

  47. Which research finding shows that Zambian languages are phasing out of our culture? 88% of the people of Zambia in the rural areas use zambian languages. Our languages were initially oral languages and do not have inscription characters/symbols. Besides, how many scholars have written books in Zambian languages? Where will the money come from to translate ready printed literature into Zambian language. Swahili is spoken by over 100 million people. The 73 or let us say 7 Zambian languages are shared by 15 million. The language market is close to zero. Commodity user manuals, documentation, etc in the next generation would be difficult. Kabimba’s ideas are recipy for disaster for our children.

  48. Research has that children learn better in mother tounge . i.e foundation class. That policy is already at the Ministry of education. Its at implemention stage. Then a zealouse PF. cadre wants to make capital of it

  49. …and then we get angry when we’re asked been from a Zambian education system, to prove our ability to communicate in English at job and scholarship interviews. Promoting local languages over the common nuetral and universally accepted English robs the populace of a tool for understanding and promoting freedom and democracy, and plants the seed for tribal divisions. Moreover, promoting local languages is not a priority, neither does it solve our developmental problems. What kind of thinking gear is this ‘lawyer’ engaged in? This man wants to rise to H.E.S. helm using an uninformed and illiterate electorate.

  50. Guys let’s be analytical,Kabimba’s proposal is to the dead end! Zambia is nothing on the world map with poupulation of about 14 million people.Take for instances India is the largest english speaking (official language) country by population and Idia is not even pondering the idea of removing english in its school currriculum as there are some social and economic benefits such as Cultural exchange between nations and offshore investments or FDIs due to common language(english).

  51. This numpty minister and his PF government are determined to make sure that as many Zambians as possible remain ililterate so that they continue dictating their lives… Can’t Zambians surely see we’re PF is taking Zambia? Shame to those supporting what this minister and PF government are planning..

  52. This policy of language in school seems to be a misplaced priority by this justice minister who combines English accescent with his language.winter seems to be coming from a back were he had difficulties in grasping English. He is one of the ministers who is not eloquent in speaking English . This foolishness must not be tolarented in this country it’s recipe for civil wall. Do not divide the people of Zambia. What modality will be used to come up with which language will be spoken ?yes if say Tumbuka will be used then fine !we will not allow Bemba to be taken as a compulsory language in our school curriculum ! This thinking will bring chaos in our country.look at what happened in Rwanda and burundi because of this tribe influence over the other,the scars of that war are still visible!

  53. How would he eliminate English in schools?What language or languages would they adopt?The English we speak and write is not British English anymore.It is Zambian English adopted of cause just like the Americans have American English.Zambia can only make a student to be proficient in one local language and English.If we go back to these 73 dialects then we are courting trouble in this era of plural politics.District by district there several dialects which would fight over each other.In Solwezi for instance what do you use Kaonde,Luvale,Lunda,Chokwe,Mbunda?The story is the same everywhere.Of cause Kaunda adopted only seven but will it be the same this time around?Lusaka and Eastern use Nyanja but we all know there is no tribe called Nyanja so trouble starts when the…

  54. During our time in Zambia, our gallant Secret Service in Zambia was called Special Branch (SHUSHUSHU) during the former Zambian autocratic Dictator & murderer Kenneth Kaunda. They were very ruthless & brutal to the point that Zambians were afraid even to whisper in their homes even talking to their wives/husbands and children about the all powerful KK & his family. The Special Branch operatives were trained in Romania & Soviet Union

    In Romania, that is were the late dictator (like Sata & KK), thought he was the all powerful untouchable personality cult but luck he was brought down by a popular revolt and was executed by the military firing squad, the same military who were saluting & worshiped him.

    Sata is trying to bring back the hated Special Branch brutal methods of torture…

  55. what is winter Kabimba or Silvia in our local language. answer me now. can someone kindly send me mobile number for this minister

  56. This is very dangerous thinking Mr. Kabimba. Education and particularly language is a means of communication and it empowers the learner to be able to communicate within and outside the country. By doing away with English, you are saying that Zambians should only communicate well within the borders of Zambia and to hell with anybody else! This is retrogessive Sir and the idea should be discarded. It is very important to ensure that Zambians are well educated in a language which is spoken in a lot of countries so as to be able to communicate well whereever they are. Moreover, which of the 7 major languages are you going to choose? Please, we have done very well with ONE ZAMBIA ONE NATION let us leave it there thanks to Tata KK! Local languages should be voluntary but not compulsory please!

  57. what is winter Kabimba or Silvia in our local language translated. answer me now. can someone kindly send me mobile number for this minister

  58. With all due respect to our Zambian Languages and our culture; we cannot use any of our languages as primary languages of instruction in Schools. The vocabulary of our languages has not developed to that level yet.

    Instead of this rhetoric talk about languages, government should instead focus there energies towards improving the standard of education and creating more jobs in order to alleviate poverty among our people. The language is not a contributing factor to the low standard of education but mismanagement, poor planning and lack of focus are the major contributing factors.

    Let’s get real people! We need to address the real issues affecting our people.

  59. with due respect justice minister sir we thank you for your effort but kindly allow ministers responsible to concerned ministries to speak for themselves. please stop speaking on behalf of every ministry.
    Maybe also cut done on talking every time, it does nt make a leader to be like that.
    stop attacking every one and begin working with them, thank you.

  60. wynter local languages are taught in all primary schools including high depending on the local language spoken in the area…wat are u saying?

  61. Please ba PF think before you open your mouths. We have an endless list of technical terms in our education system that can’t even be translated in our local languages, imagine studying medicine, biology or engineering in a local language. i magine what they can be thermodynamics or a simple velocity of physics.

  62. May be he meant schools from his village, we are talking of a Global Village and he is still in his small box of thinking cheap useless ideas. not in our mother Zambia we can not let useless ideas like that to go ahead. This man needs to be retired on national interest.

  63. Don’t abondon English altogether, continue using it as a language of instruction, but strengthen the teaching of local languages too and make them compulsory. Learn from the Zimbabwean education system, English is the language of instruction, but the two major local languages are compulsory in both public and private schools from primary to secondary – Shona is compulsory in Mashonaland areas and Ndebele compulsory in Matebeleland areas. The two languages are even taught at university level. In this way you remain rooted in your own culture but embrace and be relevant to a globalised world.

  64. Lord Have Mercy. I hope this visionless venture hasn’t already been budgeted for because it will be a waist of time and money. We have 73 tribes across 10 provinces, how will the language of instruction be chosen in these provinces? Each province will have it’s own 2 – 4 languages of instruction how logical is that? Let’s leave English as the language of instruction across the country, but ensure that the teaching of Zambian languages (only as subjects) is introduced in schools at all levels.

  65. OH no don’t do it, man! It’s not possible and it’s too late. This generation’s minds are terrible than 20 years ago. Please use English so shall there be a unity or be divided if it used local language. Which local language: Bemba, Ngoni, Tonga, Lozi or let say Swahili like Tanzania? Not too fast and you better think twice, sir!

  66. Yes, it is a very wise thought to preserve your own languages, but reality is that all scholars must learn English as this is an international language of communication. Just be careful how this issue is handled because you don’t want to end up like the South African scholars whose education system has had to be diluted because the majority of learners can not read or write because they insist in being taught in their own mother tongues.


  68. this is the problem of having someone leading you who can only converse properly in bemba. he has completely forgotten his promises, now all he wants is to bembalise everyone. NO SIR!

  69. Only in your dreams Kabimba and “PF”!
    Once again, you are diverting people’s minds from the real issues of development.

    Stop wasting our time and money. This is a very divisive idea. If I grow up in Bemba land, do all my education there, and one day choose to go to Lusaka, I shall be a lost soul because I will not be able to speak Soli, since it was not my language of birth or instruction.

    Admittedly, I could learn Soli, but Zambia has too many languages for one to learn to be able to communicate.

    Don’t create a closed State.

  70. Useless government! i actually never thought i would say that, well, life goes on!
    Surely when the world is developing Zambia is heading down, some of us are even trying to master French, spainish and germany so that we can move at the same pace with the developed world, you are trying to get the future of zed out of it? shameful shameful indeed, i think this guy is off the ARVs, can he be taken to chainama? which languange do you replace english with?

    • You cannot move at the same pace with the developed world if you are not developed. Your argument is synonymous with someone who wishes to run with professionals but has never run a mile. He needs to train first to keep pace with them.

      In Zambia you are always of the mindset that the only thing worth striving for is foreign. You abandon your own and hope to catch up with others who have developed their own. Where is your own?

      Muzungus lived with with and among you for almost a century. They were in the minority yet they convinced you to speak their language. You paid for it with ifiswepu. Now you are defending the act. Mulintonko!

  71. I dont know whats wrong with Winter. Is he ok in the head? Japan, China, France and germany are busy learning english and vice versa for purposes of global communication and you say we are doing the wrong thing?? The world is becoming a global village bwana. So Zambians will be instructed in more than 72 languages heee? Waht nonsense. This will bring tribalism. Kaunda put English as official language to get away from tribalism. We cant go backwards man…!!

  72. The promotion of African languages needs supporting administrative structures. As a starting point, the establishment of National Language Board, NL Authority, NL Agency, NL Commission, NL Department or NL Committee is critical. Such a statutory body would provide translation and interpretation services as well as study language policies. It sems to me that certain foreign languages would continue to play a meaningful role in globalization and international relations.

    • You’re very diplomatic Doc 🙂 I think what has people irritated is not the idea of the languages of instruction. It is more the reference to eliminating a universal language. The same universal language one would assume would be used to set up the National Language Board, Authority, Commission, Department or Committee. Even the legal statutes will be in said universal language. The irony is painful, not so? Great ideas from a private citizen though and government would do well to heed your humble advice.

    • Where have you been Dr. People need your advice. Can you make an appointment with Wynter and put those thoughts into his head.

  73. Though being a P.F member I do not agree with Kabimba on this issue. Let him go to Tanzania and see what is happenning. More private schools have been opened and are cashing in big for private lessons in English now.

    • It is unfortunate you don’t see the connection between national pride and economic development. This insistence you have of holding on to borrowed stuff weakens the subconscious mind where your individual and collective governing values reside. No matter how you try to develop the economy of Zambia, it will be shortlived because you don’t have confidence. You are constantly looking to something outside to validate you. Unfortunately, the rest of world is drunk on its own potent pride. Imwe muli ndwiiiiiiiii!

  74. please u people don’t insult Kabimba he is just talking what has been discussed by the executive Commitee , you learn English and get the meaning even in local you will be taught the meaning in English (mwilamutuka kabimba alelanda fye ifyo balanshenye mukabungwe akalolekesha pafya buyantanshi bwa calo, nga filya fine musambilila mu cingeleshi no kumweba ifyo cilepilibula efyo cakulaaba na mumitundu bakulamyeba ifyo cilepilibula mu cingeleshi. what ever you plan and ask Gods guidance , it shall be given according to your wish , nothing is impossible to God.

  75. So where will one use a degree in Ngoni, Lozi, Lenje, Tumbuka, Luvale, Bisa, Kaonde etc? If Kabimba feels so bad about English, why doesn’t he declare his LLB degree invalid because he attained it in English. If he says Zambian languages have to be promoted I will understand but not do away with the English language. Whether PF like it all not, English is the most used and widely accepted business language globally. So who is going to write Physics, Biology, Chemistry, engineering textbooks in 73 local languages. He is a joke this Kabimba chap.

    • It actually would not be a bad idea to have what can be translated in to local languages published and would be helpful to the readers of those languages. It’s just that we have the priorities and raison d’etre wrong and therefore the cost implications far outweigh the benefits. You’re write about the irony of those who mastered a language eliminating the very tool that assured their success ‘for the greater good’ 🙂

  76. I am for re-integrating local languages into our curriculum, but this is a step too far, in a continually global environment, this will push our nationals further behind..

  77. Waoh! so in Bemba land, when learning human biology, it will be kafwafwa kunsele, imagine this…., penis in bemba, children will be empowered to insult bane, am at a loss of words!

  78. So far around 130 comments and pretty much every one is vehemently against the idea.

    I wonder if this “listening government” is listening? Probably not….!

    • make vernacular language compoulsory to make certificate period….why should one use english even to his children, enferiority.. lets us promote our languages…God did not make a mistake to make your tribe

    • Nice one, Wynter….. errrr, I mean “wonderboy”.

      Have you read, let alone thought about, any of the comments above?

    • You would think they would be proud of their language. You try to write something in Tonga here and wait for a load of insults. They are brainwashed bunch. And nothing more.

  79. My favourite part of this is watching the google ads on the side. Over here it is displaying English courses and Open University Study. Even as we ‘eliminate’ others are trading with our words 🙂 Give those kids in the most remote places internet access and they will teach themselves better than our leaders are planning to…or maybe that’s the fear…oh no. Coffee time.

  80. In agreement with Zagwa Zatha and Chisha, caution over what is being advocated is fundamental here. To begin with, merit outweighs demerit over the proposed move. Enough reasons have not been advanced to warrant the change other than children learn much faster in our local languages than in english. However, clearly, learning does not end at kinder garden or nursery where most of us started from. As we advance both in age and school local languages begin to be ineffective and irrelevant. The current position enables us learn what ever language in use the region we find ourselves in and so far that has helped us cope well where ever we have gone in Zambia (except Bembas). the learning of other languages equally demonstrates that as Zambians we quickly adapt well when we find ourselves

  81. That is the problem with this government.They are determined on wrong things,things which do not add value.Mr Kabimba please,start working please. Not that rubbish you are talking about

    • They are a product of Zambia; a microcosm of the nation. Don’t you see? If they were different, this issue would not arise.

    • Oh hooo! Buuhahahaii!!! Thank you! He-he, man, I didn’t know he was speaking from the toilet. So that’s why he was imagining inside there rather than discussing with PF.

  82. In what state was he speaking drunk or awake, what language will he be using in parliament first start changing your name from winter to mpepo/ mpeyo. This government has drama almost each day

  83. Hif hi blek engrish to much, the only sorushion is to faiti that my rocal ranguage be adopted has an offishio ranguage. bye bye iv gone omu, hiye its to oti

  84. in a changing environment. This conformity is what is expected of us to an ever changing environment whether politically, socially and economically. This in complexity management is referred as creativity and innovation in our environment. This has had a good effect on our ability to embrace each other well that today a Zambian from any region has settled away from where they originate from – what a blessing. This is a curse in other nations of the world. The proposed move is therefore not only irrelevant in today’s social paradigm but retrogressive as well. Remember Valentine Kayope’s infamous proposal that “Kabwe Town Clerk MUST be a Bemba speaking person”. What retrogressive thinking of polititians of that decade. We can not replicate such thoughts today.

  85. Hey bantu am writing on this page using oppressor,”s language. Funny just look at kabimba the same language he complains about is the one he used to air his complaint, he went to school all the way to Unza using the same language, today he wants to tell people that the language is bad for our country, its too late, all or many countries use English, am sad for those children in Zambia who will be forced into lacal languages,one question will kabimba and his PF have educated Phd holder in Physics, Chemistry, biology and other courses that will be able to teach these classes in Lozi, Tonga and Bemba

    • Kabimba cannot speak the language properly. His thinking is retarded by his language limitations. What he recognizes, however, is that because he is forced to think in a local language and then translate into English. That is exactly what most of the discussants are doing here. Kabimba failed to deliver the thought properly and we failed to understand what he intended to say. If you called this communication breakdown, you would not be wrong.

      Most Zambians don’t understand English and can’t even speak it. I mean most Zambians including those who pretend to. Just look at Mushota, even as she has lived in GB with her man, Nick, she still thinks in Bemba. I bet you she would have been better had she mastered Bemba. Now she is not anywhere near anything.

  86. People put you where you are now by mistake rememeber that. You are there now there so you should listen to what people want and not boosting your selfish ego’s. What crapp!! If you are hell bent on doing this then let it be by choice not compulsory, just like people chose what subjects they want to study when they go to college or furhter education.
    Let people voice theri views about his rather than imposing your foolish ideas on them

  87. Learning in local language at early stages is very good.U incorparate English o any other international language at a later stage.I has workd well with some developed countries e.g Japan,Germany,China etc



  89. No I understand why HE is busy poaching people from the opposition. The likes of Wynter should never have been appointed to such senior ministries at all. The man has a lot to sort out in his ministry; judges, magistrates, court presidents, mention them, they need accommodation, transport and better salaries but he is busy disintegrating the nation and meddling into other ministries. HE, where are you? Is he working under your instruction or what. It was GBM, Kambili, Given and now education, why? By the time you realise, there will no PF left. Mark my words.

  90. Kabimba has no moral nor professional rights to comment on issues relating to the field of education. Development of education policies is the responsibility of the Minister of Education who is backed by emminent educationists in his Ministry and enriched by the pool of knowledge based at UNZA, Mulungushi, CBU and the Open University. Kabimba must stop tresspassing into other line Ministries if his own Ministry of Justice has been invaded by noxious weeds and army worms. This is the reason why Zambia is going down the drain, especially taking into account that the PF President has no concept on the real essence and meaning and roles of universities in this world. The PF must stop the nonsence of developing universities which cannot be backed up by fine academics and researchers.

  91. WK’s oberservation is correct, its true zambian languages are getting extinct. most modern parents use English when communicating with their children. most kids dont know any other language apart from English. i have observed this and have started using tonga(my mother togue) when speaking with my kids.

    but i dont agree with his suggestion of unsing local langauges when teaching in schools. if zambia had one common langauge that would work.

    let Kabimba find other means of encouraging parents to teach their kids local languages. let him not disturb our eduction system.

    having said that lets help each other as parents in teaching our children our mother tongue.

  92. Imwe lets resist this nonsense from this politicians are funny and greedy.if you ask at which school winter’s children go to today they are not the ones they were going to before pf came in goverment.and by the time the implement this nonsense all their children will either be in uk,usa or australia and your children will be consigned to the high speed conveyor to primitiveness

  93. It is a pity that we have leaders wasting time on non-issues. I am one of those that was educated in the 80’s when a Zambian language spoken in the area was one of the subjects at school. I was in lusaka from grade 1 to grade to 6. My father, who was working for the government, was then transferred to Kasama where I finished my primary school. So the Zambian language on my grade 7 certificate is bemba & I let everyone to guess what grade I got. Just imagine if all the subjects were taught in Zambian languages. And please do not tell me we choose only one language cause I doubt we will ever agree to have only one, particularly now that politicians have managed to antagonise us and made Zambia more tribal than at any time in its history

  94. Local language has advantages and English disadvantages…I mean if we were to to learn in nyanja or bemba we could understand better than in english,Russia is a good example for russian students its easy, everything is in russian.They are able to do this because they have their own professors ,scientists ,historians,mathematicians and other professions so they can write their own books.When it comes to Zambia I think we are far behind to do that.
    Now with english? English in this world is considered as the medium of communication,so if we could write our own books and learn in local language? Then english should’ve been learned just like a foriegn language,in american schools students learn french, spanish,so we could do it too ,am not against it,but Mr Kambimba you must to be…

  95. There is also the issue of cost. Most of the books in our schools are donated. what happens now. every text book from grade one to university has to be translated into the 7 or whatever number of languages will be selected. Has anyone looked at that. I have notices that as pipo age, they start missing the tribal roots. Just look at Chitala St Michael others who have changed they names to local ones. I believe that is what this generation of old leaders is suffering from. As has been suggested we can re-introduce the Zambian languages as one of the subjects and not as a replacement for english. they could also introduce Zambian history and culture either as a replacement or compliment to the shaka the zulu history we were taught at secondary school.

  96. See why we call these chaps ba kaponya! How can a lawyer sink so low? He himself cannot express himself fluently in Lala or whatever language or tribe he claims he is! All the programmes being used in the education system in the country are in English and one chap thinks he can change that. Do they even have that kinda money to do such work? We need to improve the education system and not trying to kill it completely! The time for this rhetoric is gone and it is time to concentrate on serious issues that are affecting our country! Does the PF govt really have a real plan for country or they just trying anything that they think?

  97. This is a rubbish idea in all it’s uncertain terms. In this time and age you can bring such useless proposals? We all want our tribes used but what we have has never failed us so why take us backwards King Cobra and your men? No, No, No! We are not going back. Our local languages will remain optional and have done well.

    How shall we compete internationally?

  98. A lot Zambians do not understand English, go into rural Zambia and curry out a research. On the other hand, about 99% of the Zambians understand at least one of seven official local languages. South Africa has more than 3 official languages and they are doing fine, we can as well introduce more languages as official but not entirely doing away with English as it has been here for long. Let us not be restricted to English when you attend job interview or when writing your thesis. let our local languages be for the high class as well

  99. Ba Kabimba, on this one, I don’t aglee wifi you. Light now I not no Ingris veli muck and you wanted to stop renning Ingris. No, no, ret me ren Ingris prease.

  100. We are a country that depends on a lot of aid and foreign assistance. This is a bad idea for under-developed country that depends on imported goods. We can’t compare ourselves to advanced nations. Look at what happened to Tanzania when they tried the same thing. The country’s capability and competitiveness was worst than the pre-colonial days. Developed countries that had sponsored students for these studies cancelled the programmes because it was too costly to cater for one particular country. Kabimba if your standard of education is low please don’t bring the rest of the country down.

  101. In all fairness Wynter, introduce it in Government schools if you wish but let Private schools offer real education to children. I don’t want you forcing unworkable things on my children. In senior secondary and university, guys that came from rural areas and had learnt in vernacular were good in Maths and the sciences but failed lamentably to articulate themselves in subsequent interviews and even in class at times. please tell me what you will call a bunsen burner in Kaonde? There are 72 languages in Zambia boss. You will encourage tribalism soon because then people will resist transfers to areas where they do not know the language.

  102. Ba Honourable Learned Kabimba “apa pena mwaloba ilyauma” I am student and strong sympathiser with PF Manifesto but you have to prioritizer what is achievable for quick development you promised us. Language is not a priority. You coming 49yrs too late. Zambia now values tribal identity and you it, that no one will agree including a settler in Livingstone to be compelled to have my children taught in the local language at school even we already use Tonga sometimes when necessary. I will insist on my children to be taught my Bemba tongue, while my wife has also rightly pledged to have our children taught in Kaonde. Leave the sleeping dog lie. Do not rouse tribalism even to most intolerable levels yet. You have development to deliver by express first. Zambian is the most cosmopolitan nation.

  103. Why the emphasis…. this is a global village. As much as Native languages are important, make sure you do not impose their ideology on a people.

    This is how Boko Haram is slowly but seriously and mercilessly devouring the peace and humanity in Northern Nigeria.

    Watch what you say for other may interpreter it wrongly or differently….

    I have spoken my peace!

  104. Kabimba is such a useless twat to suggest an education language overhaul.It’s more than enough that we have News is local languages full stop.I pretty much think we have exhausted the negatives impacts of this as above.We aint going no where with clowns like these in Government.And i thought its the education minister who is supposed to be making such suggestions.The boy has self appointed himself as a minister without portifolio.It would be worthwhile focusing on other priorities for the country bwana.Komanyoko!

  105. This is a bad idea, I think the problem with PF is that they are quick to make pronouncements before they do proper research and consultation, I think this will be a very expensive exercise in terms changing textbooks and all ,I think Zambia has got worse problems for PF to be worry about. Like building more schools, colleges , Universities and well equipped hospitals instead of this nonsense! Let them fulfill all there promises they made during their campaign and maybe we can listen to this rubbish

    • I am more worried with the biological sciences than the arithmetics and physics. Whereas the latter disciplines have the comfort of symbols and numbers with only the explanation as the headache, the former requires a lot of vernacular equivalents. You cannot even use symbols, for instance, human reproductive organs or genitalia..
      Anyhow, this not the main worry.
      The idea is what stinks. We might as well crawl back into the caves whence we came. Faecal matter, utter excrement, thats what it is!

  106. The world is going global and Zambia is moving backwards in full speed. For sometime I was thinking this government was opposed unnecessarily but now I know we have people in power determined to move the country backwards. I am so glad I went to school in Zambia when the leaders were sane and I will do everything in power to ensure my kids are not exposed to this nonsense. Removing english as a national language has more disadvantages than advantages and will just make things more difficult for our kids born outside Zambia to feel part of Zambia. I can’t speak my parents language and it’s no big deal. I have never felt like an inferior Zambian so I really don’t know where this nonsense is coming from. We really need help in Zambia, people shouldn’t just jibber stuff from the blues.

  107. is this matter debatable in parliament or better still in a public forum? of course everyone has given their opinion on this forum, but do these people such as WK or even LT look over these opinions? if not, it is imperative that people are well informed regarding the nonsense being suggested – I wonder where WK children are if he has any. No zambian child should be disadvantaged because of this mans backward thinking. Enough is enough with these no good for nothing ministers.

  108. Before Northern Rhodesia what laugauge was used?Who introduced english? Or are we coming back to the tower of babel?

  109. If we are going to have Zambian languages in school then make sure you include all the languages taught otherwise you will be practising racism. Our education system is good but not perfect in that it does not teach us to become people that are productive, we just become traders rushing to China to buy stuff to come and sell in Zambia. We need to be proud that english has united us as a nation – One Zambia, One nation. We need to come up with a vision of where we want to be in future as a nation and begin working towards that. Introduce subjects that will produce producers, manufacturers, developers, scientists, etc. Don’t worry about our national identity KK worked doing that so we already know who we are. PF should know their mandate and work towards achieving it not wasting time.

    • Are you saying because India uses English we should? China doesnt have English as an official language and it has over 1.7 billion people. You can learn any subject in Ngoni. Dont be so strait-jacketed. People told Julius Nyerere you cant learn Geometry in Swahili. He didn’t listen to them. Go to Tanzania and you will find Geometry textbooks in Swahili.

  110. Travel around the world and see how people from countries where they are taught stuff in their languages struggle in everything and they can’t even drive properly becaue they can’t read road signs, they struggle to communicate and it’s harder for them to get jobs, they struggle in colleges because they can’t understand english very well. I don’t think everything the British gave us was wrong, we should be thankful for the language they gave us and lets not be moving backwards in the name of removing colonial way of thinking. The most powerful nation in the world was colonized by the British but today, they are the most powerful in the world and in the history of man kind, no nation has ever been like it, the USA. English united them, so lets see how all languages will unite Zambia…

  111. Please don’t take us backwards with your stupid thinking Kabimba. English is a universal language of communication. Tell me how you are going to teach subjects like Physics or Chemistry or advanced Maths in your local language. What you should be doing is to make local languages compulsory for basic education (grades 1-9). That way, all learns get to know at least one local language. This was the system in the old days when I went to primary school and I think it was working just fine. There is no way you are going to produce graduates who can not use proper English nowadays, because they will be uncompetitive on the labour market. Think first before you talk ma rubbish.

    The official lamguage for india IS ENGLISH
    The population of india is 1.2billion.
    zambia has over 50 lanhuages,which will be the official language? will it be LOZI.
    Lozi is international, spoken in.botswana,namibia, angola, lesothu and south africa.

    • Are you saying because India uses English we should? China doesnt have English as an official language and it has over 1.7 billion people. You can learn any subject in Ngoni. Dont be so strait-jacketed. People told Julius Nyerere you cant learn Geometry in Swahili. He didn’t listen to them. Go to Tanzania and you will find Geometry textbooks in Swahili.

  113. ha ha ha..i bet the ***** was using language to say all this rubbish..first PF need to rush him to the mental institute for a diagnosis because he might be running mad and he desparately needs help. If the chap is all clear..then little Hilter is probably struggling with power hangover something he never thought would happen to him. Meanwhile get waste of space and time.

  114. Comrade Kabimba,are we to abandon English as an official language or you may also advocate for abandoning Great Britain’s resources/aid?

  115. This man is a (stupid) politian. Most politians are busy making rediculus plans and schemes, spending other peoples money the government usually does not have. In Zambia you will just be borrowing more to go backwards. Besides your new colonial master will want you to speak Chinese soon so don’t make it harder on your children. In Canada we have two official languages, the cost of this is unbelievable. So which language will it it be Bemba? Tonga? This guy just wants his photo on the internet saying something: anything so he looks important. There is an old saying: If you say nothing people think you are a wise sage or stupid but if you say something it is usually confirmed that you are STUPID!

  116. What PF wants is noble but it is impossible to do. They must remember we are an artificial nation; therefore we dont have one homogenous vernacular. Given that, it would require 73 translations of any one document if say the President was holding a Press Conference. Parliament would need to have 73 language translators during debates. All School textbooks would need to be printed 73 times.
    South Africa has 11 official languages and despite its bigger economic muscle it cant cope with translating all these languages be it in schools, political fora, Road Signs, etc. Instead of wasting time and resources on such a venture the PF should use the foreign language English as a unifying factor for the artificial nation that we have inherited from the colonial masters

    • I think he doesn’t understand the financial implications of what he is trying to implement: just think of the education ministry paying for one textbook 73 times!

    • Totally agree – bebeniko muchitundo chabo ba Kabimba – ichisungo chabapita that he does not even make sense. Imagine anyone people group trying to communicate in various languages – Tower of Babel?? How abt encouraging innovation – instead of the nonsense he is suggesting.

  117. Simply Put this guy is a dreamer. Powerful countries with resources in Africa have not managed not that they do not want but because of the complexity. Firstly to develop a language to the Scientific level, secondly to develop books and train instructors in those areas. What kabimba should be saying is that he wants to promote local languages. Eg there is no reason whatsoever why Bemba for instance should be taught in Isoka when they should promote Namwanga and other relevant languages in those areas. But English will still be main medium of instruction. Winter should not waste time diverting attention from the many problems that their party is facing. Winter stop wasting zambian resources on bluired Ideologies which do not work.

  118. What the PF wants is noble but it is impossible to do. They must remember we are an artificial nation; therefore we dont have one homogenous vernacular. Given that, it would require 73 translations of any one document if say the President was holding a Press Conference. Parliament would need to have 73 language translators during debates. All School textbooks would need to be printed 73 times. South Africa has 11 official languages and despite its bigger economic muscle it cant cope with translating all these languages be it in schools, political fora, Road Signs, etc. Instead of wasting time and resources on such a venture the PF should use the foreign language English as a unifying factor for the artificial nation that we have inherited from the colonial masters.

  119. Listening to him was a waste of time, Kabimba has nothing to comment on. Which of the 73 tribes will have their langauage recognised as official language? What will other tribes say/react? PF has no book manufacturing factory.. where will textbooks come from? Kabimba STOP day dreaming.

  120. Kwena mr minister you are a disappointment to the nation and the world at large. Did you do critical thinking?? absolutely no, you are a big failure am telling you. See how some people are suffering to communicate with other people from other countries.
    1) Tribalism will be high
    2) International communities cannot employ you
    Please learn from Tanzania what is happening they are coming to Kenya to learn English when it is too late
    Last question where do u want to take this countries?? Reflect

  121. This Malarkey. That is the problem with people who have not gone to school running the country. Sir when you go overseas, that is when you gonna realize how important English is. You just have to accept it. The world has changed. Just leave the way the system is. Let children learn local languages in primary school as one of the subjects and make it mandatory. But to start teaching every subject in local languages, l think it is a grave mistake. Even the Russians and the French want to speak English, what about you? Just embrace English as part of our history period.

    • No its actually when one goes abroad that the brain opens up to the fact that Not everyone speaks English. The spanish are proudd of their language, the french are proud the japanese are proud the russians are proud. The Arabs are proud Only the Africans are not proud of their languages.

    • Conscientized uli fontini. Yes other nationalities embrace their indegenous languages and so do all Africans ( At least here where we are in the US). English however is the paramount common language we all use and the command of it actually helps determine how far ahead one gets in their carreer or chosen profession. How will my fluent Bemba help me close a deal with Chinese or Spanish client??

  122. My fellow Zambians, you have spoken! 99.9% of the bloggers above are against this retrogressive idea and that is the beauty of democracy. What is unbelievable is that even a UNZA lecturer (Mwansa) and ZUT director (Yakulanda) are blindly agreeing (Yes Bwana) without thinking. The elimination of English as a medium of instruction will not happen. I however would support that the learning of local languages should be encouraged. I do not agree that our local languages are dying out.

    • You may publish the article if it meets your standards
      Patriotic Front’s (PF) Introduction of Local Languages in Zambian Schools
      By Sidney Kawimbe

      The ruling Patriotic Front government is in full gear to introducing teaching of local languages in schools in pursuant to their manifesto that provides for reviewal of the language of introduction policy so as to promote the teaching of local languages at primary level (PF Manifesto, P: 8). In announcing this wholesale policy shift, Justice minister who is also PF Secretary General told ZNBC News and I quote “what we have is a colonial hangover. If you remember in 1884 during the Berlin Conference to partition Africa, European countries decided to divide Africa especially Sub Saharan Africa. Some African countries were turned into English…

  123. Kabimba you avery dull minister with rotten and stagnant brains.Which year did you finish your secondary school and which university did you attend?Secondly at your level you do not even know why Zambians use English as the main language.To me you are not fit to even hold that post sata gave you as you are a disgrace to the nation .You do not even know why your self use English at your ministry when communicating to your surbordinates.”IYO LIMBI MWALILYA ULUBANGULA” .Ihope you are not heading for HIV Encephalitis as you have started mixing up things.I remember before the education system changed in zambia around the 80’s local languages were there at cambridge syllabus for those who wanted to sit for the local language as an additional subject etc.English was the main…

  124. Yes other nationalities embrace their indegenous languages and so do all Africans ( At least here where we are in the US). English however is the paramount common language we all use and the command of it actually helps determine how far ahead one gets in their carreer or chosen profession. How will my fluent Bemba help me close a deal with a Chinese or Spanish client?? How will my fluent Nyanja or Ubundu help me communicate with other nationalities including fellow Africans in this global village we live in now.

  125. Kabimba has delusions of wisdom; his explanations for PFs determination to ‘eliminate the use of English as a language of instructions in schools’ makes no sense. If you buy into that delusion, you’re sourly wrong in your analysis. It’s not that we should not have pride in indigenous languages; English gives us a competitive edge in trade because most of our foreign trade partners transact in english. Perhaps we have a government so bent on enacting ideals that are personal opinion and not objective consideration of what’s best for the nation, then by all means go ahead. It’s appalling to imagine that Kabimba’s logic and that of others like him is not being thoroughly objected by the Teachers union, students or NGO’s in sectors that this dumb, personal and disruptive opinion.

  126. I would like to challenge the minister and those that share his detached logic to iterate the advantages of his idea addressing the socio-economic impact of his plan giving tangible facts, any studies or precedents that support their view. Seeing as the gov. has a mouth piece in the gov owned papers and broadcast media, reveal the afore mentioned info there, if you’re so confident. I will point out how many or perhaps all your facts in are wrong in this regard. It’s abundantly clear that merely having a degree does not make one so wise that they can impose draconian ideas based on baseless facts and expect all will be fine. We do need major overhaul of the edu syst. in Zambia but this is a counterproductive one of epic proportions.

  127. We can eliminate English as a language as long as you agree to introduce chinese as the official zambian language.

  128. Our language chiTumbuka would be perfectly fitted for the rest of zambians to adopt as national language.Its adoption would greatly expand our tribal influence over zambia.Tumbuka hegemony wud be fun,hehehe.

  129. Awe Ba snake charmer mwe fontini nimwe. You attribute progress to the engllish language. That is tunnel view thinking. Kuba brainwashed MwaImona ukucenjela ngamwalande chisungu. Ukucenjela kumbi kutumpa. China doesn’t speak English but has progressed faster than any African country so stop gluing progress to one language

    • Iwe kolwe ask your self how many languages they have in china. Most of the countries that don’t use english don’t have more than 70 languages. Wachitika how iwe kansi? and besides not all teachers in these schools know language of a particular place they are in. You can never force a person to learn a language where they reside, doing so is tantamount to human rights abuse

  130. So the English imposed English to some african nations, the French imposed French, etc.. AND U WANT TO IMPOSE BEMBA TO US! You have never seen an uprising. Meet us on the ground with full resistance, yours shall remain wishfull thinking till eternity.

  131. So it was not enough usurping all top govt positions to Bembas! Now u want to make Bemba official language.. Busy building an army of rebel Zambians. Blame nobody wen one day the sun will fail to rise on you.

  132. People need to be educated. A little education is dangerous and its showing here. People back up their arguments with scant knowledge. One says Switzerlland Germany etc are big nations so they can afford using their languages. Denmark Fiinland are nations smaller than Zambia but they use their own languages. Most don’t know that a language like Afrikaans was manufactured in Africa by settlers who made it their official language and it is now used in textbooks.
    Rwanda’s switch to English is because of a feud with ex-colonial master France. Rwanda just opted for another master. That’s how it joined the commonwealth.
    Pls Read Fumbelo’s blog @94.1. Africans despise themselves so much they don’t believe anything African can succeed. This kind of thinking comes from an education…

    • MM that is not true! Can’t u look and see? Does France speak English? Denmark Japan south korea Qatar Brazil China japan Finland yaba!

    • At zambian-american…Is it the local language that took you to america or it was english? I wonder if you are teaching your children your zambian language. my guess is you don’t even have children.

      Stay out of zedan issues. these are merely political pronouncements without thought and corresponding resources.

      If you so much as want to preserve the culture, why don’t you get back to your village in Zed.
      Stay out of this, stay way

    • Zambia is not doing well because you continue electing baboons. KK, Chiluba and Sata would never have been Presidents in Botswana and Tanzania!

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  134. This is backward thinking. How can he propose that the mode of instruction in schools be in local languages. using local languages will not solve the problems that our education sector is facing. Besides, local languages will not be extinct because many children are taught to speak their local languages alongside English in their homes. We have a situation in which Tanzanians and people from Botswana where local languages are highly promoted fail to compete favourable at Masters level as compared to people from Kenya and Zambia because they have the inability to write and express themselves in English well….so ba Minister, this is not the 17th Century




  137. it is great idea that Zambian Languages will be promoted. We need to preserve our culture. I am a Zambia- American aspiring Scientist and regardless of what others think, we have to keep out traditions.

  138. Bane these are some of the issues which need criticle thinking before you we open our mouths………have you thought about how we are going to be referring to terms like spontaneous,radioactive, biocompatibility,intensive or even as simple as concentration in our local languages?……..fimo tulingile ukutontonkanya sana b4 4 we decide…………..

  139. Prima! Language has the potential to galvanize Africa to great heights. Official communication resorts to African languages with, where possible translation or interpretation. Identity is an integral part of development. All foreign languages are also welcome. Foreign languages will function in certain domains, including diplomacy, commerce, personal or family spheres.

  140. This world is a global village, so how are we going to communicate using our local languages? I think english unifies us.

  141. Kabimba and his PF government are trying to take us backwards.Can you imagine all of us blogging in our local languages?This is a non-starter, Mr Minister.That approach will just increase tribalism which is rife in some parts of Zambia.People will be restricted to their provinces.For example if a Doctor was trained in Luvale, how is he going to work in Eastern province or any other province were there is no Luvale.No man is an Island. It seems the PF government reads a lot of books written by confused characters like Karl Marx, Lenin, Adolf Hitler, Chairman Mao,etc. The language issue should not become the main thing, Mr Kabimba, people are living in abject poverty since you took over power. Don’t worst our precious time. Did you study Law in Tonga?

  142. Imagine doing ‘simultaneous equations’ in Bemba, Lozi, Nyanja or Tonga :-); Imagine explaining ‘Reaction Rates and Chemical Equilibrium’ in Bemba, Lozi, Nyanja or Tonga :-); … Zambia, Oh Zambia! Cry my beloved country…

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  144. People please do not side with these ministers. they have excluded private schools why? ask yourself what kind of schools their children go to? bambi ku america….. so all this teaching in local language is rubbish… let them advise parents to take up that duty of teaching their children their tribes.

  145. I haven’t come across any of the people supporting this move using their local language, not even the professor from UNZA. I wonder if this man would be happy to see his children fail to express themselves in English at UNZA. It is a well known fact that standards have dropped to such a level that even some students at UNZA are not good enough at English. Summer himself was busy using English on ZNBC so why does he want to disadvantage others?

    Not all parents would like to have their children taught other languages from other provinces. I wouldn’t want mine taught bemba, the reason is simple, am not bemba and neither am I nyanja. It’s very unfair. I teach my kids the language I know they will be comfortable to communicate with, thats my mother language and English period.

  146. Do away with english, do away with everything english…that includes civilization, find your own dress code. Your judges still wear the British attire, you have failed to come up with your own constitution including other pieces of legislature. I mean, doesn’t this tell you that the current govt has failed? Now they want to experiment with your children….Be careful people

    This man called Summer Kamimba and SataN will take the Zambian country several centuries than it already is. by the time people will come to their senses, it’ll be too late

  147. this is brilliant thinking from our Zambian counterpart….i wonder why these think tanks like Kabimba are distanced from imparative strategic regional plannings. Such, are the kind of issues that Africa as a whole need to concentrate on to achieve some of its long term detarching from donations from their former colonial masters, as means for survival.

    In adition to that, this minister clearly elaborated the need to effect local languages as a dishing tray across all the other subjects within the domestic educational systems, he never mentioned anything like totally eliminating English within our educational system…it will symply stand as a subject…lyk any other subject.

    Imagine a middle grade student,already finding some challenges in the English subject…

  148. There are many areas in our Education system that needs to be improved in order to raise our quality of Education. Language problem can be one of them. What system are we going by? Do we have enough evidence that this system will be effective? How do we integrate the problem of language in the current struggles of our Education System? How inclusive in terms of many other ethnic languages that our country has will this system be? Do we have enough resources as a country to support such a system? What about teaching colleges?

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