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Former US President Jimmy Carter appoints RB to lead the Carter Centre observer mission in Kenya

General News Former US President Jimmy Carter appoints RB to lead the Carter...


FORMER United States President Jimmy Carter has written to Zambia’s Former Rupiah Bwezani Banda, appointing him leader of a 50-person Carter Centre international observer mission for next month’s general elections in Kenya.

In a letter dated February 1, 2013, President Carter said he was grateful to President Banda for his past service on election observer missions in the Republic of Sierra Leone in 2012 and the Democratic Republic of Congo in 2011.

“Staff have reported to me your immense contributions to Sierra Leone’s recent election, where your leadership and diplomacy contributed to acceptance of results and a peaceful post-election period,” said the 39th US President who served from 1977 to 1981.

The Kenyan general elections will be held on March 4, 2013 to elect a new president after the expiry of incumbent President Mwai Kibaki’s two terms in office.

In inviting President Banda to the Kenyan elections, President Carter made special mention of the former Zambian head of State’s ability to add value to the Carter Centre delegation in Kenya.

“I invite you to serve as a leader to our delegation. Your experience, knowledge and political leadership would be invaluable to the mission. I hope that you will be able to join us,” wrote the 2002 Nobel Peace Prize laureate.

And President Banda says he is honoured by the invitation to lead the Carter Centre delegation to Kenya, stressing that he will always be available to play his part in helping e4lection observer missions whose purpose is to ensure free and fair elections which the African continent is in great need of.

“I am grateful to the Carter Centre and all the other observer missions that have requested for my participation in their programmes. I will never shy away from continuing being of service to my continent and humanity in general,” said the former Zambian head of State.

Last month, the Electoral Institute for Sustainable Democracy in Africa (EISA), in partnership with the Independent Electoral and Boundaries Commission, and the Kenyatta University School of Law invited President Banda to deliver a keynote speech at an international conference called to prepare for the elections.

Apart from leading the Carter Centre missions to Sierra Leone and the Democratic Republic of Congo, President Banda was also head of the EISA observer mission to the National Assembly elections in the Royal Kingdom of Lesotho in 2012.


    • yes they will! now let me tell you something. RB and Sata are freemasions… what they are making RB do is something to with making the world one.. the illuminate plan, Sata can afford to go against the illuminate plan,,, carter i s 33 degree freemasion he is the boss.. so sata cannot go against him or he will die like mwanawasa who fail to deliver zambia to illuminate by fail to remove the christian nation clause.

    • ndobo,
      just know that you will never make hh clean again on the political arena by peddling lies.
      if anything, you are just making it worse. who does not know that mwanawasa was publicly baptised in the baptist church? who does not know that sata has always been a catholic who at one time wanted to become a priest?
      now that your hh has been exposed as a freemasons, you think you can work on peoples’ minds… never mwana. just know that a freemason will never rule a christian nation. period.

    • @ mature ya nkoko,, am not for hh, chipimo is my man.. katonika and freemasons are one,,,levy was a chitawala..but for sure levy was a freemason.. alots of these politians you see are freemasons,, iwe chipuba mature ya nkoko

    • We don’t care, he can be invited by his co-conspirators in the USA whose major export is violence disguised as democracy.
      We will apply our criminal justice system to the full here at home. If found with a case to answer, he will be prosecuted with or without the carter center

  1. Mitwe ya mano iyo go RBRBRBRBRB gogogogog

    Could this e a reason why he is being haunted by chi sat-an?
    People who are wise will always be loved and like by many like Rupiah Banda

  2. When Sata ‘retires’ which country will invite him like RB to give these talks? Answer none, or perhaps one, Mugabe!

    • When Sata retires there is a country that will invite for speeches, lectures, and observing sham elections: the country is called Hell, country led by Satan.

    • Even Zimbabwe has distant itself from Sata. Sata has no friends, the Malawian president Joyce Banda withdrew the friendship.
      Sata will be invited by Kabimba’s village.

  3. This will not bode well with the powers that be at plot 1 that have conspired to lead us back to the dark ages. Next we will listen to some silly statement from chellah, kabimba or sakeni. Well done RB atleast some peole appreciate you, as for the others they have not realised that they are in a frying pan about to spill into the fire for the chef is dopey!

  4. RB go and do your work you are flying our flag high and for that Iam happy.Show the CNPs how things are supposed to be done

  5. GREAT!!!! This is what is choking PF and Sata. Let’s see how they will deal with this. Maybe for the first time Sata and PF will be thrust on the international stage as a group of thieves who are running a dictatorship government. RB’s international recognition iza banyokola until may be they start making attempts on his life, since PF seems to be specialising on ritual deaths nowadays.

  6. These announcements need to be done with care, they will choke the PF! Congrats RB, there you go, let us see ACC coming after you.

  7. its like RB is recognized as president than the incumbent. congrats RB, atleast mutichosako nsoni. others won’t be invited for anything becoz the have done nothing to deserve recognition

  8. ”And Banda wept and conceded defeat,” Carter rewarding him to play that role and help the loser weep and conced.
    Go for it RB. Thats my role model for weeping and democracy.

    • us abassador steriler whatever, promised banda of all these nonsense if only he could accept defeat after he took long to let the ecz release the results. that was when the bugger had refused to accept defeat and had ordered the ecz chief to announce that he has won by 18,000 votes. they are now ONLY using him to entice his kind to gracefully accept defeat and not that he is an agel himself. no.

  9. Go RB Go! while the CNP are scratching their heads with no plan. Time will tell that you are a million miles better than what Fred Mmembe (Defacto President of the Republic of Zambia) wants us to believe. Leave them as they continue chasing Chilubas’s plunder cases in vain in the end they will ensare themselves through the Nchitos.

  10. Go RB, not these PF thieves who are ‘chimbwi no plan’, who the hell can invite sata 4 such a mission???? This country is in a mess, surely zambia misses RB

  11. Whether we like it no not, RB helped our nation not to plunge into war. Like it or not, choice is yours Zambia. Lets celebrate his role and humility for that while you may fault him on other things. Its human to err and divine to forgive.

    • no, no, no.. my friend you have it all wrong.
      he nearly plunged this nation into chaos.
      had it not been for the us ambassador, the church, kk, the army… we would have been at war by now. the same chaos had infact started in kitwe on the copperbelt that prompted the said organisations go to state house and literally camp there.
      the famous but notorious red beret soldiers also refused to get instructions from him and for once listened to the church.
      have your facts right.

    • @ mature.. you are on the right path
      but ask yourself this…. why did the US ambassador involve himself and his government? for what benefit to USA?(USA does´nt do anything where they donot benefit) mind you if he knew that RB was corrupt why reward him?
      And just think alittle bit more.. why wasn´t chiluba treated the way RB is being treated by the group of elders,, carter and the group???

  12. Some bloggers have very short memories – sad state of affairs. I personally voted down most of the ******* posts submitted above!

  13. Zambians know RB better than the International community does. Zambians know what RB did in his 3 years as Presido. The invitations to monitor elections in other countries WILL NOT delete RB’s deeds during his term of office: corruption, bribery and nepotism. Unfortunately, Sata is also caught up in the Web.

  14. kabimba will also head a delegation to the l/stone by election he will choke with hate.

  15. Breaking NEWS! Rosalyn Wandi has applied to Secretary to the Cabinet for permission to lead a mission to Kenya in March to arrest RB in Kenya. Of course she has put in a request for hefty allowances for her mission.

  16. Your Excellency President Banda (Rtd).

    A big congratulations to you! As always you make us proud. Our Global celebrated top Diplomat yes you are. We unflinchingly remain is solidarity of your works and judgement.


  17. Congratulations RB we are proud of you. YOUhave put Zambia on the world map.Sata your hands off RB who is a true Zambian Roving ambasador. May God protect you AND MAKE YOU KNOW cHRIST.

  18. congratulations rb, for accepting to go and plead with your corrupt kind to accept defeat in the event that they loose the forth coming elections, which is likely. afterall those are the same chaps that you used, to milk our treasury out of dollars with your fake fuel deals perpetrated by your now run-away son.
    it takes a thief to catch a thief and this is exactly what these people are doing to you, CONVINCING YOUR KIND!!

  19. That RB is now a bonafide statesman and a highly regarded international envoy is beyond dispute.Congrats RB we’re very proud of you and keep our flag flying high.Let the rudderless PF school dropouts choke with envy.

  20. Facts speak volumes that RB has been honoured on the internation arena for his presidency in zambia and facilitating smooth transition of power to another group of Zambians (PF) group. The PF govt find it hard to swallow that RB is being honoured while they are persecuting him. They are being consumed with BITTERNESS, spewing hatrate and scheming to arrest RB even by illegal means. The world is watching PF Sata and his legacy will soon be on test as Zambian leader. Bitterness has affected Kabimba and his minions knowing they will never attain RB record as they are being shielded of corruption by Sata. Bitterness has been seen in his body weight loss because of constant hatred thoughts on RB.

  21. Jimmy Carter is a retired American President, RB is a retired Zambian President. The former is appointing the latter and we all consider it an honour? There two Statesmen Srebrenica at yr same level, why can’t RB have his foundation???? Why thru do we complaint about political hegemony from the West???? Smt ashamed on behalf of RB and all of us!!!

  22. You chaps can sugar coat him all day long till the chickens come home; we all know this Ala Bee is a crook who presided over the most corrupt government in Africa. Nothing but a two bit crook in a tie and suit.

  23. Maxwell give credit where it’s due, all our Presidents are crook, unless you re dull or sleepy to think Whatever President we have is not a crook, we still in the same boat, people are suffering

  24. Mysteriously RB left for Boston early last year, when he was due for questioning in Zambia. Really Zambians your memories are that short. MMD under RB robbed Zambia. Mwanawasa was our great president that we lost too soon. All things work for the good for those that Love th LORD. wake up Zambians and think widely and plan from past mistakes.

  25. Congratulation to Michael Chilufya Sata the President of the Republic of Zambia, your election to the position of president has made the recognition of RB to the outside world. I Know you will also accept the election outcome in 2016 or 2021. under what circumstances

  26. The Carter Center is welcome to Africa generally and Zambia in particular. Working for free and fair elections is noble. Now that loop holes are sealed in Kenya, it will be unusual for the loser to reject the outcome. What is needed is golden hand shake. Accepting defeat is more honorable than accepting victory, as long as that is reality on the ground. Other delegations, including Commonwealth, EU, UN, AU are also required in order to sustain democracy on the continent.

  27. Congrats R.Bwezi,its not the first trip of this kind.ever since you left office you ve been busy and the pf ve not prevented you from attendin any of your programs. Why would they do it now?shikulu mukende Bwino

  28. Ci Rb wen da street children were cryin for clothes,he ws busy dressin up da trees & street light.
    Takwata amano uyu chikamba.

  29. Maxwell is so consumed with hatred that his looks are abnormal and being so pre occupied with hatred will make him bursed because the body will result in malfunction and spewing poisonus vomitus– what an agly picture similar to his appearance.

  30. any Zambian that say anythin about RB it it is not out hate. Zambian accepted RB married to a wife looking like a a daughter, and she was given the best respect accordingly. hope no memories lost. Zambia is a country not a farm or region. Carter and RByou will find them in a book of most stupid *****s. 2009published

  31. how much money was the so called RB left with when he took over from mwanawasa? and just within he period he was made president all reserves where used up. mr Rupia Banda cant be an honest man simple, and I believe even his, zambian and poverty stricken own tax, paid for wife, and means nothing to him. Such a people honored by a people only to make the people a fool as nation,deserve not to have been born. i say that out of sadness

  32. This world! When you think things are getting better that is when heart attacks and cancer of the scrotum appear. And when you become president things are worse. Now the thought coming is that ‘ will I aiso die just like the other one?’ Life is like that.No matter how much money you have death has to happen.

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