Majority of condoms sold in Zambia are fake-CYCORP



CYCORP, a firm that specializes in issues of intellectual property has disclosed that the majority of condoms sold on the Zambian market are fake.

“This is really sad and the saddest part is that the most popular brands in Zambia are the most counterfeited ones,” says Kingsley Nkonde, CYCORP Managing Director.

“Mostly these favoured or scented condoms are counterfeit and that means there is no guarantee that they will work efficiently. Flavours like Banana are mostly pirated condoms,” Mr. Nkonde said.

Mr. Nkonde told a media briefing in Lusaka that his organisation is concerned that the influx of fake condom brands on the Zambian market might derail the country’s HIV and AIDS response.

“We are now working with SHARE II, a US funded HIV and AIDS organisation to addressing the challenges that fake condoms pose in our country,” Mr. Nkonde said.

He said the Zambia Bureau of Standards does not have capacity to test all the different brands of condoms that enter the Zambian market.

The intellectual property expert said condoms, electronics, mobile phones, vehicle spare parts, soft drinks and sanitary pads are some items that are mostly pirated in Zambia.

Mr. Nkonde also called for an intensified fight against piracy which he said is fueling the illicit trade in pornographic DVDs in Zambia.

“When you talk of pornography, the target is sadly, young school girls. Young boys are mostly not involved in buying and watching pornographic DVDs, the issue is with young girls,” he said.

“These DVDs are produced in large numbers in backyard production houses and sold to young girls and unfortunately, when you expose a young girl’s mind to pornography, she will go out and experiment and increase her chances of getting HIV.”


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    No wonder i always carry rubbers from this end of the world whenever i go to Zambia.I was surprised to hear someone even ask me ati “mulefwaya iya strawberry flavour nangu banana flavour?”.I will never use one bought on the Zambian market again.

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    This is very scary news….yangu! The majority of men want to do the right thing, now this is a major disappointment. When did they realise this? I guess a lot of people have had their day messed up with this news. Mukose bane…..

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    Abstinence ili chee! One man one woman! One love kwasila! Be faithful to your sexual partner! He/she should be one and the only the one; then you will be safe!

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    If HIV and AIDS are spread through immorality, which it self is sin, it is the sin that we must fight not the result of sin. People are preoccupied with fear of being infected than the consequences of sin. Remember the fear of the Lord (not HIV) is the beginning of wisdom. Wisdom to stay clear of the sin whose wages is death. You may fear HIV which is only able to destroy your body instead fear the Lord who is able to destroy both the body and the soul. I for one do not fear HIV and AIDS i fear God who now gives me wisdom and power to overcome the temptations of the devil to indulge in illicit activities. This condom business may keep you safe from getting HIV but not from going to hell. We have seen people get rich just being advocates of HIV and AIDS. Fear God mwe bantu mwe.

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    Well , that is not a problem, a lot of things in this country are fake. The party in Power is fake, The Government is fake, the President who is scared to speak to the media directly is also fake. You see, we are used to fake things in Zambia

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      @observer, boss yayaya muka fwa na BP H.E MCS is the predo until 2016. Ukose I guess to pain you to MCS in a presdential escort just like your HH.

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    In what gives a glimpse of the source of his crookedness,psychopathy and bitterness , Hakainde Hichilema has disclosed that he grew up a poor boy with no shoes and used to walk for over thirty kilometres to get to school, while carrying containers of chibwantu and Mabisi.

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    Tukose shani, nomba fye ni live kanshi pantu cimocine tefyo? You want to do the right thing at iyo ma fake condoms. Nafileka.

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      The problem boi, I get fed up of eating the same meat day in day out. Sampling is better. But I am very worried because most of the time I ‘Pick and Pay”.

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    The UK also has been flooded with cheap Chinese fake condoms. One factory in China was also found to be using vegetable oil as a lubricant for condoms that were for export.

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    I wonder what is not fake in Zambia anymore.At first it was fake sanitary pads nomba ma condom.Ololwanya.

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      It’s not just Zambia, in thte Uk the news yesterday reported that beef burgers from LIDL, ALDI, and probably all supermarkets were made from horse meat and pig. Most of the food is genetically modified and they have a lot of gonga’s such as perfume, sanitary pads, clothes if you dont believe me go to Oxford circus in the streets some kaponya’s sell fake perfume packaged liked its real. It happened to me when I first came to the UK, I got home excted that I had baged a bargain (ati fili monze), opened the packaging and got a rude shock Tolika yamene. Tomatoes are pumped with hormones from fish or whales and who knows what else, chicken from all the supermarkets is 99% water and nasty chemicals when you cook it smells rotten. No wonder there are so many illnesses here especially obesity

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    He is lying to u, just looking for a job. CYCORP.what do u expect him to say, that they r all original? Then hw does he get paid?? Psychology pipo

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    mutule!!yangu tata ee…aweh CYCORP please twapapata confirm the safety of maximum..i always knew the chinese condoms mu tu paper twa white were fake fake fake..stopped using them 7 yrs ago..uku bwabwa noku lepuka too much…egzibit ali mu grade 1..true story bakaamba

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    This was also reported in the tabloids in UK last week. so utu tuma Chinese ni tuma global fimo fimo. Be careful

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