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CAF Statement: Renard Warned (Updated)


Zambia National Team Manager Herve Renard
Zambia National Team Manager Herve Renard

The CAN Orange 2013 Organizing Committee in its last meeting held February 4th 2013 in Johannesburg examined the case of the National team coach of Zambia Mr. Herve Renard, concerning the offending comments he made against CAF on The Sunday Times newspaper following the match Burkina Faso vs. Zambia, played in Mbombela on 29/01/2013 as well as the letters of apology sent by his association and himself.

The Organizing committee accepted the apology of the coach, however, in in order to ensure the non-repetition of such behavior which tarnishes the image of CAF and its officials, the Committee decided to issue M. Renard a warning and impose a suspended fine of 10.000 US dollars upon him, provided no repetition of such behavior occur within the coming year.

Herve Renard claimed that the Confederation of African Football is probably happy that his team won’t be representing the continent at this year’s Confederations Cup — because it is “not sexy enough.”

Zambia was knocked out of the African Cup of Nations by a 0-0 draw with Burkina Faso in its final group match, surrendering its continental title after less than a year and forfeiting its chance to represent Africa in the World Cup warm-up tournament in Brazil.

“To be honest with you I think that CAF is very happy because Zambia is not going to play the Confederations Cup,” the Frenchman said after his team failed to secure the win it needed on Tuesday to reach the quarterfinals.

“Because (they think) Zambia is not sexy enough to go to the Confederations … it’s the truth.” Short of retaining its title in South Africa, Zambia’s reign was always destined to be the shortest yet after CAF switched the African Cup to odd years and played it back-to-back in 2012 and 2013.


  1. these CAF fools…what reputation are they trying to protect….bunch of corrupt elements..a bunch of thieves. steealing our confederation cup appearance in brazil. renard just said the truth

  2. The Confederations Cup is for countries that won their continental champions in 2012. All the regions have already submitted their representatives and CAF chose to deny Zambia a chance4, reason, they expected Ivory Coast to go there!!!

    Not, it seems its Burkina Fasso who may go and you want to gagg us???? Come on, you may go and hang!!!

    • We should have scored to have silenced them. Your preparartions were bad but expected to win believing in the departed souls. Let us grow up and prepare hard to fight it easy.

  3. Issa Hayatou and his corrupt dimwit Kalusha should just STFU! You’ve no image to protect you arseholes! Danny Jordan for CAF President!

  4. Zambia lost in fair way and we all know it. Zambia did not necessarily play badly but we did not put up anything special either. Renard must remember that a person is not a failure until they begin to blame someone else. CAF on the other hand, have failed to discipline the Burkina Faso manager because he rightly predicted that CAF will try by all means to help Ghana reach the final, we all saw that one come to pass.

  5. did CAF make us not win any game? did CAF make us miss all those chances? I think we should have been allowed to represent Africa together with the 2013 champs cos we did create two champs within 2 years.. we have always gone places on merit.. lets go to the world cup in Brazil… abakali bakali..

  6. But I thought certain bloggers supported Mammadou Gaye who said that Kalu is Hayatou’s blue eyed boy. Mammadou was trying to maliciously justify why Zambia won a”soft penalty” from the Egyptian ref. I ve never really thought CAF fancies us. These are a bunch of west african thugs who look at their stomachs than the value of the game. ( Who remembers Diramba the west african ref who openly killed Zambia’s chances of advancing to a certain continental tourney?) CAF hates Zambia, South Africa and Southern Africa in general. If a west african doesn’t get the trophy, they would even prefer the Magreb but not Soutjhern Africa. In fact to be blunt CAF is jealousy of South Africa with its mordern Stadia and advanced society. Herve must be supported by all Zambians because he’s a coach…

  7. I have never taken to Hayatou and Blatter. They are birds of the same feather. Sports politicians who cling to power in a demagogic way and who like the sound of their own voices. It must be remembered that they have built up power bases over time to ensure their continued survival. Hayatou,for one, is a typical african politician. Note how long he has been in power. He recently changed the CAF rules/constitution to strengthen his hold on power and neutralise anybody who tries to challenge him for the top CAF job. How was he allowed to do this? He is not accountable to anyone. I wouldn’t be surprised if he has some sort of ‘pact’ with Blatter to take over FIFA sometime in the future.

  8. In all fairness, Zambia shouldav been Africa’z representativez at the Confederationz Tournament in Brazil. Another probable foolish idea wouldav been to let the 2012 and 2013 square off for the Brazil pre-World Cup show, in the event that Zambia didn’t win the latter. Alas, CAF had other ideaz altogether! However, Harve Renard’z remarks were totally unnecessary and very misplaced. If anything, FAZ should have been the first to caution the Frenchman.


  10. At least HR can courageously take one for the team unlike the “fence sitting” Great king Kalu who is trying to be in Issa Hayatou’s good books so he hands over the seat to him!!

  11. What about us fans, are you going to warn us also?

    You are clearly corrupt and incompetent chaps.

    CAF needs to reform.

  12. CAF Useless. Renard is a good but I think he never expected the fight that would come from Ethiopia and Burkina Faso. I think this was a lesson for you. Its time to prove yourself that your a good take the team to the world cup. Just qualify the quality of Zambian players is good they only need someone to push them. you were so quiet at Afcon during the games that was a big mistake. Zambian player dont raise to the occasion is such an atmosphere they need to be constantly reminded your watching.

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