Council of Churches in Zambia to hold prayers for the wellbeing of the nation

First Lady Dr Christine Kaseba breaks down at Linah Mwale and her two chiildren's funeral house Linah and her children died on the Post Bus accident. This was on Feb 10,2013-Picture by THOMAS NSAMA
First Lady Dr Christine Kaseba breaks down at Linah Mwale and her two chiildren's funeral house Linah and her children died on the Post Bus accident. This was on Feb 10,2013-Picture by THOMAS NSAMA


First Lady Dr Christine Kaseba breaks down at  Linah Mwale and her two chiildren's  funeral house Linah and her children died on the Post Bus accident. This was on Feb 10,2013-Picture by THOMAS NSAMA
First Lady Dr Christine Kaseba breaks down at Linah Mwale and her two chiildren’s funeral house Linah and her children died on the Post Bus accident. This was on Feb 10,2013-Picture by THOMAS NSAMA

The Council of Churches in Zambia (CCZ) says the church will hold prayers for the wellbeing of the nation because Zambia cannot afford to distance itself from God.

CCZ general secretary Suzanne Matale said the country needed prayers in such hard and trying moments.

Rev Matale said the three church mother bodies would meet today meet to decide when the prayers would be held.

“The three church mother bodies are meeting today to discuss when the prayers will be held to ask God to intervene in the situation the country is going through. With these happenings, Zambia cannot afford to distance itself from God” Rev Matale said.

On Thursday more than 51 passengers aboard a Post Services Bus perished in a road accident in Chibombo area of the Central province in a head on collusion with a truck.

The country has also witnessed in the recent past unexplained suspected ritual murders that have claimed lives of taxi drivers and young women around the country.

Rev Matale said in an interview that the three church mother bodies would hold prayers to seek God’s intervention.

She said that the country needed God’s intervention now than ever before and appealed to all to join in prayers.

She said it was important for all churches in the country to pray for the nation especially for families who have continued to lose their beloved ones in unexplained circumstances.

“Zambia is facing a serious time which needs prayers from everyone to seek for God’s intervention,” she said.

More than 30 people who died in the road accident would be buried today on the copperbelt while others would be buried in Kabwe and in other places.

First lady Christine Kaseba is already on the Copperbelt to give comfort to the bereaved families as well as attend the burial expected to be held at Levy Mwanawasa stadium.

First Lady Dr Christine Kaseba at  Linah Mwale and her two chiildren's  funeral house Linah and her children died on the Post Bus accident. This was on Feb 10,2013-Picture by THOMAS NSAMA
First Lady Dr Christine Kaseba at Linah Mwale and her two chiildren’s funeral house Linah and her children died on the Post Bus accident. This was on Feb 10,2013-Picture by THOMAS NSAMA


  1. It’s hard to believe the amount of poverty i saw in the funeral houses i visited,almost two years since my hubby cheated his way into plot 1 on the false promise of a better life for all in 90 days.I was restless and apprehensive thanks to those paras at least they kept the Jerabos at bay!
    We shall see how it goes at the funeral this morning ,the situation is tense mwandini!

    • It’s really hard to understand some people.We lost a lot of our dear ones and are mourning,and some people are busy making fun of it because of politics,in a so called Christian nation.God help us !

    • Christain nation my asssss!!!!
      you good for nothing citizens!!!
      This is a pagan nation full of cheats,drunks,defilers,rapists,thieves,liars,prostitutes,satanists,hypocrites,corrupt men and women and all sorts of characters.

    • Stop making silly comments.You are a very uncivilied person.You must stop making political and childish comments at such a time!!You sound very uncultured.Remember that even during Chiluba,Mwanawasa and RB we lost a lot of people on our roads.Do you remember the kawambwa accident in which 40 boys died?Was it bacuse of the then president?Stop this nonsense of blaming everything on the goverment.Its very primitive of you!!!

    • This poverty didint come about last year, its has been with us for the past 20 years during MMD’s rule, that why we voted for change. We still have hope in you – God willing all shall be well in the end…

      you did well to attend the funerals today, otherwise we would have written you off completely!!

  2. That Para woman is uncultured. Doesn’t sh know that in Zambia when you go to funeral house , as a woman you take off you shoes before entering the house. very bad manners with those boots, shame.

    • She’s with the first lady. In case of a security concern she should be able to respond immediately. The boots should be the last of her concerns.

    • childish Tonga bull. i bit its u wuz not wel cultured. can’t u be serious in life at once. its not a laughing matter. May the God Lord Deliver u

    • @ No. 3 Life is…………
      Your comments lack objectivity. To allege that Zambians died too during Chiluba and Mwanawasa regime should be seen as acceptable for Zambians to die needlessly in Sata regime is not only shallow and devaluing Zambians lives but boarders on lack of rational reasoning. Mr Sata has been in every govt of the land including the colonial one. To day he has his own govt. He is aware that RATSA is impotent, he knows the high trafic of Great North Road up to Kitwe. Dual carriage is the solution, to be extended to Great East Road and Southern. At least to some point along these roads. So far there no plans of such road infrastructures. Zambians will continue to die. Laughable, when he appealed to both police and RATSA to jack up their efforts.

    • the shoes were smelling you cant take off jombo pa bantu we would have have another funeral due to bad smell from jombo yaba buju

  3. I like the way the first lady comes out on funerals.she really empathises with the situation and becomes part of it.This covers his husbands hard stance on things.

  4. Long over-due church mother bodies!We must pray indeed! Just a few selfish individuals are behind these sacrifices and causing every holdhold to be in mourning!Either they are crying of harrassmnt frm Pf,hunger or unexplained deaths. May God araise in this his nation and all enemies be scattered!

  5. I like the way the first lady comes out on funerals.she really empathises with the situation and becomes part of it.This covers her husbands hard stance on things.

  6. For goodness sake how did Zambians at the funeral allow Kaseba, wife to satanist Dictator Sata who is causing ritual deaths in Zambia?

    This all started in 2011 with satanist ritual killer animal abuser Roman Catholic Organisation father Bwalya, who killed a chicken in Luanshya as a sacrifice!

    We have to admit as Zambians that we made a big mistake in voting this satanist Sata & his PF satanic thugs like Wynter (June) Kabimba, Drunkard Edgar Lungu & Prostitute Sylvia Masebo, who up to now thinks that they won the 2011 elections because of their African Medium Doctors Sangomas devil worshiper’s advise!

    Like former UNIP Dictator Kenneth Kaunda, Sata & PF leaders will never appreciate that it was due to Zambians youths PF won 2011 elections! They are *****s!

    • This was no accident but a criminal conspiracy by the opposition and its cocoon of lawyers including Robert Amsterdam to derail govt programmes, cause despondency and plunge the country into mayhem.
      The white farmer is of dutch origin, was under strict instructions and money had been put aside to compensate his family in case he perished in the mission and criminal Robert Amsterdam together with his lout of local layers will offer free legal defence services since their mission has successfully been carried out.
      They know he will not face murder charges in court but lesser charges of manslaughter since the whole nation would be deceived into believing that these were unpremeditated killings.
      Have you wondered why the opposition leaders have said no word and withdrawn from the public?

    • Iwe SHAKA OZ,you have very a retrogressive mind,please give people due respect.Do you have any proof that sata is the one causing road accidents?Your bitterness will suffocate you.You are the only one who regrets voting for the PF if you indeed voted.I think you are loser and you voted for a loser.It seems you will never accept that the PF is ruling and the sooner you accept it the better for you or else you will commit suicide because of bitterness!!Grow up man and stop yapping!!

  7. The phrase that runs through this article is “God’s intervention”. Why? We know God is there but don’t just mention Him for selfish reasons – to make yourselves popular. Sadly some of those who died were bread winners and the same church pastors, reverends, apostles, bishops ( you wonder who gives them these titles), will be telling the bereaved family members that God has taken them to be with them in heaven. What nonsense! How can a loving God take away a bread winner and leave the bereaved stranded? When you pose that question the church guys will say its a mystery. Use logic instead of emotion. For God to intervene strengthen safety on the Zambian roads!

    • Quite correct, old language of God will comfort you and yet govt is not innovative to avoid these accidents by competent traffic rules on the road, high punitive mesures to causers of road accidents and dual carriages to all major roads. PF govt is busy causing by elections, spending money meant for development on roads. Zambians have a wrong govt in the nation. This govt has no creativity, innovative thinking through new ideas to develop the nation. Every bit so called PF development plan has an MMD dev planning in it. KAPONYAS

  8. iyo uli shilu iwe chiShaka oz, no wonder you chose this barbarick name from a savage who knew no civilisation. Comimg up with such demonic stone aged thoughts makes think either you a lunatic or a vampire cum human being.
    The president ll be on the CB…YAP YAP YAP HH puppies no way thru to statehouse. Infact its freemasonists to blame for this.

  9. Hurting always may be God comfort the families of the lost loved ones ,CHILI PAMUNOBE you can even have time and gats to start blaming the President ,HH or the CCZ pliz stop the blame game stop think its yo wife,children or husband who died in that accident .Only God knows WHY!!!!!

  10. #8.1 Nshi Sunda Chisunde Sunde Kano Fye Mu Muntu,

    YOU SOUND LIKE a cold war 1970s KK’s UNIP & communist propagandist or like your PF drunkard Home Affairs Minister Edgar Lungu, who is even tells lies of a lie! No Zambian can believe what you wrote here

    Current Statistics in Zambia shows that ritual killings has never happened since we voted out self confessed satanist UNIP KK in 1991, who brought his Indian satanists to build a project in Mkushi, Zambia called HEAVEN ON EARTH! Zambians rejected the project outright!

    During MMD when i campaigned for Sata & PF, #8.1, you supported MMD & RB! Please if you are operating from the ZAMTROP account @Zambia High Commission, plz don’t waste our money & time. That is meant for serious security operations! You have to use Sata & PF’s…

    • Shaka OZ…
      I can simply say that your level of delusional primitivity is contemptuously shocking!!

      You need some serious mental assessment to save you from self obliteration that is predicated on you cavernous and profound sadistic hatred for the current President and his PF govt. With such chocking levels of hatred you harbour, how do you sleep at night?

      Should you protest to avail yourself for a mental examination, I recommend that you commit suicide to put your tormented soul to eternal rest.

      We need people that can help embetter our nation, regrettably you happen not to be among those.

  11. If satanist Dictator Sata & PF thugs come for the funeral, please Zambians protest as we did in 2005 under Mwanawasa when the President came for the Chambeshi disaster funeral in Chambeshi.

    Its time to show Sata & his traitors that Zambians are not happy with the way he is managing our country.

    It even be better even to vote during this time so that we we the Zambians people will decide even what should be in the constitution which Sata & PF wants to manipulate.

    • Chi Shaka OZ we kolwe, ****** we, mafi yobe kapanga, wabe chipato pamusula. Kanshi it would have been good if such people are the ones that perish together with your freemasons. You are the ones causing death in Zambia; you even argue about the Zambia is a Christian National clause. This is what happens when the country is full of bitter, haters freemasons, fake pastors etc. You will rot in hell swine iwe.

  12. Thanks Council of churches. Please extend it to your colleagues at the Episcopal conference to participate in the National Prayers. Zambia seriously needs prayers. We are in the grip of something we cannot comprehend. Lord Jesus Christ, the Son of the Living God come and save us.

  13. The PF is following the foot steps of Francois Duvalier and his Son Jean Duvalier, former dictators of Haiti who were voodoo worshipers, used rituals to rule with an Iron fist (read about them and you will understand who Sata’s hero is). Mulenga Sata is being prepared to take over from his father for nothing… watch the space…

  14. I really think it is a little backwards for the first lady to be sat on the floor like that, even the policewoman
    Why are they sitting on the floor?

    Where are chairs or atleast seats?

    These are some of the things that in these times of sorrow, they bring more question than answers on people’s health

    I am shocked


    • We now know that you are not the real Mushota. You are talking rubbish so that people can respond. Bloggers ignore this swine.

    • @16.1
      Time and time again some bloggers have written about the need not to respond to Mushota but surprisingly they are usually the first to respond when she again does what she knows best. My advice is please if you can’t beat her, join her otherwise leave her alone, she is entitled to her views no matter how irritating.

  15. It is better to go a house of mourning than to go to a house of feasting, for death is the destiny of every man; the living should take this to heart.

  16. After prayers government needs to revisit the implementation plan for road networks. I hope LT can give them my email address so that I can assist.
    Problem Identified: Slow traffic causes drivers to take risks to overtake. Short term solution:
    1) Issue short term contracts to road contractors to make decongesting sections – say 3km for every 20km. This is easy when you consider that there are temporary roads along side all existing roads. These temporary roads were created and paid for when the existing roads were being made. So the cost could be relatively low. The highest cost will be site assembly for every 20KM; but its worth it in the longer term
    2) Repeat step 1 for every year until 2016;
    3) You will have a dual carriage way in 4 years.
    4) Then offer prayers on the roads…

  17. This is sad indeed. My request to the church and to Zambians in general is to ask Father Bwalya what he symbolised when he cut the throat of a live chicken in public to spill blood. Some actions must not go unchecked. What was he scrificing?This fella was so excited to perform such a ritual in public. Where are the animal rights activists? This guy guy must answer for that barbaric behaviour. WE DEMAND TO KNOW WHAT HE MEANT. This is the time to answer questions. people must be anwereable for what they say and do.

  18. I mean: walk the talk and stop blamming God for your inaction. Fire fighting all the way in everything in Zambia; from families to government business. It sucks to be honest. From 1991 to date infrastructure has been neglected; we who were trained, at great cost to the nation, to deal with these problems have always been looked at as “useless” in our own country. Yet these are the same problems we solve in developed countries. Shame on you politicians. I would rather act then pray. The status quo of pray and no action is a technically useless approach; even God, Jehovah knows this.

    • Thanks bwana; its all Zambia lacks: Pragramatic approach to implementation of plans; or shall I say, to the resolution of problems. God is very angry at Zambians for failure to follow is basic principle of “fend for your family”.

  19. Kibinda waba Kabwa #19 – that is exactly my lament especially when such things happen and we ignore the technical and feasible aspects. Not too long ago there were conspiracy theories being thrown up about two trucks that failed to cross a bridge that couldn’t accommodate them. It boggles the mind that in the 21st Century we can explain away our lack of committed maintenance and infrastructural development with prayers and inaction! Lets pray as we also act! And lets use our professional base in a more relevant way.

  20. Allow me to express my disappointment on the way some people are politicizing the death of our beloved friend and family.Why are you putting the President and the first Lady in this issue? If the the President would not have attended the burial a lot would have been said, also id didn’t same a lot would have been said,Kubantu takwaba ichisuma.Allow me also to express my disappointment on the security wings of our country for failing to bring to book all those insulting and publishing false stories on this site, you are very useless.and a warning to all of you preaching hurtled you will soon regret, don’t ever think you can hide.we will use the IP address,IMLS, FM, SSB, and CW demod. if its a phone simple.just wait

    • Iyo ulichisushi but iwe chi pufu. You will die yourself. Death has no respect for anyone, that is why it does not make an appointment. You cannot be talking about a head of state like that all the time. Why, what has he done to you? Removing you from government can make you hate a human being like that? You people, so much hatred of a person sure? You are making fun of a tragedy because it has not affected you personally.God has an agenda for all of us, so stop that nonsense of wishing people dead, you never know, God is watching you, and you in particular. Anyway, you utterances will NEVER come to pass in Jesus’ name.

  21. I guess Zambia would look like hell if they had natural disasters like earthquakes,hurricanes,snow storms and the like. How can a road accident become a ritual killing? It is staggering to see the primitivity of many so called enlightened Zambians who have access to Internet. How can a road accident involve the President and his family? I guess most bloggers were not born when Zambia experienced disasters in Mufulira mine and at Kafironda explosive magazine. Stop this nonsense and primivitity, get back to work. People die in tsunamis, floods, terrorist activities, plane crashes or simply crazy people shooting children all over the world, not one country do we hear of the bull [email protected] we are hearing now.

  22. Mushota you really are a waste of space a true jackass!! You are such an insensitive cold blooded cow. Death knocks on every door….beware. Lets see if you will be the ‘queen’ sitting on the chair pillock!

  23. I miss the December 1986 ZAMBIAN FOOD RIOTS, when thousands of Zambian youths rioted starting in Kitwe & spreading like the ARAB SPRING to the rest of Zambia. The great Zambian youths looted stores to protest a 100% increase in the price of Mealie Meal by former Zambian UNIP satanist Dictator Kenneth Kaunda.

    Later gallant soldiers & the Zambia Police protected Zambians who were in the looting to protest against KK’s arrogance!

    Why are Zambians allowing Dictator Sata, Kabimba, Mmembe & DPP Nchito in taking us for granted? When poor Zambians are suffering & dying from hunger not only in Solwezi but Zambia as whole? I can’t believe this!

    Its time Zambians say enough with Sata’s Dictatorship as we did in 1986 against KK’s arrogance & not be passive as is is in Solwezi!…

  24. Its time we Zambians apply the December 1986 ZAMBIAN FOOD RIOTS FORMULA just as we did against Dictator Kaunda who was more ruthless than this PF autocratic Dictator Sata who has re-introduced Mealie Meal shortages & ritual killings in Zambia

    Zambians in Solwezi should start protesting against this incompetent PF govt artificial shortage of Mealie Meal which has never occurred before since 1992!
    Start protesting from corrupt childish North Western Minister Masumba who is busy living in Lusaka & campaigning for his corrupt friend Namulambe in Mpongwe instead of attending to Zambians in Solwezi who are dying of hunger from Mealie Meal shortage

    Zambians now are suffering more under PF Sata than under UNIP & MMD!

    Where are the Roman Catholics who cares for the poor?

  25. Price controls never worked with UNIP Dictator Kk, so it wont work even this time! Price controls just like communism only destroys & prevents the growing of economy & small businesses just like Sata started from a small business!

    The late former President Chiluba managed to stop smuggling in Zambia just as Mwanawasa & Rupiah Banda did!

    What exactly is Dictator Sata’s problem that he has failed to solve this problem & why has he brought food shortages which ended in 1992 by Chiluba?

    Sata & PF are deliberately creating unnecessary food shortage so that they can create business for their relatives & PF thugs!

    Zambians dignity have been taken away again, especially when they lineup for the Mealie Meal & are beaten to form lines? There is no dignity at all!

  26. Im all for prayers for my country..we really need to turn to God..all these worms,food shortages,deaths..its a sign! we should change our hearts and minds and cry out to God to deliver us cos it will only get worse!our leaders shud also be more prayerful mwe..nomba bena they are greedy and corrupt..robbing the poor in broad daylight with useless bye-elections!bushe can God really be happy with us kwena?!awe bane natu pepe

  27. Pathetic people. Crocodile tears…. At leat the are tears even if the are rat or chicken…. The will still be tears you morons…. Bashetani mwe instead of moaning with families that have lost you are condemning the first family fir their empathy !!!

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