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Guy Scott not impressed with Zambia Police and RTSA


Vice President Guy Scott touring Dambwa Central market in Livingstone with  Patriotic Front (PF) Livingstone candidate Lawrence Evans (left) and PF campaign manager Obvious Mwaliteta (right)
Vice President Guy Scott touring Dambwa Central market in Livingstone with Patriotic Front (PF) Livingstone candidate Lawrence Evans (left) and PF campaign manager Obvious Mwaliteta (right)

Vice President Guy Scott said it was unfortunate that the Chibombo accident that claimed 51 lives occurred despite the Government paying the Zambia Police Service and the Road Traffic and Safety Agency (RTSA) to prevent such road accidents.He said RTSA is supposed to be such curbing road accidents but it seems it is not doing so.The Chibombo accident that happened on Thursday morning between a Zampost bus and a truck has received a lot of international attention, being carried by British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC),Sky News,Voice of America among other international media outlets.

The Vice president was speaking in Livingstone yesterday.He is in Livingstone to drum up support for PF candidate Lawrence Evans in the up coming Livingstone by-elections.

Meanwhile Vice President Guy Scott has urged Patriotic Front (PF) members in Livingstone to ensure that the ruling party candidate Lawrence Evans wins the February 28 Parliamentary by-election.Dr Scott said PF members should have right attitudes and explain to Livingstone residents the benefits of voting for Mr Evans.

He said it was time for the ruling party to win the Livingstone parliamentary by-election especially after losing to MMD in 2011 and to the opposition UPND in 2012.

Dr Scott was speaking in Livingstone yesterday when he met PF officials at the Civic Centre.

[pullquote]If you lose it again the third time running in two years, who do you expect to come here and thank you and give you jobs? Nobody except we will continue to run the country including Livingstone. You must adopt the right attitude and that is winning the election, then we will see the benefits of having won the election. Be proactive and don’t wait for us to tell you on how to campaign[/pullquote]

“If you lose it again the third time running in two years, who do you expect to come here and thank you and give you jobs? Nobody except we will continue to run the country including Livingstone. You must adopt the right attitude and that is winning the election, then we will see the benefits of having won the election. Be proactive and don’t wait for us to tell you on how to campaign,” Dr Scott said.

He said party members should go out and ask for votes from Livingstone residents and explain to them what the PF Government intended to do for them.

He urged the police in Livingstone to execute their duties professionally in maintaining law and order in the tourist capital ahead of the February 28 by-elections.He said Government would not tolerate acts of violence and hence the Police should ensure that law and order were maintained.

“If the Police will fail to maintain law and order in the city, we will get other officers to do the job,” he said.

Dr Scott also urged councils and civil servants to ensure that they implemented the policies of the PF Government.

“Some civil servants tell us that we found them in Government and we will leave them in Government.”

He said the media should take time to interview the candidates and other ordinary citizens to get their views on the forthcoming

Speaking at the same function, Dr Scott’s wife Charlotte urged women to work together to ensure that the Livingstone seat was delivered to Mr Evans.She said women and other members of the ruling party should remain focused ahead of the by-election.

Tourism and Arts Minister Sylvia Masebo was optimistic that the PF would emerge winner in the Livingstone and Mpongwe parliamentary by-elections this month-end.Ms Masebo, who is PF chairperson for elections, said the ruling party was currently more united compared to the previous by-election in the
tourist capital.

PF Livingstone by-election campaign manager Obvious Mwaliteta urged Livingstone residents to reject UPND aspiring candidate Regina Musokotwane because the people of Katombora had already rejected her.Mr Mwaliteta said MMD and UNIP had exhibited maturity in their campaigns but UPND was promoting violence in the town.


  1. Dirty Scott you have failed us on Mealie Meal then how then do you put such a heavy burden of preventing Road Traffic accidents on incompetent RTSA and POLICE? hypocrisy all the time why don’t you give a solution to RTSA on how to curb this trend of accidents since you came into power. Ain’t you as PF paid huge sums of money to ensure that you supply farming inputs on time to farmers but you have failed that simple task as well,look at the forum you talking about accidents busy at a campaign as though all is well when your friends are in meetings concerning accidents, busy in presidential rusty choppers campaigning as the president is ill to do so himself. stop pointing fingers at others forgetting 3 are pointing at you.


    • Pointing fingers is exactly what you are doing.
      Poor standards are deeply woven into the fabric of Zambian society.
      You could take the initiative to distribute farming inputs and make a living out of it, but, of course you don’t have the guts and technical know how to make this a
      success neither do the Zambian majority. Whinging is what you do best.
      Political parties or governments don’t necessarily develop nations but individuals with enormous ambitions.
      If Professor Chirwa is successful at revamping the derelict Zambian railways, worldwide interest in him will accrue.
      Get off your high horse and do something to contribute to the development of the nation and the world at large.
      Just do it.

    • Only in Southern Province, that such tribes can be voted as MPs. Livingstone is now like Lusaka, where they vote for abasungu and coloreds. Imagine any of those 3 lost guys, go to Luapula, Muchinga or Northern province that nominate me to be your MP. Bembas will just answer “… we mpumba mukuwo iwe, go and try Tongas”.
      This is really disappointing for Tongas. If they reject Mdam Musokotwane, then those Tongas are as worthless as people in Mufumbwe.

  2. Mamamama!! Aba ba vice president,instead of speaking from the accident scene the baffoon is somewhere in the comforts of zambezi sun hotels and then how can RTSA prevent such accidents can he give us a clue,because us the general populace believe that it’s tije lusaka kabwe road was made intona dual carriage way and the man should stop passing the buck.

    • What kind of white-man is Guy Escort decide to blame innocent-poor Police Officers, I understand, how on earth can blame:
      – His fellow friend white-farmer who was rushing to go and feed his pigs on maize?
      – How can he comment on truck driver who was forced to drive all the way from CB to go and buy Maize-meal from Lusaka.
      Instead of blaming his fellow toothless ministers, he surges at RTSA.
      We used to have abasungu mu Zambia, not aba, and look at their off-springs in picture, real thugs.

  3. we need to re base this government come 2016 as it is fading away just like the re based PF fake kwacha. PF even printing money is rocket science, that what happens when you print money in Sampa’s Matero constituency under the supervision of that one rotten egg Tonga criminal criminal Ha something . lets change PF to Failure Party or Fake Promises Party.

  4. Yes blame the Police. Wh are they failing to buy speed guns? They say they are expensive but if you compare the money they spend on useless things, you wonder. Let the Mnister of Home Affairs impose it on the Inspector General of Police that Speed guns should be bought this year.

    • You are rite, money is been wasted too much! By-elections money can be used to a lot of things for the country. From the time PF came into power, if we add up the cost of by-elections, by now we would have built a lot of dual carriage roads, hospitals, secondary schools, and a lot more things!

  5. Asembe sembe siyisebenza.What is already done is done.Time they started working on the prevention of similar incidents in the future.

  6. Mwaliteta killed his own servant so as to tarnish the image of UPND as been a violent party and seek sympathy from electorates. Just look at his smile, it says it all.
    This is not a grieving smile just like Masumba sacrificed his own son three days later his at it saying Mpongwe is on a silver platter. Had it been a genuine death Mwaliteta would have abandoned the campaigns period. By the way these two coloreds look like jerabos.

  7. Did they clear the mountains of gabbage at that market (Dambwa Central)? It is always smelly with lots of flies at that market. I was there in December and I could not remain there for more than five minutes. The smell was absolutely repugnant.

    • someone on this blog warned to disclose her true identity if she continued so she chickend out. Thats blackmail i say lets not chase off people please, this is a civilised world if you dont like what they write dont bother reading their comment period! Some of you chaps are sick, how can you get so personal with bloging especially she never truely threathens anyone in real life? Leave Mushota alone and seek mental help yourself, now LT is boring without her.
      Mushota dont let any man intimidate you, some men are weak they are scared of women, had that foto for Mushota been a mans, no one could have threaned to expose who, this is gender bias period!



  9. That accident COULDN’T have been prevented by either Police nor RTSA simply becoz it was ONE OF ERROR OF JUDGEMENT!!!! None of the vehicles involved was said to be defective!!!! Politiking for nothing!!!

    You see, if you hound Lubinda out of PF, YOU WILL HAVE LOST THE LAST BASTION OF SENSE WITHIN PF!!!!!!


    • True. Lets build dual carriageways period. There is a lot of development going on in Zambia and this has resulted in a lot of vehicles on the roads. This simply calls for an upgraded road network system. As simple as that. No matter how much money you give to either the police or RTSA, accidents will continue as long our major road network remains single carriageway.

    • Can’t you use your brains to think this time around and not your asss? The people of livingstone use their brains. Even the picture will tell that, that character is not MP material


  11. I can’t believe Dotty Scotty is saying this…..!!

    My goodness,…..!

    What has happened to the dual carriage way talk????

  12. Rubbish! You should have even cancelled these bye elections for the victims. Speak long term fix not asking RATSA to be following motorised check who over takes who. Fix that road into a dual carriage way!

  13. Are these not bouncers giving Guy security? But PF sure the men doesn’t look like they can be a honorable MP but a security guard pls. Apuuuuu

  14. Why do u Zambians like insulting your leaders us in America we dont lean to respect your leaders and give them the support

  15. PF wil win the Livingstone seat this time. UPND is a finished party led by a finished chap and supported by a diminishing pack of underfives with warped minds. The way they write at Zambian Watchdog and the type of comments they make is typical of primitive deranged chaps. They will never get support outside their constricted cocoon.

  16. Sad part is many such unfortunate accidents will happen before the real problem is solved – our poor two-lane so called highways used for heavy traffic with pedestrians and cyclists on it as well. I just don’t see how the money Scott claims to have given the Police and RTSA is supposed to curb the problem here? Through road checks and speed guns? If anything, our emergency services teams did their best with no sophisticated equipment/clothing and this is what they get? C’mon this is like a stupid husband who blames the house wife for not cooking Nahima when he’s not mithered buying mealie-meal. This is embarrassing, how do we even call our two-lane roads highways? We need at least dual-carriage ways joining all major towns then we can have the time to listen to this stooge of a man!

  17. So Guy Scott, what should RTSA and the Police have done when that guy in the landcruiser was overtaking carelessly? It is better to shut up if you have nothing to say. Wamvela iwe Guy Scott, just shut up!

  18. Are these not the same police who voted for you big time?
    They hav just realized how useless you.The Nation is in mourning
    and you are Bungie Jumping! useless pink skin.

  19. It is very foolish for people to start pointing fingers at RTSA. If there is anyone who should be engaged after this horrific accident, it should be RDA. it won’t be the last accident bt the chances of head on Collision can be reduced by creating a dual carriage way from livingstone to ndola. Too many cars in the country… This was bound to happen.. Its a wake up call… Now its up to the govt to decide on whether or not they want to continue seeing such accidents… It can only gt worse coz people r still buying cars yet nothin is bn done to the road network.

  20. This is the problem with the government, the public has been complaining on how bad the two institutions are but they have paid a deaf hear until there is a tragedy like this that’s when they want to react, and its because they are campaigning in Livingstone its too late people have died, how many orphans,widows have been created by that accident?
    Traffic police officers they become annoyed if you pass by the road block with a vehicle which has no defects because they know that you wont leave anything for them.for example Nasilele recently transferred from chingola to luanshya.

  21. I thought this guy had a little something between his ears! The least I expected from him is to get something that can assure us that our government is thinking of solutions to our problem.


  23. Hon Scott could be right but partly though. Corruption in the two institutions is what is killing the country. On the other hand, I would like to urge the government to look at the narrow roads too. Single lanes with increasing traffic is part to the many accidents being faced in Zambia. So the government should invest in improving the roads to reduce on the loss of precious lives.

  24. Corruption for sure is the other thing that has killed this country, the chap could have been drunk and over speeding in a Cruiser, for a 74 yr old man to be in such a hurry he must have been drank. Let the Police say other Charges they have charged him with , dont just say 51 charges can we know them. Just find out from the Police Checks he might have passed through. The chaps are Min bus drivers who are always drunk on duty but they go scot free. Please keep an eye on them. Be strict also on seat belts and over loading by some of these public transporters.

  25. This must be a white witch teaching his two lieutenants how to kill people. Is this the best Sata can do in the name of having a white man as his assistant? The man thinks using his bottom.
    Those Livingstone Policemen should sort him out for lack of respect. He is lucky because he bonks the IG.

    • I am non-partisan but civilized. IDACHI my beloved Lawrence Evans is a human being like and me aspiring to become our MP. He is free to ask for your vote as much as you may vote for him. I am a long time settler in L/stone who values the harmony of our cosmopolitan city where any one feels free regardless tribe or ethinicity. Any Party you hear talking about a tribe is uncivilized and will never evr rule this beloved country. We must follow our hearts to vote not tribal considerations. I would go for a brand new MP than any one recycled whose performance I am already aware of its limitations. Politics is not a permanent job but temporary service to God and mankind in this failed christian nation due to tribalism.

  26. It is common knowledge that you have to be a satanist to belong to PF. See the rituals going on by PF. It all started with sata himself, mwalitetea, masumba and now the collective slaughter of innocent souls. You reign is associated with bloodshed. Imwe baswine

  27. Now wanders shall never end. lelo ba Guy Scot has da guts to be disappointed wen he has not not offered any solutions,who exactly appointed this man?Livingstone pipo don’t listen to this man,he talks and thinks later so is Mwaliteta who can’t speak English well.If i am da president,he can’t taste such a position….hear more promises from this fake vice president.u wil hear dat pf will be supplyng tissues inoino on watch out Guy is a pretender,a loser and coward whose integrity is questionable…Ask Chama,Mfumbwe and Msanzala pipo.

  28. Do you know how Romney lost it in the last US elections? He went campaigning whilst hurricane “sandy” was battering the US east coast. People lost lives and many were left homeless. OBAMA suspended campaigning and went on the ground with Republican Gorvernor Chris Christie to see what could be done. Within 2 days the scales tipped towards Obama in opinion polls. Romney lost the elections. American could not trust him. Reserve SGT Mwaliteta lost a brother in law, oh sorry his cook, and shortly there after this, Chibombo tragedy, but there are busy parading their Uncle Guy Scott. We Livingstonians are not foolish

  29. What is the speed limit on our highways?
    Guy Scott pointing fingers is not going to change a something about it, you r the vp…Like retraining bus and truck drivers. And have those officers check for DUIs. Get them dumb breathelizers pls.

  30. Dr. Scott, please note that Stella Libongani is a very clever and diplomatic lawyer who can do very well in the the diplomatic service. Bring back Dr Malama to lead the police service and take Stella to the diplomatic service. I am sure you will feel and see the difference.

  31. You guys in Livingstone can vote for whoever you like, that’s the democracy that Scott, Sata, Chiluba, Mwanawasa, Miyanda, etc. brought for you. HH has done nothing for you

  32. Way to go Ba Guy Scott come down hard on the police…..and onmore thing…i admire you for not ever wearing chi Sata shirts like those fo0ls in the foto.Never ever worship a fellow human…..especially one flawed like dictator chi Sata.

  33. Zambia police are you for people or for Pathetic fools.Please learn to serve the pipo of Zambia not to be telling lies.Muchima had a seatbelt on .U think we pipo of Mwinilunga re hapi with yo sacrifices.Leave the man alone.If you want a bye election wait for 2016 you ka DC and yo so kod morons of yoz.Dont kill that man. Jealousy .Please politics of appeasing others kale not now.Leave HH alone,Katuka,Pande,Muchima,Sayifwanda ba swine imwe.We know u .Go and upgrade yo matero certificates.God is great not ubwanga ,ubuloshi .Report accurately bakolwe imwe

  34. Tell me something here. Who’s older, Guy Scott or that Mkushi farmer that is allegedly to have caused that carnage? The general public is calling for the banning of drivers above 70 from driving? Do I hear the Zambians calling for the banning of politicians above 70? When VP is speaking, his hands violently shake due to old age or parkinson syndrome symptoms perhaps? I m not by any mean
    s demonising old age, but if age becomes a factor in not leading well, give the reigns to young people. Period! HH, Chipimo, Nevers go for it!

  35. JUst shutup CHOLA BOYI,your master satana is the head of RDA ,he must be developing roads not sending messaging of condolences,period.He is the one who is useless.He has failed miserably,too much infact.Hopeless whiteman only seen during by erections.Mwanya this time you are losing badly no rigging ,we shall sort you out.

  36. Mr. Scott, can you at least try to be RELATIVELY “honest” for once in your life. Ultimate responsibility lies squarely with POLITICAL ADMINISTRATION of which YOU are senior member. As to the Police Force share of responsibility, what you expect when current administration has burden them with ILLEGAL tusks related to POLITICAL PROSECUTION in lieu of theirs legal constitutional obligations.

  37. Sometime I wonder what this man’s actual role in government is? You went to Cambridge University and this is all you can say about one of the worst accidents our country has seen? we are sick and tired of simpathy messages. WE WANT ACTION,.WHEN DO WE WANT IT? NOW!! YOU NEED TO REVIEW SAFETY ASPECTS OF ALL MAJOR ROADS IN THE COUNTRY. IDENTIFY THE RISKS AND WORK ON AN ACTION PLAN TO RECTIFY THIS. THEN ASK THE ZAMBIAN PEOPLE TO VOTE FOR YOU AFTER NOT BEFORE.

  38. No right thinking Zambian wud associate him/herself with Up & Down Party with it’s dwindling political fortunes.Up & Down has run out of what else can reverse their dwindling political support.Even in Southern Province where they seem 2b stronghold,dat grip z loosening.@times,b civil about wat comments u make u Christians.U r all da tym preaching hate instead of luv & claiming 2b Christian.I shudder reading sum of da comments pipo make.U will end up being consumed by da same measure of aversion dat u post on LT

  39. Thanks on your marvelous posting! I certainly enjoyed reading it, you might be a great author. I will ensure that I bookmark your blog and definitely will come back sometime soon. I want to encourage one to continue your great job, have a nice afternoon!

  40. @ movement for multi doctors, the country shud not come to a stand still just bcoz pipo have died, everyday pipo die and death is death whether accident or medical.

  41. I recently drove safely to Walvis Bay and back. From KatimaMulilo-Namibia to the coast and back the road is excellent wide enough even road shoulders are neatly cleared that you can drive even at fast speed with confidence to avoid accidents because of the available wide space left for manoeuvering beyond the edges of the road. Our local roads are too narrow with shoulders covered by thick vegetation. Our RDA is only useful at drawing huge fat salaries. Our Road engineers are too academically qualified for exam passing purposes not for proficiency in making safe good roads. Whether we change Govts several times, our attitude to work and road safety is poorly the same. Zambia is the most urbanized but least develop country in the region. Condolences to the deceased thru Road fatalities.

  42. Technology is getting better and vehicles are getting faster and have more power. Police and RTSA can only do so much. RTSA or police cannot control each and every drivers thoughts ,state of mind and decisions as they drive on our roads . We have said this time and again the blame game will not work . Our government seems to be climbing the wrong wall.The only solution is INFRASTRUCTURE DEVELOPMENT . The accident wouldn’t have happened if the Lusaka-Copperbelt Road was dual carriage. I would like challenge all you bloggers to come up with 51 different suggestions for projects to make our roads safe and efficient to honor the lives of those who lost their precious lives in chibomo. I am also challenging LT to compile the suggestions of the bloggers and publish them.

  43. Hola, mui gringo Scott!

    1. You don’t tell your kids at home that your love for them is dependent on them getting straight As in class.

    What you did is commonly known as extortion. Your role is to develop the whole of Zambia, not PF strong holds and areas with a high count of pathetic fools!

    The Kabwe accident was a classic recipe for “seconds from disaster”. Narrow 2-lane road, impatient driver of the cruiser, slow moving truck choking traffic, high speed bus doing 120km/h. This will happen again, soon and we will blame it on rituals and fail to see facts.

    We need truck lanes, high ways, bus lanes. Not a dual carriage way. We need K-rails separating different lanes. We need highway patrols to stop speed demons and satwant st.up.ids!

  44. Whats all this racism crap,Obama is mixed race,but he is ruling the most powerful nation in the world.Shame on you racists,failures,

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