President Michael Sata leads mourners at mass funeral in Ndola

President Michael Sata speaks as First Lady Dr Christine Kaseba listens at Chimutengo cemetery during the burial of the Post Bus Accident victims on Febraury 11,2013-Picture by THOMAS NSAMA
President Michael Sata speaks as First Lady Dr Christine Kaseba listens at Chimutengo cemetery during the burial of the Post Bus Accident victims on Febraury 11,2013-Picture by THOMAS NSAMA
President Michael Sata speaks as First Lady Dr Christine Kaseba listens at Chimutengo cemetery during the burial of the Post Bus Accident victims on Febraury 11,2013-Picture by THOMAS NSAMA

President Michael Sata this morning led thousands of people at the Levy Mwanawasa Stadium in Ndola for mass funeral of the Chibombo accident victims involving a Post bus, a truck and a Toyota Land cruiser.

Fifty one (51) people died in the accident with the majority of the victims being Ndola residents.
President Sata is accompanied to the funeral by First Lady Christine Kasemba.

Addressing mourners at the stadium, President Sata called on the Road Transport and Safety Agency (RATSA) to intensify road patrols to avert road traffic accidents in the country.

President has also called for the need to mourn the accident victims with dignity.

By broadcast time the funeral procession had proceeded to Mitengo cemetery were the burial of the accident victims is expected to take place.

President Sata who arrived in Ndola this morning has declared three days of national mourning in honor of the accident victims.

President Michael Sata laying wreaths  at Chimutengo cemetry during the burial of the Post Bus Accident victims on Febraury 11,2013-Picture by THOMAS NSAMA
President Michael Sata laying wreaths at Chimutengo cemetry during the burial of the Post Bus Accident victims on Febraury 11,2013-Picture by THOMAS NSAMA



    • Ati mourn with dignity, look at his ministers laughing, is it Willie Nsanda & Shamenda?
      Dignity and you bring brand new sofas at funeral? They couldn’t just bring some simple lodge-kind of chairs?
      Thank you Bamuka Yama, to convince him to mourn with you.

    • may there soul rest in peace mwandi..not uyu who has commented on number 2 chikala chawishi….tombanoko,we are mourning and he is talking about pata or sata jesus? noko ichinyo!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • No. 1.2,ninshi iwe wafumine pamusula pakuti uletukana banyina bamunobe?!!! No. 2 has a point, this is not a party but a funeral but why the pomp and that stupid minister is even laughing,.bloody Ukwa gvt. indeed!!!

    • Ive just realised that most guys who come to blog have no brains. I must quit and go do my writing elsewhere. Iam not a PF follower but flippant criticism is just brainless. Really do you think people who are at a funeral have a mourning face 24/7? Dont human beings intersperse their feelings all the time? A picture captures one second of the entire funeral and just because one person smiles at that second doesnt mean they were smiling throughout the funeral. By the way there is no rule that one cant smile at a funeral. The man in the picture is not guffawing. People need to criticise seriously otherwise they run the risk of being dismissed as crybabies. darn!

    • Umwina Zed
      I understand your frustration but you must also understand that too many kids nowadays have unlimited access to internet and are posting silly comments on here all the time. If this is too much for you, i advice you not to ever visit their kid’s site ZWD because you would cry.

    • Msana wanzili I think what you’re saying could be true. Nowadays kids can easily have access to internet and may publish any hogwash from their minds. As for Watchdog I quit going there because I would like to be left alone to judge the merits of a report. The reporter or editor should not pull me along by the nose and even tell me such and such a source is a fool. He should realise Iam intelligent enough to reach my own conclusions. Actually even The Post has been like that throughout its existence. At least LT doesnt do this.

    • @1.8,I read ZWD,LT,POST,Times,Nation,Daily Mail and I listen to news from Rdaio Phoenix,QFM and ZNBC.The reason is simple,I don’t want to be misled.For your own info,ZWD and LT are both the same,the only difference is LT is Bemba dominated and ZWD is Tonga dominated.The commentry are all full of $%&t.The reporters themselves try there best to dig deeper than the post.Infact,nowdays the POST is reactive and not Pro active

    • Temperament I dont agree. Unless you are talking about bloggers, Lusaka Times has no leanings towards Bemba bias. Iam referring to the reports by Watchdog and Lusaka Times not the bloggers.

  1. Lovely ! Who said that the president won`t attend ? That his wife will instead represent him ? That he is too sick to attend ? Pathetic Zambians always wishing harm/bad on their democratically elected president.Long live Sata.

  2. At least everything went according to plan so far,ala i was worried but bamwenye kwena bakali no wonder they control our economy i never knew till recently with the health of my hubby.Lets give respect them mwe!

    • ****** we, you wrote this trash so that someone can respond. I have responded. Wanya mafi kolwe. Ulenunsha column kubupuba boobe kolwe.

  3. I miss the December 1986 ZAMBIAN FOOD RIOTS, when thousands of Zambian youths rioted starting in Kitwe & spreading like the ARAB SPRING to the rest of Zambia. The great Zambian youths looted stores to protest a 100% increase in the price of Mealie Meal by former Zambian UNIP satanist Dictator Kenneth Kaunda.

    Later gallant soldiers & the Zambia Police protected Zambians who were in the looting to protest against KK’s arrogance!

    Why are Zambians allowing Dictator Sata, Kabimba, Mmembe & DPP Nchito in taking us for granted? When poor Zambians are suffering & dying from hunger not only in Solwezi but Zambia as whole? I can’t believe this!

    Its time Zambians say enough with Sata’s Dictatorship as we did in 1986 against KK’s arrogance & not be passive as it is in Solwezi

    • SHAKA OZ, so you find this sad moment appropriate for you to advocate for rioting? What has the high mealie meal price got to do with this trying moments.

    • ****** we, you wrote this trash so that someone can respond. I have responded.
      You start the riot and we will get you. You are inciting the innocent Zambians to do injustice? Zambians are now awake except for hooligans like yourself. They will not listen to small minds like yours coward. I dare you to start rioting, you coward just shut up.

    • Iwe Shaka OZ, you start the riot and we will deal with you firmly. Akaso kwati ulindoshi? Who stopped your unpopular candidate from winning the 2011 elections?

    • It is sad being a member of UPND. Using hate to solicit loyalty, love and votes. How can someone’s death be a strategy? What would be the age of HH in 2021, when he attempts another run at the Presidency?

    • @ the monitor how can people attend a funeral knowing very well that they don’t have ubunga kung’nda? you are very arrogant and stupid.

    • it is true that most pipo are still hate by sata’s victory it’s God who choses leaders just accept & keep quiet you cowards no wander you even hide your names when posting these foolish comments shame we pity you.

    • These are the same satanists together with their Watch Dogs who are causing mass deaths and want to accuse the innocent govt. Soon your evil deeds will be brought out in the open.

    • Which people? This is a Bemba president full stop. Given a chance, every dog at Chitulika village would have been sent in the diplomatic service. Maybe they have even started training them in sign language at the diplomatic school in readiness for posting.

  4. Bringing ba mwenye in this discussion is more saddening as some of us suspect they are the gang behind chibombo accident. Time will tell. Sata was clearing not attending this funeral as it was reported in several media. As far as I am concerned, he is late. He shud ve gone to Chibombo and shud ve cancelled the swearing ceremony! I wish the affected families,friends and indeed the entire God’s comfort.

    • Why should the President be at the scene? His life would be in danger with haters and liers hiding in the bush? Death is very painful but it does not mean that he should be at the scene to underscore his grief. Give the president a break, he has done what needs to be done. When our colleagues have a funeral, most of us only go there for the burial.

    • Actually Kapaso I dont even know why they insist he is at the funeral. In African tradition if you cant make it to an occasion and your wife is there you are there. because the wife and the hubby are one.

  5. Dictator Sata need to resign as the Vatican Pope has done before Zambians adopt the December 1986 ZAMBIAN FOOD RIOTS FORMULA Arab spring type!

    Am surprised Sata & his PF leaders were not chased from Ndola because no ordinary Zambian wants to see Sata anymore because of all the Mealie Meal shortages & Ritual killings of the UNIP Kenneth Kaunda’s days type.

    Anyway Zambians will still act against PF Dictator Sata & Mealie Meal shortages, high prices & smuggling as they did in 1986 & 1990 against UNIP Dictatorship & Mealie Meal high prices of KK ‘s time.

    • Just tell your party leaders to campaign and win elections. Stop hallucinating like a stray dog. If your wish is for Sata to die, u will be shocked your own political leader will die from stroke.

    • We will not let the President resign wecipuba we. When you are talking rubbish, dont say Zambians, use the term I or us because you know yourselves. Saying that Zambians; you are including me in your stinking hate triangle. Mwanya you will forever have sleepless nights ba kolwe. The President is in the best of his health and you cannot do anything about it swine iwe. You are disappointed that the President attended the funerals without incident. Zambians cannot be easily cheated by your type.

  6. MTSRIP.
    The president has done a recommendable job by attending, i think he looks better than some of the young bloggers who even spill insults and unhealthy comments about him, if a real good survey was done, most of the bloggers would be tamed, they find it easy to insult and pour scorn because their status is un known, whilst the president and his entourage are always in the lime light, otherwise, people have come together and shown real respect for the dead and their beloved ones, thank God!

  7. Build dual carriage way roads please like Kitwe/Ndola!! It is a fact that accidents tumbled down on that stretch of road with the advent of the dual carriage way road.

    Bye-elections’ money can slowly but surely eventually pay for the roads and save lives.

  8. we mourn with the bereaved families & entire nation on the loss of these precious lives……May the souls of our dear sisters & brothers rest in eternal peace. for sure, as the president has rightly put it, let us mourn our friends with dignity.

    Bakateka, you are looking younger & great…..thanks for leading us as we mourn! May God bless you always!!!


    That Minister next to the Labour Minister isn’t there to mourn but phose for photos. Look at him. Very embarrassing.

  10. Sata &PF need to bring back the low Mealie Meal prices & availability that Rupiah Banda & Mwanawasa had put in place.

    All the PF kaponyas masquerading as bloggers wont succeed in speaking on behalf of Dictatorship Sata & his corrupt way of governance & protection of corrupt people like Accounts result cheat Masumba & Gabriel Namulambe who stole bicycles & needs to be prosecuted for the crimes they committed. But Sata has blackmailed them & used them instead of leaving the Judiciary to prosecute them.

    DPP Nchito who is suppose to prosecute these crimes has been also playing a part in all these crimes cover up! Shame on Nchito who is more interested in protecting himself from the 14 Billion Zambian Airways debt than putting Zambian interests first!

    • just work hard iwe…..instead of going to school walelunga utoni nokubaela….now you want government to put akasaka kabunga in your kabini……zero mwana!! no unemployed benefits…..all of us have to work in order to feed our families & develop the nation….period!

  11. I now understand why mr Hakainde has not attended this has become a farce and
    I bet none of those people in the background with sunglasses on and some smiling, have CIMA MBA ACCA Bsc, Msc and are doing their PhD like me and I am only 27

    Don’t get me wrong or twist this, I feel for the affected families and I am sorry of people going through a hard time, but unlike some here my heart is not made of steel and is not cold, I have done a lot for families in Zambia. I have sent my clothes and in the last 18 months or so I have sent almost £1500 and I visited Zambia and spent money which otherwise would have been sent here
    SO I know what I am talking about

    By the way I am not working the snow is heavy in scotland, for people that dont know snow, it is nothing edible…

    • I will do my best not to twist your comments Mushota in Scotland. Tell me do you mean to say that the educated people need not attend funerals? Are you saying that Hakainde not attending the funeral is a wise decision made by a leaned person unlike the uneducated in sun glasses?

    • mushota we are about to reveal your status we know you and your lies tel the truth were are you before you are exposed of your fake phd

    • @Mushota#21
      This is not to disclose that I am confirming my reactive cocoon, but Mushota your half-brained education has to be completed. Your education is incomplete and it must be imbued in the complete perception of old age African values. The appreciation of our values e.g. Ubuntu, the self as interdependent and homonous not as independent and autonomous. You must be what I describe or your project will be aborted before the mission is completed. What is R200,000.00 and used clothes you donated to Zambia. It is a stinking joke. We have turned most hopeless youngmen into knowledge workers earning over $30,000.00 a month each. Ask me I will provide you with a list of Tonga men in this region and in Australia I personally empowered. This is what a person should do.

    • mm!!! You are indeed relapsing mune. Please take your prescribed anti-psychotics or is it that you are now hallucinating and having grandiose ideas. I think the Psychiatrists have given up on you. Can’t help you maybe ba nganga pa Zed might venture and help you

  12. Yes I must admit, the president definitely looks great and in sound health . Good that he came out because some of us had started believing the lies being pumped by hate mongers. I hope his staff can manage his PR apsect a lit bit better

  13. Rest In eternal peace brothers, sisters, mothers and fathers. May the peace of the Lord be with the affected families.

  14. This was a funeral & Sata & the wife they are not even looking sorrowful but as if they went to celebrate sacrifices & showing off!

    Sata is a wrong person in the Zambian Presidency office!

    He is just a tribalist who can not take away his tribal inclination even in his death!

    Because Sata trust his Witch Doctor Sangomas than his physicians, he believes that he is going to die before 2016 that is why he has allowed all the confusion going on in his PF party of thugs!

    • 2021 is very far for the time being just chill. Even if the President dropped dead today, God forbid, we would still not vote for HH so all this is just a waste of time on your part.

    • Shaka, I feel pity for you; you ka small thick brain has been damaged by reading too much watchdog which is full of hatred and half truths. Let this sink in your head, we held elections in 2011 and between Sata, RB and HH, we chose Sata to lead us. We know he is not an angel but he was better than the other two characters. Zonda uzalema. In 2016, we will hold elections again and if another candidate sells better than HEMCS, we’ll vote for him/her.

  15. # 17.1Kolwe Mwanakolwe,

    You moron Chimpanzee! Who taught you that language? You have no morals in your rotten brain which can not reason! Your IQ is so low!

  16. This is fitting for a head of state to be with people in morning of their departed loved ones. However, the call for RATSA to intensify rtoad patrols is not the solution to these accidents. It requires new thinking of ideas to solve the needless death of Zambians on the roads. We challenge the president to come up with more innovative ways of road safety improvements. For example, why can,t the govt put to a hault to by elections to save money for dual carriage roads? Instead of boasting to pressurise other parties into by elections. Granted it is a constitutional matter but if put to the public, they will opt for roads instead of by elections. Govt has to engage in progressive new politics on the world stage today.

  17. The Loss of elections is so painful to those who lost. All these insults hipped on the Head Of State is as result of that. A country where elders are not respected is doomed and cursed. We as a country are mourning others are still showing their hunger for the loss of election.

  18. #11.1 shimaini,

    That was the language (confused people like you who operate below an imbecile level of reasoning) used against Chanda Chiimba III when he wrote true things about the violent current Zambian Dictator Sata prior to 2011 elections.

    You moron Kabwa! You smell like rotten dog meat! No one can stand your stench.

    • I have told you that most Zambians don’t have small brains like you and Chanda chimba. They are more intelligent than you ever know. After the damange you did with Chanda Chimba, it is now paining you that Mr Sata is the president. You are an imbecile yourself who thought people like smart me would listen to ka Chanda. Mwanya your days are numbered.

  19. rip loved ones may the gates of have be open for all of you for you are in our prays
    we meet you there one day. now for you who have turned this into political put a sock in it and get a hold of your selves ..

  20. #7.1 The Monitor,

    Trying moment for my fellow Zambians who are suffering because the accident was avoidable if Sata & his corrupt PF are not corrupt as they are now! Not you who is supporting Sata at costs even when Zambians are suffering & dying in Solwezi because of the high Mealie Meal prices & hunger!

    • I understand what you saying it’s the timing am not comfort with. I travel on that road at least twice a month and it is indeed a death trap. I have never been and never will i be a PF or Mr. Sata’s supporter.



  22. #7.2 KA GELO,

    You moron Hyena!

    When Zambians start the riots as in the 1986 & 1990 under UNIP Dictator KK, PF Dictator Sata & his coward corrupt PF leaders will try to flee to Zimbabwe as KK tried to in 1990.

    Its not inciting Zambians, its encouraging Zambians to exercise their rights & justice against PF Sata’s injustices!

    Zambians are now shocked to experience Mealie Meal shortage & lining up @Shorprite stores, all these stopped a long time ago after 1991 when Chiluba stopped Mealie Meal shortages.

    Zambians including soldiers, Intelligence officers & their relatives have been affected by Mealie Meal shortages, so do not make a mistake of daring me to stage a riot, bcoz am not a coward like you who is keeping quiet while Zambians suffer

    • Wainyelawila, it will not happen. You are disappointed that the President attended the funeral and looks better than you, you are jealous *****est.

    • give me your real name and adress if indeed you are not a coward.
      betterstill, start using your real name and attach your photo on this blog.
      only then will i know that you are not a coward.
      as of now, you pretty scared even of your own shadow.

  23. #11.2 kokoliko,

    You are a moron CHIMPANZEE who makes his decisions by his stomach! The stomach that is fed by PF Sata’s stolen public money!

  24. …and the Galus are busy preaching on their website that Sata is on the death bed. I am sure they have now run out of what to say. That kind of hatred will lead them (watch Dogs) and their financiers to the grave. I have now come to believe that HH and his team are the authors of most of the articles on the Galu website. There is a paragraph on the artical attributed to what HH said about Namulambe which is word for word a paragragh on the same galu website accusing G Scott that he had taken advantage of the funeral to do campaigns. I feel pity for the underfive…

  25. #11.3 Mushota’s brother,

    Your PF Dictator & ritual killer Sata has a plan to persecute opposition leaders as he is doing & he has done before during his MMD non portfolio position when he commandeered panga wielding MMD thugs to mutilate innocent Zambians in Chawama!

    If Sata was to be fair as he campaigned in 2011 no one will even criticize him but praise him but Sata believes in the politics & Policeman of the village headman of the 1960s where no questions & criticism will be allowed that is why he can not even stand any question from journalist. He is a thug like you!

    • Shaks OZ,

      There is no opposition in Zambia at the moment. The moment we have some credible opposition, they will be free to campaign. Look at your underfive, he was busy backing through your Galu website how he so wanted a rally in Kabwata. When permission was granted, to his great shock, only a handful of people turned up.

    • It does not matter what education one has my friend. You are actually commending the President that he humbly began and ending as Head of State, what an achievement indeed.

    • You are wrong,we are waiting for the news from the mighty ZWD,after all tis man has attended because he wants to go to mpongwe for campaigns,he is just avoid shame of going to campaign and not atending the funeral

  26. #7.3 Mushota’s brother,

    You are speaking like the way your Home Affairs Drunkard Minister Edgar Lungu threaten Zambians as if they are his children, am not a child of Sata but a Zambian who wants the best for every Zambia.

    You are speaking as agent of a paramilitary killer squad of Sata’s PF who are following every Zambian who speak their mind freely, let me warn you no matter your position, its you who will be dealt with by Zambians just the way Zambians dealt even with Saviour Chungu who threatened Zambians when he was the Zambian Intelligence Chief or Kaunda who used to say, “Ku mulu Lesa panshi Kaunda!” but he was dealt with by Zambians.

    No Dictatorship has survived on suppressing nor intimidating of its citizens but all Dictators have suffered in jails!

    • This President will not be jailed by any kolokombwa such as you Shaka and Ndobo. May the devil claim your lives sooner than later so that this country will be a better place to live. Please God have your way, allow such lives to be diminished by the earth. Thank you Lord, I know one of the two will stop sending comments, then I will know that you have answered my prayer.

    • @Shaka OZ, we can tell by your language that you are one of the cowards/losers that did not make it in 2011. Each time I want to comment, I see your cowardly name and realise that you are out of employment and your job is now to scheme against the government that through you out. Your dirty bastard, get a life kolwe and move on. Life is indeed a journey with so many roads to take. Take one while you are alive because stress of being a loser can send you to the grave earlier than you planned.

    • @ POnta.. you son of a witch! i thank you for your player to allow prostate cancer to claim it victim in diapers…i dont follow or support people blindly

  27. Am told there were policemen,zra employees,high court employees, FQM miners, Techers, businessmen and women among the dead.Jobs have been created people .ooh dear death you create opportunities for others.


      @ THE MONITOR,

    • You people you lack ISUKURU news papers are full of job adverts but you say their is unemployment ,,,from drivers ,maids to Directors you are telling me you cant fit any?

  28. Zamabia has more cars than 10 years ago. We now need inter-province highways of worldclass standards. Link Zambia should really be linking towns with modern roads.. Clive Chirwa has another decongestion solution, revamp ZRL and reduce on truckers on the roads.. RDA is already at State House so things must be moving in that container..
    Viva the Cobra for saluting our departed ones..!!!

  29. Mushota you will in future learn that your Phd will not bury you or your relative when death strike your family . My education taught me civility, humanity humbleness and love for others.

    • extend this post to one calling himself shaka oz.
      the beauty of these pseudos is you can’t know the one you insult. some of these guys are ignorantly insulting their relatives. LOL!

  30. Shaka OZ,

    The dictator thing is right in your head. No one stopped your underfive from campaigning and winning the 2011 elections. He failed for himself. He always goes against the wind. For instance, your underfive has failed to attend an independent funeral and tomorrow he will be backing through his galu website. He should just openly admit that he is a novice politically and he should step down and go to his business. His failures and your failures politically can not be blamed on Sata.

  31. #37.1 Mushota’s brother

    There is no opposition in Zambia in your lunatic head & not in an ordinary five senses brain of Zambians

    You can not see that the opposition is being suppressed by Evil satanis Dictator Sata & corrupt PF leaders bcoz u are being used as an agent of Sata’s PF’s Paramilitary killer squad, to suppress, intimidate & kill every form of free speech & freedom of association in Zambia just as you did during the recently UPND rally in Kabwata

    You a dangerous PF criminal thug who need to be caged in jail though Sata & PF are using u to intimidate Zambian opposition members

    A courtesy warning to you! You u are being monitored & u will answer for your own crimes & Sata nor PF wont stand for you in court nor jail just as it happened after Chiluba’s time

    • Uko, iyeeee, koma losers are dangerous indeed. How do you threaten a sitting president when you are on the other side. We are waiting for the law to catch you and cage you. We are civilised government who will take time to cage all of you. Next please.

  32. #44 Mushota’s brothers,

    Us the Zambian youths voted Sata with his promises for our time of employment, but we made a big mistake that is why others political leaders lost!

    PF satanist Dictator Sata thinks he won because of his Witch Doctor Sangoma’s advise, that is why Sata has employed u in his PF Paramilitary killer squad to kill all forms of democracy in Zambia!

    You can not even be ashamed of mention about the Kabwata UPND rally which u PF criminal thugs assaulted with all sorts of weapons? U need to be ashamed of your abnormal violent behavior of the medieval time. This is the 20th Century not the 1960s when Sata was a kapaso cum policeman when he was used to suppress Zambians by the Rhodesian & Nyasaland Federal govt! Sata has the blood of Zambian freedom fighters!

    • So you are still in the 20th Century baba, no wonder you are so backwards. This is 21st Century boi. No wonder you are lost. Continue with your ranting which will not take you anyway beccause before you know it, it will be your turn to take off nsapato nokambilia kusogolo.

  33. #34.1 KA GELO,

    Dictator Sata will be arrested with a citizen arrest if he go out of Zambia fortunately he has no friend among neighbor countries apart from Mugabe!

    Riots against Sata’s artificial Mealie Meal shortage will start spontaneously, u do not need to even dare me to start! Even if you are a member of PF Paramilitary killer squad to kill all forms of democracy in Zambia, u wont stand in the way of FREE DEMOCRACY nor matter what Sangomas predict to u

    As long as Mealie Meal prices sky rocket & Zambians continues dying from hunger because of this, u will even fail to sit in your seat comfortably, u will run just as Zambians did in 1986 & 1990!

    UNIP KK used to dare Zambians just as u are doing nw with his, “S$tupid i’dio.ts” comments during press conferences

    • you cannot win sympath with this kind of outbursts.
      you are just demeaning yourself with these kind of postings no matter how relevant they might be. chill ma bro.
      you only leave once…

    • What are you waiting for kanshi? I dared you once more, if you are man enough with a manhood hidden somewhere before the belt go ahead, but if it is manwood, I will understand. Real men don’t insult duly elected presidents of a nation. They always wait for their turn; however, Manwooded men spend their day doing the contrary.

  34. Guys educate me as to why insults should always accompany your posts? Mulomfwisha insoni. Grow up guys, why not discuss the matter at hand? I can only imagine what type of leaders you are or you would be

  35. #46.1 mature,

    You are all the same PF thugs who are specialized in intimidating & blackmailing of free speech in Zambia. There is no humiliation in democracy but a free mind done in a free environment which u with your Dictator Sata is suppressing!

    You will be answerable for your PF criminal deeds, & luckily DPP Nchito will be the first one to turn u into a sate witness since he has now specialized in American style judiciary system of making deals outside judicial bounds as he did in the court case of Rupiah Banda’s son.

    • so at the end of the day, all those that do not surport your ka under 5 are pf kaponyas and/ or cadres.
      in your own wisdom, all those trying to advise you to sober up on your postings are kaponyas.
      ma bro, like i said earlier, chill, you only have one life.. otherwise uleimweneshamo fye..

    • Sure fye ba Shaka OZ, you wanted to continue milking this country; or do you want small chaps like under5 to lead this country? Don’t under-rate some of us bane. Tell those silly stories to your children bane. Zambia is bigger than you Shaka OZ. You still have money in your account, or did you drink it all because you were hoping that you would win? Sorry william, life is a journey indeed.

  36. Shaka OZ,

    You have never voted for Sata and PF don’t tell lies here. I know you very well. Don’t hide behind the masses who voted for Sata and PF. Just concentrate on increasing the fortunes for your underfive leader which I very much doubt will increase. From the time he took over the mantle in 2006, the Party has been dwindling, the number of MPs has reduced drastically etc. How can you blame Sata for all that? Now you are about to lose in Mpongwe and Livingstone despite the use of the violent Mapatizya formula.

    Bitterness will kill you if you are not careful

  37. The problem is not with road patrols or road licences or more newer buses, but the poor design of our roads. They are so narrow that when one is faced by a reckless oncoming driver, he is forced to drive off the road into the brushes which RTSA appears to love to grow instead of cutting them to increase visibility. In addition, there are no reflectors on the road surface when one is driving at night. Why not 1. widen the road, 2. Make all drivers driving at night to drive with their headlights “ON” so that they can be seen from a long distance as done in Canada and the US? 3. Why not make all trucks with weights of 10 tons and above stop driving at night as done in Botswana from 6pm to 6am next day? All they do is park for the night? 4. Why not introduce Motor Vehicle Insurance Fund as…

  38. #53 Mushota’s brother,

    If Sata & PF are not corrupt thugs, tell him to stop grading the roads & all the corrupt practices he is doing in Mpongwe as Mwanawasa stopped the selling of houses in Kapiri Mposhi during the 2006 General elections? Mwanawasa went on to win the elections even in Kapiri Mposhi!

    If Sata does not win elections through corruption &he is not a corrupt man, let him allow the due process of law to take effect on the corruption cases of Gabriel Namulambe, Catherine Namugala & Masumba?

    Sata wont even win elections at State House come 2016 elections! Watch my words! & this will come on Sata & PF because of arrogant thugs like u who does not take construct criticism as mine seriously like the way the Republican party is doing in the USA!

    PF is doomed!

  39. Thanx LusakaTimes for your free speech democracy on your blog, you are different from Sata & PF!

    Rest in Peace innocent Zambians who died in the Road accident. Zambia need a dual carriage way for the Great North Road to honor you!

  40. hahahaha. Shaka OZ let’s link up this Saturday on a social side of matters. You need to calm down on your nerves. I will give you a call after 14hrs.

  41. #51.2 INSALA,

    Keep quiet if you have nothing to say, because the old man (who is not under 5) at State House though he is a Dictator, has been sick since he went there! Because he is not under 5 Sata has failed to govern because of his old age! Zambians need young Zambians to govern with new ideas just as Chiluba came with new ideas when UNIP dictator ran out of ideas & stopped smuggling & Mealie Meal shortage.

    He attended the mass funeral in Ndola under high dosage of pain killers just to suppress the pain! Do not think he is health!

    • So you are healthier than the President? Post your HIV/AIDS results bwana. We know who you are, some of us even discuss certain things with you but you do not know that we are under cover boi, watch out. Term your ranting.

  42. As a Zulu close to Linduzulu I take great offence to someone misusing my King’s name to post nonsense about Zambia the great country and land of peace that fronted our fight against apartheid. Please Mr Oz use another name.

    • Don’t start, just shut up. If u have no knowledge of the name itself, it symbolizes the greatness of African political power just as Napoleon is to Europe!

    • Eeee, please use Tonga name and language for once. Is is because Bemba is so sweet and romantic that even cows speak it? To tell you the truth 62.1, HH will never rule this country unless cows and its dung will be allowed to vote.

  43. Namulambe and other who have defecated on and to PF will be prosecuted after regime change. Ukwa is Lucky that he will not need to stand prosecution since God will have already done it by that time. Can you emulate the Pope you Dictator and live an inch further than always straining you over pumped heart with worries about how rich HH is. You will die out of hate and more about your tribalism and nepotism. God reclaim your finished asset.


    You sound foolish & empty! Boma is a word associated with abuse of people under UNIP Dictatorship of Kaunda! It was used under the emergence laws Kaunda declared since 1964! Starting from Zambia Police & Military, they used it to say no Zambian has the power nor freedom to question the government! During the 1980 curfew, Police used to beat innocent Zambians with no reason 7 the only reason they gave was, “BOMA NI BOMA!” That was then not now in 2013?

    Did u grow in the village where you had to say yes even to things you were supposed to be assertive & refuse or use your freedom? U seem to be someone who were abused just like Sata seem to have grown under a strict abusive parent

    Boma ni Boma can’t be used to intimidate Zambians in this age! Shame on u!

  45. LT Bloggers. Do not yourselves false hope that sata is in good health. The man is sick and had to be dragged to attend a funeral. What a shame. Look at his face. any sensible person can see that the man is forcing himself. Why not admit that you are sick and people will understand you absence from funeral than pretend. the Pope has come out in the open what about you? You still want to go and reflect in India?

  46. It was an honor to sing for the mourners at the stadium and I pray that the spirit of togetherness exhibited by the church leaders of Ndola and indeed the Praise Teams and Choirs that formed the Mass Choir will continue to spread the gospel of Christ.

    May the souls of the dear departed Rest In Eternal Peace.

    • i have never heard of un ruly people like you ,you shamelesly use insults to talk what sort of men and women are you? muli babi muleyako na ku sukulu ubufontini

    • For me what I fail to understand about Zambians is what they find enviable about a President of the country. To me a President is either doing very well for his country or he isn’t. What do you envy there?

  47. Shaka OZ!! What type of a creature are you? Why are you so bitter? I cant see any human in you,you should be a very bad craeture!!
    May the souls of our beloved ones rest in peace……

  48. The online IMBWAS and their bitter people’s party has been shamed…Shemuna shame…. There was the President of Zambia the one and only MCS looking good and smart.

    • So you are concerned eh? You are excited at seeing him,but can’t you see that he was looking bleached? His skin colour is worrying.those are bad symptoms

  49. What do you get in concocting this conspiracy theroies on anything negative and national catastrophies?? If this is what you think political progranda is suppossed to be, then change your propandists as it will only backfire on you, no other result!!

    People are grieving enmasse and to reduce to mystic superstitious reasons exposes you as you would not address the situation, if given a chance.

    Instead of attacking Government on road infrastructure and traffic policies, you want to bring in witchcraft, how credible are you???

    First, story was he will not declare national mourning, when it was declared, rumour became that he will not go to funeral, now that he has and supritended over funeral, you interrogating sofa he is sitting on, how petty can people become??

    That is the…

  50. Bushe ba LT why can’t you report accurately for once. The number of people that have died since the accident happened has risen to 59 so why in the 21st century with all the technology in place, you still continue to report only 51 people died. This attitude of irresponsible reporting time and time again defeats the purpose of being a credible on line newspaper. Please research for facts once and for all. Please twapapata bane.
    As for the dead M.T.S.R.I.P……Amen!!!

    • myra,
      these morons do not believe in the bible, they are masonists who want to rule over us christians living in a christian nation.
      we will see…

  51. Well, I must admit that I was a bitter man yesterday when I was misinformed by CB provincial minister that the president would not attend, but be represented by the wife. Wether he attended due to pressure or not, I hereby congratulate the President for mourning with the bereaved families and the nation at large. Thank you for this one good gesture.

  52. It makes a whole lot of difference when the head of state attends such gatherings where he shares with the people their grief. It gives him the opportunity to rub shoulders with them and talk face to face to as many as he can. They will love it.
    I hope he will from now on go out to see what the people go through when they complain of non availability of mealie meal etc…

  53. i wud lyk to pass my deepest sympathy n condolences to de familz dat hv lost their loved ones. one of which is my neighbour here. ts painful to lose a loved one n mo painful in a road accident,bt death is da sem. im thankin GOD for my survival in a road tr accident jst de sem as dis one a few months ago in kbw. So M.T.S.R.I.E.P. Amen.

  54. May the souls of our departed compatriots rest in eternal peace. For there is time to be born and time to die. As much as human emotions give rise to immense grief at the loss of our beloved ones, let us take refuge and comfort in the all embracing shelter of our God and Lord Jesus Christ. We are all on this earth not to live eternally in this fresh but our stay is temporal and unless we shed this fresh through the pain of death with believing and confessing hearts in the our God, we can never inherit the incorruptible life after death.
    To the bereaved families I pour out my condolences and pray that you find strength in Jesus Christ our Lord.

  55. Right move Mr President!
    You look well Mr President!
    The souls of the faithful departed will now rest in peace as they
    were sent off by the “Father of the Nation.” Amen!
    Now teach your colleagues to be solemn at such events!
    National duty done by the right person!
    Yebo dada! Taonga! Twa tasha! Twa lumba! Zikomo!

  56. you guys i wish you saw him on znbc news last nite. the man is finished, and swollen. we got scared and went to sleep immediately.


  58. well the president did attent as i said i heard he will be in attendance.Well done,the idea of this page is to work out solutions not getting at each other as its turning out to be,brothers and sisters may your souls rest in peace.

  59. Please leave the first family to moan with the families that have lost their beloved…. Why can’t you for once view the situation differently??? Have you never lost before??? Do you even know the pain of losing a beloved one???? Do not worry you evil people with twisted minds, your time will come, as death comes to all if us ….. Leave the president and his wife do what is required of them….. Shame on you!

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