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Danish tourist drowns at Kundalila Falls in Serenje


kundalila Falls in Serenje
kundalila Falls in Serenje

A Danish national yesterday drowned at Kundalila Falls in Serenje as she was trying to take pictures.

Serenje District Commissioner Charles Mwelwa and the police officers who rushed to the scene found that the body of the deceased had already been retrieved from the falls by the community.

The deceased was identified as Anne Nelson, 18, who was among other tourists that were touring Kundalila Falls.

And the Director of Eventua Zambia, Motto Green, explained that the incident happened around 11:00 hours when Ms Nelson was trying to take pictures.

Mr Green added that the deceased did not realize that she had reached the edge of the falls and slipped off.

Meanwhile, Mr Mwelwa has expressed sadness over the loss of life of the Danish tourist.

He said government was putting in place measures aimed at promoting tourism in the country and that it is unfortunate to start losing tourists who are contributing to the development of the country.

Mr Mwelwa has since appealed to the National Heritage Conservation Commission to put in place measures that would identify danger sites at the falls as this was the third time a white foreign national has died at the same area.

He has however thanked the community surrounding Kundalila Falls for the help they rendered in retrieving the tourist’s deceased body which is lying in Serenje District Hospital mortuary.



  1. MHSRIP, I didnt know that there is such a nice falls in serenje. Zambia Tourisim Board please advertise such sites. I would have passed through on my way from Nakonde. Hope you have put some nice social amenities. Really love the look of this falls.

  2. LT i don’t think it sounds right saying a white national, i think you meant to say a foreign national. Very sad, died so young..May Her Soul Rest In Peace. Sad news indeed.

  3. This is not good for our tourism, apart from advertising these facilities, there should be efforts to put in place minimum measures of security, some barricade, or signs beyond which no one is allowed to venture!!


  4. Sad. Put some barricades or signs to deter tourists from going beyond. I know some of these muzungu tourists want to take extreme pictures to sale to NatGeo!

  5. It’s unfortunate that things turned out that way. However, we should draw lessons from this. I feel we need to protect the edges of such places as the falls. I was at Victoria Falls in 2010, I was not impressed at all, the safety at the place is of the poorest standard I ever seen. The falls should have at-least guardrails at the edges to prevent accidental falling. Pple. have been paying for such facilities for ages but safety is still a big concern. I wonder why it is only in the mines where safety is always priority number one. ZNTB learn something from MSD or engage ’em on this. Safety bane!!!

  6. MHSRIP. ZNTB should consider facilating training for tour guides and life guards(especially divers) in all the popular tourist areas. It could save many a life.

  7. Sad that such stories continue to make headlines even after the Australian tourist bungy jumping experience at the Vic falls. Something surely needs to be done. The Australian lady in question is now being used in travel insurance adverts by Aussie Insurance companies- using her Zambian experience of course as an example of how sometimes things can go horribly wrong on a holiday or is it vacation.

  8. Very sad indeed, MHSRIP. Can someone please confirm this rumour about Burkina Faso having been disqualified from AFCON for using an inellegible player?

  9. Forget it naiwe. You want to qualify through the back door, besides we are not discussing AFCON here, look for the right item to post your comments on.

  10. This is sad indeed. NHCC must put up some safety barriers at such places. i have been to kalambo fall in Mbala, its a beautiful dangerous place, even the guides mention it but no action taken. we shud not wait for lives to be lost.

  11. guys lets be realistic at tyms with the things we say on media,wt we are talking abt is abt someone losing a life and nt the burkina matter.put yourself in the boots of the young lady’s family,wt they are going through right now that this girl is no longer living but deceased.its very easy to make funny of other peoples problems but wen its ur turn may be u wud nt even knw where to start frm,may the living lord jehovah comfort the family of the young and i pray that God gve them the strenght to remain strong during and after this trying monent.may the good soul of the young lady rest eternal peace.

  12. First, sorry for the unexpected sudden death of the young female tourist known as Anne Nelson. May her soul rest in peace and we are deeply touched by this tragedy.
    Second, tourists should also not disregard the dangers of waterfalls, and they must always inquire from locals about the dangerous spots in waterfalls especially sudden cliffs which are not clearly visible to new comers.
    Third, despite the above story Zambia’s waterfalls are very nice and safe for all foreign and local tourists alike. Please, all persons from anywhere should feel free to visit Zambia’s natural wonders, thank you.
    Finally, may Anne’s surviving relatives and friends feel free to visit Zambia in the future several times.

  13. I am deeply moved with this sad News and my heart is bleeding with untimely death of a young girl. May her family members and friends be comforted by the mercies of our Lord Jesus Christ.
    Once again May her soul rest in eternal peace (MHSRIEP).

  14. These tourists and westerners have mentality of someone always being responsible for them for every single thing they do for the rest of their lives. In africa if something bad happens to you its your own bloody fault.

    • Right…and we should totally ignore the fact that their ought to have been safety measures in place regardless. That’s the most backward thinking I’ve read so far.

    • Lol…you are right. Most of these tourists are adrenaline junkies and like taking unnecessary risks, and yet when calamity befalls them, they are very quick to apportion blame……..nonetheless, condolences to the bereaved family

  15. Very sad for the loss of young life. where were the tour guides? this is one reason why we have very few tourists coming to Zambia. no safety concern for people. how can 2 people die there before and there are no safety signs and measures to prevent such accidents? or was it the power of witchraft sacrifice?

  16. May her soul rest in peace. Not only at this falls security measures be put in place in all tourist areas could save lives.

  17. First things first; what happened is very tragic, i wouldnt wish it on any1. Condolences to the deceased’s family and friends. Mhsriep.
    Secondly no one is talking about the disclaimers. Warnings are there about the dangers surrounding the place. You enter the site at your own risk!! Nature is nature; it doesn’t care who you are, if you mess with it you go.
    Thirdly why isnt anyone blaming Mr. Green, the tour operator who owns eventua zambia which was responsible for taking the lady to the falls? Coz she was part of his group with his own tour guide and if hes not taking any responsibility then he too made her sign a disclaimer which clearly absolves him of any blame in the matter.
    Lastly, i know its always a big issue when its a white tourist who dies. And yet the falls has been…

  18. sorry , guys i stand to be corrected. is that the correct headline? i though the lady plunged 60 something meters to her death…MHSRIP

  19. Im a bit surprised to read some of the comments at this site, people saying that the falls in Zambia are safe. I just wonder why Mr Mwelwa in the article are quoted to have :
    appealed to the National Heritage Conservation Commission to put in place measures that would identify danger sites at the falls as this was the third time a foreign national has died at the same area. i have never been there but it dont looks good in my eyes, that this is the third accident with tragic outcome.
    I dont think Anne exspected anyone to look after her but im sure some better security measures could have been the difference between dead and life.
    Sweet Anne, RIP

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