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Relatives of Post bus travelers besiege Ndola Post office


Chibombo Accident
Chibombo Accident

Grief stricken relatives of the people that boarded the 04:30 hours Ndola-Lusaka bound Post bus yesterday , which has been involved in a fatal road accident between Kabwe and Chibombo, flocked to Ndola Main Post office today to enquire about the condition of their relatives.

A check by ZANIS at the Ndola main post office found a crowed of anxious relatives of the passengers demanding to be given the bus manifest which contains names and details of passengers on board.

Scores of Ndola residents assembled at the post office to get the latest information from the Post bus management.

Matilda Zulu a concerned resident said Ndola resident are shocked by the news of the accident involving the Post bus.

“This is shocking, most of us as Ndola residents are shocked, this is the bus that we use, its efficient and timely, this information is very sad,” she said.

[pullquote]“This is shocking, most of us as Ndola residents are shocked, this is the bus that we use, its efficient and timely, this information is very sad,” she said.[/pullquote]

And Zambia Postal Services Corporation (ZAMPOST) Public Relations Manager Frank Mumba who rushed to the accident scene told the media that an official statement will be released later.

In the same vein, the Board and Management of ZAMPOST have expressed deep sorrow at the death of 53 passengers that died this morning while traveling from Ndola to Lusaka.

The management said this in a press statement released to ZANIS yesterday  afternoon.

The 72 seater Benz Post bus registration number ABV 4020 which had two trailers registration numbers 1793, AB 65 and 1791, AB 06 collided with a truck registration number 1792 near John Chinena area in Chibombo district.

[pullquote]“We have not yet released the manifest because we are not sure with the modalities of the passengers as some would have bought tickets for the first bus as records show and later decided to board the second bus,” he said.[/pullquote]

And ZAMPOST Public Relations Manager Mr Mumba has said that management has not yet released the manifest because they have not yet received information as to who was and wasn’t on the bus.

“We have not yet released the manifest because we are not sure with the modalities of the passengers as some would have bought tickets for the first bus as records show and later decided to board the second bus,” he said.

ZAMPOST has therefore assured all the bereaved families and the injured that the corporation stands with them in this period of sorrow.

And Chibombo District medical officer Priscilla Chisha has said that 10 females, 12 males and a baby were admitted to Liteta Hospital while five others were referred to Lusaka” University Teaching Hospital and Kabwe General Hospital respectively, for specialist treatment.

He described the condition of those evacuated to Lusaka and Kabwe as critical.

One of the survivors Osward Chila narrated that he was seated at the back of the bus and he was shocked to find himself seated on top of dead bodies and later collapsed.


  1. The Chap from the Post who was being interviewed yesterday never mentioned any compersetory measures for the Victims… Rule of Law for the erite??? We are watching!!

    • If you are refering to compensation, this is an insurance issue unless it is different when it comes to postbus. Everyone is entitled to compensation.

    • I think the truck driver is the one who was at fault in this accident. The Guy must have been dozing or drunk!

      The solution to most of these accidents is to tune up the penalties(at least 20yrs sentence minimum) to drunken driving and increase the number of speed traps on such roads!

    • It’s not the Post Newspaper my friend, it’s the Post Office, get that right. No one has erred here, it was an accident, everyone drives like that on the Great North Road we are just lucky it wasn’t any of us.

    • You see you PF, only thing you are talking about is MONEY MONEY and who was DRUNK, just evil.
      – Discuss issues like will government take care of funerals and burial.
      – Any national mourning?
      – Can traditional leaders like Chief Liteta offer a memorial burial site for all the deceased.
      – Where are the ambulances in Zambia, I never saw any in those pictures.
      – And what else can citizens do when their leader never show up in sad moments like this? Chiluba & RB had soft hearts, they never hide their tears. But not this one, and his kapaso Kabimba, hearts of snake and hyenas.

      Relatives and friends, the church is best place in this period. Let the church come together. May Their Souls Rest in Peace.

    • @Adamson Mushala- Where is your evidence, this common street mentality is really irking literates, compare your comment to @ Nostradamus’ statement, am sure you feel empty headed.

  2. This is the darkest our in the history of our country. Let’s all pray for God’s comfort and guidance in times like this.

  3. Iwe Haile Who….. you are really a fool… you want ZAMPOST to be talking about compensation on the scene of the accident?? I dont thing that company would be so careless to do what you are saying… Compensation issues would be there and natural justice demands so. So please take it easy, and take your ignorance elsewhere or to the watchdog. May the souls of our brothers and sister rest in peace. We pray that the bereaved families reaceive the holy comfort of the almight GOD in this period of mourning

  4. Iwe Haile Who….. you are really a ****… you want ZAMPOST to be talking about compensation on the scene of the accident?? I dont thing that company would be so careless to do what you are saying… Compensation issues would be there and natural justice demands so. So please take it easy, and take your ignorance elsewhere
    . May the souls of our brothers and sister rest in peace. We pray that the bereaved families reaceive the holy comfort of the almight GOD in this period of mourning

  5. So sad,so shocking of an unprecendented occurence of this magnitude.Never would have happened under MMD rule.It happens now because the police are used for PF political ends to disrupt opposition rallies and arrest leaders rather than policing road safety.Blame this one on PF misrule..

    • Please be serious! This is a national disaster and could have happened at any time. No need to politicise the issue….2009, 19 dead, 33 injured in Chinsali; 2008, 27 dead, 55 injured in Nyimba; 2005, 44 school children crammed into the back of truck died; 2001, 40 people burnt to death near Kapiri Mposhi when their bus….. Who was in power then? PF?
      May the Lord comfort those who are remaining and provide for those who have lost their bread winners.

    • you DOG don’t politicize the deaths of the poor people who were in the accident understand the nature of the same and learn from the accident so that prevention of the same are avoided in the near future.

    • Its not politicising,its called accountability.Such serious accidents don’t occur in developed countries as people up the chain will be held accountable.

  6. This is very sad, measures should be put in place to ensure such doesn’t happen again. Why don’t they make a law that all commercial vehicles should have speed limiters.

  7. Please some help me, a 72 seater bus! 53 died and they say …And Chibombo District medical officer Priscilla Chisha has said that 10 females, 12 males and a baby were admitted to Liteta Hospital while five others were referred to Lusaka” University Teaching Hospital and Kabwe General Hospital respectively, for specialist treatment.

    • You have got to be level headed in tragedies. Blaming someone else for an ACCIDENT to compensate devastation with anger does not solve anything. In my opinion, these articles are coming short of updates from the hospital. There were 50 people conformed dead yesterday and that is why the 10 + 12 in the article. Do not get excited with basic math when you cannot connect content to computation.

  8. Improve the road infrastructure. We are in the 21st Century for heaven’s sakes! Improve the Information handling, too! You mean manifests are not concluded before the bus sets off??? This is shocking!!!! It is like letting a plane fly off before you conclude who is on board. What a mess!

    • Improving road infrastructure it’s irrelevant. Instead, existing laws MUST be enforced. Unfortunately, RATSA officers are more concern in “negotiating” in order to supplement their income at the expense of hundreds of innocent victims on yearly basis.

  9. #1, Haille Who, am surprised and disappointed! The accident happens and you want the same day Post Management to announce Compensation plans? Are you out of your mind? You are the people see in every situation an opportunity to ‘make’ money! At the moment, our concern is to mourn the beloved dead and help the injured recover!

  10. So so so saaaaaaaaaad!!!!!!!!! This is a national disaster so govmnt should do like wise.. Iyee mwebantu wemfwa walibipa maaaaayooooo!!!!!!!!

  11. May the Souls of all those we have lost in this dreadful accident Rest in Eternal Peace. I couldnt hold my self when I watch the ZNBC News last night, it made me shade tears. The truth of the matter is most of our roads are a safety hazard. The number of vehicles in our country has highly increased with statics showing an everage of 150 imported vehicles crossing into Zambia. This should act as a basis for road expansion, instead we have seen no improvement on the road networks despite having all our city roads choked up with vehicles. This is why impatient drivers who get delayed resort to dangerous overtaking. Pot holes on our high ways are never attended to by RDA which have also led to fatal accidents. E.g. the Pot hole before Baobab College on the road from Lusaka to Chilanga.

  12. Zambia right now is being run like a failed State. Most of the accidents in Zambia are a result of poor institutional capability to regulate road transport in Zambia.

    • Really, but a majority of Zambians are complaining of the ‘over-regulation’ by RTSA. Accidents of such magnitude have to be assessed objectively, this was a single bad decision by one driver who was attempting to overtake another, the only regulatory piece applicable there was whether the driver in the wrong had a valid drivers license and nothing else. Accidents of this caliber do not occur regularly so the issue of dragging regulators into this is just a bunch of malarkey or brouhaha!

    • Analyze the accident very professionally, had the bus driver not avoided the Cruiser, he risked overturning and murdering practically all passengers. Looking at it from a utilitarian point of view, the trade off, though made out of impulse, was worthwhile, with all due respect to the dead. The bus came to stand still because it hit an equally powerful body, the truck. The only negligent driver was the driver of the Cruiser who attempted to overtake the truck, rethink that.

  13. The relatives must be going through unimaginable pain and grief, am not sure yet if i know anyone affected but i had trouble sleeping last night, those images kept coming, it must be hell for them, so we should expect all sorts of emotions right now, they should get all the help they need, more so mental support, can GRZ ensure that there is an organisation to provide that? it’s very important otherwise, people’s lives will never ever be the same, some might end up not recovering, please give them counseling please.

    • May the souls of the departed innocent lives rest in perfect peace.. Lets join in prayer and pray for the bereaved

  14. Where are the pictures of the President visiting the accident scene or comforting those that were wounded? Do we have a president or we are on auto pilot?

    • And then what? are ordinary people not worthy? it has to be the president, you are the same people who look down on the poor, when they bring you gifts you dont open them only kanofye ba chite, who cares about the president right now? life is lost, there are no names in real life only in unrealistic dream land!

    • If you think the PR stunts that Barack Obama does are of any value, then you really do not know the value of life. You can make a difference yourself by making the trip yourself to comfort the bereaved.

    • This is a national tragedy, the President needs to be there physically. It’s not a political stunt but show support for the bereaved. Dark Lord ulidonshi? Think before you type iwe kolwe

    • Refrain from hurling expletives simply because your knowledge base is of less substance. National Tragedy indeed, I agree, but even the 9/11 attack ceremony has now banned the attendance of politicians to their event, it overrides the purpose and fuels politicking. And thanks for addressing me as ‘Lord’ that way you confirm your inferiority, your shallow mind is a prisoner of my deeper one.

  15. My profound condolences to the bereaved families.

    I think RATSA should consider introducing “the Speed Governors” to buses/vehicles/trucks involved in public transportation.

  16. I wonder why people bring in politics in this issue…. By the way, how do you blame PF when they are less than two years in power…. Give them time… MMD will never rule zambia again…. and UPND… eh not in this generation… unless you change your attitude… You hate for nothing…

    My deepest condolences to the families that have lost their dear ones… We are with you….


  18. Can we move on from this story please?
    Even BBC are not reporting it, I am tired of reading about this

    accept and move on people


  19. May their souls rest in eternal peace. I just didn’t know the blame should be on PF. Don’t seem to get the link because accidents can happen anywhere anytime…anyway LT is a place for people to pour out frustrations. But it is unfortunate because right now should be a very sensitive time for all of us

    • True,i do agree with you,somewhat.However,all things being equal,the PF govt has some blame.When you’re hired to improve on your predecesor you don’t just sit to equal them.You were hired to do much better.Just bcoz it happened in MMD’s time shouldn’t mean we accept PF’s mediocrity.Rebuilt ,reappraise and renew from the state you found things.

  20. Truelly we have lost innocent citizens.May the almighty God render confort and understanding to bereved families and the nation at large because we have no power over death.It is only God who knows what happened on the fatiful day.My President Sata declare a national mourning.

  21. There is a lot that needs to be done. Lives are being lost all the time. Proper post mortem as to the major cause of those deaths is not conclusively done and implemented. So we will be sad today after a while we forget. A lot of people have been crying for a dual carriage way. It makes sense. A good rail system will really reduce trafic and abnormal weights on our roads as a result they will last. Can the people in power please look at this more seriously.

  22. Mushota if your parents and siblings were on this bus would you still say ‘move on’. This headline wold never hit BBC if your parents were on it, get a life madam persona non grata . Lives have been lost, probably bread winners of families, how do you think their families will survive without this income, especially give the cost of living in Zambia. Before you write your tripe, think. I bet your PHD thesis will be absolute rubbish like the author!!


    • Using bereavement to get notoriety or attention simply shows your illiteracy. In case you do not know, an experienced workforce has more value than a new workforce. Am so ashamed to even comment on this post but I just couldn’t resist giving you a pummeling!

    • With due respect to the departed; it might just be that with the high unemployment not much in terms of vacancies has been created. That aside we do need to *****-proof a lot of things, including your comment.

    • @ kalok, You have a sydrome called the zambian mentality.You are a kind who want to mourn for a month when a catastrophy are the type of people who want business to stand still. Nyogga please life has to continue.with so much high levels of unemployement, all am saying is that vacancies have been created!!!

      death creates opportunities for others!!!!
      ask RB that and he will tell you that

  24. I am left astounded with the level of illiteracy in Zambia. I wonder how the PF has got anything to do with an ACCIDENT. Many a time we tend to attempt to compensate our grief with anger to make ourselves feel deprived but that’s to no reprieve. The PF do make bad choices as well as some good ones but come on, let’s be reasonable.

    • The accident happened on PF’s watch yet they were hired to improve things.Why did GRZ terminate RSZ’s contract? Because they were hired to make things better yet they didn’t.The PF has an obligation to ensure such accidents don’t occur bcoz they were never hired to make things worse.

    • From the facts of the scene, there is absolutely nothing a government can do in such a scenario to preclude the accident. I will not target my response to you alone because it is typical Zambian thinking, such of a socialist nature that makes you feel entitled to government doing you favors. I believe that this isolated event proves enough that it is not government’s problem. It’s called an ACCIDENT for a reason.

  25. #33 BIG NYOGGA… You Dog without a tail , do you even have a brain ..this is not surely a time for such *****ic jokes when the nation is morning the loss of loved ones. PLS everyone Have a sense of respect and feelings at national tragedies like this one.

  26. Why is it that always pansaka or any gathering, debate, discussion name it ,kano pasangwe icipuba or fools….just wondering

  27. I guess people do not appreciate what leadership is- thats explains the voting pattern in Zambia. In such a sad time a leader should be there to comfort and inspire hope in citizens.Didn’t you see George Bush during 9/11? didn’t you see the spirit of New Yorkers during Hurricane Sandy? Zambia is going through a sad time now.Peoples expectations were very high when Pf came into power and those hopes have been dashed,..our fault really for expecting too much but still the mood is still down,AFCON defeat also dampened our spirits,this accident has crushed our spirits.We all feel like gee our roads are terrible how long must people die before action.So we need a leader to inspire us,raise the masses from the doldrums.

    • when in opposition he visited the nyimba accident site, now that he is in charge, all he issues or signs since is not the who wrote it is a statement delivered by the madia guy

    • How do you expect the President to attend to the families when the Police and hospital have named the dead?

  28. To relatives of the departed; find strength in prayer through Jesus.
    To ignorant bloggers, stop halucinating in myopic assumptions. Know that death knows no politics.

  29. Iwe Nostradamus, Chief liteta can organize a burial site but not or none of the people would want their relative to be buried there. this happened with the Monze accident last year. relatives refused to ve a communal burial site.

    Talking about national mourning, u knw very clearly wat the statutory states about national mourning. Its nt fo everyone. Yes its a national disaster, but wat of those other accidents dat had happened in the past.

    Not to go very far, the Monze accident last year. those people were on duty but they wea denied national mourning. we are mourning actually as a nation

  30. It was simply horrific for so many lives to be lost in a flash of a second. Let us all be mature and levelheaded as we share our feelings on that tragic event. Avoid careless comments intended to annoy citizens and close relations.

  31. A very bad omen has been hovering over Zambia since September last year. It has been regular brutal ritual murders which nobody understands, now this.
    The president must abandon and disown his cobra name. A cobra is a snake, a serpent and the Bible says it is the devil. Zambia is a Christian nation and there is no way a national leader should pride himself with such a name. Please drop that cobra name and prayerfully all will be well.

  32. I usually travel about three times in a week to lsk for business and post bus is what i use. i was sitted at the back sit in the corner in the corner and no sooner had the bus left ndola than i doozed off.i was awaken by loud screams of people shouting !iye,tafwa lelo others mayo!!! All this happened so fast and within a second all i head was a big bang. as i bus came to rest i couldn’t believe what i was seeing, crasheds heads! decapitated bodies! broken first i thought i was just dreaming when i looked at the person i sat next to and she looked back at me i knew that this was really happening.My life will never be the same again and i dont know if i will be travelling long distances any time soon.Just seeing a bus or truck is scaring me so much and i have been unable to…

    • If you are real survivor , may peace be upon you. However, the way you expressed yourself and experienced reflects something is wrong with you. Typical modern Zambian.
      I once got involved in a minibus accident in Ndola, and I can’t tell no one what I witnessed. Don’t get it??? That’s why yesterday I advocated to remove some of the pictures you people posted. There is simply some things people shouldn’t tell or photograph. Period!
      You self proclaimed survivor go to church and pray, but make 1 more trip just to Chibombo to plant a tree where you survived.

  33. This accident was hell on earth.that surely a tragedy. declaring a perion of national morning would be most appropriate.MTSRIP

    • Very fitting name, yours. What does race have to do with this? Unless you are telling me he is a racist and was on a mission to kill as many blacks as possible.

      Think with your head, not your colour.

  34. How do you expect government to improve infrastructure when over 70% of the population does not pay taxes?
    You knew quite well that the PF came in with a socialist-populist agenda, why expect different?

    • How are they managing to waste billions on bye – elections.Who is even paying these prostitute opposition MPS to defect? PF

    • With all due respect, the cost of a bye- election is nothing compared to the cost of a road and valuable infrastructure. You seem to be talking from an emotional point of view. Wipe your tears and argue objectively. I do not think the PF makes right decisions all the time, I do not support them.

    LAZY NATION!!!!!!

  36. There is a revelation in the PF Daily Mail that the truck was carrying bags of mealie meal.The truck according to reports is a congolese truck There is presently a shortage of mealie meal whch is largely attributed to smmugling of the commodity to congo.Can those with info fill us in on the source and destination of the mealie meal.

  37. It is not the issue of who caused z accident the question should be at what speed were the motor vehicles moving on? 100km/h i dont think so. The police the RSTSA people what are they doing IN our township. RSTA+POLICE=PROBLEM

  38. Our population has more than quadrupled since most of our roads were designed and constructed. Almost every household now has a car. Traffic has increased drastically . Our road networks are maintained but not upgraded to accommodate the increase in traffic. Upgrading of infrastructure is the way to go now. Every ngwee should go towards that now. Hospitals, road networks, schools, colleges unfortunately even prisons, not forgetting govt buildings . Govt resources have also gone up as the population increased. With a lot of mines and other businesses sprouting everywhere its a bonus to the govt in terms of revenue. Lets pay our taxes them blame the govt of the day for not delivering on certain promises. Those census figures should be put to use adequately in line with govt resources.

  39. may the God of Abraham, Jacob and Isaac strengthen the bereaved families during this trying moment.
    we are all standing with them and praying for them, what a loss!
    And am sure the person talking rubbish about job vacancies has never lost a loved one before, abi? may God have mercy on him, for he knows not what he was saying.

  40. Zambians please be prayerful,some of these happenings require Gods intervention,saw the accident it was a disaster,lets pray for strengh for the family members.

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